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September 14, 2010 - By 

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I had a few announcements about my iPhone apps. If you’re not interested in taking awesome photos with your iPhone or iPod touch, feel free to skip this one. No hard feelings.

You may know that I dabble in iPhone apps. Would you believe all that dabbling actually worked? So, I had to go and make it a real business. How was I supposed to know that people would actually BUY these things? Anyway, from now on, ShakeItPhoto and CrossProcess is now part of Banana Camera Company. I started a new blog at that will feature users of our apps and show off great shots taken with ShakeItPhoto, CrossProcess and upcoming apps.

Win an iPod Touch
We are running our first photo contest for BananaCameraCo and the winner gets a new iPod Touch! The theme of the contest is “Self portrait”. We already got some really great entries and would love to see a shot from you. Check out the blog for more info on the contest. The deadline is Wednesday night!

What’s New In CrossProcess 1.6/1.7

We also just released a new version of CrossProcess. It features the new “Extreme” filter, full resolution processing and direct uploading to Facebook and Email. People really seem to love it. We have gotten great feedback and a ton of great shots at the Flickr group. Also, if you are a user, we would love it if you left a review.

The future of BananaCameraCo?
Yep, there will be more. We of course have an update planned for ShakeItPhoto. But there will be much more. Many more simple camera apps to make your photos look awesome. Stay tuned to for much much more simple camera fun.

BananaCameraCo Links
Visit the BananaCameraCo Blog
Follow BananaCameraCo on twitter
Follow BananaCameraCo on Facebook
Win a free iPod Touch
Learn About ShakeItPhoto
Learn About CrossProcess
Best Of ShakeItPhoto Flickr Group
Best of CrossProcess Flickr Group

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  • killer…def have to enter some pics

  • Nice work guys! I just got an iPhone for the first time, and Shake it Camera was one of the first apps I bought πŸ™‚ Looking forward to more apps!

  • Cool! And this Alexia are soooooo sexy! Sorry nick!! πŸ™‚

  • Love the app! I use it on a bunch of my photos on my personal blog @

    BTW, Any plans on creating a video app like this?

  • I think Alexia’s tutorial on GSG was the best tutorial on GSG… she should do more!

  • That’s a hot girl!
    Go alexia πŸ™‚

  • Nick is that your daughter.

  • The last frame of the video is a pretty cool duo-portrait if i’d say so myself

  • Yo Nick, you are a lucky man. What a beatiful lady. Treat her with kindness. Peace, yo

  • Yes, Michael, I’m Nick’s daughter.

  • looks like zooey deschanel. keep those apps coming, nick, stellar work for sure. any chance of a video app? would be killer to have one that shoots like old super 8mm πŸ™‚

  • Mass mails went out to everyone here today. πŸ™‚

  • She`s cute πŸ™‚

  • a little bit the katy perry thang going on there πŸ™‚

  • a good thing the ipad will be shipping WITH camera now indeed. a good price for a competition! smart thinking.

  • Hi
    I have some serious questions:
    1/ Can I use Apple Gift Card in another apple store than apple store us (french apple store, in my case) ?
    2/ Is Alexia single ?

  • Lol, why did I know all the comments would be about Alexia?

    But great to see some updates, but I’m really waiting for the shakeit photo app. I do like the Crossprocess, but more as a post-process, since there are dails to fiddle with ;).

    Is there a quick (no shake) option in the next release?

    thanks and keep up the good work!

  • At least now we understand why mr geayscalegorilla has to reserve some time to do other stuff than making tuts.

  • ANDROID!!! make an ANDROID app!!!

  • That’s awesome new guys! I wish you the best with this project! Unfortunatelly I have the old ipod touch (damn!).
    Have you guys thought about doing something like this for the video camara of the iphone? Not sure if the core would support it, but I’d be really awesome!
    take care!

  • A contest of photos made with an Iphone to win an Ipod Touch? Sounds funny

  • Hey Nick ! I just want to know if you can post me the link for your iPhone 4 wallpaper ? It looks simple but cool πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot !

  • WOW!… I never noticed how big your head is until I had some frame of reference, that being your girl. Jesus Christ I mean it; you really got a big fucking head. What size hat do you wear on that thing? It looks like an orange on a tooth pick. Its a virtual planetoid! It’s got it’s own weather system.

    Now before you go crying yourself to sleep on that HUGE pillow of yours might I suggest a different way of taping yourself with your girl? Just have her sit a tad closer to the cam. Reason why I say this is that I too have one huge noggin and my wife’s head is tiny compared to it just like your girls. So in all family pictures she is always a lil closer towards the camera than I am. Thats all it takes, you’d be surprised.

    I couldn’t even listen to that vlog post. I think I was hypnotized but that big head swaying back and forth.

  • Nice fingernails Nick! Are you metrosexual? Or is it retrosexual in your case?

    Cool app also! Now if only I had an iPhone…mmmmm iPhone..

  • Congrats on getting Banana Camera Co established and I look forward to updates and additional apps as they become available. Love the new extreme filter as well!

  • Hay nick! Awsome news.. And in other stuff why you don’t use the new embed method that allows vimeo vΓ­deos to work on iDevices? It would be great to read your blog in mi iPad πŸ™‚

  • Well my thoughts were answered incredibly quickly – ‘how long will it take before someone comments on Alexia’s appearance?’

    A whopping 3 comments. It’s a design blog, comment on the article, not the presenter.

    • It’s impossible to not comment on the appearance of our hosts: They’re like the ‘golden mean’ but human. I’m sure we all wouldn’t be besotted by appearances if there wasn’t some genius laying beneath.

  • Plans for a Droid version?

  • Hi Nick, what’s the grid background you’re using on your iPhone? Did you make it yourself?

  • Congrats on the company name i like it alot! also is that your woman? She is beautiful man!

  • Hey Nick, Alexia is a keeper… since she did the impression of you I though “this guy is sooo lucky to have her”
    You guys make a great duo!

  • You guys are sooo cute together! πŸ˜€

  • Too bad I didn’t know about this… I was just thinking about buying the ipod touch, does anyone know the quality of the cam? anyone has some samples of how it shoots? stills and video/


  • I second the motion for a droid version. Would love to use it on my phone.

  • Nice update, Been on your site alot because im learning cinema 4D, i believe it works better with After effects or more specificly, motion graphics.

    Btw Gorilla, dont put a pretty women in a video with yourself because i didnt really pay attention :(, but i did notice everytime she looked at you she didnt actually look at you, she looked at your grizzly beared XD.

    chick Magnet? I THINK SO!

  • nick i didnt know that you know any girls at all .

  • Hey Nick, I JUST discovered your site and I can’t wait to eat it all up. I’m a longtime FCP/Avid Editor and I NEED to get me some AE skillz.

    Say, I really like the image of the video camera you use for the above post. I see it has an articulating screen so you can see yourself. What brand and model is it?

  • Ryan G. at Digital kitchen told me about you and your website, and boy was he right! Great stuff man! PS. I bought Cross just to support you and it’s so worth it! πŸ™‚

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