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FLUX Abstract Animation Using Cinema 4D and HDRI Light Kit Pro

November 5, 2010 - By 

This animation by Candas Sisman has been making the rounds around the internet lately. It’s a really great abstract piece that was made with Cinema 4D and the HDRI Light Kit Pro. Everyone seems to be asking how it was made. I recently had the chance to ask Candas about some of the techniques he used to make FLUX. Excuse the short interview and his english. He is from Turkey.

Congrats on the success of FLUX. People seem to really love this piece. How did you make all the abstract shapes? Did you use deformers or mograph?

I used both of them , mographs like cloner object, random effector, fracture object, and deformers like explosion fx, wrap, boole, atom array, and Wind.

How did the HDRI Light Kit Pro help you with making FLUX. What lights did you use?

In your light kit , I used Skylight, overhead softbox, and materials from No floor studio (i changed a little bit ), and some default lights …i didnt use global illumination, i had no time for this …and a lot of compositing stuff in After Effects. Plus, I used cinema 4d, after effects and adobe audition for sound ..various plugins and vst.


The Myth Of Faster Computers

November 4, 2010 - By 

There were quite a lot of comments yesterday about the cost of new machines and if it’s worth it. Here is another way to look at it. A faster machine isn’t just about speeding up your renders. It also allows you to make more beautiful work. How? Well, it’s not what you think. Being able to turn on more effects or turn up your anti aliasing isn’t what matters. Instead, it’s all about iteration. A faster render time allows you to see your changes in closer to real time. This allows for more experimentation and leads to more creative and beautiful solutions to problems. Of course, beautiful work was done on computers tens of years old, but it took years of trying different solutions and months on a render farm instead of just an afternoon of render tests with our current multi-core wonder machines.

Oh, and for everyone that asks, “What computer should I get for motion graphics?” I have an answer that will always be true even years from now.

Get the fastest machine with as much ram and the best video card you can afford.

Motion graphics, video and compositing is VERY computer intensive. Be sure to get the right tool for the job.


12 Core vs. 8 Core vs. 2 Core – Cinema 4D Render Speed Test

November 3, 2010 - By 

Many of you have been asking about my new 12 core mac and if it’s worth it to get that much machine. Well, I screen captured some Cinebench renders to compare the speed of all three of my machines including my new 12 core Mac Pro, my old 8 core Power Mac and my 2 core macbook. This way, you can judge for yourself.

Sure, it’s expensive. But remember, it’s one of the only things I need to do my job other than software, coffee and American Apparel t-shirs. Plus, I only get a new machine every 3 years or so and want to just stay ahead of the curve for a while so I don’t have to worry about it every year. Did I mention that it’s tax deductible? What machine are you running?


Interview with the Winner of the Motion Graphics Vimeo Award: TRIANGLE

October 28, 2010 - By 

I was lucky enough to interview the winner of the Vimeo Award for motion Graphics, Onur Senturk. His Triangle animation is really the epitome of Motion Design combining shot footage, 3D, super-sexy compositing and incredible audio to create this beautiful animation. Here is the interview…

Congratulations on winning the Motion Graphics Vimeo Award. What was your process in making Triangle?

Thanks Nick! I wasn’t really expecting to win this. I am quite surprised.
Last April, I was contacted by Jens Karlson who is also a creative director at YourMajesty curating series of work for an art book called Black Material. This volume of the book contains mainly of Robert Knoke’s black white portrait series alongside with a dvd. Dvd is featuring some great motion designers like Renascent, Marcelo Baldin, Defasten, Champagne Valentine, Misha Shyukin and many others.

I took base Robert Knoke’s bold black and white world as a base for my work and created an abstract sentence that can make sense only with personal interpretation of the viewer.

What software and techniques did you use for the animation?

I used 3dsmax to create 3d part of the project. Most people ask me why max? why c4d? I guess 3d software of choice is mostly related with personal habits. I am more comfortable with max’s interface.
I also love to shoot videos and benefit from live action like I did in TRIANGLE. i used a 7D to shoot ink bleeds.

I love deforming my works in various ways I think it adds more dimension and touch of reality to them. In TRIANGLE i use cloth dynamics on objects and also in typography. I think this decision worked quite well and work become very popular in short time.

Btw, I use pretty much same approach in 2d works and photographs. For Instance, deforming photographs with chemicals bleach, acid etc. I believe a natural imperfection creates wonders and I believe nothing is really that perfect in nature. I want this attitude become a signature in my works.

I used AE for compositing and retiming the footage. I also use a plugin called MAX2AE to mark several spots in 3dsmax then import them to AE to mix with live action footage.

I love the dirty lens look you have in the spot. Can you talk a bit on how that was made?

Thanks. I love combining plugins which, are already in market. I used optical flares, sapphire plugins, tinderbox and magic bullet looks and thats it. I know, everybody pretty much use this plugins.
However, the main challenge while using this stuff is to find an appropriate place and determine degree of usage.
I see some works done with some great plug-ins in market and they are kind of screaming ‘I am done with X plugin’. I think It is great to personalize this stuff and produce unique touch with them.

What was the biggest challenge during the making of Triangle?

3dsmax crash reports and corrupt save files. That mostly makes me crazy.

Other than that, catching a great sense of timing is another big challenge. I really don’t want to bore people with my stuff that’s why I prefer to keep my stuff short and try to build it well crafted. Time is the most important thing that you take from a person and I have to deserve, give something, spark some feelings in viewer.

Visit Onur’s Vimeo Page


Five Second Project Winner for “Primitives”

October 21, 2010 - By 


Congrats to mlandry for winning the Primitives Five Second Project with this simple and effective shape exploration in AE and C4D. This was a really close call between this and the first honorable mention by Rich Hinchcliffe below for the winner. I almost picked two, but had to decide in the end on this one. Great work by everyone. The quality really goes up every round of projects. That’s so great to see because it means everyone is getting better. And, that’s really the key to the Five Second Projects. Thanks again for submitting and making great animation. We will announce a new project soon.

Honorable Mentions


Maxon Cinema 4D Ping Pong Mixer This Wednesday in NYC at Spin

October 11, 2010 - By 

Come play ping pong against me an other Cinema 4D users this Wednesday, October 13th, in New York at Spin NYC. Be sure to RSVP over at the facebook page if you can make it. Hope to see you there.


How Beginners Get Better: Ira Glass Explains

September 29, 2010 - By 

Ira sums up in a five minute video what took me years to figure out. Follow these four rules and you will become better at what you do. Period.

1. Have good taste.
2. it’s OK to suck. You will get better over time.
3. Set project deadlines to practice and get better!
4. Be patient and don’t quit. It takes a while.


Five Second Project Winner – “Retro”

September 23, 2010 - By 


Wow, the Five Second Projects entires are getting better and better. This theme brought out the fun retro old school in everyone. With so many different retro themes and techniques, it made it hard to pick a winner. In the end, this spot by Brett Morris won my heart and reminded me of the days when my cousin would make Beastie Boys and Ozzy Osbourne mix tapes.

As always, there are no losers when it comes to the Five Second Projects. Hopefully you have a new chunk of awesome five second animation to add to your reel or portfolio. Hey, even if not, hopefully you learned something in the process. Thanks again for entering the Five Second Projects. Hope to get a new theme out for you Monday. Stay tuned!

Honorable Mentions


Motion Graphics Music Video: Gettin’ Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen

September 22, 2010 - By 

Entirely too nerdy and self referential not to post this one. Check out this video made by my buddies over at Daily Planet. It’s one motion graphic inside joke after another. With lines like “I’ve seen your reel pal, Rippin off moves from Creative Cow” and “My lens flare is so bright I need shades”, how can you go wrong? Let the inside joke, nerd-fest begin!


New HDRI Light Kit Pro Version 1.5

September 17, 2010 - By 

Free Upgrade For Existing Users
Hi everyone. I just launched HDRI Light Kit Pro Version 1.5 today and I’m really pumped to show you all the new stuff. It’s a free update for anyone who has purchased the light kit already. Check your Email Inbox for the update. And, if you buy the kit after today, you automatically get the new version for immediate download.

Optimized for Speed and Sexy Renders
Version 1.5 is now fully compatible with Cinema 4D 12. Of course, it still works great with version 11 and above, but the lights now are compatible with the new Linear Workflow that was introduced in version 12. What does this really mean? It means that the lights look better and render even faster (up to 40% faster) than previous versions of the kit.

Perfect DayLight
The new HDRI Light Kit Pro also features the new Daylight Rig. I have been using this non stop in so many renders lately and I’m really excited to share it with you. It’s made to instantly add perfect daylight lighting to your scene.

But Wait… There’s More
New rigs like the Bounce Card and new Studios like the “Golden Hour Studio” and the “Black Reflective Studio” round out the package and make this the best Light Kit Pro update yet. I built this Light Kit to help turn Cinema 4D into a professional lighting studio and to make your renders shine. I hope you check it out.


Learn More about HDRI Light Kit Pro


Do you take iPhone Photos? Introducing Banana Camera Company

September 14, 2010 - By 

The Video Digest

I had a few announcements about my iPhone apps. If you’re not interested in taking awesome photos with your iPhone or iPod touch, feel free to skip this one. No hard feelings.

You may know that I dabble in iPhone apps. Would you believe all that dabbling actually worked? So, I had to go and make it a real business. How was I supposed to know that people would actually BUY these things? Anyway, from now on, ShakeItPhoto and CrossProcess is now part of Banana Camera Company. I started a new blog at that will feature users of our apps and show off great shots taken with ShakeItPhoto, CrossProcess and upcoming apps.

Win an iPod Touch
We are running our first photo contest for BananaCameraCo and the winner gets a new iPod Touch! The theme of the contest is “Self portrait”. We already got some really great entries and would love to see a shot from you. Check out the blog for more info on the contest. The deadline is Wednesday night!

What’s New In CrossProcess 1.6/1.7

We also just released a new version of CrossProcess. It features the new “Extreme” filter, full resolution processing and direct uploading to Facebook and Email. People really seem to love it. We have gotten great feedback and a ton of great shots at the Flickr group. Also, if you are a user, we would love it if you left a review.

The future of BananaCameraCo?
Yep, there will be more. We of course have an update planned for ShakeItPhoto. But there will be much more. Many more simple camera apps to make your photos look awesome. Stay tuned to for much much more simple camera fun.

BananaCameraCo Links
Visit the BananaCameraCo Blog
Follow BananaCameraCo on twitter
Follow BananaCameraCo on Facebook
Win a free iPod Touch
Learn About ShakeItPhoto
Learn About CrossProcess
Best Of ShakeItPhoto Flickr Group
Best of CrossProcess Flickr Group


HDRI Light Kit Pro: Daylight Rig Preview

August 31, 2010 - By 

I have been working on a new update for the HDRI Light Kit Pro that should be out within a week or so. So excited, in fact, that I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak into the new “Daylight” Rig that will be included.
Scenes Lit With Daylight

This rig quickly simulates daylight lighting with sun and sky and renders very realistic shadows and highlights with and without Global Illumination. It renders super fast and is a great way to instantly light any scene. I have been using it a TON lately and I can’t wait for you guys to try it when the new version of the HDRI Light Kit Pro comes out. This will be a free update for existing users which means that anybody that buys the kit before the new version comes out will get the update FREE in their email inbox. There are also a few more goodies in store with the new version including new studio presets and HDRI Images. Getting really excited for this one.

Learn More about the HDRI Light Kit Pro