Five Second Project Winner for “Nightmare”

November 18, 2010 - By 

This animation from Mauro Misiewicz was the scariest entry for me. That sheep freaks me the heck out. Congrats to Mauro, the runners up, and everyone that entered. Stay tuned for another five second project coming soon.


Honorable Mentions

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  • The one with the baby looking thing did it for me. That fast-motion head movement crap freaks me out man.

  • Great job everyone! They all creeped me out. By the 4th one, the anticipation of them loading up making me anxious!

  • second one had a nice touch to it.
    the dolly in movement cuts to that creepy head ff with all that color and weird bg.
    great stuff, reminds me a bit of rubber johnny.
    didnt like the ending tho.

    alot of other great works aswell.
    beginner can’t get recognition in this 5SPs anymore…

  • I dont think the sheep video was the scariest, but in general great job everyone!

  • Greetings to everybody! watched all vids and now I’m going to change my pants 😀

  • l’oiseau serpentours definitely best.

  • Björn Feldmann’s was the best imo! 😀

  • Lots of really good work, they just keep getting better every contest. I especially like “l’oiseau serpentours”, really well executed.

    Also, I didn’t see mine ( in the channel. Did I screw something up or just not make the cut?

  • Thanks Nick for picking me up in the mentions.
    This was my first entry and I didn’t expect to be one of the chosen.

    Congrats to everybody and I would also give my vote to the winner. Can’t wait for the next theme.

  • You owe me a new pair of pants…..

  • Im Glad that the winner is a compatriot of me!! :)Congratulatios Mauro!

  • Great entries. I just watched them all and these definitely stood out. Congrats yo(s)!

    • Just go to Vimeo and i was surprised for the number of visits that took my entry for the contest, now i see who won and don`t believe it! Nick thank you very much for this great opportunity to give us all develop our passion for the graphics and all who participated!
      Sorry my english!!

  • I personally think Shawn Wilson did great and Michael Paolinetti have a good concept also did great.But the sheep?You gotta be kiddin me Nick you should make a Vote Poll cuz that sheep didn’t creep half of us.Keep growing strong everyone..

  • Great work everyone….for my taste..the second one is the winner…but …Great work everyone

  • Holy shit, some cool stuff in there. Congrats to all of you. A-mazing!

  • I just want to say that, the theme inspired me a video that make a little more than 5 second.

    However, thank you for this little push.

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