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I’m really excited to finally be able to show this thing off. Xpresso wizard Chris Schmidt and I have been working on this for quite a few months now, so it’s really exciting that it’s finally here. We built this to be the easiest to use and most photo realistic looking city for cinema 4D while still being fast to render in production. We can’t wait for you to start playing with it and use it in your projects.

Learn more about the City Kit Here

Examples And Presets

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  • Man, that is an amazing piece of skill you guys put together. Congrats on another fantastic kit. In a world full of free plugins, models and stuff, yours are worth every penny. I already have the others and can’t wait to start playing with this one.

    Cheers, Igor

  • Call me an idiot, but how do you buy it?
    Signed up for the newsletter yesterday to see if any info..
    I simply can’t see any option anywhere for shopping


  • And of coarse the second I posted my question the blog was updated with a little picture on top 🙂


  • Incredible! Awesome! Amazing! Outstanding! Hilarious! Wow-wow-wow!
    Great work Nick the Gorilla!
    Wanna congratulate you with the presenting of this product!
    thank you

  • I´m realy exited about the Nighttime and Daytime Feature!

    • Great render, pal david.

      After I read your comment, I downloaded the sIBL plugin and tried it using the Barcelona rooftops preset with the City Kit, but the lighting results were just terrible compared to yours. If you’d be willing to share any useful tips on how you get it looking so sweet I’d really appreciate it!

    • first you take city_text presets.
      delete Daylight (Afternoon)apply sIBL
      with Global Illumination on..(Obviously).
      position the city like in picture.

    • Thanks, using the city text preset sorted it, appreciate the reply man

  • Hey Nick,

    got the kit and had loads of fun playing around with it. I’ll be writing a review for the mag soon. I’ll be sure to send you a copy.


  • Hi Nick

    this looks cool, what’s the price tag? And when will it be available for download?

    There are a couple of free plugin’s I found online that would probably complement your city kit:



  • omg i just want it!! but i havent enough moooneey… -.- ^^

  • Hi Nick, great stuff!

    Would it be possible to place (wrap) the city on a globe/sphere, whilst retaining the adjustable parameters?

    Also, building on that, could you cut out the city using some kind of image contour map (eg contours of countries/continents!) – instead of the mograph text.

    I’m thinking of all this in a simple mograph exaggerated sense (not to a realistic scale obviously!).

    Maybe a couple of crazy questions there – or an idea for the next version maybe!? – ‘the world city’ preset or something?


  • Nick – I’m too excited to wait to ask this. Does the City Kit include any sport arenas, stadiums, or things like that? This is the very definition of awesome. Even more impressive than winning AFP at 12 years old. You’re my 3D hero. Seriously.

  • Nick-
    Love the kit and have been playing with it a bit. Watched all the tutorials and see how to add multiple custom areas. However, when I follow the tutorial for multiple areas but using inverted shapes, I get nothing. Is there a different way to us multiple inverted shapes? Basically, I’m trying to build a city that matches a custom logo made out of multiple splines.

  • Once again, great work, Nick !!! I have to wait monday to buy it : sooooo hard ! 😉

  • 150$ are too much for this less reasons…. sorry… !!!!!! some expresso with userdata…. are you andrew kramer for c4d? ….

  • hey nick,

    the citykit graphic at the top is kinda too big. 500+kb.
    we have a pretty slow connection at the office.
    i am pretty sure you can make it like 80-100kb without losing any quality.


  • I’d way to pricey. I agree with bullo. Optical Flares is less then this price. This is a hobby plugin.

  • No self-respecting mograph artist will ever be caught dead with these city presets in their reel or project. For the rest of those who decide to use this for their projects: you are tools.

    • Surely, all of these plug-ins and presets being used would only make someone of pure creative awesomeness like yourself stand out even more?

    • @MM: Post your website then. Let’s see how awesome and qualified you are to make that statement. What have you done?

    • I have done some things here and there. It is the opinion of mine as you have the opinion of yours.

      If you are of the position that this plugin will get you far in the world of motion graphics than go ahead. I am just offering my opinion, I sit amused watching the kiddies rub their hands with glee at the thought that it will somehow turn them into some kind of skilled professional.

      The City Kit will be the scarlet letter of reels.

    • Well I dont think it would end up in my reel, but I still will used it.

      It is just another tool in the toolbox. It will save time and pay for itself on the first project we use it.

      I dont think it is a scarlet letter (good line though). It may lesson my appreciation for cityscapes in other peoples work.

    • I look forward to seeing YOUR plugin MM; the “How-to-come-off-pompous-and-patronising–all-without-having-the-balls-to-show-your-amazing-work-which-is-in-your-head” kit for Cinema4D will have a place in ALL our reels – we only came here to worship and learn from you after all!

    • Sigh.. Nick Campbell, it is too easy to tell when you post under a false name.

  • Fantastic Nick!!! Awesome Product!!!

  • From the very begging I was impressed with the customization capabilities of this rig. I’ve just read a not entirely thought comment about using this tool for our reels. Of course I’m not a so call named professional in the business but I find that this kit can be really helpful when you have to build a city of your own. Here’s a fully customized example of the kit I built just for fun:

  • Just got it now – will have to wait to get home to try it, but it does look great.

    Nick – i will be your fault that i’m gonna do next 20 illustrations with city theme, bad Nick, back Nick!


    • One question: Is there a way to shape the top down view of the downtown based on a predefined shape? (like if i wanna to have a downtown in shape of “L” so that the topdown view looks like an L made of buildings.) that would be nice.

      • Hi, Adam. For now, you can use the custom areas to delete any buildings you want leaving any shape. But, we are working on making it more customizable all the time.

  • Does City Kit play with Linear Workflow well?

  • Hi Nick

    CityKit is a good product, but I´ve an real performance problem. I´m working on a MacPro, 2010, 12-Core, Cinema R12, 48 GB Ram an a Nvidia 4000 for Mac. It´s more or less topend of actual hardware, but even with this equipment i can´t work in fluid workflow.
    Any ideas or do you that performance problem ?


  • Hey Nick,

    This is awesome kit, but the only thing I feel it’s lack of is the option for the streets. Components such as zebra lines, curbs, street lamps and traffic lights etc. They may not be dominant, but they are really necessary factors to achieve realism. Hope you can modify it in the next version. Thanks!

  • Hello !
    bravo for everythoing, but one thing i like to know :
    Where do you find theses cool music for all your videos ? and do you know a good place for nice music (for reel, trailes etc) ?

  • Hey Nick love this! I keep getting an error when I place the city into my scene

    “Plugin ‘Color Mapping’ (ID 1001194)
    Plugin ‘Glow’ (ID 1001401)
    Plugin ‘Hair Render’ (ID 1017325)
    Plugin ‘Highlights’ (ID 1001402)”

    From what I see it looks like you said that these aren’t actually used, is that correct??

    • HELLO, VERY GOOD virtual product, but I give an error, HOW DO I GET THESE PLUGINS?

      “Plugin ‘Color Mapping’ (ID 1001194)
      Plugin ‘Glow’ (ID 1001401)
      Plugin ‘Hair Render’ (ID 1017325)
      Plugin ‘Highlights’ (ID 1001402)”

  • I’d really appreciate it. Thank you

  • same issue as Barrett, using R13

  • Can i put custom shape to city like text?

  • Hi there, I have the same issue as Barret, Lalo and Ryoo – using R13, following error message appears:
    “Plugin ‘Color Mapping’ (ID 1001194)
    Plugin ‘Glow’ (ID 1001401)
    Plugin ‘Hair Render’ (ID 1017325)
    Plugin ‘Highlights’ (ID 1001402)”

    How do I fix this?

    • Sorry about the errors. You can ignore them for now. They won’t effect your render and won’t effect the City Kit at all. Those errors should be fixed in future version.

      Sorry again.

  • Do you have a version which shows a version of London?

  • how do I scale the “whole city ” instead of scaling all the buildings as individuals at once?

  • Nick – great plugin! Got one question – trying to make a long city following a river. Inverted custom shape spline to get a 100m city on each river, but would like to have a second, non-inverted spline subtracting buildings from the river. Can I do this?

    Otherwise I’ll just group two splines on either bank I guess.


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