Maxon Cinema 4D Ping Pong Mixer This Wednesday in NYC at Spin

October 11, 2010 - By 

Come play ping pong against me an other Cinema 4D users this Wednesday, October 13th, in New York at Spin NYC. Be sure to RSVP over at the facebook page if you can make it. Hope to see you there.

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  • Looks great! Nice job!
    P.s. That song made me dance 😉

    Keep it up!

  • That is a lot of ping pong spheres! Super cool!

  • Cool, I might come by.
    On the render, how would you get the ping pong balls to interact with the net in an organic way?

  • Hahaha awesome render!

  • I really liked how the table appears!

  • I wonder how many people are going to ask you to show us how you made that table appear…. =) well done Nick!!

    On a different note… pretty proud of you man. You went from a solid job to all these personal dreams and ventures and your kicking ass!!!! Keep it rockin!

  • Wow, I really would like to come and kick all your asses 😉
    But it would be an expensive trip for me. Cause I’m in Germany. Damn.

    Yes, and I like to ask how you did that table tennis render, I like.

    Cheerz, Marcel.

  • I am also very interested in the pop-up animation of the table, used Sphere deformer?

  • Why is it always just making stuff fall from out of nowhere?

  • Awesome idea to have a meet up, I wish I lived in the area. Cool render too dude

  • awesome man as usual ! i knew u will post this ^^ because i saw a little sneak peek in the render windows in the previews tutorial ,one more thing nick i will really appreciate it if u shows us the “cartoon” table appears which makes the video even more sexier !

  • I love ping Pong! and its two blocks away from my office, I’ll prob be there

  • It was real nice meeting you at the festival Nick, you are a really awesome person. I am already back in Philly and thats the same day as my moms b-day so I won’t be able to go unfortunately. Have fun man!


  • Damn, I’ll be in NYC this thursday through sunday, wish I could attend.

  • Nice render!

    I’d love to see a walk through on the set up or the project file!

  • can i play a sound at collison event?

  • you do very nice work Nick 🙂 keep it up man
    we all love you

  • why i dont live in NYC :/
    great work nick, and enjoy your day playing 😉

  • Germ Henk Blumers October 12, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Cool animation, but the music is also very nice!

  • Hi Nick,
    I like the comic, childish style of your animation. Reminds me of some Wii – Sport Animations 😉 I’ve worked on a similiar project a couple of weeks ago (Table Tennis, but more dark, dramatic)
    Here is the scene, hope you like it:

  • I wish I could make it but stuck at work on a pitch :(. Awesome renders though.

  • While this render is awesome, and you certainly got talent Nick.

    Im sure you’re just showing off with that 12 Core powerhouse to test how many spheres it can handle ^.-

  • Oh man… I would have KILLED to go to this. Is anything like this happening again in the near future?

  • I would really love to see a “Making OF” of this little peice, i love how the table comes in, how did you do this?

  • Hey Nick, I want to know how to do stuff like this. Any chance we’ll get some tutorials on say a complete piece like this? Also, I would love to see tuts on awesome animation like the ping pong? Thanks.

  • I love the way it was animated.. I wanna do that animation too..

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