Five Second Project Winner for “Primitives”

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Congrats to mlandry for winning the Primitives Five Second Project with this simple and effective shape exploration in AE and C4D. This was a really close call between this and the first honorable mention by Rich Hinchcliffe below for the winner. I almost picked two, but had to decide in the end on this one. Great work by everyone. The quality really goes up every round of projects. That’s so great to see because it means everyone is getting better. And, that’s really the key to the Five Second Projects. Thanks again for submitting and making great animation. We will announce a new project soon.

Honorable Mentions

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  • The winner is absolutely amazing!

  • Congratulations! Well deserved 1st place

  • Nick your job is getting harder and harder. Some excellent entries here!

  • gratz to all, nice works.
    i thought that i had no chance, but it was fun and inspiration. i´m looking forward to the next 5 sec.-project.

    thanx nick

  • Mlandry’s video is definitely the best one !

    Good job everybody !


  • woah – crazy..
    big shout out to edison for doing my audio

  • congrats everyone… I was thought I had a good chance to make the honorable mentions list but hopefully next time.

  • Yey 3rd. Thats awesome guys, well done everyone.

  • Cube + Water KILLED me. SO funny, great sound design.

  • These are all really great. String them together and you have the ultimate reel for people with short attention spans.

  • Great entries. Sound is so crucial to these 5 second videos. It can make or break a video.

  • Wow. The quality keeps getting better and better. Great job everyone!

  • Nice Works, beautifull 😀

  • Some great work once again.

    Thanks Nick for keeping these 5 second comps going, really refreshing to see some of the entries.

    Congrats to all!

  • I think Chris Beaudoin Concept is good and could have one if he tried harder.As far as Mlandry video is nice and the winner but the audio didnt seem to match every time the primitives hit the floor.Congrat..

    • Wow. Thanks! Had a good time with this, hopefully I can do the next one and spend a bit more time. There were a lot of great animations and I thought Mlandry’s was off the hooook! Congrats everybody

  • This all works are great!!Nick, I can imagine how hard was to judge all of them:))Great work, great designers!!

  • Roberto Carbonell October 21, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    I don´t see the point of calling this 5 seconds projects, if a project could be longer that 5 seconds. Sorry but I don´t understand that rule…

    • Which one is longer than 5 seconds?

    • The winner has 6 seconds animation and the last video in Honorable Mentions has 6 seconds animation, but I don’t see any problems with that:)

    • Guys! It is only Counted as 6 seconds buy Vimeo!
      It Happens When the project length is like 5 Seconds and X milliseconds or X Frames. 🙂

      And in any case, Those 6 second ones are totally awesome 🙂


    • Hello again, my intention was not to create a bad impression of the contest or the page, actually I love the page and find it very useful and I fell that Nick make and excellent work and he create a great community of designers around the page.

      I think, I was hard with my first comment, sorry for that Nick; but what I was trying to point out, it was the important of follow the same principles for everyone who participate. Of course the winner videos are amazing, they deserve the recognition, and I can not be more agree with that selection.

      Congrats to everyone who make an entry on this contest, and keep working…

  • Rickard Bengtsson October 22, 2010 at 2:12 am

    Florians entry is just awesome.

  • Really great works. But Mlandry´s one is a masterpiece. It shows you that elegance and good design doesn’t depends on fireworks and complicated effects. It reminds me some Mk12 works, layout, 3d, 2d and music is everything perfect.

  • damn it, still getting mocked in my office for not getting a mention. I sit next to Bearpig Aka Robbie Andrews who likes to harp on regarding his countdown 5 sec project.

    One day…

  • I’m really impressed by the sound design. How guys do you do that?

  • Congrats! The winner video is amazing.
    i hadn’t a chance to win 🙂

  • Another honourable mention – cheers Nick! I completely agree with the choice for the winner though, it’s impressive work to cram that much awesomeness into 5 seconds mlandry – congrats!

    • dude, I just went through your channel and all your stuff is so awesome(especially the “fail” entry, it cracked me up all 3 times I watched). keep making more entries for these contests because yours are the best I’ve seen in this contest

  • hey nick, when is the next contest going to be up? I’m only a newb in AE but I still need to start making stuff so I can learn by actually doing something instead of doing a tutorial here and a tutorial there

  • WELL DONE PEOPLE…can we get tutorials pleasE?

  • Congratulations to all ! There were very good jobs on this one ! Thank’s again for that inspiration, guys !

  • Great stuff! Good choice Nick.

  • Superb project contest and amazing submissions! All the top submissions, just go to show that it’s all about creating simple things perfectly with subtle changes. Way to go guys….you just inspired me!

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