Slow Motion 60 fps GoPro HD Footage Test

November 19, 2010 - By 

An experiment at the Dunes with my camera my friends and the dogs.

Filmed with the GoPro HD HERO Camera Naked at 60fps, slowed down and color graded in After Effects with Vintage Film For Looks. The quality of the video is really good for such a little teeny camera. I love that it’s water proof to, so I don’t mind the dogs biting and drooling on it.

Another note. It’s amazing what slowed down footage and a sad song will do to a fun day at the beach. Music is more than 50% of the mood. Just saying.

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  • HAH! love the dogs polka dotted pant!

  • Awesome. Really made me happy haha. Love the dog pants too!

  • Wow dude I really like this!

    can you change lenses on this? Cos i would buy this camera just for the fish eye effect!!!

    Nice vid, makes me sad that it looks so beautiful and yet so cheap, yet i have a 7d which normally comes out pretty shit video…

  • Whoooh great quality for just 180$ !

    Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • going to the baltic sea tomorrowโ€ฆ just got reminded that i haven’t been in a while.

  • Beautiful video!
    I like this Sigur Ros Soundtrack.

  • Wow, de puta madre!!!! Nick, that was awesome! I really like it, and those shots, fantastic! Cheers from Mexico

  • Wow, fun little video. I can’t believe that camera… it’s just a bit more expensive than buying a manfrotto car mount and then you don’t have to put the expensive cam on the car, or underwater for that matter! I think I found my B-camera

  • Haha. I watched I laughed. Then I thought how weird it is that you are wearing sweaters and warm stuff at the beach me being in the caribbean and all!!!

  • Love this video, makes me happy! Canยดt stop having that stupid smile on my face when watching! Nice one!

  • Nice camera work Nick that looked great

  • That shot of you running at your fiance is pretty… I’m sure you love it! Wind hit her hair just right ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • wow – does that dog have pants? wtf.

  • wow nick thats nice.
    especially that you find the time to hang out with your friends at the beach besides all the stuff you’re doin.

    makes me happy ๐Ÿ˜€

  • great vid nick !! ..
    great quality too .. you can also slow it down a little more o AE rigth ? or that it’s just the limit of it ? .. regards from MEXICO !! ..

  • Hey Nick [And the rest of the gsg gang] speaking of slowmotion.

    Here’s a video I made 2 weeks ago which has been gaining a lot of popularity. Anyone liking super awesome slowmotion check it out!

  • I have this camera. I use it for snowboarding and biking.

    You can pull amazing stills out of the video

  • You can also slap it onto the headstock of your guitar, like I did ( ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Great little camera!

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes perhaps?

  • All it needs is a better stabilization feature and i’d say it’s pretty sweet.

  • This footage is 848×480 @60fps? The GoPro site says that 848×480 is the only resolution that the Hero 960 can shoot @ 60fps, but your vimeo video is in HD.

  • hey nick,
    there is something i was wondering about .
    when you see an interview you know that its an interview just by looking at it, and the same about a movie . do u think they slow the fps in the movies to make it look like what the looks like ?

    • Movies are shot at 24fps. Most live television is 60i. So that’s part of the reason why there’s a different feel when you watch a movie vs. a tv show. There’s also a ton of other factors, but that’s one of the key ones.

    • Hey there Kert Gartner,
      That what you said sound very interesting.
      Do you know any site that i can find more about those factors?

      I know how fps works but knowing some inside tricks about giving those kind of feelings would be nice.

      Im really interesting jumping into these kind of stuff.

  • Wow I want one of these. But should I instead get the Hero that shoots 60fps in 720p? The quality in this video is telling me I don’t need to.

  • Sigur Ros, the official slomo band! No doubt there is a vimeo guy in Sigur Ros’s staff !!! :p

  • Let’s talk about what’s really going on here… your dog is wearing pants.

  • /me likes.

    What was the song btw?

  • Nick did you like Gasper’s Enter The Void?

  • First of all – dog with polka dotted pants! Awesome.

    Second, lovely footage you shot there.

  • ok, now to serious comment. very nice, thinking of buying it aswell. wish i had the money for it. i understand it comes with a waterproof casing in it’s basic form without all the mounts. why wont you make some seriously motion graphic\GoPro experiments. would really like that. hipster dog wearing pants is cool too.

  • wow, amazing. 60 fps … very nice slow mow. i loooove slow mows :>

    an the film look is nice too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Amazing video! Would like to know the name of the song.

  • Let me guess…somewhere near Michigan City by the looks of it:) What program did you use to slow it down?

  • Man, this video really does scream “All these people are dead, and I will reminisce about them for the next two reels.”

  • That dog is wearing pajama pants!

  • Hey Nick,

    Great stuff. Really enjoyed that! What were you using for the steadycam like effect? Just the handlebar attachment? Looking for something similar for my Kodak Zi6.

  • Very nice some high quality recording there



    60P stuff from an hvx. a 5 year old camera with a ccd sensor that i think is still better for fluid slow-mo. easier to stabilize with no cmos jello.

  • I love nuclear power and dogs in pants!!!!

  • MOTION SICK…going to go lay down now.

  • My all time favorite Sigur Ros song. Awesome Nick! This looks good. My friend JJ has the Contour HD and its just as good a camera.

  • apparently everything looks like every thing is better when nick campbell stamps his name on it…

  • Cool shot! Pretty sweet quality. I feel very much like ordering one of those…

  • Hey Nick really nice video. I really like chill videos like that it shows people true colors, so to speak. I can’t get away that Sigur Ros song. last place I heard it was on a movie called “Enter the Void”. Really cool movie, worth checking out!

  • What the “F” been waiting for this camera all my life! Skater and love all the other stuff you can do with it!
    Thanks for sharing. You just saved me a lot of $. Thinking I might order 3.
    Wow! Cool shit Nick!

  • Nice test Nick. I am seriously considering this little fella now..for those days when lugging my 5d around ain’t going to work. Amazing for its size. Reminded me a little of this film I made a couple of years back on the dunes: sadly just slowed down 30fps.

  • great film
    but one question!
    has the camera a zoom option?
    pls tell me
    i consider to buy the cam

    • No zoom on this one. In fact, there is only a record button. Not even a screen. But, it’s made to be a helmet cam.

    • and do you have an idea? for a cam like this price and quality but with zoom.
      it dont made for a helmet

    • any zoom you get on these small cameras are usually digital zooms not optical…
      a digital zoom is the same as you taking the footage and scaling it up… meaning, the pixel is just bigger.
      i have a zi6 ($100) that i like, but it depends on what you want… the new canon s95 is the best camera i have ever bought and the video seems to be pretty golden too, but, it is a compact camera size… and $400

  • Dimitris Katsafouros November 20, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Ha ha!
    It’s funny how many people love slow motion and experimented with it!!
    Here’s my try with slow mo from a few years back. (vimeo says 3 years ago but that can’t be true!!! oh my!!)

  • I know very little about camcorders and was looking for a less expensive one to shoot some rookie ideas i have. Does anyone have first hand knowledge on how the Hero works in low light? I will be doing lots of bar music shows.

    Great simple, fun vid Nick… Rock that cool shit Broseph!!!

  • i totally loved the dog’s pants ๐Ÿ™‚

    cool footage!

  • thats awesome!! really hope you post u a c4d tut with some cool cloth dynamics x

  • Are you going to explain how to do such a beautifull thing in a tutorial?
    thanks to you, GoPro is going to sell many of this product
    Anyway, thank you again that’s amazing !!!

  • Nice feel to it Nick.
    What did you do to slow down the video? Time-remapping or did you use something like Twixtor?

  • That dog was rockin’ his PJs

  • sigur ros, beautiful colour correction & slo mo dogs = gold

  • “Music is more than 50% of the mood. Just saying.”
    Absolutley. Not just music mind you, but the entire soundtrack; as sound effects, dialogue, incidental sounds all contribute to emotional impact. The low frequency rumble towards the end of the clip intensified the surreal and sentimental experience for me. In its entirety, the clip felt like the half-remembered and quickly fading happy memory of someone moments from slipping into the afterworld…just sayin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey! It’s all done in one long take! Very cool. That guy in the red cap looks like “the gorilla” himself. Any relation???

  • The steady cam adds to it. I wish this didn’t have a fixed lens, I would be buying it right now. Great post buddy.

  • cool vid.
    what kind of footage did you import from that camรฉra?
    is it compressed? compatible with MAC i guess. right?

  • Nick, great footage. I have a construction company that wants to start doing some video projects and this camera would be perfect for what they want to do.

    I would love to see a tutorial on color correction. I always do it so it looks good to me but I would like your take on it.

  • hey nick
    do you have an idea? for a camera like this but with zoom?…. but with the same price and the same quality

  • Hey Nick, i couldnt find any place to post this. Maybe a sticky theme for requests or something like that would be nice.

    I would like if you could help on looping in cinema 4d.

    Not very sure if this could be exciting but i was. I thought about being able to manage some motion graphics and stuff for putting them in loop.

    Could be used after a big intro in a website to get looping some stuff instead of stopping the entire video.

    or for apps or something, it just inspires me.

    thank you very much

  • Really cool video. Perfect song choice. I haven’t listened to that album in so long. The whole thing is really sweet and romantic and melancholy. The perfect mix of the 60 fps, vintage film in AE and the music. And that wide-angle lens. Is that from After Effects or the camera itself?

    And I particularly liked your quote “Music is more than 50% of the mood. Just saying.” as I’m a composer/musician. In fact I don’t do visuals. At all. I just like your tutorials from an artistic inspiration point of view.

    BTW, your fiance is beautiful and very endearing in this “film”.


  • I love this cam. Bought it for skiing and was really surprised at the picture quality.

    Nick, nice choice on Sigur Ros. So tasty.

  • amazing story, you need a glidecam as a toy

  • Nick,
    do you use rolling shutter plugin?

  • This film will be quite a heavy memoir after those wonderful dogs are gone. It will be very hard to watch after that. Almost gave me the same mood as the Vimeo Winner:

    That’s the “awesome” effect from the contrast between joy and melancholy. One day it will be somewhat a hard trip down to Memory Lane.

    Nice one Nick!

  • Did you stabalize this clip? how can it be so smooth?

  • No rolling shutter problem on that one?

  • I love the Go Pro cameras
    Had so much fun making this video!

  • Really cool camera I love it, considering how cheap that one is it might hold me over for a while till I get a good one ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Hey dude!

    I got this thing the other day and freakin love it. It’s so weird. I plan on setting up timelapses for behind the scenes on shoots. I’ve done a sunset from my office window and some shots mounted above my drums. Pretty interesting distortion on some of the settings. Not so loving the “menu” haha. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Damn, it looks like they got wise to you and rose the price… already.

  • Nick, have you seen this guys experiment with the GoPro? Amazing idea, unbelievable outcome.

  • wow, you and your friends are douchebags. i feel sorry for you.

    • Yeah, I’ve been trying to trade them all in for REAL friends for years, but I just can’t seem to make it happen. Nobody feels more sorry than I do, trust me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Please dont’t trade your friends. I just love them… and I’m pretty shure you were just joking… right?

      I’ve been watching this clip several times now, and this comment made me realize why I love it so much. And it is not the technical aspect of the footage, the camera, the moves or the color grading.

      I live in Norway, waaaay up north in Europe. We know americans from television shows like The Hills, Laguna beach, Melrose place, Beverly Hills 90210.

      This clip could have been recorded here (there is a place just like this near by, without the power plant), and the people in it could have been my friends. You guys look amazingly normal (to a norwegian), and I mean that in the best way possible. And that makes the clip more emotional to me, and I can relate to the melancholy of the “film”.

      Nice work, Nick.

      Now on to the more technical aspects of the footage. I see you’ve used Vintage Film for Looks, but could you explain the color grading in terms of what is actually being done to the footage in terms of color correcting. Let’s say I wanted to get the same look in a photo in Photoshop using a curves adjustment layer.

      A friend of mine has this camera, and you won’t believe the horror in my eyes the first time he stuck the camera in the water from a boat ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeahh That looks vintage!!
    I just found an old betavideo cam 200p in the garage so i can do the vintagethang without playing in AE;)

  • Nick, I have been a fan of this site and the work for years now. Continued success and hopefully we can work together on a project in the future.

  • I watched the video and was intrigued. I went to the website and saw more of what this camera was capable of and was still intrigued. I ended up doing a bit more research on the camera and within a couple of hours, I bought one! They should give you commission! Haha.

  • I’m really loving the feel of this video man.. you’ve inspired me. Thx!

  • Hey Nick

    I’ve just got one of these little camera too. Any chance of a work flow tutorial or screenr of how you film at 60fps and then slow it down and apply your vintage film looks?


  • Loved it! Really, the Color Correction really brought out the old school, chilled mood. Awesome.

  • Hey, Nick…

    Could you mail me or share it here about the way you rendered this movie? Just wanted to know about the settings/codec used and how big this file turned out to be in the end. I have a Kodak Playsport camera and it delivers .MOV movies with sizes about 700kb-1Mb per second (shooting 1280×720/60fps or 1920×1080/30fps).

    Thanks in advance from Brasil!

  • really nice man ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am waiting my goPro with the the Chest Mount Harness.. hope it will be great for snowboarding.

  • I am looking for a not to expensive camera to practice some video footage while living over here in Korea would this be a good starter cam? I am new to this site but would like all inputs

    • I’ve had my GoPro for 6 Month and absolutely love it, for $299 well worth it. I use it cycling Road and Mountain. You need to run the footage through a stabilizing software after to cut down on the bouncing (iMovie).


  • i’ll see this video one billion time! And today, i received my first Gopro! So, the first thing i do is the same movie as your but without sea, without dog, without friend and without sigur ros ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Great footage. New to the blog. Great stuff.
    Got me doing research on the GoPros. I have a Kodak Zx3 and a Zi8 for back-up cameras, but hate the lack of useful image stabilization. Noticed on the space balloon video that there was some shakiness to it. Is the GoPro significantly better even when not slow-mo? Also, did you use the wide angle adapter you showed on the Flip/LA post?

  • This video is zany. That dog has pants!

  • I looove this. nice work. sigur ros was a nice surprise too! keep it up

  • I know this is an old topic, but thought I’d share a commercial I just made for DVS using 6 GoPro’s. This aired during the AMA Supercross Finals on SPEED and will be on FUEL TV during the month of June.

  • What camera did u use ?

  • Nice video! I want one of these cameras sooo bad! I’ll definately try and get one before the winter starts…

    I made a post on my blog with the top 6 GoPro Snowboard videos, if you are interested:

  • This video is amazing. Had smile on my face all the way through.

    Brilliant work!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Nick, i’m new here and have fumbled my way through using After effects and Cinema 4d for a bit now, you have helped me tons already. You are the best resource for inspiration and learning for me at the moment, 4 years at a great university and I learn more through you.

    Had a bit of time on my hands after watching this (and realising I cant afford a GoPro for a while!) started playing with a crappy video taken on my 3GS the other day, taking a bit of inspiration from your AfterEffects compositing tutorial also. Check it out!

    Thanks again for all the work you put into this site, it’s brilliant – keep it up!

  • really cool. the colours are so nice. with how soft you edit this? at what speed (%) you use? thanks!

  • please make a tutorial on youtube..

  • So to slow down a vid in AE you just change the composition settings to 24fps from 60 and you get that amazing effect?
    (assuming you filmed at 60fps)

  • When you shoot at 60 fps about how much footage would you be able to capture on a 4gb card? I’m using a go pro for winter sports and would like to make some cool slow-mo snowboarding shots but was curious on how much time I could fit on a 4gb card. Thanks

  • Thanks for the feedback man! love the site btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  • that was beautiful..

  • What is the name of the song???

  • you say it was “naked” but in your shadow at 03:11 it looks like you have the little arms connected which means it must be in the protective shell?

    yet the picture is super clear, I find mine is much clearer when it really is “naked” and not in the little housing.

  • This is cool… How much slow down can you do?

  • Hi Sir Nick-could you please teach me how you did the slow motion thing-because i haven’t seen any camera that take a video in slow motion. Please.

  • Is the first time when i see your work, your movies, tutorials…
    I am very impressed Gorilla!
    … “Filmed with the GoPro HD HERO Camera Naked at 60fps, slowed down and color graded in After Effects with Vintage Film For Looks. ” WOOOW:) is incredibly!
    Best choice melody from **** Sigur Ros*****

  • I just couldn’t depart your site before suggesting that I actually loved the standard info a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be again incessantly to investigate cross-check new posts

  • What is the name of the song and who recorded it?

  • Cool video

    But the BIG question why is the dog wearing pants ????

  • cooolll!!! i really loved watch this video!! simple but it was like a cinema film.

  • What’s the song ?

  • I think the coolest part is that friends are out having fun,and not just sitting around watching other people enjoying life ….

  • nice job. my question is; how do u practically slow down a footage shot at 60fps in after effects? do i nid to just right click and go to time remaping or should i change the frame rate at compsition settings? pls i nid ur help

  • Alright, so what I’ve gathered is that you shot it from the GoPro in it’s 60 fps setting, then changed it to 24 fps using Adobe After Effects. Would Vegas Pro be able to do the same the with Twixtor? Also, did you have it on any of the other settings on the GoPro itself, I believe it’s called multishot or something of the sort, or was it only on the video mode?
    Awesome vid and helpful info.

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