Striped Text Tutorial Preview

January 10, 2011 - By 

As always, feel free to give this one a try on your own before the tutorial is out. Post your results in the comments.

  • Thanks for the tutorial Nick.

    I had some subtle issues with banding on the radial areas that i couldn’t figure out but here’s where i took it:

  • I made one (:

    Pretty dam sexy to me…


    how this effect its made can u pls. explain…i appreciate so much your grate job…

  • did you post a tutorial for this ?

  • Dear Gorilla Nick, all I want to say You are the Guru of C4D. You maze c4d triers/ players. Your TUTS made the c4d easy. pray for more tuts say pouring water from bottle or beer cans and swap away to ocean wave, slicing orange, squeeze orange and juice comes out to the drain and the hole world absorbs and people peeing to the ground and again world absorbs and recycling.

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