12 Core vs. 8 Core vs. 2 Core – Cinema 4D Render Speed Test

November 3, 2010 - By 

Many of you have been asking about my new 12 core mac and if it’s worth it to get that much machine. Well, I screen captured some Cinebench renders to compare the speed of all three of my machines including my new 12 core Mac Pro, my old 8 core Power Mac and my 2 core macbook. This way, you can judge for yourself.

Sure, it’s expensive. But remember, it’s one of the only things I need to do my job other than software, coffee and American Apparel t-shirs. Plus, I only get a new machine every 3 years or so and want to just stay ahead of the curve for a while so I don’t have to worry about it every year. Did I mention that it’s tax deductible? What machine are you running?

  • I’m running an iMac i7 with only 4gb RAM (upgrading soon). The 12 core Mac Pro looks pretty bad ass!

  • Also running the 12-core Mac Pro with 16GB of ram. It’s so fast it produces a wormhole above the display! We’ll get more ram in time to fully unleash the beast in AE.

  • I can never buy a Mac for sure 🙁
    Presently : 8Gb Ram, Quad Core, Zotac 260*2 graphics card.
    That’s awesome Nick! Buy me one when you find time 😉
    Take care..

    • It’s too expensive Nick. By the time I finish training I’ll be working, then I don’t think I will use my computer. So will have to stick on to this PC itself.

    • Try hackintosh 🙂

      I currently have SR-2 with two x56** chips 🙂 12core with HT > 24 workers there!
      12Core Watercooled to 4.5GHz
      both Windows 7 64 and Snow leo are great on it
      Cinebench @21 score!!!

      and it even was 1/2 of the price of that Mac Pro 😀

    • OMG! That’s awesome! 😀 I’ll give it a try. But, I’m scared to even open the cabinet of my PC to even clean it. LOL. I’ll get my geek fren in an do something about it. THANKS!!

    • Yo Bran, do you mind sharing all the parts you bought and used for this ? I’m actually running a hackintosh at home and I’m willing to upgrade, but is hard to find all the compatible hardware.



    • Got a hackintosh to ^^
      works great, but i have to upgrade mine cause it’s over 3 years old now 🙁

      got gigabyte EP-45 mobo with Q6600 quad core (i know very old ^^) and 4gig ram. Check insanelymac for al working parts and drivers etc.



    • They said it all..
      just ask and that’s it 🙂
      I have one more PC for everyday use -> i7 930 with HT and @ 4.2GHz Watercooled it’s hitting 7pts @Cinebench!
      that’s even better than the 8core Mac Pro up there!
      together with a GOOD graphic card – it’s a beast!

    • ya mac way too expensive…

      currently running i7 quad-core runs at 3.38ghz that i crank up to 3.7 when getn busy. 12gb ddr3 1600mhz ram. nvidea gtx 470 (not very good but cheap), gigabyte X58A-UD7 board so can double up gpu eventually. not the greatest but when i get my graphix cards it should be pretty decent.
      gpu 44.12 fps
      cpu @ 3.38ghz 5.74 pts

    • There’s a pretty big misconception that you need to use a mac for this sort of work. The truth is apple computers (with the exception of the phones/tablets) are all running on PC components and chipsets these days. Go buy yourself a PC with equivalent specs and save a bunch of money for the same performance. Learning to build your own machine will benefit you immensely as well if you have the time, knowing the in’s and out’s to troubleshooting and future proofing can extend your investments lifespan. Also keep in mind that there are some pretty amazing third party render options now that are GPU based, so having a 8/12/16 core CPU isn’t as mandatory as it used to be for this sort of work. You can get by with a modest CPU and pay a little extra for a good graphics card or two that will scale your render performance higher without proportional investment had you gone CPU based.

  • I agree. If you make a living from your Mac, it should have enough power. I just got the shipping confirmation for a 6-Core Mac Pro 3,33 GHz. Also I heard, that you better use some SSDs as a boot drive, so I get 2 OWC 120GB SSDs in a RAID 0. That should do it.

  • Im rolling with an 8-core Nehalem from last year, Im wondering how much the jump is from last years model to this one, but it’s apparent that if you wait much over 2 years to upgrade, you’re going to be left in the dust!

    • yeah, 2-3 years is about the limit these days until you start to notice that everyone around you is rendering FAST.

      • My 2010 Mac Pro is 5 years old. cinebench result is 8.45 not bad. but what it really makes me feel that now is not the right moment to buy a mac is how great my old 2010 performance is using the Adobe CC. of course I have an additional GTX 680 video card on this mac. But seriously I don’t think buying a new mac this days is a matter of how old is your machine. I probably be wrong and a new mac maybe runs great with c4D, premiere and AE. but does it make senses to invest money on that?
        and for the guys who are really in need of faster renders the key is buying Mac minis or used macpros for team render. I’m using 6 machines for render and it works amazing.

  • Gotta say I’m liking the 12 core I’d love to have something like it!

  • Still a student so I have to roll with something cheaper, Also still using a PC.

    However it is still good enough for the stuff I’m doing currently and ones I start to work in post production then I will think of getting a better rig.

    atm dualcore with 8gb, don’t ask me about the rest XD

    • Who says PC is a bad thing? As a creative the number one task is to get the job done and with your resources. PC in many ways is better than a Mac product.

      Don’t let Apple convince you otherwise.

    • right said john:)
      btw, we have to focus on the work irrespective of the configurations. Also, to render out complex scenery, you will have to buy an upgraded system for sure and it can be either mac or pc. (doesn’t matter really as far it suits you to your task).

    • Not saying its a bad thing, I love my PC, but for my study they force me kinda have the Mac. For me, both are the same with the obvious diffrences here and there. But both get the job done.

    • As a creative your job is to get the job done, which i wont disagree with you there , but does getting your job done while debugging problems count i mean where artist not f*kin computer programmers, the amount of time you need to fix problem with your PC, you could have gotten paid for another job with a MAC.

      iv been using a PC for 14 years and have fixed almost every known problem, but in the Past 3 years i have been using a MAC and it hasn’t broken down, crashed a couple of times while rendering but nothing major.

      As nick said its a only tool you would use to make a living so why get anything other than the most reliable and most trustworthy THE MAC BABY!!!! thanks

    • That sir, is a lie perpetuated by Mac fanboys like you.

      If you are willing to shell out $5000 for a Mac system that can be built or bought for $2000 then that is your preference.

      But your post reveals your inexperience in matters concerning the work which requires higher end knowledge. Motion graphics is a highly technical area which in some ways can be compared to computer programming. If you like big colorful buttons to push than by all means, stick to Macs. But if you want to harness true power, go for PC’s where you can truly break the barriers and limits.

    • Just as a note. Apple mouse devices only have 1 big button.

      To properly navigate and use whatever interface you require 2 buttons. And in many cases 3 buttons for other environments.

      How is this a computer designed around the creative community aside from arguably better standard issue components?

      Yes, Apple products are superior to PC’s when you compare standard issue hardware (vs. Dell , HP, etc).

      Most serious PC users though will understand how to overclock, cool their systems, network their workstations, create remote databases, upgrade motherboards ON TOP of whatever software expertise they possess (which is less restrictive than the Apple environment and where more support is available)which is ideal for a cutting edge creative.

      The strengths of the PC are it’s very own drawbacks, which there will be crashes because of interoperability issues between drivers. At least the PC is a much more democratic and inclusive platform, whereas the Apple computer is totalitarian and exclusive. In some ways oppressive, which is a total buzzkill for me as a creative.

      • You can actually configure your Mac mouse to have left and right buttons. Just check the instructions inside the System Preferences (inside the “mouse” section).

    • True.dat

      If you really want performance for a reasonable price, go for pc.

      If you are lazy, like the OS and have enough money to throw out get a MAC.

      A well planned PC is btw far more stable than a mac. period.

      Sure from time to time hardware will break, but thats a general problem.

    • John, you make many valid points, but then go on to say that Apple mouse devices have one big button. While this is true in a sense, that one big button is actually a right and left click like any other mouse. Add the scroll ball button and the pinch button on the sides and you’ve got four.

    • Nah, PROs don’t use PC or Mac, they make motion graphics out of origamis.


    • I’ve worked both platforms and reside on the Mac side right now. There is less hardware software issues on the Mac but the software selection is limited although rich. I wanted a Final Cut work flow so I abandoned 3DS Max for C4D and a complete cross platform workflow. I like my workflow now. I really like the Mac hardware and the Mac is never an issue in the process. My BOXX and other PC based systems had constant crashes with Max and now I rarely have issues with system crashes. Maybe it is just C4D. My Mac just runs.

    • You’re a noob then. Practically everyone knows that anyone doing serious 3D works on the PC. It’s basically an open secret. Macs will never become the tool of choice for serious work. Wanna work in Photoshop? Use a Mac. Wanna make a poster? Use a Mac. Wanna do some heavy groovy stuff? Use a PC. Unless Apple lowers their prices, no-one will ever use Macs. Hey did you hear? Apple discontinued their Pro Server line. Which shows that Mac computers are basically consumer goods. Apple is caught up in a trend, and you are all victims of marketing and lies about how PC’s crash all the time. If PCs crash all the time people wouldn’t use them! Hello! What is used at CERN? What is used at NASA? What is used at the Lardge HAdron Collider? What is used on the Space Station? You guessed it. PC’s. Macs are just uber trendy but always needs servicing at the “Genuis” bar. Think about it, you’ve always had to take your computer to the Genius bar but you don’t realize it. Wake up sheeple.

      • You’re right, Derrick. How did I not see this. My operating system and hardware choice makes my work suck. I guess my work will never be as serious as Windows users. After all my training, it’s sad to see that it’s not my 3D skills, lighting technique, or compositing that is holding me back, it’s my operating system. Thanks for taking the time to warn me about my folly.

        • Ha ha ha!… I reluctantly will acquiesce in just reaching Nick’s dreadful level… (Some people like this Derrick person should just shut up for the benefit of the whole planet).

    • Glad you took the bait.

      Maybe Apple fanboys should quite sniping PC’s every chance they get because 1) it’s untrue that PC’s crash all the time and 2) it’s far more common with Macboys than PC users of OS bashing and 3) indeed most of the serious work is done with PC’s- it’s true. Unless you want to count Photo retouching and Typography as serious work. Then everything is up for debate 😉

    • *yawn*
      This same old debate. It’s amazing to see the vitriol spewed in the name of an operating system. Some of the best 3D work I’ve seen was created using different software on a Linux operating system. But that’s beside the point.

      Give a monkey the best state of the art power tools and machines, and see what it comes up with. Give Michelangelo a chisel and a hammer and… well, you get the point.

      So let’s stop debating who’s tools are better than who’s, and start critiquing some artists’ work! (In a friendly constructive manner, of course)

    • Best Answer Ever!

  • man does hyperthreading helps a lot. It must be nice going from 2 cores to 8 cores to 24cores (well really 12, but still).

  • The 12 cores are definitely worth it. I’m on a 2.66GHz (as opposed to your faster 2.92) and its still a dramatic speed increase.

  • I know what I want for Christmas…. 🙂

  • WOOOOOOOOOOO… MacPRO 2010 Very Fast….

    My Score 8.1 (i7 980x)

    • How do you find the 980x working for you? Seems one can build a nice Dell Studio XPS for around $4000 with an Intel 980x. Is it running 12 threads in Cinema 4d?

  • 32gb ram!!! That’s a beast of a machine!
    Am running a MBP 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo, 4gb. yeah it sucks compared the Mac pro but on the plus side, its thought how to manage my C4D scenes better (lightning wise, polygon count wise etc).
    Dream Machine u got there though.

  • Whoa, those are some powerful machines there.
    I have a last generation non-unibody white MacBook, with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 2 GB RAM.
    I’m still a student, so for now it will have to do as I can’t afford another computer, and here (in México) there’s no Apple Store, only external retailers who bump up the price by at least 15-20%, it’s god-damn BRUTAL.
    Maybe someday…(cue sad violins)

    • There is plenty of apple stores in Mexico, better yet apple.com/mx with student discount.
      Im just about to upgrade to the 12 core

    • Really? That’s great!
      And by there not being Apple stores in México, I meant there aren’t any “real” Apple stores, there are official retailers and resellers, but there are some price differences, I’ve only encountered one store that seems to be fair and respects the online store price.
      I should take advantage of the student discount while I’m a student, we’ll see, I guess…

  • I’m running a PC winXP 64bit 8core with 16Gb RAM (incl.2x quadrofx4800 cards), and a PC win7 64bit 4core with 8Gb RAM (incl.1x quadrofx4500 card).
    I have both of them on 2 24″ monitors with 2 KVM switches, so it’s the 8core or the 4core I’m looking at.
    Using the 8core mostly for renders and bigger production and using the 4core for all else + smaller production.
    Am planning on upgrading the 8core to a 12core with 32 Gb RAM

    • How do you plan to upgrade 8core to twelwe. I’m in process of buying new pc and I was wondering what specs do you have, what motherboard and cpu’s.
      thanx in advance

    • hi Marko,

      am planning on getting a new intel core motherboard (LGA1366 Socket with 2 xeon slots), getting 2x6core i7 chips and throwing of the RAM, videocards, audiocard, the HDs etc.

      Am probably gonna contact my supplier to figure out what to combine on the board.

      hope this helps a bit…

    • you can’t put tow i7 CPUs because they have only 1 qpi link … go for Xeon (=

    • that is why I ask, because I have read somewhere that you can not pair two i’s because of something, and that you can only pair xeon. I think they did that on purpose because i’s is 3 times cheaper.

      sry for my english

    • about that mobo with 2 xeon slots, do you have some specific on your mind?

    • You’re right. The i7’s etc. don’t have 6cores…
      Tip: the new Intel Xeon W3680 has 6cores, runs at 3.33 GHz and costs approx 900 euro at the moment. As far as I can tell, each Xeon can run with a max. of 24 Gb, so the max. for your machine would be 48Gb.

      I’m gonna dive into this some more, anyone interested in sharing some intel on this?

      Stuff like: registered RAM, what board to get etc.

    • sorry, i7 has 6cores, but doesn’t allow for 2 processors on 1 board.

      the Xeon W3680 are the ‘Westmere-EP’ chips that are in a Mac Pro too at the moment.

  • thanks for sharing the speed test. That 12-core sure is fast.
    I recently went with an iMac i7 for newest computer more as a bridge waiting for the next gen of the MacPros ( i was waiting for USB3 though seems like it will be light peak instead). I also still run my 2.7 G5 with a CalDigit RAID for editing on FCP. Editing doesn’t quite need the horse power C4D does.
    I’d love to take one of those 12-cores for a spin though.

  • Hey but also with the 12 core, you have 32g of ram. how much does the ram really help? i have 16g on an i5 and when i upgraded the ram from 4 to 16 i didn’t really notice an improvement. what can i do to optimize my performance??

    honestly i never considered the switch to pc until i started working with AE and C4D but the cost of a machine with that much power as a mac just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. thoughts?

    • More ram isn’t an automatic speed increase. It won’t mean much with the Cinebench test. But, if you are trying to render in Cinema while checking your mail and compositing in AE while checking your twitter and dicking around in photoshop, more ram will save your ass!

    • Even with a boatload of RAM, with the doubling that HyperThreading offers it is a bit trying to get AFX and C4D all set up to only use a certain number of cores so that other processes can still run unfettered.

    • @erich, yah after posting this i did some reading about this virtual core thing that the i series does. its kidna a bummer cause i just bought the computer.

      @gorilla, i certainly never “dick around” i am most likely MELTING FACES

      thnx guys!!!!
      xo bk

  • I’m from Chile…

    My first Mac computer is a late 2009 macbook white unibody… I want your computer!!!


    the gorilla is my master…


  • 2×2,26GHz Quad-Core / 16GB RAM
    CineBench Score 8.18

  • Just set up our 12-core macPro (just the basic 6gb ram for now)

    C4d is my weapon of choice.
    My last box at my day job was a quad G5.

    I am getting an average of 7 times the render speed on my 12 core in comparison.
    Added it to our renderfarm and it clearly takes the brunt of the work from the other render clients.

    It just means I can offer more: Time = $$$!

    (Until the GPU-base render engines become the standard)

  • Yep its a smart investment, dont know who can say thats too much for a computer, then theyre not VFX artists are they.

    Me: 1st gen iMac, 4gb ram.

    Money, money, money… its a good thing.

  • That test isn’t exactly the truth since all of the machines had different amounts of RAM for its cores to eat up, but I agree the 12-core is pretty sweet.

  • Oh my….
    I only have a 2006 2×2.66GHz Ati1900XT 6GB of Ram
    Mac Pro.
    I want to upgrade soon but money is quite an issue,
    Especially the setup I want to have and the money mac stuff cost in Greece.
    See for example the price of the new apple display

    • I have the same system. It still does pretty good, but I wouldn’t mind upgrading also. There are tutorials online on upgrading the cpu’s on the Mac Pro 1.1 to 2 Quad 3.0ghz chips. If you can find a good deal on the cpu’s, the cost of upgrading to 3.0ghz 8 core could be a lot less than purchasing a whole new machine. The performance increase seems to be worth it as well.

  • my PC is: Windows XP Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3,00 GHz, 2Gb RAM, NVidia GeForce 9500 GT;

    want: Configuração
    Dois processadores de 6 núcleos Intel Xeon “Westmere” a 2.93 GHz (12 núcleos)
    32 GB (8 x 4 GB)
    Mac Pro RAID Card
    Unidade de disco rígido Serial ATA de 7200 rpm a 3 GB/s com 2 TB
    Unidade de disco rígido Serial ATA de 7200 rpm a 3 GB/s com 1 TB
    Unidade de disco rígido Serial ATA de 7200 rpm a 3 GB/s com 2 TB
    Unidade de disco rígido Serial ATA de 7200 rpm a 3 GB/s com 2 TB
    Duas ATI Radeon HD 5770 de 1 GB
    Two 18x SuperDrives
    Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad
    Apple Keyboard com teclado numérico (Inglês Internacional) & Manual do Utilizador (Inglês)
    iWork pré-instalado (Versão inglesa)
    Aperture pré-instalado (Versão inglesa)
    FileMaker Bento 3 pré-instalado (Versão inglesa)
    Microsoft Office para Mac Home and Business 2011

  • Upgrading from an old duo-core + 1 GB to a core i7 (LGA1156) + 4 GB, I expected a huge increasing in perfomance. But in AE, for example, it’s like all the same. Of course, the overall system perfomance is hundred times better, but, as I said, when it comes to AE, be it previews or rendering, I can’t tell there’s a big difference from the old crappy piece of PC. 🙂

    I know LGA1156 is not a great choise, and 4 GB is still not enough, but still I thought the difference would be really significant.

    Well, at least the system works like a charm when it comes to everything else. Time to bring home some cash from freelance gigs and get a decent machine, huh? 🙂 Goal is set.

  • I am proudly running a quad-core duo hackintosh. I am thinking about upgrading to a i7 though, maybe adding an extra motherboard. Mooohoooooahahahahahahaha

  • 32gb of ram! Are you using 4gb or 8gb Modules? I just got my 6-core shipped 2 days ago and wondering if the OWC 8gb modules work even though apple doesn’t sell them.

    • The 8gb modules do work in the 6 core MP 2010. I have 24GB in mine and the system, AE, etc recognizes it. Going to add a 4th 8gb module when I have some extra $$

    • jesus they make 8gb ram stocks now!? i’m way behind….

      I’m running an 8 core with 24gb ram at work, its a huge difference over the imac I used to work on. with CS5 there was huge performance increases within the adobe family as well.

      Good times.

  • recently i went did some roto freelance after being at my beautiful work computer (8 core – 16gig Mac pro) and was just tryign to ram preview on my macbook (0.000001 core 540mgb…. naaaah 2 core 2gig macbook pro) and i realised how slow my machine was…
    now i am in the new predicament… notebook or desktop…
    i love being able to do freelance on my notebook, but i could realistically get a faster imac and an ipad and put it in a car when i need to be onsite… and have the ipad for everythign else i want from a laptop… (read everythign but being able to do work)…
    dilemas dilemas

    either way…
    This is the post from you nick that makes my ladyfriend so disappointed…
    LadyFriend: What are you doing…
    Waxamillion: watching different render times on different speed machines…
    LadyFriend: really…… really….

    • Use your laptop to show the drafts to your clients, work on a desktop at home. Also, maybe offer a deal on your rates…knock half off render time to work from home. You won’t lose any money as the faster machine will eat that time and you can do more.

  • Congratulations for your new baby!! I’m running a Mac Pro early 2008, 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeom, 14gb RAM…I’m really happy with it

  • God Bless you guys for have the 5 to 10 thousand dollars to get something like this. lol
    I guess it makes s difference if its your main job like I wish mine was..

    But still. That’s alot a loot.. Im sadly still. on a 2core Imac 24″ Still lovin Cinema though.

  • just upgraded my company to two 3.33 hex core mac’s. omg… we would spend day’s rendering on our old duo-core mac book pro’s. (crazy dumb but we were saving $ for the hex) but now it feels instant! other than cinema 4d, it was the best investment!!

  • I was actually inspired to build my onw rig when I saw Your 8 core machine render, a few tutorials back.
    So at first I was thinking about going back to Mac. I checked the price at Apple and got a bit sad. So then I headed over to HP and other PC workstation vendors and saw that their pricing was a bit nicer, but still made me sad.

    So I built my own workstation about ten months ago:
    * Dual 4-core Xeons (16 cores total with hyperthreading).
    * 12 Gigs of RAM.
    * Win7 x64 and apps on a 80GB solid state drive (17 sec boot).
    * 2 x 500 gig hardrives, one for work, one for pleasure (no, not porn! 🙂
    * Both CPU’s are fanless (semi-passive water cooling), so the machine is very quiet.
    * Used my old gfx card.

    Costed me less than $2700. And I was happy again. : )

    • hey marcus,
      I am thinking of jumping from mac to PC.
      Can you point me to a website to buy the pc
      build stuff?


    • Hard to tell since it depends on where You live. The parts themselves aren’t any special. I just bought my parts at the cheapest computer store in town. I could probobly get the them cheaper online, but I like to talk geek stuff with the guys in the store. Plus if You befriend them You can get a lot of tips and tricks. Good luck with Your build! : )

  • I’m using an old 2×2.0 ghz 2gb ram machine at the moment. I’ll soon upgrade to the 27″ i7 iMac. 🙂

  • How about that for timing! I just emailed you about computers last night. Glad you’re liking the 12-core!

    Seems like everybody’s got a new Mac these days. No wonder Apple’s stock is so high.

  • I got my 12 core mac pro and love it! Though it is faster then my Dual 2ghz Powermac G5 I still run into LONG render times….I guess no matter how fast your machine is, it just means your going to be pushing more out of it and the rendering times will always be a constant battle.

  • Thats insane! Is that Macbook meaning a Macbook Pro or just Macbook?? Thanks for sharing! If I had the money I would be all over a 12 core. Someday. (:

  • 8 core macpro
    27″ iMac 17
    4 core sager laptop
    vaio laptop
    a couple of aging Boxx workstations and rendernodes

    while having one tricked out machine is nice, utilizing NetRender with C4D is essential. In fact, I don’t know if my next machine will be a 12 core mac, or a windows based renderbeast to sit in the background.

  • Im a PC man all the way. I dont see the point in shelling out so much money for a Mac when you can get a PC with similar spec for almost 4 times less. They arnt even that nice looking. Now the Dell XPS desktop ranges, they are sexy machines!

  • Ijust bought a new PC, I am pc based because i am used to 3DS MAX. Just starting to use Cinema, I love it. My rig is as follows: Corsair 800D, Asus Rampage 3 extreme MOBO, core i7 980x @4.2GHZ 12g Corsair Dominator RAM, Liqiud cooling for the CPU, GTX480 graphics,1000watt psu so i can upgrade to tri-sli in the future. got all this for considerably cheaper than a mac product, and you can’t get anything like this in a mac. Maybe in the future i will go with a mac, for final cut studio.

  • Too bad Apple is selling these multicore machines now for the last 6 or so years and still so few things fully utilize all the cores. aside from AE and Cinema, not even FCP, Compressor…. their own software.

  • “Hi, I’m a Mac and I’m an OS that people like to use”

    “Hi, I’m a PC and I am also an OS that people like to use”

    “Well thats great news to hear PC!”

    “Why thank you mac, its also great that people like to use you too”

    -happy ending.

    • Haha, I agree. Use whatever OS you like to use. The software is pretty ubiquitous. I run a PC, because I came from the old days of Maya and 3DS Max before Maya was available on Mac or Macs could boot Windows OS.

      I still use PC and Mac, but nothing bores me to tears more than reading every component in a geeked out PC rig.

      I don’t care what manufacturer created your MOBO or RAM and don’t need to know if you keep your tower in a special underground cave cooled with liquid nitrogen and black magic.

    • Bravo. That’s about it. Just pick one and use it.

    • Best…post…ever. True and funny

    • don’t even pick one…. have at least one of each. If I’m sending stuff to clients who only use windows machines, I feel better testing it on a win machine.

    • My experience, high end studios use more PC’s. Better to configure and upgrade to their needs both hardware and software.

      Also old habits die hard, just like you mentioned… lots of people sticking to their guns with PC’s with their choice of 3D package when it was available only on PC. Just like how lots of graphic designers swear by Macs because Adobe products were almost ubiquitous with Apple computers in the early days.

      There is some kind of curve here, where the more technical you get, the more studios prefer to have complete control over their system for the most bang for their buck.

  • 2 X 2.26 Ghz Quad-Core

    12 GB Ram

    I get the feeling though I don’t have everything optimized yet to really get the best out of what’s available from this machine.

  • Wow.. 12 cores what a beauty you have there… Im in the middle range, so I guess, I still have time to save some money to buy a new one..

  • I do my 3D/compositing freelance work on my alienware notebook m17x.

    Core 2 Quad Q9000 (2.00GHz)
    8gb Ram
    NVIDIA 260M 1gb x 2 (SLI)

    Cant complain! 🙂

    • Hey man looking for help on this, I too have an alienware with the same specs as you, but I can’t seem to find a good driver that will get my sli working properly, I’m trying to get after effects to work with sli but it only shows one of my cards and when I run occt with sli enabled it gets no higher than 15fps when I disable sli it goes up to 40fps with a single 260m card, I’m running w7 ultimate 64bit…if you can maybe point me to a good driver that works for you I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

  • Nice test Nick!

    Running an 8-core MacPro with 16GB of RAM. I thought my machine was screaming fast, but that 12 core is nuts!

    Hoping to get another year out of this one. I still fire up my old PowerMac G5 in the second edit suite from time to time. I remember thinking that machine was fast!

    Times like these, eh?!

  • I ordered the 3.33 GHz 6-core ‘westmere’ last week and it should arrive today! It comes with a 1 TB drive and I’m adding an addition 1 TB drive to RAID and and OWC SSD 120g to use as a boot drive for OSX and Apps only.

    I’m adding (3) 4gig sticks of RAM for a total of 12. On these new machines, the RAM should be added in sets of three for top performance because they are triple channel, hence the reason apple ships all their models with 3 sticks… even though the 6-core has four slots.

    This will replace my 2006 2.66 Ghz dual core 2 duo.

    R12 basically urged me to get a new machine because my video card in my old machine isn’t supported.

  • Hey Nick great rig! I’m upgrading to the 12 core soon, any insight on monitor alternatives other than the 27in Apple Cinema display?

  • Yuuhhuuuuuuuuu!!

    The computer is fantastic, but is too espensive.
    With this amount of money you can setup a complete render farm with 6 cores AMD and so much performance.

    Anyway i am jealous

  • Dude Nick, I’m running everything off my macbook pro. Sad I know but unfortunately its hard living in southern california to save up enough to buy such a wonderful machine as the core 12. But! you better believe I’m saving up for the 12 core its gonna take some time though.

  • Hi Nick, that machine is a beast! What graphic card you have?

    I’m number 11 in the Reel Roulette top 20! 😀

  • I’m working with the 8 core mac Pro.

    8 gigs RAM
    geforce gt 120
    30″ apple cinema display

    I pretty much use it as a PC though. Maya is my most used software and I’ve only recently started playing with C4D.

  • For those of you with Mac Pros from 2010 or 2009, what GFX cards are you peeps using?

    • the crappy stock one unfortunately. I’ll probably get an FX4800 before the end of the year (more to the benefit of CS5, but hopefully it’ll show gains in C4D as well). I’m waiting ’til the last minute of 2010…just in case NVidia comes out with anything new.

    • a word on the Q4800 it does not support the 27inch monitors, well unless you spend a further $200 to convert, then times that by two and you have the price of an upgrade 🙂
      if you have chosen one or indeed if you went for the Q4800 with adapter could you let me know pls here. im thinking if the adapter may take away performance or if thats just a stupid thought. ive a 12 core here with 32gb of ram. any news on new card would be nicve to know friend

  • I have a custom made PC that I converted into a Hackintosh. Its a quad core i7 with 12 gigs ram. This thing is a beast and half the price of a mac pro.

  • Lets do a ‘how to make your computer tax deductible’ tutorial now haha

  • The best part about this video? I can just scan forward to the end instead of sitting for 8 minutes watching it!

  • Still running an Early 08 Mac Pro.

    10 Gig ATI 4870 (Which I bought as I had the original GTX in there)

    Still does the job more than efficiently. That multithreading 12 Core mammoth certainly kicks the crap out of it though no doubt but short of robbing a bank…


    almost worth it

  • Let’s not forget that having the tools does not mean that someone has the knowledge to use them effectively.

    Master the fundamentals–use what ya got till you outgrow it.

  • iMac 24″ 2.8GHz, 4GB Ram & Macbook Pro 2.6GHz, 4GB Ram.

    I’d love to have the funds to get a MacPro but sadly I don’t at the moment.

    I have to wait a while for my Cinema renders but I do my AE rendering through a network watch folder on the laptop. So much quicker.

    Actually I think some other people might make good use of a tutorial for that, Nick. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Love your stuff.


  • My iMac 2C/2T @ 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8335 4GB RAM ATI 4850 OpenGL Engine

    Cinebench 11.5 Score;
    OpenGL= 28.80
    CPU= 1.73

  • I´ve been fighting with myself about buying the new Mac or any cool workstation like Mountains_3,33 GHz, 48 RAm and NVidia 6000.

    On one hand you´ve got much more power with any workstation for little more price (8000 euros Vs 7000 for the mac). But I a short time you´ll get new nVidias for Mac (2, 4, and 6 Gb). You can even buy 64 Gb RAM for only 2000 euros.
    So you can get a REALLY fast machine for 10.000 euros.

    I decided to buy the 12 core with Ati 8770 and 16 GB Ram. This will cost me 7000, but I´ll work much much faster, more or less one minute faster per frame!!! This means this machine is very cheap. And I still work with Mac OS and get far from windows wich, even it´s getting better with times, is a kick in the ass.

    I really need fast machines for a better life, and my fiance gets very happy when I´ve got the time to go to sleep at the same time with her.

  • Looks like i need to get a new machine… Mac Pro Duo with 8gig ram is painfully slow for rendering. 15hrs for 5 sec of video from C4D… yikes!

  • Awesome!!!

    I have an hp dv6000 with intel core 2 duo and 3GB of Ram its not much at all but I’m just starting out with learning all this, Im looking forward to building up my skills to operate a computer that powerful. 🙂

  • Anyone tested the new macbook air? some said this is faster than macbook pro 13 in alot of things, and i would like to know if the performance and bench tests for GFX usage are decent.

    i`m also still studdying and gatthering opinions and information for go on this orher model, maybe desktop imacs since the price looks the very same for base 21 inch models

  • im running a windows with 2 cores and 4gb of ram, pretty bad including the fact that its a laptop :/ but i want to buy a imac 27′, the 27′ screen looks so amaizing, and i so pissed off with windows that u cant even imagine, i never used mac, unless some tests, i runned linux ubuntu, so its pretty equal… i just awaiting christmas :S

  • Could someone tell me the top 3 components of a computer that make a render time shorter. Or just makes cinema 4D run smoother. For example what would increase the limit of clones I can make before I have to force quit (on a mac).


  • Got to love the 12 core machine. thanks for showing the render bro! that totally…is just awesome to see a comparison

    Your is a little better I think than mine..

    Intel Core i7 980 @ 4.27ghz with 24gb ddr3 running mac 10.6.4

  • $1,200 more for the Solid State Hard Drive upgrade. Is This really worth the money? It seems like you would be better off spending the money on more ram.

  • Hi Nick,
    Point taken…
    One question, I have the same dual quad core, but when I render in C4D, I see 16 buckets, you have only 8. Any idea why that’s different with your screen?
    Thanks! Take care.

  • My quad core i5 suits me just fine, although the Asus 5850 has to help a lot.
    I would have taken a 12 core if I had the money though. But I would have build it with my own hands, just like this machine.

    Will save you tons of money.

  • i got a quad core 2.5Ghz up to 3.5Ghz
    only 4 Gb of ram 🙁 need to get new MB for more slots
    and Ati 5670 HD 1Gb

    its way faster than my 2 core laptop but still not as fast as i want 😀

  • Awesome machine Nick. No way I can get my hands on one of those. So I wound up building my own till that elusive day comes. Running Snow 10.6.4 – Intel 2.67Ghz Quad Core with 8Gbs 1066 Mhz (4×2) DDR3, 9800GTX+ Black Edition. And the system is totally upgradable (especially Graphics Card). It’s Still not a genuine Mac Pro, But it’s the closest you can get to it. Although I do cheer myself up when I see “Mac Pro 3,1” in the system profiler:) It’ll have to do. One day Nick, One day.

  • And oh yeah the SSD HD. I wound getting a 60GB SSD for OS and Apps, Everything else is goes on externals. 3TB’s or so. And Each Rendering bucket is 1 core. So 12 Cores means 12 rendering buckets! That’s just awesome Nick. Take a bow.

  • I’m still working on my hp pavilion dv7 1199ec:) For rendering it’s totaly piece of shit. For both AE and C4D. Last time I had a scene with icetea can and a bullet passing through it with some Modynamics-made shatter with metaball-particle splash of fluid. The render of single frame took 3,5 hours. But what can I do? I’m student and I can’t afford dream machine like most of you guys.
    Nothing left for me to wait another year before so I save enough money for two 6cores Intel CPU and motherboard which can handle it. In my country (Czech Rep.) it’s 2500 USD only for two 6-cores Intel i7 and 2000USD for motherboard.;<

    • Complete dream machine PC will cost at least 8000 USD. Kind of sucks. This money I can save in 2 or 3 years. But I will have to stop smoking…drinking beer every week…left my girlfriend and eat garbage.

  • unfortunately, I’m stuck with the 2 core.

  • Awesome video, you just show it instead of talking for no reason, I’m waiting for your next Post in MakeCoolShit!, I’ve seen all of them, the Interview with your dad, and the books you mention and all the stuff you talk about, proactive vs reactive work, etc, they’re pure awesomness, the stuff you Tweet there too. Keep doing amazing shit because that gives us the strength to fight for the same thing in our lifetimes. Keep up the good work! and good luck with all of your projects! Cheers from Argentina!

  • PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHICH ONE???



    • Can someone else give me an answer.

    • Try all of the above. Go with the processor first. You should always build your comp around your CPU. Memory is very important for ease of switching apps on the fly, multitasking etc. The graphics card is the icing on the cake for playing HD Media, & help in render times as well, depending on which one you use. Correct me if i’m wrong but I think new cards have an additional render “speed up” feature called “CUDA”. look into it. The FX series seem to be the best but are expensive. They do offer “affordable” FX cards you may be able to pick up. But there are other cards that will still do an impressive job. It’ll take a little effort researching. SSD Hard drives help too. good luck!

  • Ok, I’ll be the jerk who went on the Apple site and priced out Nick’s hotrod…12 large! My wife would kill me and they’d never find my body if I spent 12K on a computer! 🙂

    • Mine ended up under 9 since I got my ram from crucial. Yep, it’s a lot, but it’s our living. Think about all the crap you would have to buy if you were an electrician. The truck alone would cost twice as much. We are lucky when you think about it.

    • Nick, I and everybody here is living through you vicariously! Keep doing what you’re doing! And you’re right, we’re lucky to be doing what we’re doing, especially in this economy.

      BTW…I just had a scene break from 11.5 to 12, any thought to a posting from you about any weirdness/bugs you’ve (or others) found with v12?

  • >>> OK Nick, so if you had to choose what would you get:

    >> the 2.66 12 core + the 512GB SSD
    >> or the 2.93 12 core???

    They’re both just under 2000dls.

  • Mac doesnt have registry neither viruses and doesnt crash with blue screen of death, and mostly it shares a looot better the cpu and takes better advantage of it THAN a pc with windows.

    Someone said work with whatever.
    I agree, but mac ftw. Dont act that much open minded, we all know you can create art with just 1 cpu, Mac just makes it easy.

    • as spoken by a true retard. Mac have shite memory management. Macs obfuscate the actual file structure of the hard drive. Macs make cute sounds and have big colorful icons so idiots can use them more effectively.

  • and what about HP Z800?
    It’s a 12core too which can be configure with tons of possibilities…
    I have never seen a real comparison between the new mac pro and this new Hp z800…
    Any comments about that?


  • 12Gb, 3.0Ghz i7 PC for work from home and heavy renders, 4Gb, 2.6Ghz core duo MBP for working on site and for Final Cut editing.

    Both stand up to the job; in general I’ll always go for bang for my buck ahead of blind fanboy worship of a computer…

  • oh man that hurts. Just started getting into C4D. Rendering on a year old MBP. Rending one frame at the moment – so far it’s taken over 2hrs… 🙁

    • still going 4hrs now…

    • Dimitris katsafouros November 4, 2010 at 12:05 am

      Hey there!
      I see a lot of people starting out with 3d programs saying that they are doing 4,8 or even 16 hours.
      The computers of the past 4years are plenty speedy enough especially for beginners work. So make sure that your scene is optimised.
      For example you probably won’t need a cylinder with 128 subdivisions , hyper nurbs with 4subdivisions, a series of volumetric lights, 6x min antialiasing global illumination just switched to on, A3 resolutions when you just need A4.

      I’m sure that if you play with your scene for a while you will be able to drop your render times quite a lot.

  • Just got my hands on a new i7 Quad core iMac with 16GB RAM and 2TB HD the other day. Loving the difference in speed coming from a macbook pro. If anyone is curious to speeds on the new imacs, its def worth the price. You dont have to go all out and get a mac pro. These iMacs are plenty fast

  • Dell desktop. 6gb ram. AMD 6x 3GHz processor. ATI HD Graphics card. and a 1TB hard drive.
    It gets shit done.

    But we recently started to use macs at my school.. Thinking about switching over to a 12 like yours when i get some good money coming in.

  • Hi, 12 cores is nice for sure, I just got such a machine myself for work, 12 cores 3.33GHz, render times have improved dramatically, it’s blitzing! Considering how much we were paying for an external render farm, the workstation and some extra render nodes was really worth the money.

  • Mac Pro 8 Core // 24GB // nVidia GTX 285 (for Cuda, for PremPro-Mercury) // and differend HDDs and a SSD

    Hey there Nick,
    as i read the comments, i get the feeling that mostly the comments are about “i will get a new machine when i have the money….” i am totaly aware of the price and NO i dont have a home made out of money 😉

    I wonder if you could help (again..) in a short tutorial all your commenting followers by getting them to price right the work (this seems to bee the thing) and be able to save some money for an FRRREEEEAAAAKKKNN 1001core Computer…

    May i start whit a short formular:
    I added up ALL the costs i will have in one year. Insurance, rents, electrisity, gas, car, food, clothing, EVERYTHING!!! And divided it through the time (in hours) i am willing to work in one year. Last thing to do is to add the money you want to EARN per hour. Check if you are in a reasonable area, letz say 60 or 90 or so…

    I ended up whit the numer i will bill my work for in one hour.


  • Hi nick, great stuff by the way. You wouldn’t be selling that old mac of yours by any chance? 🙂

  • Bought my 27″ iMac i5 quad core 2 (4g ram) weeks ago and never looked back!
    For those that doubt buying one, do not fear. It took 5mins and a couple of questions to setup in the beginning and has not failed to impress me since. I do a lot of photography and then video/3d stuff….and the 27″ screen is the bomb when its time to work on images and video. Will upgrade to 8g soon. Those that cannot afford it can either use their student discount option or you can buy a “used” but refurbished iMac. Or a payment plan. Somehow or another, Apple will find a way in your home. Good luck peeps! 🙂

  • Would be nice to get render power from external machines. Like maxon did it with the NET Render client/server solution.

    Not “only” for video frames, but also to get external render power for a single picture.

    There is a way by only let the cam render a region of the comp and render the other regions on another PC but that’s painful.

  • With your new 12 core computer you won’t get those creative coffee pauses between renders 😛
    Cool machine.

  • I’m running a Mac pro (early 2008) 2 x 3Ghz Quad-Core Intel with 8 GB of RAM.

    I’m planning on buying extra 8 GB RAM, but don’t know if it’s going to influence my Cinema 4D performance (renders)? It will definitely speed up my RAM previews in AEFX. Any ideas how RAM works with C4D?

  • HP Z800 dual quad core Xeon with 12 gb Ram, certified for Avid. yipee. Worked on both Mac and PC workstations at a professional level since 2003, and can’t say one is really better than the other, but PC’s are easier and quicker to get parts and upgrades for, sort of like the dark side of the force. That said, your 12 core render time is pretty groovy.

  • imac i7 with 8GB here. It’s worth the price for me. And I also love the simplicity of no wires, etc. Of course you pay for it.

  • Thanks Nick! I gave the new 12-core some serious consideration but decided to save some coin on the processor by going with a refurb 2009 MP sporting 2 x 2.66GHz and dropped in 48mb of RAM (ATI 5870 upgrade is next). After Effects now loves me as much as I love it and the Cinebench score isn’t shabby either.

    For anyone with a ’09 MP looking for more muscle, OWC now offers processor upgrades all the way up to 2 x 3.33GHz. You could stretch that 2-3 year new mac upgrade cycle to 4-6 and still have a respectable machine.

    Also keep in mind that the MP line is long overdue for a re-style and LightPeak (10Gbps read/write!!!) is around the corner so if you can wait till 2011/12 you’ll be buying the next gen of Mac Pro.

  • I’m a PC myself. Looks like I should consider a Mac next time, though. I just prefer the interface of Windows.

  • You don’t actually need a Mac Pro.Most of the VFX company use HP or built pc if you notice they dont use Advance Render.I personally think AR suck we in 2010 that shit need to be way ahead near Mental Ray.They even use RenderMan or the GPU render like Octane ,Arion or Iray..10g for a Mac? I rather built over 8 PC and create a Render farm..

  • Looks like i need to get a new machine… Mac Pro Duo with 8gig ram is painfully slow for rendering. 15hrs for 5 sec of video from C4D… yikes!

  • I bought my first mac pro this year… 6 core with 12 gigs of RAM. I’m still a little pissed about Apples politics on the mac pro (no eSata, only 4 Ram Slots on single CPU machines…) but in the end, it was totally worth buying such a beast.

    i couldnt afford the 12 core so i got the 6×3,33ghz. the 8 core would have given me more flexibilty in buying ram, but i still do a lot of work in PS an AE and i think the higher clockspeed was the better choice.

    PS.: cinebench result: 8.92 –> 47 seconds.

  • If not Macintosh then go for Hackintosh.
    For PC a BIG NO.

  • I feel like this conversation is a bunch of men standing in the locker room shower looking at eachother. Get over it. The reality is, most retail stores offer leasing or rental options and if you are smart about your business you can factor that into your billing so that your not entirely eating the cost of the option you choose.

  • Hey Nick!
    Like to see everyon got all nerd-specs on this topic. Anyway, for me the lack of a superfast system gives me the time to think about what i wanna create, and i think for most (still) learning users here, te time they have to wait on stuff, is time to think creative.

    As for all of us with our poor-man setups, can you do a tutorial on the best ways to cut down render time?

  • Hi Nick! Do you mind being my diary for 2 min pleae? ^_^

    I have had PCs for a long time … there was only one problem with PSU(in 6 years), because electricity issues in my apartment.

    Then I bought MacBook Pro 13″ mid-2009 and was so happy about the uni-body design, beautiful and stable OS etc. I do graphics, so it was a bummer when I found only one suitable app for work besides Adobe products – C4D. But I said to myself “ok, Stanly, apps will appear in time”(like 3ds Max, which I use on PC).

    Now it’s time for a new desktop so I wanted to buy Mac Pro hexacore 3.33 BUT! one thing stopped me … and not the lack of software. I finally got it! Apple makes consumer products! Not only iPad’s and iMac’s, but Mac Pros as well )= I tried to make my thoughts go away, but it was like finding out Ricky Martin was gay – his songs won’t ever be same again XD

    It doesn’t mean that the products are bad. But all of them are like a car without spare tire – even if you don’t ever need one, you won’t feel comfort without it.

    One should visit nVidia site and check out GPUs like Quadro’s, Tesla’s, possibilities they give … real-time GPU rendering! great view-port performance! computing technologies! Decades will pass until Jobs will consider that his PRO clients might need one of those. Mac has limits … but even that doesn’t stop people(like me) from wanting one or two (=

    So ofter all of the complaints I want to ask … how come you(as a pro) don’t feel all of that? Don’t you feel like there is something missing?

    Sorry for SO MUCH text, but as Russians say “????????” XD
    btw, my MacBook Pro goes up to 80 degrees Celsius just because of browsing Safari and checking mail simultaneously + yellow tint on the screen + sleep/wake issues … yay for myths about stable OS ^_^

  • I know that.. but Mac Pro. that’s too expensive, in korea. ;

  • I was on very tight on budget few months ago and went with AMD Phenom X6 1080 (OC 3.6ghz) with 8GB ram and NVidGTS250. The whole system cost me less than $1000. It has beaten it’s price 6-7 times by now and I am totally happy with it so far. Cinebench score is 6.54 and test scene renders in less than a minute.
    So is 50% higher performance worth ~900% higher price ? Dunno, dunno..

  • Yeah you gotta admit, if you already have the knowledge to build a PC, its the cheaper way to go. But if you dont have the knowledge and require time to learn…. then time is money, and you might be better off with a Mac. Personally im glad I built my PC, as I had to learn how all the hardware components directly effect my work. Should a racecar driver know how to rebuild his car? who knows … just thoughts.

    I am not saying that mac users don’t understand the how computer hardware works. Really i’m not.

    I think cars are a great analogy. If you race cars is it better to just buy a nice car? or build one from scratch? Maybe you don’t care about mechanics and you just want to race, well thats fine.

    Or its kind of like having your own website, is it better to build your own website or have someone else do it for you. I gave up on building my own website, and kind of wish I never tried… haha.

  • If you’re working for a living doing motion graphics and 3D… a new 12-core Mac Pro pays for itself very quickly.

  • my beast is coming next week
    12 core
    32 gb ram
    6 TB HD’s
    Nviia FX4800 (1.5 gfx card)
    through two 27 inch led apple monitors

    happy days are ahead of me! COME ON NEXT WEEK!

  • 1 core, A64 3200+
    1 GB ram(2×512 DDR400 Kingston HyperX Dual Channel)
    ~ 450 GB HDD SATA II
    ATI Radeon X800 GTO2 256/256

    Wish me good luck 🙂

  • Damn that really puts it into perspective.

  • Here’s my machine specs:
    CPU – Core i7 Extreme Edition
    Video Card – 5970 4GB Sapphire
    MotherBoard – Rampage III Extreme
    RAM – 12GB
    Hardisk – Solid State

  • All interesting but what about net render ? Any of you have try and test it ? You can network some old machines together and free your last one so you get a small farm doing the job when you can do other tasks. Apple is dropping the price of mac mini for example so 4 mac mini is about 2K and kind of small powerfull render farm already…and noiseless
    My two cents

  • Hi ! I’m working on a nehalem 8 cores 2,26Ghz – 10Go ram – ATI Radeon 5770 1Go…
    Nick, 32 Go ram !!!???? How much did you paid for this ? What about your graphic card ? Do C4D really use the graphic card ?

  • What a waste Nick! you should have had me custom build you a PC better than the Mac Pro you just got, at half the cost! It’s not a 12 core you have, its a 6 core CPU from Intel with hyperthreading. You only have 6 physical cores. Physical cores offer the real performance. Just a clarification. I find better performance across C4D on the windows platform. Best Regards! -RH

  • Oh, great Nick. :O
    i am drooling for your pc. ( I’ve iMac i5 27″ 4 GB )

  • I’m currently on an i7 860 2.8ghz – 8gb ram…is that not very good for rendering? : /

  • My i7 MacBook Pro with 4GB got a 2.46. Not bad for a laptop. It’s got an SSD so it’s really fast on pretty much everything else.

  • I’m doing Ae and C4d for a living, working on a i5 with only 2 Gb RAM (i got the other 2 toasted – dunno how), and i gotta admit, it is not that bad. Can’t compare with 12 core Mac, but still, it gets the job done! Plus the i5 750 gets pretty fast when over-clocked. I used for the last 3 years (@ the office) a dual quad core mac pro, 8 gb ram, and it wasn’t THAT fast, even for it’s days…

  • PC Dell i7-920 Quad-Core @ 2.66GHz; 128GB RAM

  • Nick you should let me have your “old” mac pro im currently using a single core system and it takes hours to get stuff done :/

  • 15″ Macbook Pro (nearly said Powerbook)
    2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4 GB RAM

    I just started the full time freelance thing again and I’m on the fence about whether to buy a new desktop before the years up or wait and get a few more jobs under my belt next year.

    Anyone done much Net Rendering? I might be able to get another of the exact same machine I have on the cheap.

  • Asus f3m notebook 15.4inch screen
    1.5GB of RAM
    128MB Graphic card GeForce6100
    30 cents mouse with 2buttons and scroll
    And I am very very very very very happy that Gorilla and Pariah are teaching me the secrets of C4D and latter I will learn AE also from them.
    So thanx guys, I hope life serves you good:D

  • The difference is just huge. Right now i’m running on a i7, Quad, 6GB RAM, with an mediocre ATI card and i’m feeling the pain of the over-night rendering. What hurts the most is, in the morning all anxious running to see what rendered out only to find a problem, fixing it and doing the whole shabang all over again.

    The time will come when i’ll earn enough to upgrade to a stronger machine i guess 😀 that’s just how it goes right?


    • Rendering to seperate image files (and you will be able to just re-render the faulty frames) would be one option.

      • yeah but as someone who has very similar specs to him, that solution doesn’t apply to if you, for example, have a bad lighting position and dont notice it ’til halfway through… you cant just change the positioning at the new frames, otherwise the lighting from the 1st half would differ from the 2nd…

  • I reaaaaaaaally need help to buy a new computer to work with C4D and VrayForC4D… but I need some guidance to know what to buy exactly. I’m quite outdated regarding hardware and there’s SO MUCH out there, I can’t really decide, afraid to make an expensive mistake.
    Could anybody please help me? PLEASE!

  • Well, first off this thread confirmed what I already knew – my PC didn’t render fast enough.

    The old Q6600 PC had a CB score of 2.5 – very sad…

    So I invested in a new custom PC. 2 x Xeon 6-core OC’ed to 4ghz, 12gb RAM (no need for 32GB). Built, overclocked and setup by me over this weekend. Stock CB score of 13.something, CB score of over 20 @ 4Ghz.
    Cost of build around £3,000. Around 1/3 the price of Nick’s Mac and around 33% quicker (I haven’t really pushed it yet in terms of overclocking).

    This thread also confirmed another thing I already knew, that Apple Macs are over-priced, slower and less capable than PCs at the same price point.

    “Only rich people? Dont start with this crap. Just pick what you like and do some work.” I did, thanks 😀

  • I use a 8 core 2,8 GHz Mac Pro 3,1 2008 with 18Gb 800GHz RAM, GeForce 8800GT 512Mb graphics card for my Cinema 4D R12 modelling and rendering. Wondering if the 12 core will be much faster…

  • Hi Nick,

    I myself am thinking of buying a new machine or buying/setting up a renderfarm. Cinema4D’s NetRender works great with that, but on an frame to frame basis or tiled camera solution. Last option is very time consuming…so no option;)

    Do you know if Cinema4D’s render engine without NETRender will see all the cores in a renderfarm. In other words if the renderserver start a single frame job…willl I see an orange square for every processor core in the network?

    any idea’s?

  • I’m running a 07′ Mac with a 2 core 1.8ghz with 2 gbs of ram. I did this benchmark a few months ago, took over 15 minutes!

    I love macs, but ill never be able to afford a 12 core MacPro.

  • my SR-2 system eats macs for breakfast.

  • is 3dmax will run like you have there in your cinebench?

  • Hi Nick, since im just a 16 year old ‘kid’ who happens to have a lot of interest in cinema 4d, PhotoShop and similar programs, I dont have 10.000 bucks for a mac pro, nor 3000. Im running a 2,8 GHz quad-core AMD processor and 4 gigs of RAM and a radeon 4850 512 mb windows 7 PC. I’d like to buy a (second handed) iMac though, mac pro is just too expensive and my parents dont like it that I dont mind investing in computers and such. Will a 3 GHz dual core with 4 gigs of RAM and a radeon 4670 (with just 256 !! mb?!) 21,5″ iMac be as good as my windows pc? Or slower or faster? For cinema 4d and PhotoShop and such I mean. Is an iMac any good at all? Because if I want to play a game (which I want to do as less as possible lately because these damn things are highly addictive) I can grab my PC. Please send me a mail with an answer. Thanks Nick! I really appreciate your work (here at GSG).

  • thanks for the real world speed test video.
    has anyone done something similar w AE?

    clearly if your doing a lot of 3d rendering, it will pay for it’s self quickly.

    reguarding the price/performace. this is clearly a pro/workstation. i thought were way over priced until i saw the price of the 12core hp avid certified workstation via a b&h email. similar specs (cpu,ram,grx card) the macpro price is about the same. still a significant investment, but not as over priced as thought. And not a huge expense over 2-3yrs vs staff wages, rent, heat etc.

    for home or casual use, the i7 imac seems to be a better bang for the buck. just as fast as the 8core macpro from 2008 i use at work.

    side note-i didnt read all 200 or so comments, but sucks that it predicable got in the mac vs pc argument. it’s a tool, use what helps you best.

  • I just started using C4D thanks to your tutorials. I’m using a 15″ MBP with the i7, 4g ram, and I’m thinking about upgrading to the SSD Hybrid Harddrive. Waiting on some more reviews though. Plan on using this to get me through college, then upgrade to a Mac Pro.

  • Hey Nick!

    I’m graduating in a couple more weeks. But for the past 3 years of school, I’ve been using a Hackintosh running Osx Snowleopard thats a 3.0Ghz overclocked Q6600 Quad Core Processor, 4gb rams and Asus GTS250.

    This baby of mine has come a long way considering its 5years old! Yes 5!

    Using the same motherboard I’ve changed the cpu, rams and gfx card over the years. Will probably built another Corei7 or something down the road.

    And hack it of course! 🙂

  • There are those who have a pc very cool and can not work and there is nothing Beah who owns the pc find bad its great

  • What video card do you use with that system?

  • Yeah Gorilla, 12 Core is so nice, I´ll never wanna have something slower than that again in my life. Since April I can enjoy the power of an i7-970@3,8Ghz under W7 with 12GB Ram the best feeling about it is to build every component in the Big Tower Case of FractalDesign and what should I other say, than a nice thanks & goodbye to my old, slow and boring little 3Ghz-single-core-celeron…xD

  • I’m totally new in cinema 4d. I’m interested in cinema 4D because I love drawing CG stuffs 😀 and this gorilla man always inspired me to keep going. Thanks nick!
    I have core 2 quad Q6600 and nVidia GTX460. But, monitor is 17″ LCD. Can anyone suggest me a good monitor for doing CG works. I want to buy a 16M color display.
    I’m just a student. not any professional. I can’t buy (and also not available in my country) mac pro or something like that.

    (Sorry for my weak english writing)

  • Hey Nick,

    I also have a 12-core MP (with 48 GB RAM) and my After Effects (CS 5.5) gets painfully slow on rudimentary stuff like moving comps or audio around.

    I’ve seen many such complaints on the net.

    How is your AE working?

    From the (extensive) research online I did, it looks like there is some serious issue in the user interface also in Premiere Pro which, it seems, is related to the new Macs’ hyper threading (although, I’ve been able to disable hyper threading on my Mac – but it hasn’t helped a bit.)

    So how is AE working for you?

  • Dang guys, I’m on my 2 cores E5200 @ 2.5GHz.. I was wondering what was your rig like Nick since I saw you rendering. Man oh man, What I’d give for a piece of hardware like that 🙂 Currently my work flow is slower than your rendering times.. I’d upgrade but MacPro is worth little over 2 years of my salary (if I wouldn’t spend anything on luxuries like food or bills). Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try and do my best with my current configuration ^_^

  • Hi everyone, i have a problem with AE cs 5 and cs 5.5 …
    When i tried to open a panel into AE… it freeze for 15 or 20 sec.
    This problem it’s driving me crazy.
    Can someone help me?
    I tried to update my video card drivers, uninstall and install AE over and over again.
    Work in this way it’s impossible …..
    I need a solution urgently !!!!
    Thanks in advance …….!!!!!!!

  • The only issue I have with this is that you use different RAM on all three computers. Can you run the same test with only 4Gigs of RAM?

  • hi well im using right now a
    with 4GB ram
    512 Video
    and yea it took time to render things but im getting a new one like this

    Core I7 quad core,
    8gb ram
    4gb NVidia ram

    do you think is good enought to work peaceful, i mean i suppose sometime you must wait for renders but i think that with this machine i will get a decent render time, what do you think guys.
    i´m motion graphic designer and usually render in HD

  • I think we would all like to know what video card you have in that nifty little machine of yours nick

  • Hey Nick.

    I just got a 12 core and was wondering if you’d share you After Effects preferences with me. Cheers.

  • Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  • i think apple products are to be very expensive than Desktop pc / Workstation ,i dont know why , i just got 2x Octa core processor with 96 GB DDR3 only $6969.

    • i think apple products are made to be very expensive than Desktop pc / Workstation ,i dont know why , i just got 2x Octa core processor with 96 GB DDR3 only $6969.

    • I think the price inflation is there to cover the (cosmetic) hardware build quality and the user interface, both superior to the competition, primarily in the same way that a BMW M3 is gorgeous inside and out, but an arguably uglier Subaru WRX could smoke it in a race.

      However, ‘Hackintoshes’ are now becoming easier than ever to build, making this argument moot: http://lifehacker.com/always-up-to-date-guide/

  • Hey Nick! Thank you so much for the render settings blog vid that linked me to here. I only really started in 2012 working 90% from home and 10% from studios. Before that, it was more like 90% at studios, and I couldn’t really justify the expense of a super fast Mac Pro that sat more or less idle at home, maybe rendering stuff while I was away at work. So I made-do with my MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo, loaded to the gills with RAM and waited until Apple released new Mac Pros that were a whole lot faster than the 2008 models. And waited. The newest MacPros ARE super fast, but they are still just faster versions of the Xeon, multi-core versions of the same chip that’s been powering them since 2008.
    Well, I finally just purchased a killer deal on ebay last week: a 2008 model MacPro dual 2.8GHz Xeon with 10GB RAM (modest), and (here’s the nice part) an Nvidia Quadro 4000, AJA Kona 3G, AND GeForce GTX 285. The GPU revolution that’s been slowly building up seems to be the better investment for me right now, since I can buy a screaming fast MacPro next year and move all these graphics cards over. I’ve been doing research into m4d for C4D, and seeing if iRay is the way to go (at least for local previews before sending to render farm), and/or Vray for C4D. Would love to get your thoughts on the whole GPU/CPU thing as well as GPU render engines for C4D, and the amazing new CUDA plugins for AE CS6 like Element. Total cost of the machine WITH all the video cards? $2,325. Seriously. Think of all the American Apparel shirts I can afford with the savings!

  • C4d and AE workstation question?
    I’m looking at purchasing a Mac Pro with 8 Core 3.2 GHz 24GB RAM, very inexpensive at the moment used, cheap to upgrade to a SSD too, any thoughts?

    I’m using an iMac i7 3.2, 27″ at work but are beginning to miss deadlines now as my 3d and video work are getting more complex aligned with everything 1080p.

    Other option is going PC not too fused mac or pc

  • I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kudos

  • What about the pants? Do you really wear an American Apparel T-shirt and nothing else? In that case, please continue to keep the tutorials focused on the upper half, Nick. 😉

  • Hi Nick!

    I’m using an 8 core amd processor at 3.1GHz, 16 GB of ram and 1GB ATI 6700 whit the lastest drivers installed, I have a question: when i do my render c4d only use 3 GB!!!… why ???? is there a setting on c4d preferences to use all my ram? or simply c4d doesn´t need them.


    • by the way i´m using c4d r13 64bits


    • Are you running a 32 bit install of Windows? If so, then although it is possible for Windows to utilize the memory via some switches, each *app* cannot use more memory than what can be addressed in 32 bits. And some space is set aside for other stuff (memory mapping, etc).

  • Its fantastic as your other content : D, thankyou for posting . “The present is the necessary product of all the past, the necessary cause of all the future.” by Robert Green Ingersoll.

  • Plz can u give us this c4d render to test and compare my computer thnks
    If only u can send it by e-mail …

  • Hi Nick i also was wondering i just upgrade from my MacBook Pro 2011 with 2.0 ghz 8gb and a funny small 256 ati video card to the all new iMac 2013 27″ 3tb fusion drive and a nice 2gb Nvidia. I transfer all by the time machine but when i use the C4D render it doesn’t really surprise me not what i expected, the anti Antialaising is normal, what do you recommend for the set up

  • I just purchased a new Mac Pro, 2 x 2.4 Ghz 6-core intel xeon(12-core), memory 12 GB, graphics ATI radeo HD 5770 1024mb. Running after effects CS6, I want to upgrade the ram to maybe 32gb when I get some extra $. Can someone recommend what my memory & processing settings should be in AEcs6. I am going to load up C4D R12 soon.

  • Hey nick, such a ferrari you’ve got :D, that thing dont run, fly.

    In your opinion, a iMac i7 3,1, 8G ram, geforce 512m, will be enough for a rookie like me?

    I mean, dont want that super time’s like you on render, of course, but will the viewport lag, or that machine will runs fine?

    big hugz, Portugal.

  • out of curiosity – I have an 8 core mac pro (2010) with 32gb ram. I’d REALLY like to do a speed comparison as I’m debating on upgrading to a 12 core. Is there anyway I could get a copy of the file you did your speed test with to compare?

  • Disregard my last post – I realized it’s part of the Cinebench test.

  • Mac Pro 2010 2x Quad Core 2.4GHz 10 GB Ram get 769cb… its good nick?

  • Can you help me understand why the dual 4 core has 8 render buckets, but a dual 6 core has 24?

  • Hi, can i pic your brain a sec,

    I’ve a macbook pro 15″
    8gb ram
    256 ssd

    I am only a learner for now. And 3d is only a hobby.
    Cinema 4d is great for my mac if i am only making photos. For photos my mac is powerful enough… (for me at least)

    I want to get a better mac without buying the top of the range, what should be suitable for basic 30 sec video in cinema 4d and when i buY “TRANSFORM” from your site.

    Or should i stay with my mac and get learning transform?

    Ps I used some 3d in photoshop but this is by far the best software i ever used and your plugins are the best out there!!!

    An pps I’m a BIG fan!!!

  • I look at this and just sit back and think about what I’m reading, yet I’m still confused.

    I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro with an I7 cpu 16gigs of 1600mhz memory and 1gig of dedicated video memory. Nothing much when compared to your guys machines. My render times suck lol, but it gets the job done. I’m getting into real flow and wow the maching just has issues. So now I look at this post and comments and wonder.

    Why so much into one machine. What about render farms and team rendering. Does the other machine need to be a Mac as well? Or can the c4d MacBook pro utilize a windows maching to help in rendering?

    I can not afford a MacPro 12core but I maybe able to do the Hacintosh thing with a single chip. Possible with dual CPUs if the support was out there to help guide you.

    So I go back to a render farm. How is one set up? Do I need that or will team render work with my old i7 pcc’s? I have a few of them lying around and to be able to optimize them for use to help my renders would be awesome.

  • was wondering what do u think abt AMD FX 8350 Octa Core 4.0ghz vs an intel i5 4460 3.2 Quad Core i’m intersted in ur opinion ofc since i’m willing to start a career into C4D AEE and much more other graphical apps.

  • hey gorilla!
    keep up your great work man!

    i have a topic that is interesting for everybody i think.
    could you make a statement on the following article:

    Even at $7,000, the new Mac Pro is only 8% faster than an iMac

    – if that is true, why go for a mac pro then, which costs so much more?
    – could you verify that or make a new article?

    this would be appreciated by everyone, i think!
    thanks a lot in advance!

    greet from austria, graz

  • Is it really true? I have a hard time to believe that… only 8% faster? It was a 8 cores though, what about the 12 cores? I m a BIG FAN of Mac computers (I run an iMac i7) with Maya/C4D/ZBrush and that works great, but I have to say that when I want to render full HD, it can be slow sometimes… I’m thinking about buying (as next computer) a faster machine, but I have to say that I don’t know if I would rather invest $7,000 in a Mac Pro (12 cores) or the same amount of money in a PC: HPZ820 which is a monster (can go up to 24 cores/512 G Ram). The only problem with the Mac Pro is that it’s hard to upgrade and the Graphic Card is not an Nvidia (Mental Ray works faster with NVidia cards (same company)).

    I also like the fact that on a HP you can upgrade easily the # of cores or even change your graphic card for a more powerful one. However, I have NEVER be a big fan of PC and I HATE windows… So I think I will probably stay with Mac Pro which can be already pretty powerful, but I have seen PC completely built from scratch that were 16 cores and 64G Ram and costed roughly above $6,000…

  • I’m getting a new iMac 5k retina display with i7 chip 4gb turbo boost its a Quad core hyper threaded. Do you think this will be as fast or faster than the 2010 model of Macpro with 12 core at 2.7ghz

  • I m sure the new iMac 5k is fast and has a lot of juice (4ghz is awesome!), but I would bet anything that there is NO WAY it’s as fast as a Mac Pro 2010 12 cores when rendering projects in 3D.

  • Hey Nick, Can you tell me if you were rendering in physical, or standard with those renders, if so have you done any benchmarks using GI, AO, motion blurs, or DOF?


  • I’d consider this comparison as unfair, you should atleast compare it using a Core i5 dualcore CPU. You’re using an outdated Core 2 Duo (slowest processors i’ve ever used, except for a Pentium 4)

  • I recently updated from a ’12 retina MBP with an i7 and 16GB of ram to a custom pc with a 5820k, 32GB of ram and 2x GTX 970.

    I’m loving it 🙂

  • Wow, thats fast! I am running a i7 4.0ghz quad core, 32gb of ram, 4 gb vram, I am also new to CD4.

  • I´m running a custom PC workstation with a 12core XEON X5650 2,67 GHz, 48 GB RAM. Got it almost 4 years now and it is still doing an awesome job.

  • So Nick, what you were saying in not so many words back then is that you work with no pants on? Hey dude, I don’t judge. Personally they just slow me down.

  • Great share Nick, this is definitely proof that Cinema 4D uses all cores to render. Done! It also should show the drain on one’s system when using the software, telling the user that their machine will be stressed when rendering. I hope this gives everyone an idea as well as an appreciation of those who use the Maxon software for commercial use. It is true that it is sweet to be sponsored by and funding by all of the big name companies like NVidia, AMD, Intel, Maxon, and Autodesk, to name just a few, who reach out to those with talent to showcase their systems. But as you have shown clearly, builds are everything. I ran intel i-cores forever only to run them to the landfills. I learned how to build custom builds and now build the best that i can. I plan to purchase an AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper CPU next with their 2950X 2nd Gen chip, containing 16 cores with 32 threads. I’m putting it on GIGABYTE X399 AORUS Xtreme which will let me tune the motherboard to really stretch out the CPU, GPU, and memory. I plan to put 128GB of Corsair Vengence 3200 MHZ RAM onboard and run a beautiful Radeon Pro Duo GPU capping off the build with two 22110 M.2 SSD at 1TB and 1 2280 M.2 SSD at 850GB for system files and OS. I expect to hit a ceiling near $3700 on the complete unit and when done it will be water cooled if I can trust myself with the tube bending!. All that said, I am not bragging, I want to stress that the systems on shelf, the prebuilds were never meant to run this software; their intentions are low yield on average and will lead to people running into stumps due to hardware restraints. Don’t give in, dive in. Learn the skills and build. Your artwork is waiting. Cheers.

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