My New Guru Presets for Red Giant: Vintage Film For Looks

August 3, 2010 - By 

I’m so happy to announce my first GURU pack for red giant called “Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film for Looks.” Based off the vintage feel of my iPhone apps, these presets were made to add timeless tone and instant vintage color correction to your projects or photos. What’s really cool, is that these presets work anywhere Magic Bullet works including After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. Check out the links below to see all of the presets in action and a quick video I made to show you how to use the Presets with 3D renders. I’m so excited to see this finally out. I have been working on it for a while now and it’s so great to finally be able to share it with you guys.

Check Out All of the Presets

  • Wow! Nice work Nick!!

  • you never cease to amaze.

  • This is F*#@ing awesome

  • Nice work NIck – good luck with the new product!

  • Nick,
    what is the technique to make a plugin for AE or C4D. You need some programming knowledge? Just for curiosity…

  • Hi Nick, what is the font called ?
    Looks great!

  • trΓ©s beau, magnifique, i do the same experience with, lightroom and after effects, i export my movie in tif f pr jpg format and a affect in lightroom a preset, and a import the result in after effects , the process is longer.

  • my question is how to get the lightroom preset directly in after effects without pluging

  • Feels so weird seeing a video of you without the vimeo timeline..
    Product looks great and I’m glad to see some new videos on the site πŸ™‚

  • Super cool! Congrats, this was totally something that MBL was missing. Very excited to try it out!

  • Congratulations Nick! looks great!

  • Nice one, looks great!! i have the iphone app and was going to mail you to see if you was ever planning a version for photoshop or after effects……Result!

  • beautiful colors Nice I love it .. I think I’ll buy it soon πŸ™‚

  • I knew there was a reason for a lack of posts! I’ll be buying this for sure!

  • Fantastic work Nick. Your work never fails to impress me. Keep it up πŸ˜‰

  • dear nick,
    i understand that its a great thing for you to get hooked up with red giant and all, but on the other hand i’m also disappointed because this preset stuff is really against the spirit of those trial and error / DIY – tuts i enjoyed so much.

    and btw… more after effects and not only cinema4d 2 afx with curves on an adjustment layer, please?

    • I’m with ya, Gunnar. Presets aren’t for everybody. Think about it like this… Some people have the time to do trial and error all day and make custom work from scratch every time. Presets aren’t for them. Some people however, are on a deadline and need it to look good NOW with no muss and no fuss. For those people, presets get the job done, make the client happy, and get them paid.

    • on the other hand: MBLooks is great to tear those presets apart and see what you did to achieve these looks.

      will you do some more specific after effects tuts in future?
      you know, 3d is just 1 dimension too much for me! πŸ™‚

    • and yes… i know what presets are for.

    • The great thing about Magic Bullet presets is that you can add a look to your image and edit that look to your liking. I usually use it to point me into the right direction I want to go, then tweak it accordingly! works great!

  • You seem to be cornering the market on the next wave of getting analog on digital. I look forward to seeing how you take this further into mobile perhaps.
    Well done. I use both phone apps to an obnoxious degree, btw.

  • I’m curious, does this add any new content to looks suite, or is it just your configured settings? Either way the preview video looks pretty sweet – good job nick

  • Congrats Nick! I’ve been following your site for awhile and it’s very inspiring to see your success grow.

  • My workdays would be missing something without Greyscalegorilla and the great tutorials, plugins and all the input.
    Thank you, Nick!

  • Hmm… What so special about it? I don’t understand theese kind of presets πŸ™‚

    Love your other work though, keep rocking.

  • Great job man you’re smashing it!

  • congrats nick, looks good…

  • WowWowWowWowWowWow! Nice work Nick!!
    i need See my Showreel Critique Episode ok
    this link

  • LOOOOVEEEEEEEEE it ……man ur my inspiration ….

  • everytime i used Cross Process i would think to myself…”man if they could make video look like this i’d be happy as hell!”

    and here it is! Thanks!

  • Good work Nick!
    very nice color correction!

  • Nice Nick!! You just keep moving forward. Good luck with your new product!!

  • This looks great. I love the way you demonstrated these presets. Having them change and pulse in time with the music at the end was particularly effective. It’s also a great track. Who’s it by?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Looks great! I think that I am going to have to invest in this. Thanks for the great plugins Gorilla! Please keep them coming.

  • Great work once again, Nick. This package looks sick. Nice meeting you at Siggraph.

  • i was just about to cry πŸ™‚
    btw what is the songs name? its amazing

  • Thanks for sharing Nick. Looks great! I’ll be sure to pick up a copy for myself soon!

  • Hi, GreatGreyScaleGorilla!

    Nice work, thank you!
    What the soundtrack playing?

    Nice to meet you!

  • Is there anyway you will ever just sell the photoshop filters? I don’t do anything with After Effects.

    If you sold a package just for photoshop, I’d be all over it.

  • Nick, just wanted to say I purchased the presets, and I LOVE THEM! It’s so much fun! Thanks for the great products, as usual! I can’t wait to see what you make next! Thanks!

  • It’s amazing. i love your works.
    the music in the video is great.
    How call it?

  • Hi Nick – I purchased these presets today but I can’t seen to find any of the frames. Am I doing something wrong? There are 36 presets but no vintage frames..
    Thanks for the help…Love all the presets

    Magic Bullet Photolooks 1.1
    Photoshop CS4

  • Hi nick, were should i put the presets folder ? i’m using red giant looks for mac.

  • well, i’m using looks builder, but cant install the presets

  • Can I just purchase these presets without looks or do I need looks first?

  • can you please tell me the name of the music playing? thanks

  • Nick!! You are great teacher with pro skills
    I do respect the way you try to give something to the humanity.. Keep it up Young man!!

  • Dear nik check this out :
    how do they do the rigging !!

  • Nick I was wondering how you got you presets into the presets side bar in the MBL interface? I Have After effects Cs5 and i tried putting them into LooksBuilder>looks but when i launch MBL they aren’t there. any help?

  • Hi..
    not sure but i’ll ask ..working for sony vegas 10?

  • For the ones who don’t know how to install?
    It’s in the manual.

    copy-paste the presets folder in library/application support/LooksBuilder/looks

    Thanks Nick! Your the man! Oh.. i meant, Gorilla!

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  • What do you think about third-party presets like these: ?

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