New HDRI Light Kit Pro Version 1.5

September 17, 2010 - By 

Free Upgrade For Existing Users
Hi everyone. I just launched HDRI Light Kit Pro Version 1.5 today and I’m really pumped to show you all the new stuff. It’s a free update for anyone who has purchased the light kit already. Check your Email Inbox for the update. And, if you buy the kit after today, you automatically get the new version for immediate download.

Optimized for Speed and Sexy Renders
Version 1.5 is now fully compatible with Cinema 4D 12. Of course, it still works great with version 11 and above, but the lights now are compatible with the new Linear Workflow that was introduced in version 12. What does this really mean? It means that the lights look better and render even faster (up to 40% faster) than previous versions of the kit.

Perfect DayLight
The new HDRI Light Kit Pro also features the new Daylight Rig. I have been using this non stop in so many renders lately and I’m really excited to share it with you. It’s made to instantly add perfect daylight lighting to your scene.

But Wait… There’s More
New rigs like the Bounce Card and new Studios like the “Golden Hour Studio” and the “Black Reflective Studio” round out the package and make this the best Light Kit Pro update yet. I built this Light Kit to help turn Cinema 4D into a professional lighting studio and to make your renders shine. I hope you check it out.


Learn More about HDRI Light Kit Pro

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  • YES!! THANKS NICK! You are awesome for adding extras. I can’t wait to try this puppy out!

    • how do you apply all of the gray scale gorilla set? i cant find how to do it. email me with answer please

  • Woohoo! Thanks a lot Nick. Can’t wait to try it out. And just in time for the weekend…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I was tweaking the 3 light production studio for a tag graphic on a commercial when I got the update email. Really great tool Nick, use it all the time! Thanks for the free update, you rock!

  • Thanks Nick! I’m excited to checkout the daylight rig!

  • Big thank you Nick ! Yes cannot wait to try it !

  • Damn Nick. Great update, but I want that city!

  • Can’t wait to try out the Daylight rig! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the update, Nick. Just got your email and downloaded the update which consisted of read me files, a new c4d.lib file and textures. What about the new lights, studios, etc? Do I download them somewhere else?

  • Yes!
    I’m already getting supa-sexy and faster renders too!
    Thanks for this fantastic update!

  • Very nice!! Can’t wait to play with it!!

  • Nick, thatยดs great, and you too.

    Thanks from Spain !!!!

  • Hey, thanks for the update, nick.
    Keep rockin!

  • Thanks Nick!!! Love the upgrade!!!

  • I’ve just try this new update, and it’s awesome. This shouldn’t be called Light Kit Pro, it should be called Make your Shit Look Awesome.

  • Nice work Nick – love the simplicity of the new softboxes. Here’s something I’m working on for History Channel using the lightkit:

  • Hey Nick,

    Thanks much! You mentioned a new tutorial about linear lights is included with the Light Kit Pro. Is that only for new customers?

    Lovin’ the free update, can’t wait to use it some more!

  • Hey Nick,

    I might be missing something but I don’t think my update came with the videos you were talking about. Great update though. Keep killin it.


  • Hey Nick! r12 introduces far more restrictive permissions on the folders inside the Maxon directory. You aren’t supposed to put any user content inside any of the folders. Rather, you’re supposed to go to Edit> Preferences> Open Preferences Folder…

    Following these guidelines, where should I put the light kit now?

    • I haven’t had any problems just giving permission to put it in that folder. But, you can try the other one and see if that works, too.

    • Yeah, looks like things show up just fine if you put tex and .lib file in the same respective places in the user prefs folder: User/Library/Preferences/Maxon/Cinema r12_buildxxxxx

      While it might work ok today to place user content in the app folder, C4D’s software updater could replace entire sub folders in the Maxon directory in the next update. (Since the strict permissions make it really clear they don’t want users to modify the contents)

  • Sweet update Nick!

    Works well in Cinema 4d R11.5.

  • Hey Nick, Thanks for making a real nice product even better. Can not wait to try the Black Reflective Studio.
    Regards, Dave

  • One question: As I see this, you can’t mix normal lights with the Light Kit Pro? Or is this possible when using GI?
    Example: Is it possible to light a scene using the Kit with global illumination and an object/product which has LED lights, which are made of two normal lights with fall off etc.

  • Hi Nick —

    If I’m in the middle of a project and have softboxes/ring lights from the old version in my scene, and then I drop in the new version of LKP, will everything just “update” or will I have to start over with the lights?

    I really don’t feel like messing up this scene, heh…



  • Woohoo! Free upgrade! Thanks Nick!

  • BTW… How do I make my posts have a custom image?


  • Thanks, Nick.
    Looks very nice so far!

  • The weekend couldn’t start better:) Thanx for this sweet update!

  • Hey Nick, in the above video you mentioned new video training and new HDRI images included with the kit. If we already own the studio and just downloaded 1.5 as an update is there a way to get access to these?

    Love the light kit!

  • Its wonderful how light science became art!
    I know this question isn’t about LKP, but its been in my mind for long time. What apps do you have in the menu bar of your computer? you have a lot and I’m sure it could be so useful!!

    thanks again

    • You are not the first who asked;) I think that Nick listed them in one of his videocasts. From those he has I got: screenflow, Default Folder X and SizeUp. Two last I got after viewing GSG tutorials. Great, little and nifty pieces of software they are.

      Thank you for new version of LKP Nick. I already planned to spend my whole weekend with C4D and now it is going to be even more fun:D

  • Niklas Stรฅlnacke September 17, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Really great tool Nick, use it all the time! Thanks for the free update! ๐Ÿ™‚ /From Sweden

  • Hi Nick, nice lights.
    There’s a question i want to make to you..
    I was making a work, and i has to model a strawberry.
    And i don’t have any idea of how to model a strawberry.

    Can you make a tutorial of this ??
    It will help me a lot ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank’s Nick

  • I’m completely buying this over the weekend… DAMN, Nick!!! Thanks for making our lives easier haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • you’re the man, man!
    thank you so much for this and all of your blog-works!

    The only sad thing is that my boss hates you ’cause one half of the day I’m in the smoker’s room thinking about your input, the other half I’m visitig your blog and try around with all those fun-stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

    keep it coming!
    greetings from germany

  • Thanks for this free update !
    nice work !

  • Will the Light Kit work in C4D R12 Broadcast edition or do you need the full studio? I don’t have the dollars to upgrade… but I would really consider buying the kit if it worked in the Broadcast edition.

    • Broadcast edition doesnt have global illumination and ambient occlusion – youll need studio version to get it looking this good. Its rubbish i know cuz i have it at work! best get the upgrade! $$$ ยฃยฃยฃ!

    • Actually Broadcast Edition v12 does have Global Illumination and I’m pretty sure it also has AO.

      11.5 Broadcast edition doesn’t have GI ..


    • Stephen is right and that’s actually the whole reason I’m asking this question. AO and GI are now included with the Broadcast Edition of R12 (I can confirm this). With those upgrades I was wondering if the light kit will work with the Broadcast Edition now. Or is it still missing something that is only available in Studio. As I said I will jump at buying the light kit if it works in Broadcast. What do you think Nick.. did Maxon increase your customer base with this new release?

    • I’m pretty sure you will be happy with it, if not it has a money back guarantee, Nick answered this exact same question in the main, HRDI thread for me. Bought it, love it.

      If R12 is missing something it doesn’t show in the renders.


    • Should work perfectly in Broadcast

    • I bought it last night! I’ve only scratched the surface of what this bundle offers but already I’m in love with how easy it is to use and achive stunning renders. It does seem to work perfectly with the R12 Broadcast edition. Can’t wait to get some full renders going.

      Thanks Nick!

  • Is this update email going out in waves? I haven’t received a notice.

  • Awesome x 2. And now you have yourself a sale my friend.

  • Yeahhh! Thanx for great update… keep up rocking c4d ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nick hi! maybe you can show us, how to make this kind of ink effect. like in this video

  • AMAZING, thanks so much Nick! you are a legend. Cant wait to get my new 12 core – my macbook pro has had enough of me feeding it full fat gorilla breakfasts! = )

  • any tips on how to get the dark studio reflection to look a little more crisp? Using the 3 conjoined circles that are the default object and just pressing render and the reflection looks kinda grainy. Got the anti alias at 2x2min 4x4max. Is it suppose to look that way?

  • Also anyone know if there is any way to do volumetric lighting while using the kit?

    Thanks for the update Nick! You didn’t have to give us a free new version, but you did. Its stuff like that that explains why we all love you.

    • You can’t use volumetric lighting with area lights, which is what the soft boxes use. A fairly easy work around (and possibly something that could be included in Light Kit 2.0 ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) is to add a square spotlight with illumination turned off but volumetric turned on. In that way it doesn’t add light to the scene but does add the volumetric rays.
      Make the volumetric light a child of the light in the soft box hierarchy and it will move with it allowing you to easily adjust your scene.

      Great update, cheers Nick.

    • Excellent! Thanks mism. Great community here. I will give it a try shortly.

  • the reflection are not crispy cause blury reflection is enabled.
    go to the reflectSweepMat and just “0” the bluriness.

  • Hey, Nick,

    Haven’t received my notice yet! I’m looking forward to it,


  • Hi Nick !
    Great ! I’ve got your email last night and downloaded it. I’m very exciting about the daylight kit, as I tried in different ways the CS tool about this, but wasn’t very satisfied.
    I hope there’s another update of your lightkit with the new IER lights in it. Because it seems to give more realistic feeling on pictures, like flashes or realistic studio lights (as your are photographer, isn’t it ?)
    Great work, very useful and easy to setup on C4D.
    Thanks !

  • HI Nick, great work.

    Is there something like a stundent version maybe with 10% off? ๐Ÿ™‚


  • In a nutshell: Nick’s Light Kit Pro is a must have and worth every penny.

  • Superb additions and updates, Nick. Thanks again.

  • Looks awesome Nick, makes me wish it was availible in max.


  • Thanks for the update… that daylight rig is very handy.

  • Hi Nick —

    I installed 1.5 in the scene that I had started with the 1.2, and now I am getting a tex error when I go to render — even though I put the 1.5 GSGtextures folder in the same place —

    It says, TEXTURE ERROR —

    “Window3.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro.lib4d/tex)
    Circle.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro.lib4d/tex)
    RoundedCorners2.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro.lib4d/tex)
    Stripes (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro.lib4d/tex)
    OctagonBox.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro.lib4d/tex)
    Gradient.jpg (Softbox Texture, preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro.lib4d/tex)

    HEEEELPP PLS — gotta finish this project today!



  • Nice!

    Btw, your video is 13:37 minutes long! =)
    Which means elite for those who doesn’t understand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • A huge thanks for this Nick, seems like i’m thanking you all the time but you are one of those rare individuals that are incredibly generous with your time and expertise. By far the most impressive part in the kit is the Daylight, particularly the Golden Hour Studio Scene that is superb. That was based on the SYFY logo wasn’t it? Looks the same anyway. The renders make anything modelled look sexy and the speed for the renders are outstandingly fast even on much slower machines which is seriously impressive to me.

    Once again thanks Nick and all the best to you man, you rock!

  • Oh my! thanks so much Nick! you are the man, I can wait to put my hands on all this new stuff… thanks in advance and keep the good work! Greetings form Mexico…

  • Why i dont have the upgrade in my email?

  • Havent gotten the email yet?
    any ideas why?

  • WOW nice work. I have a question. This kit work’s with v-ray? I have to customice the materials of the light to v-ray?

  • Thanks Nick for the Update, its amazing. There seems to be a problem though with the Soft Shadows option in the Daylight right. It doesn’t work at all

  • Hi there Nick!
    Just to say thanks so much for this update, new improvements on the lights controls are so much appreciated, everything seems to work fine so far
    congrats for this awesome light kit and Iยดm glad to have decided to get it!!!

  • Thank’s a lot Nick, i just get it and i just feel like a child playing with a new toy ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s so easy to use… Very intuitive.
    Thank’s for your work, men !

  • Nice work there, looks awesome, might have to buy that kit.

    Any change you could upload that awesome city for us users? Looks very interesting.

  • What a great weekend playing with the new studios!!!! THANKS, Nick. I have some great renders already and I love the speedup in render time.

  • Hey Nick. Have been playing around with the studio the past few days and loving it. I have run into one bug though. When I have a file open that has imported a Particle Mesh from RealFlow and then try to open one of the studios, Cinema crashes. I’ve tried it a few times and whether the Particle Mesh is in a different file, or the same file as the studio, Cinema doesn’t want to stay open. I’ve tried using the lights which all work fine with meshes, just seems that for some reason Cinema doesn’t like the studios and a Mesh open at the same time. Have you encountered this or heard anything from anyone else? I’m running Cinema 11.5.

  • Hi,
    I own previous version of your fabulous kit but
    I haven’t received any email with update link yet… Is there any way to obtain an upgrade directly or request an email again ( maybe it just landed in spam folder and I’ve missed it..)
    Thanks for any advice on this matter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Really love tha kit!

    One question… I’ve switched of seen by camera. Works great. But is there an option to turn of reflections? For example, when using a softbox. Would be great to just use the light and having no reflections in the shiney part of my object:)

  • Yes, there is Marcus. Change the compositing tab of the softbox and uncheck ‘Seen by Reflection’;) pffff!

  • One request for future updates – it’d be nice if the Light Falloff lines disappeared when you click off “seen by camera” and “scene by editor.” They kinda get in the way, and I have no idea how to turn them off.


  • Hi Nick,
    I have a little problem with the Linear Daylight : when I change the Sky Texture (replacing the default colors by an image) i can’t change the Sun Color anymore… Is that normal ?

  • Hey, I bought the light kit about a month ago. And i really want to upgrade, but my email account that added when i bought the kit has been closed, due to being hacked grrrr. Is there anyway i can still get the update without having to pay again?!

  • Can you make a tutorial on how you made the cityscape there?

  • great stuff… could you give us some hint about the city model? thanks

  • WOW nice work. I have a question. This kit workโ€™s with v-ray? I have to customice the materials of the light to v-ray?

  • Nice.
    I want this city… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Nick

    This 3D product shot was rendered using your light kit and the 3 light studio. I’m very happy with the results.

    Anybody else reading this post; my advice is buy this kit, it takes all the guess work out of rendering and lighting.

    Thanks a bunch Nick


  • Awesome product Nick… i gave a little review here on my blog…

    Also could you check your email as I am still awaiting patiently to get my free upgrade…

  • the new light kit is just amazing..thanx for this man.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Nick, I sent you an email about some problems I was having with the light kit. For some reason when I light a scene it doesn’t effect it, even when I turn brightness all the way up. When I render it out it looks like the basic lighting but in the wireframe mode its really bright. Do you know whats going on?? cause I dont! :oP Thanks for your help man.

    • anybody having this problem? Sorry to be a pest but it’s really slowing down my workflow..

    • HI, Michael. I got your email about the problem you are having and I think I know what is going on. It looks like you are using the lights from the rainbow studio in a new scene. Those lights are set up to render with GI on. If you want to use them without GI in a different scene like you have it, then you have to turn on the “Standard Light On” switch back on. Then you will be all set. Let me know how that works. I think that will solve it. Thanks for getting the kit!

    • Its still not working ๐Ÿ™ Im trying to see if maybe something in the directory was misplaced.. ughh.. I can clearly choose them from the content browser but when i place the overhead softbox in the scene I have to turn it up to over 300% to get it to do anything and at this point its really grainy and ugly..

      • I tried to do the same thing and here is what I changed in the rig to get a result. I turned up the brightness on all of the lights and then I raised the Radius/Decay setting to 1700 to let more light in the scene. I sent you the scene to your email to check out.

  • Remarkable program, thanks, very much was useful!

  • Hey, Nick Campbell
    I purchase the Greyscalegorilla HDRI Light Kit Pro 1.2
    and, I love it!!!!!!!!!!’


    HDRI Light Kit Pro 1.2


  • I cannot find the HDR images in the update? Whenever I use a HDRSky, there’s nothing but blackness in the material..
    I thought you said you provided HDR images of all the studios, but I cannot find them anywhere. How do I use them?

    • Hi, Silami, The HDRI Images should be in your original download of the light kit in the Extras Folder. Just load them into the HDRI Sky Dome using the HDRSky Controls.

    • hey, thanks a bunch! I found them again! I really like he abstract looks of these HDRIs, as opposed to the realistic ones from the C4D library.
      Your kit rocks!

  • How come you never response towards
    my comments !!!!!!!!

  • that’s look pretty cool thnx again Mr nick i have a question what’s the difference between ur professional light kit and V ray b cuz i have vray and for the moment i cant get kit pro thnks

  • hey Nick, not sure which is the best way to contact you but, i have forgotton the email credentials i used when i bought your light kit pro v1 i hear there are upgrades available. But i cannot receive them, as you may not be 100% sure i bought the kit in the first place! can we please find a solution to this problem. Thanks

  • Hey, Nick Champbell
    I like to thank you for response
    towards my e-mail.


  • Hi Nick!
    You do not plan to make a tutorial on building the city?

    Sorry for bad english.

  • If I turn the global light switch on (therefore turning the light object on in the Softbox hierarchy), what are the advantages to using the HDRI Lightkit Softbox over a regular C4D Area light?

    Minor issues, I would prefer the rotation values in the new Softbox controls to be in degrees rather then points and the Overall scale defaults to 99%.

    Also, I have problems using Inv.Square Clamped with the Lightkit, that I don’t have with regular area lights. It blows areas right out and so have been using Falloff none. I presume its to do with distance, any tips?

    Other than that, it’s all good.

    • Any chance of a response to my questions?


    • Hi, Chris,

      Email is the best way to get support for the Light Kit. Sorry I missed your comment.

      Thanks for the feedback for the kit. The kit is designed to get great results without all the tweaking that comes with making your own area lights. If your using the Light Kit with GI, your gaining the ability to use the user data to manage all your settings without going into the texture settings to tweak.

      As for the other issues, thanks again for the feedback. I am always trying to make the kit better with every version. Keep the good feedback coming.

      Thanks again for getting the kit, Chris!!

  • Nick,

    I bought the LKP exclusively for the daylight rig and I’m getting ridiculously slow renders. I’ll assume that it’s user error but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong?

    I’m trying to light a very complicated/high polygon count model of a sports stadium. I’ve gotten anywhere from 30-48 min a frame (30-ray traced shadows, 48-area shadows) with the rig.

    I decided to do a test with turning off the rig and lighting the scene with one spotlight. It takes 50 seconds to do it that way and I’m not seeing a real difference in quality!

    Any thoughts on what’s going on or what I can do? Thanks.

    • Drop me an email with your scene. I will check it out for sure. It shouldn’t take that long.

    • That might be a problem, the scene file is over 3 gigs! I’ll have to zip it and send it via yousendit or something?

    • Nick, I just sent you a file via Sorry about the file size. Thanks for taking a look-see for me.

    • Any news on the file?

    • Hi, Kevin,

      I checked out the file and I think it’s the nature of rendering a large model like that. There are a TON of polygons that need to be rendered and that takes time. Have you tried setting the shadow to hard shadow instead? That may help a bit.

    • Thanks for taking a look at it. Yes, I tried both hard and area shadows and hard shadows are “quicker” but not workable. I guess I don’t understand how the rig works! Because like I said, when I drop in a spotlight and light it, it takes 50 seconds. I use the rig and it almost takes 50 minutes. I know the rig will give me better results than one spot but the disparity in times seems a bit extreme?

      I’m trying to set up a network render farm here so that might make it workable. I’m also going to try segmenting my model for close up shots and see if that speeds things up as well.

      Thanks again, I know you’re a busy monkey.

  • Hi Nick, I upgraded my light kit pro but the softbox is missing the SOFTBOX MOVE and LIGHT TARGET, making it incredibly hard to work with.When I open the main null all I get
    is Front of softbox and Softbox assembly. Please HELP!

    • Hi, Jim,

      There are now target modes built into the softbox that you can add a target to. Also, there is no more softbox move. You control the position of the lights with the rotation and distance settings in the user data itself. This should make it way easier to control lights. Thanks again for getting the kit.


  • Hey Nick, Looks like a great library!
    Are all the scenes and object at the correct measurements? looks like the objects / scenes are quit big?

    • Objects were made for a general scale. I use the scale of a default sphere to set the defaults for the lights. However, you can scale any of the objects and lights to fit your scene.


  • I really need to buy this! All your example renders look amazing!

  • Hi Nick,

    i bought the HDRI kit 2 days ago and i love it!

    I just wondered how i can up my ram usage while rendering. Now it not even touches 2 GB. I have 6 left and i would like to use it rendering HDRI renders. What’s the best way to do this?

    Thanks for the great product!


    The Netherlands

  • Hey Nick,
    I knew you sent the new link to me but somehow I lost it.
    Can you resend the new update link.
    Thank you so much

  • I bought it and it is awesome, but I can’t seem to get the bounce card to reflect any light. Any ideas?

    • The bounce card is only for reflections unless you are using Global Illumination. THEN, it will bounce.

      • Hi Gorilla.
        First of all I would personally like to thank you about your job(kits, tutorials) everything, literally everything.
        Look, I’m facing a problem with object exclusion in 3lightproductstudio kit.
        Is there an option to exclude an object from those boxes, bearing in mind that most of them are created as luminance materials!
        Please let me know whether I can or not ASAP!?
        Yours sincerely,

  • Hi Nick,
    I did not get the mail about the update for some reason and there’s no way in the Shop page to UPGRADE it.

    what should i do?

  • I don’t seem to have had an email for the upgrade???

  • Great kit! I’ve been plowing through your tutorials of the last week, and came up with this:

  • is awesome dude..

    But when i put in a new light, it turns it off???

  • i miss softbox targets ๐Ÿ™

    am I using these incorrectly? They seem a bit more limiting than your last rigs. Am I just missing something? and/or lazy?

  • Hi Nick, I just saw your New HDRI Light Kit Pro Version 1.5 video. Real quick, which set up would work best for a car lit like in a studio would it be the black reflective studio?

  • I am hoping to buy your kit very soon, but i do have a question regarding HDRI lights, if i place a sky in my animation, and use a HDRI material for the sky, and then place a floor or something else that might cover the sky, would the reflection appear around my whole object or only where the sky is exposed?

    • Hi, Jesus.

      Adding a floor to your scene will block sky reflection. There are a few ways around it. First, try using a compositing tag on the floor with “seen by reflections” turned off. Or. You can add you reflection hdri to the environment channel instead. Hope that helps. Thanks for looking at the light kit. I know you will love it.

  • There seems to be problems with all light types in the 1.5 upgrade, they just don’t give out enough light, in most cases requiring 500%+ brightness to see any lighting at all in the scene. I am using C4D 11.5 64-bit under Windows 7. I’m reverting to the previous version because 1.5 lights require so much work to get them to work I may aswell use standard Cinema 4D lights. I’ve compared side to side between 1.2 and 1.5 and the lights don’t work the same. I see others are having similar problems.

    • Sorry for the problems, Robert. Can you send me some scene files of what you are running in to? Some of the lights were optimized for version 12 and behave a bit different, but there always should be enough light. Let me take a look at the files and see if I can help. Cheers,

  • heyya Nick, i just started c4d *R11 and i’m beginning with your tutorials. so far i’m good with the general basics and moving on gradually. Thanks anyway. i just wanted to know since i’m now introduced to your light kit do i need to purchase whats on here or cause i cant find from my program files either so i could upgrade. if so is it advisable to download straight from the upgrade? thanks..and do treat me well, i’m a humble student! thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Question I’ve made a city scene and I have it lite with the HDRI Light Kit Pro using the Daylight tool. It looks hot.

    I just cant get it to work with the Sky tool. I need to add clouds to this bad boy to finish this project up. Any advice is welcomed.

  • I’m just beginning to flail around with lighting in C4D so this may be something totally obvious, but my results don’t match the video manual. For example here’s my recreation of the simple scene at 2:05 of the Daylight video manual:

    Light Kit 1.5, C4D R12, Linear Workflow off to match the video. And confusion in my brain. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • THE CHAPEAU ROUGE January 1, 2011 at 7:53 pm


    I’m trying to exlude some objects from the linear day light of your KIT. So in the linear day light i’ve made the exlusion from the editor light and the render light but with no results. The objects seems so to be not exclude.

    Do you think i can make this exlusion with the linear day light ?

    Anyway, I’m french painter & editor and you really introduce me to a new world with sharing you knowledge in such a way

    Merci d’avance. ร  trรจs bientรดt.


    • THE CHAPEAU ROUGE January 1, 2011 at 8:09 pm


      Sorry but i’ve just noticed if i make the exlusion in the sunlight it works. As always its all about trying and of course it’s better to find alone the solution after tweaking & tweaking…

      A big MERCI from Paris et bonne annรฉe 2011.

      the chapeau rouge

  • Alastair Bendall January 7, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Hi Nick,

    We love the light kit pro, however we are having a big problem with a missing texture when using NET Render. Its really causing us problems ๐Ÿ™

    We have tried putting the GSGtextures folder in the tex files on all machines and its still not working. Any ideas? its only the window3.jpg files which is causing us issues.

    We are running C4D R12



  • +1 for Vray version ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eeek, that wasn’t it. Hopefully you’ll be kind enough to delete the previous 2 posts from me and give the real answer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nick, quick question….been playing around with your daylight rig. and its pretty cool, but I have hit a wall messing with the shadows…for some reason I can’t seem to edit the softness of the shadow…it always produces a sharp shadow and fades nicely at the end; however, I want it to start fading sooner so create a less sharp effect….

    any tips? An example would be using a point light with the shadow caster option with a linear falloff…i’m trying to reproduce that effect…is it no possible with the infinite light? (the sun)

    • Hi, Jonny. With the daylight rig you will always get hard shadows because it’s based on the sun. You may want to try a combination of the skylight rig and a soft box if soft shadows are what you need.

      • Hi Nick & JonnyV,
        I am very late to this party, but I had the same desire for softer shadows in the Daylight rig. I hope that Nick doesn’t mind but I did some looking into the rig and found the solution in the “Sun Light” Infinite light. If you open up the Daylight rig, you will see an Infinite Light named “Sun Light.” If you click on that light and go to the “Details” tab there will be a parameter called “Infinite Angle.” When you add the Daylight rig to your scene, this paramater is set to .5ยฐ which creates hard edged shadows. You can modify this value up to 6ยฐ which will give you the nice soft shadows you are after. Note: This will only work if you have the Daylight rig set to Area Shadows, as the Infinite Angle paramater is only active on an Infinite Light with Area Shadows.

        Thanks Nick for the amazing kit! Are you going to update it for r14?

  • What font did you use in the GSG example.

  • Nick – just moved over from 3ds Max to c4d, love your site very informative.

    quick question to you or anyone else who can help, apologies if you’ve answered this before – you appear to light a lot of your scenes, including your light kit, using geometry with a luminance material assigned as opposed to using an actual area cg light.

    This was a major no no in 3d max.

    After some initial tests the only benefit I can see is that render times are faster using your method – but shadow detail appears far less accurate and animations flicker far worse.

    Am I missing something?

    thanks in advance!

  • Great new kit, but the light targets don’t work for me. When I try dropping a target, or any other layer into the expression, it doesn’t take it! Is there something I’m missing, I understand how you set it up, but I can’t get it to work….

  • Hi Nick ..
    Please I Need Package Softbox (Free) Thanks

  • hi, i downloaded the light kit, but it only works in my cinema 4d r11, because when i try to render in r12, it says that it can’t write the irradiance file thing, what can i do?? i really need help!!!

  • For some reason 1.5 Pro doesn’t work on Cinema 4D for me. It says library is damaged, but when I try it on Cinema R11.5 it works. ๐Ÿ™

    Anyone else having the same problem?

    I have Studio pack as well as it’s working fine on R12.

    • Sorry I should clarify. Light Kit Pro 1.5 isn’t working on Cinema 4D 12, but it is working for v11.5

    • Got it to work on v12 as well. Had to copy the textures into the Basic folder and also had to copy the sky folder from the tex in 11.5.

  • Hey nick, in the hdri kit where it says replace me ,how do you replace ? if you can explain or show us how to do that am learning alot from you thank you mr gorilla:)

  • Does anybody now, how i can disable the visibility of the boxes in the renderer?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Gorilla.
    In “greyscale gorilla light kit pro 1.5” folder you have another folder called “Extras”. Inside this folder are a folder called “HDR Images” with 11 Hi-Resolution HDR Images. This folder have to be placed in some special place like the “tex” folder in cinema 4d directory or i can place it were i want?
    Thanks in advance and keep the awesome work…

  • Hi Nick,

    I got the light kit which is amazing…however, I am having problems with the net render missing texture issue with window3.jpg as has been mentioned above. I did see that there was an update that possibly could fix this problem, but never received it. Otherwise I am just not sure why it won’t let me use the next render for this.


  • Hi Gorilla. I can’t change the luminance color for the softox in one of the preset studios. Please help!

  • Heyo Nick,

    I bought the HDR Studio Kit and the Light Pro Kit, they both have a similar HDR rig, what’s the difference between the two rigs in uses besides the HDR Studio Rig which has Reflective Brightness? Thanks!


    • Hi David,

      There is no huge difference. The one that comes with the HDRI Studio Pack is the one I use all the time because it has the blurriness and brightness settings. The other one was my first attempt at making that rig. I think it will be gone in the next version. Hope you like the kits.

  • I have this and its awesome.The HDRI Library is too good and let me make new things and explore my things.

  • Hi, very nice tutorial
    I am iranian
    Thankyou for all free tutorials .
    gorilla 4d Man. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Nick,
    Do you have a fix for your HDRI SPV1.5/LightKitPro 1.5…I’m working in Cinema 4d R14, and getting errors in Net Render. Apologies if you have posted a fix and I did not see it, dragging textures into the “tex” folder is not working…thanks in advance!

  • When ever I use your light kit and try to animate the scene, as soon as I place the rigid body tag, the object I was animating flies out of the scene upward.

  • Anastasia Demson June 14, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful product. I was wondering if it is possible to use Exclusion with your Light Kit Pro? For some reason, the Compositing tag is having no effect.

    Thank you,

    Anastasia Demson

  • Anastasia Demson June 14, 2013 at 10:55 am

    In response to my last comment:

    If anyone else has this problem, it is probably because you are applying the Compositing tag to the GSG light’s topmost Null. If you twirl open the light, you will see there is a Compositing tag already applied to the one or some of the underlying objects in the light’s hierarchy. You should apply the Exclusion there instead and it works like a charm!

  • hi nick, am using the linear daylight to render a city scene , but some how , when i zoom the camera into a car on the street , the lighting doesn’t effect the cars interior, everything inside the car turns black, so i was wondring what could be the issue. Would appreciate if you could help out. thanks

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