GSG Live Cast: Q&A and City Kit Preview

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  • hahaha, funny you got that question bout Inception. Eh, i think it would be preeetty tough to achive that in Cinema. Here´s how they did it:

  • your going to make a fortune with this…can’t wait to see 10,000 city animations on vimeo..haha..

  • THE KIT LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME. When do you think you will launch this bad boy

  • I can’t wait for it!

  • For coffee…try a place called Cafe Ladro. you can order online..i recommend the Diablo blend.

  • Can’t Wait!Cafè Ladro? Ladro in Italian language is not a good word ahah. It means THIEF in english. Btw… can’t wait Nick!

  • Hey Nick,

    Great work as usual, really looking forward to this. I noticed when you were looking for a project file a PSD file of a sphere world, I would assume done with the City Kit. Is there a chance that you can post that picture? It looked really interesting for all of 2 seconds that I saw it.


  • One other question:

    I noticed that the city default is squared shaped and I was wondering if there would be a way to control the overall boundaries. I’m thinking something like the custom shape option but reverse so that it defines an area for the buildings to show up in rather an area where there are no buildings.

    I suppose it would really be making an initial boundary that spills over your necessary area and then defining the boundary within that.

    • The same object that lets you cut out the river can be used with any spline shape. So if you don’t want the city to be a rectangle you can draw a spline where you want the city to cut off!


  • This is like that old CityGen plugin…on Ecstacy.

  • hi there, your new video player is just pretty bad, the stream sucks it was smoother on Vimeo

  • I think that Lysol commercial you made the ribbon idea for plays for the recording. How odd!

  • Hey Nick, I keep forgetting about the 2:00 casts on Wed. Plus I need to factor in me being Pacific Time. Anyways just rewatched it and had a question about Reel content.

    You say don’t use tutorials, but does this mean a tutorial followed to a T? Would it not be ok if you reworked the tutorial and made it a bit more personal?

    • BTW – City kit looks pretty rad. Lots of ideas run through my head to make use of it. Having the key 1 or 2 buildings in different cities to make the location recognizable is a great feature to add. Does it accept a dynamics tag say if you wanted your famous GSG spheres to bounce through the streets and rebound off buildings? Adding a pyrocluster preset for density of smog based on the size of the city defined could be a cool add on in the future also.

    • Nice. I’m sure it will be a hit. Will be interesting to see how people put their own imagination into its uses.

      Here’s your Shoe Spot you were imagining right? Sketch renders will look rad.

  • kudo’s many many many kudo’s!

  • Fantastic work on the city kit. It’s really amazing.

  • I was just wondering about the city rig if it would be possible to use our own set of buildings to populate the city grid? The city grid is just amazing!!! Having the ability to modify building contents like that would just allow to create favellas, nomads style tents, metropolis…. amazing work.

    • In the demo when he places the dude that explains how it could be your own custom building or set of buildings. If you want more I think you can just add more custom space grids.

  • Cineversity, cineversity, cineversity =)… haha!

  • Hi Nick,

    The solution to your navigation around the city problems is a plugin called NaviCam.
    It has just now been made a free download by the generous developer Holger Biebrach and can be downloaded from the following link. It comes with video tutorials showing streetscapes not unlike your CityKit buildings.

    Best Regards and thanks for a great new plugin.


    PS I’m hoping future developments will include presets for major cities that can be purchased as extras. Melbourne, Australia would be a great place to start 🙂

  • Wow, this would have seriously cut down on a lot of time in a recent project I did, I cannot wait for the city kit, it’s damn sexy!

  • This looks pretty darn nifty! are you going to be able to animate the city in a way where it builds up / collapse in any way?

  • Can you tell me what mic do you use for your videos?

  • About the character stuff you said in in the live-cast. You are right when you say animation knowledge is not in the program but in the animator and finished clips.

    I’ve posted this on FB as well but these are some nice links to learn animation in general; and

    It’s all general animation so I think the best way to create a tutorials on character animation is to focus on the workflow in the time line. You should aim for how to create animation with as less keys as possible because you won’t want to clean up a thousand curves and break your head over getting the rotational animation right.

    Another thing is the work-flow in c4d to get your character to interact with objects using constraints and setting up the hierarchy right in your object manager so no weird delay stuff will happen.

    There is probably more but I think this is where there is a knowledge gap tutorial wise, in between the rigging and using your own animation knowledge to actually animate the best way possible in c4d.

  • Hmm, i’m having problems watching vimeo video’s.

    Youtube etc works fine, only problems with vimeo, any1 has a idea what it could be?


  • Hey there Nick,
    I <3 IT

    Im just afraid :/
    How is it suppose a student that has about 200€ a month to spent about 50 for the amazing plugin?

    I know these things cost… :/

    Amazing work btw, its people like you that will fill c4d with great little things, cause maxon did just an amazing standard 3d packet.

    • I’m sure Nick will price this kit very reasonably, but if your budget is tight then you may need to just put £20 under your pillow for 3 months or live off Mr. Noodles for a month, lol.

    • 20 is ok for me, i can stay in for a couple of times… I would love to pay for things like this and help Nick by supporting.

      But you probably already know that Greece is going shit.

  • Hi Nick !

    I’m working on a huge project that involve city creation. I’m using the Suicidator City Gen in Blender, then export the city in C4D for animation and rendering. But this workflow is a little bit heavy (especially for texturing), and your City Kit could be a really really time-saver for me !
    Will this Kit be available soon ?
    Let me know so I can make the good decision in my process ! (my dead line is 4/4/2011)

    Thanks !

  • Have you used Xpresso extensively for this? And also, could you make an xpresso tutorial sometime? Not necessarily on the basics of it, just anything you think would be worth it.

  • Also, as a completely unrelated matter, this person who made a very informative series of xpresso lessons on vimeo, called Robert Leger, has mentioned you in one of them. I think it was how you found a way to space the letters with Cinema 4D text splines using Mograph.

    What i ment was, it’s just weird how all these people who make tutorials are friends and know each other well. You guys are a close-knit community.

  • Nick just a question; How you and the Monkey consider yourselves in the business a Creative Director, Art Director, Motion Designer etc..

    There are so many titles that you can relate to but it’s difficult to decide what is the one. Cheers and I will be looking forward to a response and keep up the awesome work you guys do like always.

    • And if you can run almost all of the departments what would you do or what would you decide for a title.

      • I think that titles get in the way. just call yourself a designer or creator or whatever looks cool on your biz card. Titles always assume specific jobs to specific people which is almost never the case in motion design.

        Just make sure you tell your mom your mom that you are a director. That always sounds pro.

  • Hey Nick,
    does the City Kit work on a hilly/uneven surface? Not many cites are on flat planes.

  • hey dude that yo doty guy…is that how he spelled it? MY LAST NAME IS DOTY! goml.

  • Hey, Nick. I download your tut’s. I let them load and then I watch them back when I have time. Do you have this video in a format I can do that with?

  • — Neat style/tutorial that should be useful for the City Gen tool.

    Mercedes Smart
    By MoStyle

    Making of:
    (skip ahead to about 45 minute mark)

    — shout out to @eyedesyn for the link.

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