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January 14, 2011 - By 

Vintage Film For Looks

Buy Vintage Film For Looks

Harry Frank’s Looping Backgrounds for Trapcode Suite

Buy Harry Frank’s Looping Backgrounds for Trapcode Suite

Stu Maschwitz’s Rebel Epic for Looks

Buy Stu Maschwitz’s Rebel Epic for Looks

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  • Hey Nick FYI, there’s a miss spell at the end… “Only though Monday.”… I think Though should be through. 🙂

  • hey Nick..for the love of god. can you tall me why i keep getin missing tex error everytime i use your light kit pro & hdri studio pack?? i sent you e-mail last night..and i got no please can yu help me to fix this.

  • Do u get paid from Red Giant for promoting this?

  • OMG NICK! Is this you at 1:30? The hair is kinda off, but the glasses and facial hair are exactly like yours!
    Dude, I keep looking at it, that has to be you. 😀

  • Nick!

    Hey man if you got 5 minutes to watch a short trailer I did you will see that I implemented two things i got from you:

    Vintage looks in the intro of her life

    and the shattering glass as a concluder.

    Just thought you would enjoy it.. It will be played in front of thousands of people ! 🙂
    thanks brother

    -Nick Falangas

  • brandon hamson May 12, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    I would really like to know what material settings were used in Mark’s Looping video above in which the particles change their glow color on a gradient. Is this even possible in cinema?

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