Interview with the Winner of the Motion Graphics Vimeo Award: TRIANGLE

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I was lucky enough to interview the winner of the Vimeo Award for motion Graphics, Onur Senturk. His Triangle animation is really the epitome of Motion Design combining shot footage, 3D, super-sexy compositing and incredible audio to create this beautiful animation. Here is the interview…

Congratulations on winning the Motion Graphics Vimeo Award. What was your process in making Triangle?

Thanks Nick! I wasn’t really expecting to win this. I am quite surprised.
Last April, I was contacted by Jens Karlson who is also a creative director at YourMajesty curating series of work for an art book called Black Material. This volume of the book contains mainly of Robert Knoke’s black white portrait series alongside with a dvd. Dvd is featuring some great motion designers like Renascent, Marcelo Baldin, Defasten, Champagne Valentine, Misha Shyukin and many others.

I took base Robert Knoke’s bold black and white world as a base for my work and created an abstract sentence that can make sense only with personal interpretation of the viewer.

What software and techniques did you use for the animation?

I used 3dsmax to create 3d part of the project. Most people ask me why max? why c4d? I guess 3d software of choice is mostly related with personal habits. I am more comfortable with max’s interface.
I also love to shoot videos and benefit from live action like I did in TRIANGLE. i used a 7D to shoot ink bleeds.

I love deforming my works in various ways I think it adds more dimension and touch of reality to them. In TRIANGLE i use cloth dynamics on objects and also in typography. I think this decision worked quite well and work become very popular in short time.

Btw, I use pretty much same approach in 2d works and photographs. For Instance, deforming photographs with chemicals bleach, acid etc. I believe a natural imperfection creates wonders and I believe nothing is really that perfect in nature. I want this attitude become a signature in my works.

I used AE for compositing and retiming the footage. I also use a plugin called MAX2AE to mark several spots in 3dsmax then import them to AE to mix with live action footage.

I love the dirty lens look you have in the spot. Can you talk a bit on how that was made?

Thanks. I love combining plugins which, are already in market. I used optical flares, sapphire plugins, tinderbox and magic bullet looks and thats it. I know, everybody pretty much use this plugins.
However, the main challenge while using this stuff is to find an appropriate place and determine degree of usage.
I see some works done with some great plug-ins in market and they are kind of screaming ‘I am done with X plugin’. I think It is great to personalize this stuff and produce unique touch with them.

What was the biggest challenge during the making of Triangle?

3dsmax crash reports and corrupt save files. That mostly makes me crazy.

Other than that, catching a great sense of timing is another big challenge. I really don’t want to bore people with my stuff that’s why I prefer to keep my stuff short and try to build it well crafted. Time is the most important thing that you take from a person and I have to deserve, give something, spark some feelings in viewer.

Visit Onur’s Vimeo Page

  • Amazing footage! watching it over and over again!

  • Congratulations to “Triangle”!

  • Really solid Piece.

    I like it a lot_

  • Wow, that’s inspring! I would definitely love to learn from this guy 1 on 1! He is great at what he does and his video blew my mind! It definitely deserved to win! πŸ˜€ I haven’t heard of sapphire plugin’s up to today, those seem great, and very pricy. I am thoroughly impressed all in all. I definitely like his motive and goal! πŸ˜€ I want to make mine similar soon here!

  • One of my favorite motionographers around ! Thanks for the interview and congratulations Onur ! Tbrklr πŸ™‚

  • Gratz, I’ve seen this video as fast as it was announced. Perfect job, I watched it about 10 times and didnt get bored. Amazing stuff

  • This reminds me a lot the Renascent works (…that was my first experience, I think was 2004 when I see this site for the first time and I was so excited.

  • Thanks Nick and ONUR you’re THE BEST!

  • I just love how this piece blends so many elements to create something so organic. I felt like I didn’t know what it was going to become next. Highly successful combination to build cinematic drama.

    I especially liked the audio work. My only preference would have been to have a more environmental treatment for the music at the end. It felt like a “This is what I have” choice. Other than that, it was awesome.

  • What was the abstract sentence????

  • This guy is such an inspiration, Thanks Nick for all of your kind efforts and bringing best for us.

  • Nice interview Nick! and superb work by Onur really! πŸ™‚

    Quick question to everybody:

    If you want to make a text object in C4D editable (pressing “C” key) is there any way to avoid getting the “caps” as seperate objects? this is REALLY bugging me when trying to use typography with Cloth dynamics or softbody…

  • I’m following Onur’s works since he started, I think. I really admire him, but obviously his works owe a lot to the first Dvein projects.
    And I’m saying it as a very good point!

  • Thanks Nick and Onur πŸ™‚

  • Amazing… I completely agree on everything he says, a good rule is ALWAYS to generate a good 3D and then work a lot on post effects and compositions.
    Great GREAT job!

  • Wow, I love it… really. It’s clean and dirty and the same time, well timed, and slick as hell… but for the love of god enough with the fucking triangles.

  • Thanks alot! I’ve been waiting for this interview!

  • Transmission Axis October 29, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    That is just FANTASTIC! Thank you very much for the interview – I really appreciate Onur’s insight. I connected with the piece emotionally; around the 30 second mark the visuals reminded me of some cloth simulation I attempted a while back ( and now I’m inspired to try again…

    Onur ROCKS!

  • lemme just quote this:

    “I see some works done with some great plug-ins in market and they are kind of screaming β€˜I am done with X plugin’”

    So much for self awareness -> His work screamed optical flares

    • let me re-quote myself.
      ‘I love combining plugins which, are already in market. I used optical flares, sapphire plugins, tinderbox and magic bullet looks and thats it.’
      I didn’t say I create plugins, personalizing this stuff and pay attention not to let my stuff invaded by them.

      Let me define screaming.
      Use plugins with its default settings, Use it all footage long and everywhere not changing a single setting.

      Well in the end if you can still say your stuff is invaded by Optical Flares. Then Only thing that I can do is to thank you for an opinion.

  • Thanks Nick, Glad to hear even Onur has frustration and crash reports in the making of his work. Your stuff is incredible Onur and I hope to learn from you as I progress. Thanks again and congrats on the award, you definitely deserved the publicity.

  • i would love to see a tutorial from u Nick to show us how does this was made !
    Nick rocK

  • Great stuff Onur!
    I 100% agree with your statement with the “done with x plugin”.

    More people, beginners especially, should definitely read that part of the interview before video copiloting-ing up everything.

  • That is AMAZING! I’m sure a lot of us would love a cloth dynamics tutorial? :p

  • Beautiful synthesis of visual and aural moments. Brilliant work Onur, and congratulations.

  • The grey in the middle is the mind that melds the black of white to push the overly saturated soul that is the consumer to be visually stunned with a curious delight of the not so usual visual creation that is TRIANGLE.

  • how would you go about doing the triangle morph (5 seconds in) in cinema4D? Loving oil looking deformations too

  • Any tutorials to show how can something like this amazing organic stuff can be done with Cine 4D?

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