12 Core vs. 8 Core vs. 2 Core – Cinema 4D Render Speed Test

November 3, 2010 - By 

Many of you have been asking about my new 12 core mac and if it’s worth it to get that much machine. Well, I screen captured some Cinebench renders to compare the speed of all three of my machines including my new 12 core Mac Pro, my old 8 core Power Mac and my 2 core macbook. This way, you can judge for yourself.

Sure, it’s expensive. But remember, it’s one of the only things I need to do my job other than software, coffee and American Apparel t-shirs. Plus, I only get a new machine every 3 years or so and want to just stay ahead of the curve for a while so I don’t have to worry about it every year. Did I mention that it’s tax deductible? What machine are you running?

  • Hey Nick!
    Like to see everyon got all nerd-specs on this topic. Anyway, for me the lack of a superfast system gives me the time to think about what i wanna create, and i think for most (still) learning users here, te time they have to wait on stuff, is time to think creative.

    As for all of us with our poor-man setups, can you do a tutorial on the best ways to cut down render time?

  • Hi Nick! Do you mind being my diary for 2 min pleae? ^_^

    I have had PCs for a long time … there was only one problem with PSU(in 6 years), because electricity issues in my apartment.

    Then I bought MacBook Pro 13″ mid-2009 and was so happy about the uni-body design, beautiful and stable OS etc. I do graphics, so it was a bummer when I found only one suitable app for work besides Adobe products – C4D. But I said to myself “ok, Stanly, apps will appear in time”(like 3ds Max, which I use on PC).

    Now it’s time for a new desktop so I wanted to buy Mac Pro hexacore 3.33 BUT! one thing stopped me … and not the lack of software. I finally got it! Apple makes consumer products! Not only iPad’s and iMac’s, but Mac Pros as well )= I tried to make my thoughts go away, but it was like finding out Ricky Martin was gay – his songs won’t ever be same again XD

    It doesn’t mean that the products are bad. But all of them are like a car without spare tire – even if you don’t ever need one, you won’t feel comfort without it.

    One should visit nVidia site and check out GPUs like Quadro’s, Tesla’s, possibilities they give … real-time GPU rendering! great view-port performance! computing technologies! Decades will pass until Jobs will consider that his PRO clients might need one of those. Mac has limits … but even that doesn’t stop people(like me) from wanting one or two (=

    So ofter all of the complaints I want to ask … how come you(as a pro) don’t feel all of that? Don’t you feel like there is something missing?

    Sorry for SO MUCH text, but as Russians say “????????” XD
    btw, my MacBook Pro goes up to 80 degrees Celsius just because of browsing Safari and checking mail simultaneously + yellow tint on the screen + sleep/wake issues … yay for myths about stable OS ^_^

  • I know that.. but Mac Pro. that’s too expensive, in korea. ;

  • I was on very tight on budget few months ago and went with AMD Phenom X6 1080 (OC 3.6ghz) with 8GB ram and NVidGTS250. The whole system cost me less than $1000. It has beaten it’s price 6-7 times by now and I am totally happy with it so far. Cinebench score is 6.54 and test scene renders in less than a minute.
    So is 50% higher performance worth ~900% higher price ? Dunno, dunno..

  • Yeah you gotta admit, if you already have the knowledge to build a PC, its the cheaper way to go. But if you dont have the knowledge and require time to learn…. then time is money, and you might be better off with a Mac. Personally im glad I built my PC, as I had to learn how all the hardware components directly effect my work. Should a racecar driver know how to rebuild his car? who knows … just thoughts.

    I am not saying that mac users don’t understand the how computer hardware works. Really i’m not.

    I think cars are a great analogy. If you race cars is it better to just buy a nice car? or build one from scratch? Maybe you don’t care about mechanics and you just want to race, well thats fine.

    Or its kind of like having your own website, is it better to build your own website or have someone else do it for you. I gave up on building my own website, and kind of wish I never tried… haha.

  • If you’re working for a living doing motion graphics and 3D… a new 12-core Mac Pro pays for itself very quickly.

  • my beast is coming next week
    12 core
    32 gb ram
    6 TB HD’s
    Nviia FX4800 (1.5 gfx card)
    through two 27 inch led apple monitors

    happy days are ahead of me! COME ON NEXT WEEK!

  • 1 core, A64 3200+
    1 GB ram(2×512 DDR400 Kingston HyperX Dual Channel)
    ~ 450 GB HDD SATA II
    ATI Radeon X800 GTO2 256/256

    Wish me good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Damn that really puts it into perspective.

  • Here’s my machine specs:
    CPU – Core i7 Extreme Edition
    Video Card – 5970 4GB Sapphire
    MotherBoard – Rampage III Extreme
    RAM – 12GB
    Hardisk – Solid State

  • All interesting but what about net render ? Any of you have try and test it ? You can network some old machines together and free your last one so you get a small farm doing the job when you can do other tasks. Apple is dropping the price of mac mini for example so 4 mac mini is about 2K and kind of small powerfull render farm already…and noiseless
    My two cents

  • Hi ! I’m working on a nehalem 8 cores 2,26Ghz – 10Go ram – ATI Radeon 5770 1Go…
    Nick, 32 Go ram !!!???? How much did you paid for this ? What about your graphic card ? Do C4D really use the graphic card ?

  • What a waste Nick! you should have had me custom build you a PC better than the Mac Pro you just got, at half the cost! It’s not a 12 core you have, its a 6 core CPU from Intel with hyperthreading. You only have 6 physical cores. Physical cores offer the real performance. Just a clarification. I find better performance across C4D on the windows platform. Best Regards! -RH

  • Oh, great Nick. :O
    i am drooling for your pc. ( I’ve iMac i5 27″ 4 GB )

  • I’m currently on an i7 860 2.8ghz – 8gb ram…is that not very good for rendering? : /

  • My i7 MacBook Pro with 4GB got a 2.46. Not bad for a laptop. It’s got an SSD so it’s really fast on pretty much everything else.

  • I’m doing Ae and C4d for a living, working on a i5 with only 2 Gb RAM (i got the other 2 toasted – dunno how), and i gotta admit, it is not that bad. Can’t compare with 12 core Mac, but still, it gets the job done! Plus the i5 750 gets pretty fast when over-clocked. I used for the last 3 years (@ the office) a dual quad core mac pro, 8 gb ram, and it wasn’t THAT fast, even for it’s days…

  • PC Dell i7-920 Quad-Core @ 2.66GHz; 128GB RAM

  • Nick you should let me have your “old” mac pro im currently using a single core system and it takes hours to get stuff done :/

  • 15″ Macbook Pro (nearly said Powerbook)
    2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4 GB RAM

    I just started the full time freelance thing again and I’m on the fence about whether to buy a new desktop before the years up or wait and get a few more jobs under my belt next year.

    Anyone done much Net Rendering? I might be able to get another of the exact same machine I have on the cheap.

  • Asus f3m notebook 15.4inch screen
    1.5GB of RAM
    128MB Graphic card GeForce6100
    30 cents mouse with 2buttons and scroll
    And I am very very very very very happy that Gorilla and Pariah are teaching me the secrets of C4D and latter I will learn AE also from them.
    So thanx guys, I hope life serves you good:D

  • The difference is just huge. Right now i’m running on a i7, Quad, 6GB RAM, with an mediocre ATI card and i’m feeling the pain of the over-night rendering. What hurts the most is, in the morning all anxious running to see what rendered out only to find a problem, fixing it and doing the whole shabang all over again.

    The time will come when i’ll earn enough to upgrade to a stronger machine i guess ๐Ÿ˜€ that’s just how it goes right?


    • Rendering to seperate image files (and you will be able to just re-render the faulty frames) would be one option.

      • yeah but as someone who has very similar specs to him, that solution doesn’t apply to if you, for example, have a bad lighting position and dont notice it ’til halfway through… you cant just change the positioning at the new frames, otherwise the lighting from the 1st half would differ from the 2nd…

  • I reaaaaaaaally need help to buy a new computer to work with C4D and VrayForC4D… but I need some guidance to know what to buy exactly. I’m quite outdated regarding hardware and there’s SO MUCH out there, I can’t really decide, afraid to make an expensive mistake.
    Could anybody please help me? PLEASE!

  • Well, first off this thread confirmed what I already knew – my PC didn’t render fast enough.

    The old Q6600 PC had a CB score of 2.5 – very sad…

    So I invested in a new custom PC. 2 x Xeon 6-core OC’ed to 4ghz, 12gb RAM (no need for 32GB). Built, overclocked and setup by me over this weekend. Stock CB score of 13.something, CB score of over 20 @ 4Ghz.
    Cost of build around ยฃ3,000. Around 1/3 the price of Nick’s Mac and around 33% quicker (I haven’t really pushed it yet in terms of overclocking).

    This thread also confirmed another thing I already knew, that Apple Macs are over-priced, slower and less capable than PCs at the same price point.

    “Only rich people? Dont start with this crap. Just pick what you like and do some work.” I did, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I use a 8 core 2,8 GHz Mac Pro 3,1 2008 with 18Gb 800GHz RAM, GeForce 8800GT 512Mb graphics card for my Cinema 4D R12 modelling and rendering. Wondering if the 12 core will be much faster…

  • Hi Nick,

    I myself am thinking of buying a new machine or buying/setting up a renderfarm. Cinema4D’s NetRender works great with that, but on an frame to frame basis or tiled camera solution. Last option is very time consuming…so no option;)

    Do you know if Cinema4D’s render engine without NETRender will see all the cores in a renderfarm. In other words if the renderserver start a single frame job…willl I see an orange square for every processor core in the network?

    any idea’s?

  • I’m running a 07′ Mac with a 2 core 1.8ghz with 2 gbs of ram. I did this benchmark a few months ago, took over 15 minutes!

    I love macs, but ill never be able to afford a 12 core MacPro.

  • my SR-2 system eats macs for breakfast.

  • is 3dmax will run like you have there in your cinebench?

  • Hi Nick, since im just a 16 year old ‘kid’ who happens to have a lot of interest in cinema 4d, PhotoShop and similar programs, I dont have 10.000 bucks for a mac pro, nor 3000. Im running a 2,8 GHz quad-core AMD processor and 4 gigs of RAM and a radeon 4850 512 mb windows 7 PC. I’d like to buy a (second handed) iMac though, mac pro is just too expensive and my parents dont like it that I dont mind investing in computers and such. Will a 3 GHz dual core with 4 gigs of RAM and a radeon 4670 (with just 256 !! mb?!) 21,5″ iMac be as good as my windows pc? Or slower or faster? For cinema 4d and PhotoShop and such I mean. Is an iMac any good at all? Because if I want to play a game (which I want to do as less as possible lately because these damn things are highly addictive) I can grab my PC. Please send me a mail with an answer. Thanks Nick! I really appreciate your work (here at GSG).

  • thanks for the real world speed test video.
    has anyone done something similar w AE?

    clearly if your doing a lot of 3d rendering, it will pay for it’s self quickly.

    reguarding the price/performace. this is clearly a pro/workstation. i thought were way over priced until i saw the price of the 12core hp avid certified workstation via a b&h email. similar specs (cpu,ram,grx card) the macpro price is about the same. still a significant investment, but not as over priced as thought. And not a huge expense over 2-3yrs vs staff wages, rent, heat etc.

    for home or casual use, the i7 imac seems to be a better bang for the buck. just as fast as the 8core macpro from 2008 i use at work.

    side note-i didnt read all 200 or so comments, but sucks that it predicable got in the mac vs pc argument. it’s a tool, use what helps you best.

  • I just started using C4D thanks to your tutorials. I’m using a 15″ MBP with the i7, 4g ram, and I’m thinking about upgrading to the SSD Hybrid Harddrive. Waiting on some more reviews though. Plan on using this to get me through college, then upgrade to a Mac Pro.

  • Hey Nick!

    I’m graduating in a couple more weeks. But for the past 3 years of school, I’ve been using a Hackintosh running Osx Snowleopard thats a 3.0Ghz overclocked Q6600 Quad Core Processor, 4gb rams and Asus GTS250.

    This baby of mine has come a long way considering its 5years old! Yes 5!

    Using the same motherboard I’ve changed the cpu, rams and gfx card over the years. Will probably built another Corei7 or something down the road.

    And hack it of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • There are those who have a pc very cool and can not work and there is nothing Beah who owns the pc find bad its great

  • What video card do you use with that system?

  • Yeah Gorilla, 12 Core is so nice, Iยดll never wanna have something slower than that again in my life. Since April I can enjoy the power of an i7-970@3,8Ghz under W7 with 12GB Ram the best feeling about it is to build every component in the Big Tower Case of FractalDesign and what should I other say, than a nice thanks & goodbye to my old, slow and boring little 3Ghz-single-core-celeron…xD

  • I’m totally new in cinema 4d. I’m interested in cinema 4D because I love drawing CG stuffs ๐Ÿ˜€ and this gorilla man always inspired me to keep going. Thanks nick!
    I have core 2 quad Q6600 and nVidia GTX460. But, monitor is 17″ LCD. Can anyone suggest me a good monitor for doing CG works. I want to buy a 16M color display.
    I’m just a student. not any professional. I can’t buy (and also not available in my country) mac pro or something like that.

    (Sorry for my weak english writing)

  • Hey Nick,

    I also have a 12-core MP (with 48 GB RAM) and my After Effects (CS 5.5) gets painfully slow on rudimentary stuff like moving comps or audio around.

    I’ve seen many such complaints on the net.

    How is your AE working?

    From the (extensive) research online I did, it looks like there is some serious issue in the user interface also in Premiere Pro which, it seems, is related to the new Macs’ hyper threading (although, I’ve been able to disable hyper threading on my Mac – but it hasn’t helped a bit.)

    So how is AE working for you?

  • Dang guys, I’m on my 2 cores E5200 @ 2.5GHz.. I was wondering what was your rig like Nick since I saw you rendering. Man oh man, What I’d give for a piece of hardware like that ๐Ÿ™‚ Currently my work flow is slower than your rendering times.. I’d upgrade but MacPro is worth little over 2 years of my salary (if I wouldn’t spend anything on luxuries like food or bills). Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try and do my best with my current configuration ^_^

  • Hi everyone, i have a problem with AE cs 5 and cs 5.5 …
    When i tried to open a panel into AE… it freeze for 15 or 20 sec.
    This problem it’s driving me crazy.
    Can someone help me?
    I tried to update my video card drivers, uninstall and install AE over and over again.
    Work in this way it’s impossible …..
    I need a solution urgently !!!!
    Thanks in advance …….!!!!!!!

  • The only issue I have with this is that you use different RAM on all three computers. Can you run the same test with only 4Gigs of RAM?

  • hi well im using right now a
    with 4GB ram
    512 Video
    and yea it took time to render things but im getting a new one like this

    Core I7 quad core,
    8gb ram
    4gb NVidia ram

    do you think is good enought to work peaceful, i mean i suppose sometime you must wait for renders but i think that with this machine i will get a decent render time, what do you think guys.
    iยดm motion graphic designer and usually render in HD

  • I think we would all like to know what video card you have in that nifty little machine of yours nick

  • Hey Nick.

    I just got a 12 core and was wondering if you’d share you After Effects preferences with me. Cheers.

  • Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  • i think apple products are to be very expensive than Desktop pc / Workstation ,i dont know why , i just got 2x Octa core processor with 96 GB DDR3 only $6969.

    • i think apple products are made to be very expensive than Desktop pc / Workstation ,i dont know why , i just got 2x Octa core processor with 96 GB DDR3 only $6969.

    • I think the price inflation is there to cover the (cosmetic) hardware build quality and the user interface, both superior to the competition, primarily in the same way that a BMW M3 is gorgeous inside and out, but an arguably uglier Subaru WRX could smoke it in a race.

      However, ‘Hackintoshes’ are now becoming easier than ever to build, making this argument moot: http://lifehacker.com/always-up-to-date-guide/

  • Hey Nick! Thank you so much for the render settings blog vid that linked me to here. I only really started in 2012 working 90% from home and 10% from studios. Before that, it was more like 90% at studios, and I couldn’t really justify the expense of a super fast Mac Pro that sat more or less idle at home, maybe rendering stuff while I was away at work. So I made-do with my MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo, loaded to the gills with RAM and waited until Apple released new Mac Pros that were a whole lot faster than the 2008 models. And waited. The newest MacPros ARE super fast, but they are still just faster versions of the Xeon, multi-core versions of the same chip that’s been powering them since 2008.
    Well, I finally just purchased a killer deal on ebay last week: a 2008 model MacPro dual 2.8GHz Xeon with 10GB RAM (modest), and (here’s the nice part) an Nvidia Quadro 4000, AJA Kona 3G, AND GeForce GTX 285. The GPU revolution that’s been slowly building up seems to be the better investment for me right now, since I can buy a screaming fast MacPro next year and move all these graphics cards over. I’ve been doing research into m4d for C4D, and seeing if iRay is the way to go (at least for local previews before sending to render farm), and/or Vray for C4D. Would love to get your thoughts on the whole GPU/CPU thing as well as GPU render engines for C4D, and the amazing new CUDA plugins for AE CS6 like Element. Total cost of the machine WITH all the video cards? $2,325. Seriously. Think of all the American Apparel shirts I can afford with the savings!

  • C4d and AE workstation question?
    I’m looking at purchasing a Mac Pro with 8 Core 3.2 GHz 24GB RAM, very inexpensive at the moment used, cheap to upgrade to a SSD too, any thoughts?

    I’m using an iMac i7 3.2, 27″ at work but are beginning to miss deadlines now as my 3d and video work are getting more complex aligned with everything 1080p.

    Other option is going PC not too fused mac or pc

  • I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kudos

  • What about the pants? Do you really wear an American Apparel T-shirt and nothing else? In that case, please continue to keep the tutorials focused on the upper half, Nick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hi Nick!

    I’m using an 8 core amd processor at 3.1GHz, 16 GB of ram and 1GB ATI 6700 whit the lastest drivers installed, I have a question: when i do my render c4d only use 3 GB!!!… why ???? is there a setting on c4d preferences to use all my ram? or simply c4d doesnยดt need them.


    • by the way iยดm using c4d r13 64bits


    • Are you running a 32 bit install of Windows? If so, then although it is possible for Windows to utilize the memory via some switches, each *app* cannot use more memory than what can be addressed in 32 bits. And some space is set aside for other stuff (memory mapping, etc).

  • Its fantastic as your other content : D, thankyou for posting . “The present is the necessary product of all the past, the necessary cause of all the future.” by Robert Green Ingersoll.

  • Plz can u give us this c4d render to test and compare my computer thnks
    If only u can send it by e-mail …

  • Hi Nick i also was wondering i just upgrade from my MacBook Pro 2011 with 2.0 ghz 8gb and a funny small 256 ati video card to the all new iMac 2013 27″ 3tb fusion drive and a nice 2gb Nvidia. I transfer all by the time machine but when i use the C4D render it doesn’t really surprise me not what i expected, the anti Antialaising is normal, what do you recommend for the set up

  • I just purchased a new Mac Pro, 2 x 2.4 Ghz 6-core intel xeon(12-core), memory 12 GB, graphics ATI radeo HD 5770 1024mb. Running after effects CS6, I want to upgrade the ram to maybe 32gb when I get some extra $. Can someone recommend what my memory & processing settings should be in AEcs6. I am going to load up C4D R12 soon.

  • Hey nick, such a ferrari you’ve got :D, that thing dont run, fly.

    In your opinion, a iMac i7 3,1, 8G ram, geforce 512m, will be enough for a rookie like me?

    I mean, dont want that super time’s like you on render, of course, but will the viewport lag, or that machine will runs fine?

    big hugz, Portugal.

  • out of curiosity – I have an 8 core mac pro (2010) with 32gb ram. I’d REALLY like to do a speed comparison as I’m debating on upgrading to a 12 core. Is there anyway I could get a copy of the file you did your speed test with to compare?

  • Disregard my last post – I realized it’s part of the Cinebench test.

  • Mac Pro 2010 2x Quad Core 2.4GHz 10 GB Ram get 769cb… its good nick?

  • Can you help me understand why the dual 4 core has 8 render buckets, but a dual 6 core has 24?

  • Hi, can i pic your brain a sec,

    I’ve a macbook pro 15″
    8gb ram
    256 ssd

    I am only a learner for now. And 3d is only a hobby.
    Cinema 4d is great for my mac if i am only making photos. For photos my mac is powerful enough… (for me at least)

    I want to get a better mac without buying the top of the range, what should be suitable for basic 30 sec video in cinema 4d and when i buY “TRANSFORM” from your site.

    Or should i stay with my mac and get learning transform?

    Ps I used some 3d in photoshop but this is by far the best software i ever used and your plugins are the best out there!!!

    An pps I’m a BIG fan!!!

  • I look at this and just sit back and think about what I’m reading, yet I’m still confused.

    I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro with an I7 cpu 16gigs of 1600mhz memory and 1gig of dedicated video memory. Nothing much when compared to your guys machines. My render times suck lol, but it gets the job done. I’m getting into real flow and wow the maching just has issues. So now I look at this post and comments and wonder.

    Why so much into one machine. What about render farms and team rendering. Does the other machine need to be a Mac as well? Or can the c4d MacBook pro utilize a windows maching to help in rendering?

    I can not afford a MacPro 12core but I maybe able to do the Hacintosh thing with a single chip. Possible with dual CPUs if the support was out there to help guide you.

    So I go back to a render farm. How is one set up? Do I need that or will team render work with my old i7 pcc’s? I have a few of them lying around and to be able to optimize them for use to help my renders would be awesome.

  • was wondering what do u think abt AMD FX 8350 Octa Core 4.0ghz vs an intel i5 4460 3.2 Quad Core i’m intersted in ur opinion ofc since i’m willing to start a career into C4D AEE and much more other graphical apps.

  • hey gorilla!
    keep up your great work man!

    i have a topic that is interesting for everybody i think.
    could you make a statement on the following article:

    Even at $7,000, the new Mac Pro is only 8% faster than an iMac

    – if that is true, why go for a mac pro then, which costs so much more?
    – could you verify that or make a new article?

    this would be appreciated by everyone, i think!
    thanks a lot in advance!

    greet from austria, graz

  • Is it really true? I have a hard time to believe that… only 8% faster? It was a 8 cores though, what about the 12 cores? I m a BIG FAN of Mac computers (I run an iMac i7) with Maya/C4D/ZBrush and that works great, but I have to say that when I want to render full HD, it can be slow sometimes… I’m thinking about buying (as next computer) a faster machine, but I have to say that I don’t know if I would rather invest $7,000 in a Mac Pro (12 cores) or the same amount of money in a PC: HPZ820 which is a monster (can go up to 24 cores/512 G Ram). The only problem with the Mac Pro is that it’s hard to upgrade and the Graphic Card is not an Nvidia (Mental Ray works faster with NVidia cards (same company)).

    I also like the fact that on a HP you can upgrade easily the # of cores or even change your graphic card for a more powerful one. However, I have NEVER be a big fan of PC and I HATE windows… So I think I will probably stay with Mac Pro which can be already pretty powerful, but I have seen PC completely built from scratch that were 16 cores and 64G Ram and costed roughly above $6,000…

  • I’m getting a new iMac 5k retina display with i7 chip 4gb turbo boost its a Quad core hyper threaded. Do you think this will be as fast or faster than the 2010 model of Macpro with 12 core at 2.7ghz

  • I m sure the new iMac 5k is fast and has a lot of juice (4ghz is awesome!), but I would bet anything that there is NO WAY it’s as fast as a Mac Pro 2010 12 cores when rendering projects in 3D.

  • Hey Nick, Can you tell me if you were rendering in physical, or standard with those renders, if so have you done any benchmarks using GI, AO, motion blurs, or DOF?


  • I’d consider this comparison as unfair, you should atleast compare it using a Core i5 dualcore CPU. You’re using an outdated Core 2 Duo (slowest processors i’ve ever used, except for a Pentium 4)

  • I recently updated from a ’12 retina MBP with an i7 and 16GB of ram to a custom pc with a 5820k, 32GB of ram and 2x GTX 970.

    I’m loving it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow, thats fast! I am running a i7 4.0ghz quad core, 32gb of ram, 4 gb vram, I am also new to CD4.

  • Iยดm running a custom PC workstation with a 12core XEON X5650 2,67 GHz, 48 GB RAM. Got it almost 4 years now and it is still doing an awesome job.

  • So Nick, what you were saying in not so many words back then is that you work with no pants on? Hey dude, I don’t judge. Personally they just slow me down.

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