FLUX Abstract Animation Using Cinema 4D and HDRI Light Kit Pro

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This animation by Candas Sisman has been making the rounds around the internet lately. It’s a really great abstract piece that was made with Cinema 4D and the HDRI Light Kit Pro. Everyone seems to be asking how it was made. I recently had the chance to ask Candas about some of the techniques he used to make FLUX. Excuse the short interview and his english. He is from Turkey.

Congrats on the success of FLUX. People seem to really love this piece. How did you make all the abstract shapes? Did you use deformers or mograph?

I used both of them , mographs like cloner object, random effector, fracture object, and deformers like explosion fx, wrap, boole, atom array, and Wind.

How did the HDRI Light Kit Pro help you with making FLUX. What lights did you use?

In your light kit , I used Skylight, overhead softbox, and materials from No floor studio (i changed a little bit ), and some default lights …i didnt use global illumination, i had no time for this …and a lot of compositing stuff in After Effects. Plus, I used cinema 4d, after effects and adobe audition for sound ..various plugins and vst.

  • You must feel pretty proud nick šŸ˜€ – I should buy that lightkit pro too tbh…

  • Wow, you weren’t kidding, that was a really short interview

    • Yeah, sorry about that. The language barrier was a bit tough. However, I hope it helps get people steered in the right direction when trying to make fun, abstract renders. Deformers and Mograph do wonders.

    • It is pretty short, but sometimes it’s okay to not being giving the complete recipe. Only having the ingredients seems enough to me to toy around and create something else inspired by this (without having too much of a copycat-feel straight from the beginning).

    • First WOW…that piece was—-DOPE!—holy Sh*T.
      I too agree with Ronny to an extent. Not having the complete recipe is good in situations like this one where there is no box limit and you know the tools of the trade. However, for newbie and when a piece is constrained knowing the whole “recipe” may be beneficial.

  • Awesome, saw this a while back, had no idea it was C4D and LKP, good work!

  • Maybe a breakdown in the future?

  • haha short and sweet, that works though. Thanks Nick!

  • Very cool animation! Loving the abstract resolution. Not your average take on this kind of stuff. Digging it!

  • what is no floor studio?

  • For me, the audio is what really sells this piece. The visuals are great, but the audio is amazing šŸ™‚

  • The project file should be a great chance to see exactly how it was done! By the way.
    Would He release that for us?

  • break down would be great.

    as for animation – the canvas crop and sound are the key elements – the final line at the end of the animation could turn into a disc again for a full “life cycle”. nonetheless nice work.

  • Wow! C4D? I saw this thing a few weeks ago, and with every twist and turn I was like “how did he…what the…huh?”

    Now I’m amped up to go make cool shit! Even if it was only two Qs and As.

  • ah I thought this was awesome when I saw it a while back. I showed my 8 year old daughter – who is a proper little skeptic and her jaw just dropped. Had a go later that day playing with Mograph and some deformers, but got to ambitious and presented shapes that were just about unrenderable for my aging computer.

  • Really magnetic! A little bit long but definetly great stuff.

  • Why Break down now or project file?Give this guy a break until he get his promo.Make you own creation that the key because is unique..There to many wannabes lol

  • Its interesting how the sound does not exactly line up to the piece at certain points. The sound lines up in a more abstract sense than its normally done in most pieces. It is more of a dance, then a reaction to sound. It seems like for most pieces the visual is an after thought to the piece, but this, the visual and the sound work together.

  • nice, how long did he do the animation?
    the sound is astonishing

  • Realy cool stuff šŸ™‚

  • DUDE, wath are you smoking? super nice

  • Awesome work!

  • Nice piece of good mograph work !
    About the audio in Adobe Audition :
    do you think he used it in order to transform existing tracks or to create them from scratch ?
    Theses kind of abstract sounds are so pleasant to the hears i’d be happy to do some by myself.

  • its time for a tutorial? šŸ˜€
    nice work.

  • very nice abstract video

  • A really great piece. Nice to hear some words from the maker

  • is he using any sound effectors or manually adjusting values???

    a tutorial on how to manage such a big piece would be nice nick, what u say..

  • That sound design was……

  • Nice video. Great music.

  • WOW! the best diverse material I have ever seen in thousands years!! Really impressive!

  • Hey guys I NEED HELP(sorry I don’t know where else to ask this.)

    I’m trying to make this news background, any idea where it was made or any links that can help me.If you guys have better ideas plz share.


  • Great stuff, good job really. But I’m really wondering about how he did the introduction from the sphere to these deformations. I tried to do it for a few hours, I tried a lotta things as every deformer, cloner, fracture extrude. I even tried playing with a spline & a lathe nurb. No such result .. If someone tried it and got some result I would be interested about what deformer or tool & what parameters he used.

  • Hey, this is great animation!
    also, i was always wondering where you guys get that sort of music effects? they’re really abstract and cool!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRFBy8Jn0Bg

    Iā€™m trying to make this news background, any idea where it was made or any links that can help me.If you guys have better ideas plz share.

  • So impressive! Didn’t even use GI! Wow.

  • I really love this, made me wonder how he made that. So i tried to make some sort of abstract motion graphics to see how.


  • Sorry! I’m from Russia. Cool work!
    Please, write tutorial about this.

  • this might be a foolish question but then again, i’m a noobie. wondering if the this was made and rendered as one long continuous animation or as separate pieces and then edited in post with some smart effects masking the transitions?

  • Fantastic , do you have tutorial for this animation?
    congratulation from Barcelona – Spain

  • You should have turned the line back into a circle šŸ™‚

  • Mind Boggling, this is truly astounding šŸ˜‰ I would really like to read a progress article of this (a)

  • I LOVE this animation.. I don’t care what anybody says – I’m hardcore 3D abstract fan til I die!

  • My brother recommended I might like this website. He was once entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  • Hi Nick

    Will we have the chance to have a little tutorial on this video?
    I’d love to know how.
    thank you friend keep it up, we learn a lot with you and your team.
    you are the best !

  • Hi Nick,

    Can you recommend any of your tutorials or perhaps a tutorial recommended from another site that explains some of the FLUX techniques in greater detail?

    If I could even receive a little direction on that process I will go absolutely crazy!! Thanks Nick & I love your site!!

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