Hooray! Cinema Update for 4D 12 Adds Control Click for Right Click

January 31, 2011 - By 

Wacom users, rejoice.
Mouse users, yawn.

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  • Surprised that didn’t already have that.

  • sad this is a “feature”

  • i’ve been using a wacom with c4d for a while (on windows) i just set up my Wacom Tablet Properties to have a Right click with the bottom button on the pen and a middle click with the 2nd button on the pen.. works like a charm.. i guess on a mac you can’t?


  • As a Mac user I am happy with this update.

  • This has been available since before the Mac Only Update. So this is about a month or more old 🙂

  • Also, wasn’t this available in earlier releases under System: “Right Mouse Button Emulation?”

  • Nick,
    Do you use a pen / touch device?

  • Wait.. Can’t you just buy a 2 button mouse for the mac?

    • You can but if you are using a pen tool / tablet it is more fluid to just hit a button on your keyboard then assign shortcuts or anything else.

      I mean this isn’t a life and death situation but its better to have then not to.

  • Yawn… oh wait… Horaayawn!

  • YAY !, I love my wacom. Who doesn’t? hehe


  • sorry for this question but, what is the use of a pen/tablet in cinema4d? is it for bodypaint?

  • ya whats the point of a wacom on cinema 4d-.- i’m thinking about getting it, but only for photoshop

    • It’s just what I’m comfortable. You do have some benefits with pressure sensitive tools for modelling and the area of the selection tool. Apart from that moving around the cursor is quicker..

  • Use whatever your comfortable using. There is no ‘golden rule’ when it comes to workflow.

  • This must be a sign. I got an Intuos4 the same day Cinema made it easier to use it? All hail coincidences!

  • A bit strange…
    for windows… is totally different! And yes – you don;t have this option – Right-Click works just fine

  • Now we just need a way to disable mousewheel zoom in C4D and After Effects.

    Drives me mad with the Magic Mouse, and no I won’t buy another mouse because the MM is so awesome for web browsing.

  • i know that it works with intuos (3) – But does it work With Bamboo – anybody tested this yet ?//

    • Wondered if you can use the finger gestures of the bamboo pen&touch to zoom and rotate in Cinema4d Wouldn’t this be sweet?

  • What’s wrong with the button on the side of the pen which is there to be mapped for a Right click!? 🙂

  • GSG hello a question, that wacon recommended me to work with Cinema4D, I have imac 21.5. Many thanks

  • Where have you guys been? This feature was restored a couple updates ago. Like months and months ago.

  • Is it possible for you to do a quick breakdown of the cinema4d used on the espn show SPORTSNATION? Or the one where they use the Discovery Channel cube transitions that reveal
    only parts of the screen as the camera dollies in and out of scenes….not sure if this is a national spot but here in LA it is on quite often…

    • Not sure if this is how they actually did it, but if I were to create that effect in Cinema 4D I would create a bunch of planes or thin boxes using the cloner object, then use different mograph effectors to “flip” the planes/boxes over to reveal black underneath. Then once the animation is done, I would render with multipass and alpha channel. Then take that render into After Effects and put the video or footage you want underneath.

      Or you can do this entirely in After Effects just using square solids and flip them using keyframes. It would have less depth but it would work.

    • Oops! sorry i forgot to mention that I was talking about the Discovery channel animation

    • I am talking about a variation they did with that cube transisiton…

      Maybe it’s just a matter of matchmoving and compositiing…

      A person would walk across a room and pieces of the table would do the CUBE transition to reveal different elements…I.E. a coffee cup would turn into a laptop within the same shot. It’s not really a transition but a reveal I guess of specific objects within the shot. I will try to find a link.

  • Rumor says AutoDesk is going to buy C4D. Do you know anything about this?

    • Maxon is part of the Nemetschek group. I believe this is a recent purchase. Nemetschek also makes Vectorworks CAD software and they replaced the Vectorworks render engine with the Cinema 4D engine in their latest 2011 release.

  • So if you enable this – what hotkey are you using to quickly duplicate and drag materials and tags? Can you reassign that function?

  • I’m confused. Why haven’t you all that are happy with this new feature just set up the buttons of your pens to be left, right and middle mouse?
    I did that the first day I got my first tablet like three years ago.

  • Dont have that feature (my version R12.032 (Build RC35678)????

  • Just spent an hour at the store testing the bamboo pen & touch which seemed like a good idea of combining gestures with using a pen. Unfortunately using the touch-feature really sucks. It’s not the “one-finger-click” thing everybody is mentioning. That’s ok. It’s just that the rubbery surface ALWAYS bounced back from my finger once I wanted to click something, so that I missed every button most of the times. Really wanted to give it a chance and tried all the options but that sucked big time. The pen works fine and your hand lying on the surface doesn’t interfere with the touch feature. Just that the touch is unusable in my eyes …

  • THANK U !!!

  • Then….how do we clone an object by holding control+drag??

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