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Brilliant keyframing and sound design in this piece by Clim. It also makes for a great mantra when creating your own projects. “I’m Gonna Make It Better!”

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  • so nice! thanks for sharing nick!

  • That is just epic

  • i thought this was all done in AE, but the artist mentioned that there was some 3D involved. I wonder how he integrated it all. It’s a beautiful piece.

  • Awesome! Now this is going in my inspirational folder.

  • this type of works inspired me as much it scared me…

    i so far to get this feeling with keyframe color and texture….hum…everything? :/

  • nice, would you mind watching my tutorial on KILL BILL STYLE HEAD SHOT –

  • LOVE IT! How fun was that. What a concept.

  • That’s awesome. Such a great keyframing

  • Very interesting 🙂 Just like the style with which I play these days 🙂 No GI, no cool shiny effects (The reason = slow PC 🙁 ).

  • Very good way to illustrate the creation process.
    great animation too, thx for sharing Nick

  • thanks nick for sharing this!!!!
    its awesommmmmmmeeeeee

  • any suggestion of how to do this kind of animations? is all after effects?

  • And they already made it better!

  • Great! Thanks from Brazil, Gorilla.

  • Yes, it’s great one!

  • Nick, can you PLEASE do a tutorial on how to do some of these transitions. They are amazing!

  • Very smooth animation, cool.

  • Awesome. They forgot to add the bit where you show it to the client and they want your first version.

    I would love to see some tutorials on some of the transitions – or maybe the transition from this (16 seconds in)

    • I would LOVE to see a tutorial on how some of these transitions are pulled off. This is such an incredible animation. Sooooooo smooth. Really puts some perspective on just how much can be pulled off with AE.

  • Amazing stuff!i allways ask my self one question when i see these kind of animation, do they animate and sync a sound on it or do they animate following an sound already made?
    by the way thanks nick for your tuts!
    cheers from SENEGAl!

  • Hey Nick I know this is kind of random for this post but I followed your directions completely and I am 12 minutes into the reflective glass tutorial

    and after adding the glass effect to the cube I did a render and it is not turning out right there is a white tint to the glass opposed to the black lit area on yours

    Take a look at this pic and see what you think could be the issue: (its on the main page)

    my instincts tell me it has something to do with my default lighting or no lighting at all?

    But once i lit the area it made the text black? Opposed to white

    Please if possible give me your advice asap

    Thanks -Nick

    Btw i just bought the vintage film effects

  • This reminds me of that awesome D&AD commerical a few years back, one of my favourites (Apologies for the low quality, it was the only one I could find!):

  • What do you think this was created it? A 3D software or after effects?

  • awesome professional approach, seamless way of delivering visuals.

  • Love all the inspiration stuff you keep sharing. And the more fancy ae work it has the better

  • That was freakin awesome! WOW

  • For me, the sound is the key on this piece.


    I’m so happy to listen all this amazing comments 🙂

    Like I said on VImeo, everything is AE until the end (from the extrude and more). AH! the liquid is AE too.

    @Nick: If you need help with any tutorial contact me, it’s an honor to help.


    • what about a tutorial about ‘Make It Better (For Everbody)’ 😉

    • Hey Seba,

      great to see your comment here as I just saw this post and I was going to comment as I think the credits are wrong.

      Nick, I think you should credit it properly as Sebastian did all the Animation the project, so I think he deserve credit in the piece.


  • Wow! this ‘little’ piece us just amazing! My favorite so far, I think.

  • Really great. Power of Keyframes HELL YEAH.

  • This thing is going WILD on the interwebs! Me likes!

  • sooo cooool,
    i love these ideas 🙂

  • So sick!

    Does anyone know of any tutorials showing how to do something like this?

    • This seems a lot of AE shape layers; setup in AdobeIllustrator, paths to AE shape layers; and scripting, like the ‘ease and wizz’ script from aescripts that gives automatic spring/elastic effects….

    • HEY! I used the “ease and wizz” script in a few parts, the rest is by “hand”.

      We’re talking with Nick about doing a tutorial, so maybe you would see some tricks I used, I’m glad to share this information.

      Could be nice to know what exactly you are interest in.

      (excuse me my english)


    • great piece! a tut would be wonderful and not too noob-ish… good opportunity to talk about the importance of creating kick ass boards!

  • Yea, I would love to see a tutorial on how do to this type of animation. It’s brilliant.

  • i like it so mutch, thx.

    check out my free templates and tell me what u think?! (under construction)

  • I also would love to see some tutorials on some of the transitions. I like it, yeah!

  • anyone an idea how he did this one? maybee i ask himself?!

  • Beautiful – made my morning 😀

  • Love this. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 🙂 cheers

  • anyone an idea how he did this computer writing stuff in the beginning?

  • Man i would really like to see a breakdown of this one!

  • Haha! Thats a well good idea! I like it! 🙂

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