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MK12 is back doing what they do best. Telephoneme blends great design, tight key-framing, impeccable sound design and retro kitsch into another timeless MK12 short film. After the ambitious yet disappointing History of America, it’s good to see MK12 back to knock this one out of the park. It’s shit like this that makes me see the potential of Motion Design as an art form. Bravo, MK12!

P.S. MK12’s short films are what originally got me interested in Motion Design. After watching, Man Of Action and seeing that it was made with Final Cut and After Effects, I had to learn more. MK12 quickly became my favorite studio and was the benchmark for everything I did. If your not fimilar with their work, here are a few more of my favorites of theirs to check out.

Sweater Porn
Untitled 02: Infinity
The Faint: Agenda Suicide
AXN: Chase
Brazil Inspired (AKA The ORIGINAL see and say type video. They fucking invented this shit and nobody has come close to doing it better.)


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  • MK12 is one of my favorites as well for a LONG time.

  • Check it out man! Thats cool MK12 is what got me into motion design too honestly, when I first seen some of their work and reels then they were gonna start working on that wild west type thing, havent heard much from them since!

  • Yeah these guys are gods! I ;oved the intro for Stranger than Fiction as well, great work

  • That was bad ass in at least 10 different ways.

  • WOW This is some really great work!

  • Wow…it’s pieces like this that make me want to make everything.

    Thanks for sharing! Inspiring stuff.

  • MK12 also made me make my first motion works.
    They are the proof that good design doesn’t needs fireworks and explossive effects at all.

  • Ok that was sick!! Wow

  • holy crap that’s incredible. I would like you guys to have my wife as a thank you. >^_^<

  • This is SO amazing. I already loved their 2009 spring reel (that atomic power thing…). Thanks for sharing, Nick!

    I’ve got to see this thing again right now. At least twice!

  • introduced to these guys at college, love there textures/film look.

    just wish they did more illustration type work too.

  • You’re wrong Nick, ‘Brazil Inspired’ sucks and I can find 10 other type vidoes that are better than that.

    Nobody cares about all this old shit, and nobody knows about it either. Gotta stay fresh in this field. Out with the old and in with the new.

    You can glorify the past all you want, but it’s not the same anymore. The younger generation of motion graphics people like me are working our way up! Time for the old generation to work harder to compete with the hungry ones.

    • Just check it out, get inspired and stop whining about it.

      If you want to stay fresh you better learn from ‘the old shit’ , sure it doesn’t have to look retro but there is some great design and color that you can use.

    • Shannon Wilkerson August 18, 2010 at 8:57 pm

      I find it very inspiring. Not only were they able to incorporate a retro style animation, with modern animation techniques. They did an excellent job telling the story visually. I think inspiration comes from all periods of human existence.

      Understand the old and then create the new.

    • Not being as harsh as jackson will but i didnt find “brazil inspired” that awesome compared to other’s MK12 work or even other typographic motion.

      I dont know if “they invented this shit” but i really dont agree with the fact that “nobody has come close to doing it better”.

      What personnaly get me started into these thing was “project for a new american century” ( ) wich, i found, way better.
      But i guess it’s a matter of taste and color.

      And as for “staying fresh”, i dont think it’s mean shitting on others old work, theyre is more interesting way of showing you dont like something.

      We’re all in the same boat after all.

    • “If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”
      — Isaac Newton

    • Jackson, you sound like an ass. You’re disrespect and total disregard to research your medium is a good measure of how far you’re going to get on your ‘way up’

      Learn your shit, MK12 are the fucking pioneers SON.

      p.s. who would want to work with someone so arrogant.


    • Hey, Jackson, how about posting some of your work so we can see how hard we need to work in order to compete with someone as hungry as you? Seriously – let’s see it.

    • Yeah, I hear ya Rob. Lets see it Jackson. Put your money where there big ol’ mouth of yours is.

    • Screw MK12. Who gives a shit about their ancient motion crap.

      Why don’t guys POST your own works huh? I’m giving my 2 cents just like anyone else, ‘cept it aint the usual “baahhhhhh!!”

      You guys don’t like what you read, who cares? There are more like me. I’m 16 and probably better than half you motion designers. haha.

    • Yeah, you think your better than half of people, great for you, really.

      Coming here to argue your stuff is greater than others is really the point of this blog.

      Oh wait…
      The motto here is more something like “sharing is loving”. It’s great to have pride and faith in you and your work but, as said earlier, you shouldnt have to shit on everybody (and their stuff) to feel great.

      But it’s cool for you, in the end, you found your way to be original here. You can be the troll of GSG with your bad attitude.
      Please, come more often, we’ll be happy to feed you from time to time.

      PS: For the next time, i propose you argue on the fact that you make more hit on youtube than half of the people here, i’ll bring cake.

    • “I’m 16 and probably better than half you motion designers.”

      Flick us a reel little one, don’t be a coward now…

    • This is why I weep for our future! 🙁

    • Shannon Wilkerson August 23, 2010 at 4:12 pm

      “Flick us a reel little one, don’t be a coward now…”

      Agreed. I would love to see a reel.

    • don’t trip. this kid’s just trollin’ and having a laugh at all the legit responses to his silliness.

    • Jackson, for 16 you’re ambitious, that’s good…but use that ambition in a positive way. Remember there is a difference between critiquing and belittling IMO.

  • Dang, super sweet ++ majorly good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent post!
    Isn’t it interesting that even with our high power computers and HD televisions we still found this “shitty” and “fucked up” looking stuff much more interesting.
    Maybe it’s just the same as with cheese: The more it stinks the more it gets better… if you’re into cheese of course 🙂

    This was as mind blowing as the a-bomb that blood crying woman. SUPER COOL!

  • WOW. Really cool stuff!

  • I’m speechless. This video is absolutely amazing. I like the retro style with a lot of glitches on it and the color decomposition is phenomenal. By the way Nick, when did you start to make motion graphics? Thanks

  • Brazil Inspired -> You say the kind of invented Typographie Animation?

    • he’s specifically referring to the “see and say” style of type animation. bringing the narrative to life by animating the copy.

      i’ve never heard it called “see and say” before and i think it’s a perfect name for the style.

  • If you have nothing to learn from MK12… you have nothing to learn about motion graphics.

  • Most of the work we do at home is done by a single person – whereas these videos are done by groups of people – that does account for their superior quality – yet I am not denying the fact that these guys are geniuses in their work – just saying we shouldnt feel so bad and collabrate more – I can do sound design – and thanks to the Gorilla for sharing this…

  • Thanks for the post and all the comments. We are a small studio as well hovering around 8 people, 6 being designers / animators. We take pride in doing side projects like this, art for arts sake. Its what keeps up going and is something that not all studios can do. Be sure to check out the website to download the font!

    • Yeah, free font to boot! Really well done, the press release is great as well.

      I agree with Nick that this really elevates mographics to the level of art, which is a really refreshing break from trying to pay the bills.

    • Great work man congrats – will check out the font…

  • Great motion. I am inspired after watching. Thanks! )

  • Dude, saw Shawn Hamontree from MK12 show this at FITC San Fran. Looked so amazing, along with all of the other self-initiated films they have created.

  • MK12 is great. I’ve been a fan for years.

  • Ahwww shucks! Here I am again thanking the Gorilla for sharing his time and energy to making all of us better artists. Nick, you truly ROCK! dude. Thanks!

  • I think the MK12 style should be the standardized visual language for the planet earth…

    …just like the graphic representations of ourselves that scientists come up with to communicate with aliens and stuff only way cooler…

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