Winner of “Best Present Ever” Five Second Project

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Congratulations to Alex Mamontov for winning the latest five second project. The spot heaps a TON of really nice tricks, texture, and animation in only five seconds and tells a complete story without reverting to text for clarity. Great work!!


Honorable Mentions

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  • That was a fun one. Ready for another! -Nudge -Nudge 🙂

  • Wow the standard was really high for that one, epic work guys.

  • Omg, that was amazing, how do you guys do all this stuff? Because it’s really really awesome. Gratz!

  • Shit! The winner is SO awesome!

  • Cool, all works look great! I’ve been telling myself to participate in this Five Second Project but I keep missing every edition! I guess my time with my daughter is winning (excuses). Gonna try next time!


  • Kick ass stuff!!

  • WORD! High fives all around. The hunting cabin in the woods was dope for sure!

  • Some amazing work there – really high quality.

  • *High five* everyone. Congrats, Alex!

  • I’d say Number one is the BEST 5 SECOND PROJECT EVER

  • Russia Winner))))))))))))))

  • Hi guys my name is Trox Salazar I’m a Filipino Filmmaker …..but I have so much passion in animationt that I found this site… I know my stuff isn’t that much since I’m just starting to learn C4D and haven’t tried any 3D programs yet… but thanks to Grayscalegorilla and this community for being so open with idea’s..I’m beginning to stand on my two lil feet hehehehe I just wanted to say thanks you so much for the knowledge you guys shares…

    please check my first 3d animation in C4D and give me Ideas on how to really make this other stuff works cause I’m just a beginner …Here is the link…

    Trox 🙂

  • Amazing entries. I’d really like to see a tutorial of the winners piece.

    • Thank you! Wow it’s very hard to make a lesson of this piece at this moment, I did it chaotically enough and it 3dmax instead of Cinema4D. But I can throw to you a project file for 3d Max if you want

  • the winner surely earned it.
    hey Nick!
    i’m a c4d beginner from Israel, and you are an important part of getting me started (and going). thanks for all your great works, tutorials and can-do attitude. here’s something inspired by your cherry 7yp tutorial. your critique is welcomed.

  • Hey Nick, i don’t know if you know this already but the winner says he had been working on the project for 4 days but unfortunately lost his file after all that hard work he put in, as a result had to make the project again within 5 hours to meet the submission deadline! This just proves that not only is this guy a genius but he deserved this spot! It incredible work!

    • love you Modisana) but I’ve already met such situations when Ive lost not 5 seconds projects, but 30 or more) so it wasnt so scary)

  • why this one didnt appear in honorable mentions atleast? by Bjorn Feldmann. Its my favorite one

  • Congratulations winners !!!!!

  • You can really see the quality going up each time!

    nice jobs!

  • Good stuff again Nick, like Alex Mamontov I would have had this in the honorable mentions at least: but you are the King/Judge/Jury!

  • w0w.
    looks pretty cool )

    how about tutorial of winner?



  • The Winning piece was well deserved. Nice Job!

  • Whoa some really amazing ones this time.

  • Awesome job on the first place, Alex!
    And thanks for giving me an honourable mention, Nick. Can’t wait for the next 5SP.

  • Sorry but winner is ripoff from Jana commercials … search “Jana, izvor zivota reklama” on YouTube

  • WOW Great Stuff! — It seems that Nick is going to need some day advice from you guys.

  • Wow, some great entries. But I rather would like to have the hot Car from number two than the crystal ball as present 😉

  • Just come back from holiday in Paris to see my clip has made the honourable mentions, really pleased and loving the amount of hits it’s getting 🙂 The winner is fantastic, a lot of work has gone into that and it’s really well executed.

  • Wouaw !!! The level is very high ! Congratulations ti all…

  • Those were all great, but the winner’s was FANTASTIC

  • Wow! I wonder how long it took just to make these 5 second projects, crazy!

  • Awesome stuff there, i emailed nick asking about a rubiks cube animation, and noticing the guy who made a rubiks cube animation i could really use some advice on it as i was trying to do one myself a few weeks back. Great stuff tho guys 🙂

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