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I recently had a chance to interview Steffen Knoesgaard about his excellent 30 Motion Tests in 30 Seconds project he posted on Behance. His excellent project is EXACTLY the thing I love to see and recommend to people who are trying to get better at their craft. Steffen set strict restrictions and made one second of animation a day, all with his logo front and center. The end result is a ton of great promotional work all related to a similar theme and color palate. What a great way to learn and get his name out.

The Interview

Download His Scene Files
Steffen graciously included a few of his scenes for download so that you can pick them apart and see how he pulled off some of his techniques. You will need the free plugin noisedeformer to open many of his scenes. You can get it here. I love how graphic and minimal some of these renders are. it really shows that 3D design isn’t all about shiny reflective objects. Great work!

Download His Scene Files Here

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  • Awesome. Love the project files thing. Educational!

  • Weey! Steffen! you go get’em man!

  • Great interview. Really cool to hear his motivation on this.

    I saw this project and I thought it was great. What a good way to make cool shit.

    When I saw it, it reminded me of this project from Hypoly. 50 idents in 50 days.

    Those are ambitious goals and I give them my full respect for getting it done and with such high quality. Big ups!

    • Thanks for sharing that Ryan.
      I agree this is a great way for motivation and getting some cool shit cranked out.
      Short stuff is where I learn the best.
      I doodle on cocktail napkins and coasters all the time. I have a stack of them on my dresser that I should use to start cranking out!
      Sometimes I feel I have to much of an idea that it is over whelming and never get to it because of the size of the project?
      Start it then stop…
      This is a great way to learn and get going, learn and on a lot of stuff.
      And also thanks to you Steffen and Nick for the inspiration!


  • Nice stuff – makes me wish I was an undergrad or freelancer again so I had time to actually do this sort of thing again.

    Anyone notice the seriously outdated Aperture 1.5 web banner on on the Behance page? The current version, Aperture 3, has been out for a while now. The banner 404’s as well.

  • This is awesome. The thing about using generated splines with a hair effector. Wow, cool.

  • Amazing stuff! Really really really inspiring, can’t wait to check out the project files.

  • You know what we called that on the streets growing up? Makin some awesome.

  • Wow! Huge fan of his 30 motion test project! thanks for this interview and making some of his scenes available!

  • I actually relay relay like hiss stuff. very nice of him to give us the scene files to look at. but what I like more is watching nick at 11:00-11:06. just makes me smile.

  • I like to think he got the idea from me…

  • as somebody just tryin’ to learn this stuff, i can’t say how appreciative i feel towards guys like steffen for doing this, and letting us peek in. Thanks a bunch guys, great insight.

  • can’t wait to open these project files up.

  • very nice work Steffen,
    thanks for posting this Nick

  • Ok dumb question how do I install the noisedeformer plugin?
    I downloaded it now what do I just drop the folder it downloaded into the plug-in folder?

  • Damn generous.

  • Massive stuff πŸ™‚ Tnx Steffen for sharing and keep ooooonn … also big up for you Nick πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for sharing Steffen. And thanks, Nick, for the interview. Steffen seems like a really cool guy. I would love to try something like this but I’d hate to be the guy to rip you off. This is very inspirational stuff for sure. Keep it up!

    • Why does it have to be a ripoff? Add your own style and flavor to it and teach yourself new cool shit!

      Inspiration isn’t plagiarism!

  • This is just so awesome and inspiring. What a way to learn! Thanks a ton guys.

  • I loved so much this “30 motions” video. This interview is a real pleasure, thanks Nick, thanks Steff, you’re just extremly inspiring.

  • anybody have problems installing NoiseDeformer for r12? some reason it’s not loading up for me.

  • Steffen looks like a seriously cool dude. And the work he is doing is just inspiring.

    Thanks Nick and Steffen for being awesome!

  • Hey guy’s thank you so much for charing your knowledge… that’s awesome…!!!

  • I always heard that hyper island is the worlds best design school, i would like to atempt it, but its on sweeden and im portuguese, but everytime i see works from students of hyper, i realise how good they are, i think that hyper island inject you with something, like a creative brain storm.

    Great work, great iview
    Keep on the great work, both

  • Great project, great interview!

  • Steffen, did you animate to the music or did you add the music afterwards?

  • and all with no lights!

    amazing stuff

  • I ‘ve dropped them into the plugins folder but how do I access them in C4D? They don’t appear in the Plugins drop down.

    • Make sure you downloaded the right version for your version of C4D. They should be accessible from the Plugins menu item if installed correctly.

  • love love love this!! thank u both so much. been having so much fun breaking the files apart and learning. “4days” though is killing me. cant seem to figure out how u made that pyramid haha

  • Love this!! Thank you both so much for sharing!

  • I loved the idea so much really great idea
    thanks Nick for this great interview and thanks Steffen for share this files for us πŸ™‚

  • Excellent excellent work – thanks so much for sharing some of the project files.

    One thing that wasn’t touched on in the interview was the waveform effects. There is something similar in the Day 2 file,but the stuff that looks like the Joy Division album cover… amazing… how is it done?!

  • Damzz!!! I’ll try it to.. lets see how far i come haha. Lets say a 15 day project. This is really a GREAT IDEA

  • Hi, Well, I tried everything…. downloaded plugins_dist_2010-12-18_R120.zip, unzipped it, put it in Plugins folder C4D 12, with root folder, without, separate plug ins, nothing works, no show in my Plugins drop down!
    Please help, getting kinda crazy here… πŸ™‚

  • Nick,
    Please update soon. I can’t take looking at that red thing anymore. I feel like I’m tripping out everytime I come to the site πŸ˜‰

  • This inspires me. So.. Question: When you’re inspired by something, how do you use that inspiration without it becoming a complete rip-off?

  • Good work mate, talk to u soon!

  • Hi people i have a problem trying to open the project files, iΒ΄ve already install the plugins, But when i tryied to open the files cinema shows me this window.

    Aplication Error! more information can be found under
    C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R12_1CC4E3E1\_bugreports\_BugReport.txt

    and then cinema is closed

    can anywone help me?
    thanks a lot.

    • i got the same shit ever and ever again and get real depressed
      when i try to open the files i experience systematic C4D crashes

      i’m under XP SP3 with C4D R12 and all the welter 4d plugs-in installed properly
      anyone havin a clue is pretty welcome

      // Very very nice work indeed // huge up’ steffen πŸ˜‰

    • i’ve tried to open the same files on Windows XP SP3 but C4D R11.5, no more crash this time.

      So i guess, the files aren’t C4D R12 compatible.

    • Same thing. I was able to open them in 11.5 but not in R12. Even if I save a new version there’s still something that R12 doesn’t like about the project.

      They’re pretty ill examples though. They made me fall in love with the layer shader.

  • Haha, the “Days” I wanted to see are not included πŸ˜›

  • Awesome idea!

  • Really spectacular, good contribution.

    This is a project I did vvvv:

  • Lol you look like travie mcoy expect white πŸ˜€ (not racist)

  • Niiiick oh niiiick
    Why didn’t you include picture (even still frame) of the visual you were talking about with steffen each time you started explaining one particular day. Would have been much more easy and pleasant for us to follow your discussion and explanations with him.
    Think about it next time pleaaaase πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, thanx again for sharing this great piece of work, i would have certainly miss it without you sneaking all around the www

  • Great Idea! Thinking about doing something similar for myself!

    Does anyone have a clue how to properly install those plug-ins he recommended? Do I just drop those files in the plug-ins folder?


  • Very inspiring, I definitely have that kind of daily duty, an esay solution for dudes to bring stuff out

  • Any tuts about how to do it?

  • Challenge Completed!! πŸ™‚



  • any idea how he did the blobs on strings effect at 0:13 secs?, no idea what “day” that is.

  • Very cool work Steffen. This is such a great idea Nick, inteviewing & making scene files available. Many thnx both of you.

  • I finally got around to trying out the project files and I can’t get them to open in R12. I have the broadcast edition and I’m on a PC. Do I need studio to run these? If anyone has advice as to what may be causing these to crash on me I’d appreciate it. Thanks again for sharing your work.

    • I figured it out by reading the earlier comments. They’ll open in 11.5 but not R12. Still not sure why… but at least I can learn from the projects and that was the whole point anyway.

  • Cristian Valverde March 27, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    this is damn awsome.. just love it!
    thnx so much for sharing the files πŸ˜€

  • how dose he get his logo in the center of the camera?

  • I really love the simple and beautiful quality of each of these motion tests. I’m new to C4D and still trying to figure out how he created the very first effect in the video – where the spheres ‘explode’ from a central point and then seem to bounce back and settle around an invisible sphere. Very cool and subtle. I’m curious how this was done. Any help is appreciated.


  • Any idea what the music is? I likie

  • Great work. Very inspiring. Thanks for posting some of your project files, so I can study your rockin’ work in more detail.

  • Reminds me of what struck me listening to the great painter Alex Kanevsky talk at University of Penn. “After doing one portrait or more per day leading up to the show, which was very stressful, I ended up with 44 paintings. I realized that some which I thought were failures were not. So I no longer concerned myself with failure, painting with complete freedom ever since.”

  • Wow… so inspiring!! …would be nice to see some tutorials with this kind of animations…

  • I’m loving the hoodies. It’s like motion graphics artist gear. This is making me think I should get one so I can be “official” haha

  • You have gave me the ultimate reason why i love this blog and your work… this motion graphic was the real reason i get studying this website, now i discover you both gave us a great tool the learn more…


  • thanks for posting this! I took some inspiration from it (and other tutorials) and made my own

  • Great Job dude πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Nick! Very good as ever!
    Greetings from Argentina

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