Belief Pollinate: Nourish The Seeds Of Creativity

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This video about creativity really inspired me when it came out around 2003-2004 or so. It really stuck with me and helped make the creative process seem much less intimidating. I came across it again on Vimeo recently and just had to sit and watch it again. It’s just as relevant today as it was when it came out. Take time to check it out and let me know what you think.

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  • I’m a huge fan of Belief’s work. (Are they around any more? I looked for their site and couldn’t find it.)

    This video is on my iPod and has been for years. I watch it frequently and always catch something new in it every time. It’s so full of useful information. Even more important then the info, it’s a great source for inspiration.

    I actually just a few weeks back intentionally took a completely different route to work and intentionally got myself lost to find my way back to work. While on this crazy route i listened to a radio station with music I would never have picked. This was done to break my routine and experience different influences. All from advice I got from Belief’s classic videos.

    If you’ve not watched this… WATCH IT!

  • just wanna say…your HDRI studio pack is one of the greatest things ever made for C4D

  • They actually got their facts wrong right off the bat. Edison was promoting DC power, and he used AC power to electrocute animals. Nikola Tesla was promoting AC power and Edison pretty much ruined him with those videos.

  • This is the first time I’ve actually seen this Nick, thanks for posting.

    On giving yourself limitations or the idea of sharing/passing around a project I couldn’t help but think of the great slides that are produced during Layer Tennis matches. These artists are given 15 minutes and the previous slide to decide what direction their next piece will be. It’s really a practical way to push yourself further rather than procrastinating or just churning out the same work over and over.

    Thanks again!

  • This is excellent, Nick! Thanks for sharing. First time I see this.

  • Thanks Nick – that clip was an inspiring reminder before I kick off the new year.

  • brilliant

  • great video! … worth sharing

  • Really aggravating that I have to read text while they’re talking. I can’t take it seriously because there are too many conflicts of interest within this piece! Give me text to read, or give me graphics with narration, but don’t give me both at the same time! I got through about 7 min. before turning it off. And now I’m left being upset because I feel like I could of gleaned something good from this talk, but I can’t keep with it because I can’t focus on one specific thing thats happening!

    Does anyone else feel that way about this?

    • Update:
      I tried going back to watch a bit more to see if maybe they balanced out a little bit and they did, I’m still watching it, but every now and then, another big paragraph will come up with good points, but then I have to wonder what they were saying while I was reading.

    • I was having the same problem. I caught myself pausing the video frequently.

    • Um, yeah. How hard is it to pause and read? lol

    • The point is, I shouldn’t HAVE to pause and read. Pausing breaks the connection you’re trying to create with the viewer. You should be able to sit back, and *enjoy* the experience. I’d say even though they’re so adamant about projecting the need for creativity, they either didn’t pay attention to their own presentation of their message, or they got a little TOO creative with it. Ultimately making it disconnected and frustrating to watch for those who are trying to pay attention and take something meaningful from it. You see what I’m saying?

    • You are bloody right Bryan. I can´t follow either.

      Maybe it´s the ultimate creative trend, The “multitasking brain” communication sort of thing… Or maybe one piece to be heard in the radio and later watched in a mute screen.

      Who knows?

      Creative minds, all right.

    • Orrrrr you can watch it twice!?! what’s stopping you from doing that if you REALLY want to learn.

      Once you concetrate on narration, the 2nd time on displayed text.


    • I felt the same way Bryan. I found it kind of annoying that I had to keep pausing. I know they were trying to be creative but I don’t think that worked too well. Or maybe I’m just a dumb schmuck. haha

    • Edikson, I had the same idea. Anyway, I think that this video must be watched more than twice… Graphic designers should watch it fequently to keep all that stuff in mind. I already bookmarked this page.
      Nick, thank for sharing that pearl. You’re definitly the best.

    • same is the problem with…at first i thought that there is some problem with this video…means sound come early or late!!!

  • So great, I’m taking a different route to work tomorrow.

  • I remember when this first came out. I have always admired these guys but I wonder their thoughts on some of the great artists and movements that we all studied in art school (i.e. realism, cubism, impressionism, surrealism, pop-art, dada, avante-garde etc.) If a motion designer did his/her spin on Grunge after “Seven”, how is that different than Escher’s Surrealist work. What then should I think about Escher? We look at those periods as “movements”. Don’t we have “movements” anymore or are we all just copy machines?
    Just my thoughts.

  • wonderful…..thanks for share this vid…!*****!

  • Great video to start off the new year. Thanks for sharing Nick

  • Interesting video with many good points. it reminded me of what an old high school English teacher once said to our class. he said, “Education isn’t simply memorizing facts so that you can spit them out as needed, it’s the process of taking all the things you learn and then being able to use that knowledge to synthesize something new or learn something new.” I’ve always approached motion graphics this way. If I see a tutorial that shows an interesting technique or discover one of my own while tinkering, I tuck it away in my mind. Often the projects I produce bring these things in my mind together in ways I wasn’t consciencously trying to link. Clients can be boring, but I try to make sure my work isn’t.

  • thanks for sharing this nick, i feel pretty damn positively charged now :-3

  • Fully charged for tomorrows “bread and butter” productions 😉

    How about a C4D file chain letter?

  • Amazing video, I used that video in one of my classes, my students really dig it. I strongly recommend to watch the other video of the pollinate series: “The Common Desk”, here’s the link just in case:

    Thanks for bring this amazing piece up Nick.

  • Yeah, this was great. I did see it years back and had forgot. Love the quote that says originality is undetected plagiarism. Will do a new approach to the next 5 sec project with some of these ideas in mind.

  • I watched it and loved it so much, I ripped off your lines piece.

  • Intresting… Have to watch it again soon tbh.

  • Simply great! Thank you Nick!

  • Perfect Intro To Design Process!!!

  • thanks for sharing

  • I stopped watching after they showed the killing of the elephant. I never understood why animals were and are used today for such inhuman experiments, especially when we have an abundance of murderers and rapists that could be used instead.

    • i agree. the killing of the elephant was grievous. i had already seen it in my life, and since the first time i saw it really wanted to do the same to mr edison.
      by the way, i advise you to push yourself beyond that and watch the rest of the video: it’s plenty of interesting things.
      oh, and there are no more animal killings (fortunately)!

  • Disturbing but interesting stream of consciousness. Rather disjoint at certain points but overall a good insight into the creative process.

  • thx for sharing, it just put words and pictures on my feelings

  • Sorry to say but whilst the message was true – This was brainwashing delivered with ‘American’ intensity but with a decent intention. Never ever ever want to see an elephant electrocuted again in the name of making a point about promos…

  • Great post Nick. I’ll probably watch this 4 more times.

  • Great share, saw that for the first time. Too bad Belief is not around, they were a great inspiration.

  • Inspiring stuff, thanks for sharing

  • Guys, get your history straight!!!
    It’s wasn’t Edison with AC but Nikola Tesla.
    Tesla was a much better scientist and never used cruelties to have his inventions accepted. Edison tried to get DC accepted and used AC to electrocute the elephant and dogs and other animals in order to show the ‘dangers’ of AC. AC was accepted because at that time it was easier to transport over long distances.

  • I watched the whole thing and although I thought of a lot of things said in the video, it was nice to hear it again, reminding me of what is important. Thnx!

  • What happened with Believe btw?

  • Excellent i recently completed my MA in motion Graphics and in hindsight all said is so true. although through college your taught not to copy or plagiarize the creative industry remix spectacles of design and popular culture and send it back out into the world as a new refined piece which creates interest. Sometimes the thought of ‘you cant’ can inhibit work. This film shows how some unseen footage can be rehashed and in-turn create a positive interest in the inspiration of an artefact. I wish i had only seen the piece sooner. Thanks nick for posting it on your site. it along with many other artifacts have gave much inspiration to much of my work…. Cheers Chat Soon……Seany P

  • Thanks, Nick for posting this! It’s the perfect way to kick off a new year. 🙂

  • Thanks for this reassuring film. I keep coming across advice to experiment with different art forms. Sadly many people say think outside the box but don’t really mean it in business.
    Life is better with new discoveries.Will be sharing this gem.

  • I needed that. Thanks for sharing Nick!

  • Awesome post Nick, thanks for sharing.
    I must say for a brief moment when they said ‘wear an eye patch’ I had to stop and reevaluate if this was an old April
    fools video 🙂

  • this guy inspires me!

  • “modern man wants the sensation without all the conveyence.” Francis Bacon
    43 minutes and all I remember is an electrified elephant. All that retoric was saying to be really creative consider these conventions. Seems contradictory. All the acedemic stuff you don’t want to know about how to be or not be creative. What about trial and error and the Fuck Yes! or hell no
    factor in intuitive creativity.
    It does take advantage of the perceived value
    multimedia has whether it is relevant or not. And I always find public response to that to be interesting.Mans uncanny willingness to believe.
    So thanks Nick for the post and everyone for the responses.

  • wow, thank you for your time for give an insight of the industry and the mind of an artist.
    great and appreciate it 🙂

  • Good ideas are timeless. Thanks for sharing!

  • is there any way one can get a hold of a transcript of this vid??

  • Wow thanks…I really wanted to see an Elephant get killed….Winning!


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