Inspiration: Unluck by Yaniv Fridman

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  • First!!!

    haha, but seriously, that’s pretty beast.
    The range of things you can do with Cinema 4D is truly amazing. 😀

  • Saw this earlier today, super cool colors.

  • Jumpin Jehosaphat and something that goes with that

  • that looks amazing! is this the same guy with the 30 day project you posted before? looove his style

  • Sweet!Really cool colors
    Loved the music aswell.

  • Really nice stuff! It contrasts to what i would usually expect for a video set to a dubstep track…

  • an evolution of Steffen Knoesgaard’s work, “30 Motion Tests in 30 Seconds”!!!! very nice anyway! compliments i love it!

    Please could you share the project? ahhahhahahahhah lol :))))))))

  • beautiful colours

  • I wanna see a tutorial on how to make this super cool stuff!!!
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. 😀

  • Cool Song!
    Could you share the singer and the snd name pls?

  • Music is from the Album “James Blake” by…. James Blake.

  • Awesome! How long did this take to complete?

  • looks like compilation of your tuts Nick)))

  • Wow!! Such a bunch of diferent animations and techniques!! I agree with earlier comment about gettin some tutorials about them!!

    Btw, WHY did you choose that kind of animations? Any particular reasons? Why this song? Why why why?


  • Thats absolute Amazing! How does it work ? I realy dont know but I want know!
    And its my first command here and I have to say, thats an fantastic website. I love it. I learned so much. Please Continue

  • Great work!!

  • Sorry, nice animations, but I hated the soundtrack,..using AutoTune warbles really annoys me.

  • Someone can explain me how to make a sphere of spline like at 0:43 … i thought it was made with the tracer and the noise deformer … but still can’t find the solution 🙂

    Nice animation, love the 2D/3D mix and the nice colors.

  • amazing work Yaniv
    like it !
    ?? ?????!

  • Nicely made, but these kind of animations are becoming a bore to the eye due to everyone copying and lack of intellectual backing.

    But then again nicely made 😉

  • In case anyone was wondering what sex looked like…that’s it.

  • Excellent animation, though I’m a bit curious about the title. Do you mind explaining a bit?

  • Please can someone send me to any tutorial link for 2D shape animation like in this insparation video 0:32 between 0:40? Please…

    • Try the “radial Wipe” effect in AE, put the Wipe parameters, in Both mode ,and animate it with transition completion and start angle.
      you must make it for some sphere, do compositing and you got it!

      i think is the way faster!
      ….animate it in graph editor, change the final result .. 🙂

    • Thank you man I will try…

    • if you want to do it in cinema, you can create a lathe nurb using an Arc, point camera down at the top of the sphere, and animate the lathe angle. Should be a decent radial swipe.

  • Not sure how it’s inspirational, but it is sick! Was this done completely in Cinema, or After Effects too?

  • Cool! Intrsting motion.

  • OH MY GOD….. I LOVE IT!!!

    Hey, Nick would be great to get a breakdown of this kind of stuff. I know it’s great to figure this stuff out on our own but it’s just sooooo good that even just a little breakdown of how some of those really super smooth animations were done would be a god send.

  • Only one week and a half… How much can be done in such a small ammount of time…!
    Thumbs up Yaniv, this work is top notch!
    Keep it up!

  • we want tutorial nick! we want tutorial

  • Would like to know how he did it. But, why is it called “unluck…”. Is there a story behind it? Or just things morphing into each other?

  • Really great! Love it! Super great song too!

  • Tutorial pleaseeee…

    This movie Is AWesomee ;D

    great job and nice colours ^^

  • Great to see your work here Yaniv!

  • New look for old presets?

  • Isaias Martinez March 4, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Are there any tuts on this?
    Also was this only made in Cinema4D:)

  • I disagree with making a tut on this for a couple of reasons, but the major reason being:

    If Nick (or anyone else for that matter) were to do a tutorial, you will see a surplus of people copying it and putting it in their portfolios, thus making Yaniv original work utterly useless for his own portfolio/uses.

    Secondly, these techniques are not that hard to do, as it’s all simple concepts such as basic shapes, cloners, tracers and simple dynamics in some cases mashed together. These are all things that Nick has already made tutorials on. As for the animation, there is no easy way to do it except keyframing, and no tutorial in the world will make that process easier, only a proper knowledge of animation basics.

    There can’t be a tutorial for everything that is cool, if everyone can do it, that makes it less cool. Figure it out for yourself. If your excuse is that you are a c4d newbie and can’t figure it out, then there are clearly plenty of other things you should be learning first before you tackle something like this.

    / end rant /

    • Brandon,
      You certainly make some good points, but sharing techniques can not only inspire creative, but help us all deliver a great products.

  • Dude, I rememebr seeing a tut on an animation like this a few months back, but I can’t for the life of me remember the link.

    The video was on vimeo with a scene file,…

  • any suggestions of how to set the lights and the materials to achieve this nice look?

  • Anyone know how to morph between simple shapes as it looks in the first 5 sec

  • Yaniv,
    Wow!! Amaaaaazing work!
    Could you please please please do a short little tutorial on a couple things you did to get that look… those awesome flat graphic, yet 3D transitions? Really, you don’t have to give much of it away – just a couple little hints would be WILDY appreciated!
    I think a lot of us have NO clue as to how to get that kind of look. It’s totally understandable that you shouldn’t share all of your tricks, but maybe just a tiny taste…?
    We’ll all love you forever and be your very best friends!

    Anyway – it’s freaking incredible stuff. Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck to you.
    And as always – thanks Nick! You’re the man.

  • I would love to see a tutorial on how to create this minimalistic and clean vector-style. I love this look.

  • Wow this is really nice. I’ve been trying to work out how to do the wire frame sphere (43 seconds in) can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this?

  • Mark // BladeTec. May 10, 2011 at 9:14 am

    How do you achieve the 2D look ? I really can’t get the hang of it :\

    Also, how do they do when the sphere fills in ? o3o

    Anyway, EPIC like TRULY OMFGJIZZLOLWINLMAO or simply amazing.

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