My Essential Red Giant After Effects Plugins

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UPDATE: Today only, Red Giant is having a 40% off sale. Enter Coupon Code SECRETSALE2011 during checkout to redeem your discount.

People always ask what plugins I use with After Effects. These are what I consider essential plugins for my work including After Effects, Photoshop, Motion Design workflow. What are your favorite plugs?

My Essential Plugins From Red Giant

Trapcode Suite

Trapcode’s plugins are the most used in my compositing and animation tool kit because they are so versatile, easy to use, fast to render, and great looking.

Buy The Trapcode Suite Here

If your bonkers and don’t want to get the entire Trapcode Suite, here are the Trapcode plugins I use the most.

Trapcode Particular
Particular is one of those plugins that always seems to solve a bunch of different problems. It’s made to be a great particular generator, but I’ve used it over the years for everything from bouncing balls, falling leaves, stars, smoke, dust, snow, rain, and ink. Best of all, this thing renders FAST.

Here are some renders where I used Trapcode Particular.

Disco Holiday (Used for tons of snow shots)

Sparkler Preset

Buy Trapcode Particular Here

Trapcode Starglow
You want that final render looking sexy? Run a pass of Trapcode Starglow over that puppy and you’re all set. As with a lot of plugins, a little goes a long way. Starglow adds sparkle to the highlights of your renders to give it that glowing effect. This looks beautiful in 32 bit by the way!

Here are some renders where I used Trapcode Starglow.

Bevel Tutorial

Glass Block Tutorial

Buy Trapcode Starglow Here

Magic Bullet Looks
Magic Bullet Looks is a great way to quickly color correct your project. I have always said “Your renders are never finished straight from Cinema 4D”. Color correction is not an option, folks! Photos, footage, Animations and Renders all must be color corrected to make them look their best. Magic Bullet Looks makes this as quick and beautiful as possible.

Buy Magic Bullet Looks Here

Buy Magic Bullet PhotoLooks Here

Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film For Looks
Yep, I used Magic Bullet enough to make my own preset pack for it. I made it to give your projects a timeless vintage feel inspired by real film looks.

Here are some videos where I used Vintage Film For Looks.

Demo Video

Dunes (Muted Preset)

All The Presets

Buy Vintage Film For Looks Here

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  • Good picks, yeah I’ll grab the Vintage Film For Looks since it’s the only thing I really need.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Very stoked about this sale, which I first heard about through Red Giant’s mailing list. I’ve already got the Trapcode Suite, and I frikkin’ love it. Peder Norby is a genius. I’m going to pick up Magic Bullet Looks today, and I’ll buy it through your site link, in case that sends any love back to you.

  • Have you used Colorista at all? I hear a lot of people say good things about that plugin too. Can’t decide between that or magic bullet.

  • This sucks, i just got Looks, Key Correct and Shine last week, what a waste, i could of saved soo munch!

    • Write them an email, sometimes they are pretty good with honouring a deal if something has been purchased so recently. Or they’ll hook you up by maybe giving you a license for a new plugin free of charge.
      I’ve had them do it for me and also had zaxworks hook me up in a similar situation

  • I’ve been waiting for something like this to make the software more affordable (it’s worth the full price too though). Just got particular, shine and MB! Thanks so much for letting us know Nick!

  • Finally legal…got the whole trapcode suite!

    • LOL.. sad but true for more than you can imagine. 8) But I remember the whole starving student days. I picked up. MB looks. got the trapcode Suite 10 upgrade about 4 weeks ago. No biggie it wa on sale then too. think I’ll get Vintage Looks also. thanks nick .

  • Promotion + Academic = 70% off, bought both Magic Bullet Suite and Trapcode Suite for 550

  • Cool discount… I had just finished installing Magic Suite today.. when your email popped up. Hey! I thought this was a secret sale?

  • Hey Nick, I love that sound track you have on the dunes video, what is it?

  • Baltimore Salamander December 15, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Do u get paid for advertising their products?

  • No project is complete without a lil particular in there!

  • Hello Cameron
    The artist is
    Sigur Ros
    Svefn-G-Englar, the second track of the album AGAETIS BYRJUN

  • sorry for the duplicated link, but we did all our snow for this film with particular & also starglow ALL OVER IT:

  • the dog in pants, is awesome! nice effects too, but the dog is what makes me want the plugins! haha –

  • Ahhhhhhhh trapcode

  • wow! love this vintage styles.

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