Upcoming Tutorial: Rounded Metal Logo Type

November 8, 2010 - By 

Getting ready to record a new tutorial based on this cool logo style by BEELD Motion. I wanted to give you a heads up to encourage you to give it a try on your own before the actual tutorial comes out tomorrow. Post what you come up with!

UPDATE: Just Posted the tutorial. You can watch it here.

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  • Ah! I saw that, going to be a nice logo to make πŸ™‚

  • Could you please also give as a hint or tip about creating the animation at the first few seconds of the video??
    Thanks in advance,

  • Just followed the link from motionographer.com and REALLY dug it! Then wandered over to The Gorilla and knew immediately where the inspiration came from…can you say double-take.

  • I’m proud to see a tutorial based on a Brazilian production!

    If anyone is interested, here is an interview [in Portuguese] with BEELD about this project: http://blogtelevisual.com/2010/11/05/identidade-visual-telecine-rebrand-2010/

  • Looks like you are using your hdri lighting kit pro, which I am still to poor to afford πŸ™ I need more money.

  • hehe just few days ago, I was watching Bleed motion video and that round logo attract my attention and deep in my mind I thought: How they made it?
    And now you are doing it πŸ™‚ great!

  • I started playing with deformers, but cant get the look….hmmm

  • looks amazing. cant wait to see.

  • Thanks NICK!! Can’t wait!!!

  • I like the look and feel. Can’t wait to see how it is made. Cheers Nick!

  • it’s easy.

    OBJ A: mograph text object for the text extruded
    OBJ B: mograph spline masck (circle subcrat circle)inside a extrude NURBS

    than boole subctrat: A subctract B

  • Sick as never before.

  • I like it when you do this Nick, its interesting to try something and then see how someone else approaches it.

    Here you go, I used an FFD:


    (had to use imageshack as .mac is playing up for me).

  • Tried it myself how to pull it off.

    First I tried was using the text and make sure it had enough polygons in the front. Then simply use bend deformer to let it bend. However I had some strange artifacts.
    Result: http://img839.imageshack.us/f/try001.png/

    After that I realized I could do it much easier which is the same as invernomuto, which he stated a couple post above. Only thing is I had to make it a solid object and color the objects.
    Result much better:

    Now I’m quite done with it.

    There is also a way to use x-ref to link towards a Illustrator file and extrude that. After that bhool it and you get the same effect which you also can modify if needed. Not sure if the colors preserve.

    I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how you do it nick :).

    • Great work, Dani. Getting enough mesh on the type is definitely a big part of it. Now try to emulate the lighting. That is what took the longest for me.

    • If you get those weird artifacts when using the bend deformer with your spline, you can get rid of them by changing the fillet cap type to “Quadrangles” and check “Regular Grid”. You have to play around with the “Width” parameter to get the right amount, lower = more poly’s. Then, the trick comes in setting the spline that your extrude nurbs is on to “Subdivided” instead of “Adaptive”.

    • Ah, So I was pretty close then?! Awesome πŸ˜€

  • Hey, i like that idea. Think this is a pretty more effective way of learning, because if you have to solve it your own way first, you see where your ‘own’ problems of getting there are. Thanks for that!

    • You bet, Tobias. I like the idea of giving it a go before seeing a tutorial. Maybe I can make it a feature on the site. “Learn by Copying” hehe.

    • “Learn by copying” has always been the best way of learning for me. Learned a lot of stuff by just trying to replicate what somebody else did. Easiest and most creative way of learning imho πŸ˜‰

  • just today I was watching that site and try to match one of those designs. 10Q nick, we are conected LOL!

  • Excellent! It kind of looks like a badge you would find on a Car.

    This will be something to seek my teeth into and to escape my constantly nagging Mrs.

    Cheers nick you save my sanity πŸ™‚

  • I have no idea but does anyone know the song that is playing the the background???

  • I really like the video around the 1 minute mark with the various effects/transitions on the middle section of the logo. Dude is awesome.

  • Got your point Nick, no power no boolean ops, facing same problem with old 3d program on Amiga and early pc, and i have only mac mini, but i did same, great site R.

  • Camera angle isn’t exact but i used
    But I only had 20 min to mess around.
    Btw Nick,
    GSG Light Kit Rocks!!!


  • Hey Nick
    Here’s my try at it: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1192041/tache-finalrender.png

    Just brought the text spline over from AI, then used a bend deformer. Like you said, lighting was the harder part. Looking forward to this one.

  • Hey Gorilla?I have a question. How to use C4D or AE to make this video

    35sec ~ 45sec’s effect?I hope you make a tutorial?Thanks.

  • My quick & very, very dirty version of it. Not the same colors and lightning, but who cares


  • Reminds me a little of back to the future with the vintage sort of feel. Excellent color choices. The creamy orange is just doing it for me. Hahaa.

  • Aaand here is my try to recreate rounded logo.
    I have no other account where can I put this so I made a little bit animated scene.

  • Here’s my attempt at this.


    Had a hard time with the Camera and Lighting. Also had a slight distortion in the corners of the text. Looking forward to see how you get around that Nick. I set the motext intermediate points to uniform to get it to bend better with the FFD. But I don’t know how get rid of the distortion on the corners of my text. I am still new to C4D but overall I dig the result.



  • Here is my shot at it.


    Thanks Nick for all your tutorials. Very much appreciated!!

  • i saw this the other day and i had a brief thought about how it was made. but it wasnt until you set the challenge did i bother trying to do it. thanks πŸ™‚

    here is mine,

    i did it in my lunch break


    i used mograph text object with a wrap deformer.

  • Thanks for the link, damn that is the best looking Channel Ident I have ever seen! πŸ™‚

  • Great Idea Nick,

    Hey guys let’s take it to the next level!

    check out my try, I hope you will like it πŸ™‚


  • Is that Giorgio Sans type :-)?

  • Hey there!
    Are they using subsurfacing scattering for this kind of translucent look of the text in the video?

  • 3d text with a metal shader and a deformer to bend the thing. Big whoop

    • Your right, the modeling of the text isn’t very hard for this project. But remember, It’s the lighting and the textures that make the mood of the piece and is what takes time. I ended up taking twice as long lighting this thing than I did to make the letters bend.

  • im Waiting impatiently
    and its good to try to do it
    thanks gorilla

  • this is gonna be good

  • Here’s my try.
    Some fonts seem to behave better then others.

  • Hey! Nick, now we are talking—more tutorials like this will be nice..:) Keep up the good work!

  • Can’t Wait πŸ˜€

  • i`m from Brazil, from the original logo of this tutorial… pretty awesome.

  • AAhhh! more tutorials!!
    I just finished making a piece that elevated my game quite a bit for a client, and they loved it. Nick I cant thank you enough for actually going out of your way to teach us for free. I know its been said a million times, yes your the Gorilla, yes I admit.


  • camera angle caused me nothing but pain and anguish. Ended up doing a bit of algebra to solve my problem though. Here, let me share the equation with you:

    (((me + c4d)cameraAngle)annoyed^100000000)/tired = screw it


  • This is only for uncommercial and private projects, if someone makes any commercial work have to pay a lot of money. I know that is rude, but this is just for play with this type which is use in BEELD project. Sorry Nick.

  • This is the result of my try. I used the text spline, wrapped it and added some post effects. http://twitpic.com/35cdks

  • Nice Logo !

    Here’s what I managed to have today :

    I used text + extrudes and what I believe is called the “Wrap Deformer”

    • Sorry pal but this one looks like it’s made in photoshop or another 2D program..so flat and cartoony..but if this is look what you’re looking for…no offense

    • It definitely looks cartoony… It came up while testing lighting and textures, which I’m bad at, and I just liked it πŸ™‚

    • Hi Rocko, This is really nice. The FFD deformation gives nice straight sides and only bends the sides. Cool!

    • Thanks, I did this before the tutorial was posted, and I think that Gorrila should have used FFD deformer instead of using bend, because on the original renderngs only caps are curved… but everyone has it’s own way of looking on things πŸ™‚

  • Hello from France πŸ˜‰
    Thank you very much for this tutorial, here my try ,this is a PS3 ID http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/7044/v12gtascari.png

  • I am not sure if this is really related to this tutorial or not, but does anyone know how to turn a circular path imported from AI into a sphere in C4D?

  • This is actually useful, thanks.

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