Five Second Project Winner – “Retro”

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Wow, the Five Second Projects entires are getting better and better. This theme brought out the fun retro old school in everyone. With so many different retro themes and techniques, it made it hard to pick a winner. In the end, this spot by Brett Morris won my heart and reminded me of the days when my cousin would make Beastie Boys and Ozzy Osbourne mix tapes.

As always, there are no losers when it comes to the Five Second Projects. Hopefully you have a new chunk of awesome five second animation to add to your reel or portfolio. Hey, even if not, hopefully you learned something in the process. Thanks again for entering the Five Second Projects. Hope to get a new theme out for you Monday. Stay tuned!

Honorable Mentions

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  • nice! unfortunately i didn’t have time to make something for this awesome theme 🙁

  • Some pretty sweet entries this time around. Congrats to the winner and all the honorable mentions. Also, 80’s cartoon homage is badass, personal fav

  • I watched all the video and i loved them all, as you say it’s getting better and better!! Unfortunately this could have been my first but I didn’t have the time to make some cool shit but the next one i’ll give it a try (as I’m pretty new in animation).

  • Nice works!
    i’ll try again! cheers

  • congrats to the winner, as some have already said, didnt have time for this one. Will try best for the next one.

  • Another great theme. Lot of great entries! Congrats to the winner and the honarables. Now get ready everyone and on to the next round! 😉

  • Congratulations Brett (and Gareth). Great stuff guys!

  • Nice.. congrats !

    Your setting up a vimeo playlist thingie with all the entries again? Nice for inspriration and killing time during rendering 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words guys, A BIG thank you goes to Gareth, Davide (@bassplayer83) and Iain for helping out on this project!

    Looking forward to the next 5 second project!


  • This is fantastic, love it. Nice work

  • Excelent!!!!! Its crazy im working on something similar than this ghetto balster animation, the scenario is the same with taes flying around lol, i guess i have to rewrite mine now….Congrats boys!!!

  • Congratulations Brett Gorris. All guys did Great!

  • Why is it that almost nobody takes proper care of dealing with the audio track duration in order to fit the 5 sec?
    It seems that you were abruptly stopped while watching.

  • Excelente rap old school!! Y el VHS, qué épocas. Felicitaciones y muy buenos laburos. A darle duro a los Five Second Projects ahora.

  • Great work everyone!
    Looking forward to the next one

  • Really good selection! It reminds me my childhood 😀

  • Great stuff guys! Congratulations! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers things like VHS, jamboxes, and homemade mix tapes. Remember having to record them off the radio? The reception would fade during the song, the tape would jam, and the DJ would mow over the beginning and the end of every song? But who cared, it sounded great!

  • I made this for my girlfriend Jelena…

  • great work everyone!!

  • great work.Love this kind of pictures.EXELLENT

  • sweet-salty entry is so deliciously animated!

  • Great winning entry, and I was also super stoked on sweet-salty’s smooooth keyframes!

    One of the best 5SP’s to date.

  • some play buttons don’t work. win7, firefox 3.6.8

  • I honestly loved reading your post. Thanks!A topic nearby to my crux cheers, do you have a RSS support ?

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