Winner of the Five Second Project “Reverse”

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A previous winner of the “Fail” Five Second Project, Ross Phillips is no slouch when it comes to fun, simple, and well crafted animations. This entry from Ross was practically a shoe in to win with it’s iconic imagery, globally relatable theme and a brilliant unexpected finish. All of life (awkward teenage years included) crammed into five seconds of keyframed goodness. Bravo!

Honorable Mentions

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  • Woah awesome entries, the winner is AWESOME

  • Nick where is the city waiting for coming out this week??

  • Congratulations everyone, especially Ross, awesome animation – but my personal favourite was Egon’s ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Many thanks Rich, moreover coming from you.

      But I think that Ross’s entry had it all, from the concept to the final render.

      Where was yours ?

    • I’m not denying Ross’s entry was a deserving winner, I’m just a sucker for particle effects ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately I’ve been booked up with ‘real’ work over the last few 5 second projects. I did actually start one this time but it never got finished! Ah well, maybe next time…

  • love the transition on “sneaker of tomorrow”

  • Nope, winner is best ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love style and appearance of course.

  • Super duper submissions ! Must be hard to pick a winner ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ARGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! when I saw the contest, I had the same idea, but unfortunately I had to work on other projects. congratulations anyway, this video is fantastic!
    I hope to attend the next contest! Nick launches new challenge!

  • Wow! The entries are starting to get more an more amazing each time you one of these! Gratz to the winner!

  • Congrats to the winner and everyone else who entered!

  • The entries were quiet amazing… Great work by everyone…
    By the by, happy birthday to you Gorilla SIR! May you have a super blessed day.

  • It’s great, congratulations

  • I think each “Honorable Mention” Is better than the winner, which is not to say that Ross’s submission is poor. There’s a definite style that seems to always win.

  • I love watching these! The winner was fantastic, great concept!

  • The winner has a great style and some nice sound effects and animation, that’s why it deserved first place, in my opinion!
    I loved the motorcycle accident idea, hard to understand at first, then, really surprising!
    Happy Bday Nick! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • wow, Ross’s entry is a fantastic concept and even better execution. All of the Honorable Mentions are off the charts great too. You all have so much talent, cheers to everyone who participated and to nick for giving these guys a platform to shine on.

  • Damn…some good stuff here

  • Damn – this community is getting so good, it makes me wanna hide under some rock.

    • Don’t hide! I would take the winning project break and break it down, recreate it, and then see what you can do!

      If you didn’t enter this 5SP enter next one, even if its not the best, the point is to keep doing. So don’t hide ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • the winner is wicked very cool!!!

  • We see the “Nick Vigas” clones increase every contest.
    That is very funny.
    But we have to give credit that this guy is very good in aglomerating people in the internet to his business.
    It is very legitimate, he provides good help, but still, yes this is a business.
    Great work Nick !

    • I don’t see a single Nick clone above? They are all their own styles. Especially the winner.
      In fact I don’t see very many clones entered. And I see every one since I run the 5SP.

      This business came after the fact. He started giving he knowledge away for free long before he started selling things. And even then the stuff he sells is cheap, and very very useful.

    • The 5 sec project is not being run by nick?
      I did not knew that.
      Why is it not?

      • Neal graciously helps run the Five Second Projects. It’s a big undertaking to set up the theme, make custom graphics, collect all the entries, make sure they fit the guidelines and add them in the channel. Neal does all of this wonderfully. We work together on picking the winners and runners up.

        Frankly, the Five Second Projects couldn’t exist without him.

  • Is it just me, or are my comments being removed.. anyway, here’s it again..

    Congrats to the winner. I had a similar idea, from a XBox commercial from a couple of years ago, but then in reverse, from senior to baby. Here’s the commercial.
    Great work!

  • I didnt like the theme, but great work everyone.

  • Is it possible to know why my submission wasn’t added to the contest group ?

    I’ve respected the deadline :

    Maybe because I used free 3d models ?

  • I liked the Redrum “murder” one. It used the theme reverse without using the word reverse in a clever way. I’m honestly a bit tired of seeing the word of the theme in so many of the submissions.

    • Second that. Been thinking this since way back to the first few themes.
      Neal & Nick, perhaps make this a new rule that the theme title be expelled from entry builds. Or at least strongly urged that entries avoid doing so. I think this would help to conceptualize a stronger idea for the theme.

      • I used to have that as a rule, but I thought that it was too strict. People are at different levels of conceptual and design ability. So if someone want’s to just animate the words for every project, I think that’s fine. The project is here as a learning tool for people, not to be sure that ALL the entries are as awesome as can be. I will say though that I have seen some great entries ruined by silly text at the end of it.

    • Agreed on that note too. If someone was to be discouraged from doing one that is less beneficial then to use the theme title written in an entry.

  • LOL, that’s amazing.
    Truly deserves to be the winner. There is a very good idea, shown in 5 seconds

    By the way, Nick, this is my first post here, in your blog. I really love your work with cinema 4D, and your tutorials. I’m your big fan. Every day I check your site for new lessons for which I am very grateful to you because it helps me a lot. Recently (roughly 3-4 months) I started to study cinema 4d – in generally I am a web designer, but I have a great desire to learn how to work with it because I think it would help my main job.

    I want to use this moment to ask for a clip. Any idea how this video was made for Nokia?

    By the way, sorry for my bad English..
    And greetings from Bulgaria ๐Ÿ™‚

    • For C4D I’m venturing a guess that,

      1.) They modelled and animated the hands
      2.) Motion captured hands and used the data on the modelled hands.

      Then did something like using the cloner and having clones distribute to object.
      Some thinking particles would have been set up emitting particles around the wrists. The end could be done by duplicating your cloner and making it editable so you get all the clones as individual elements. Add dynamic tag to them and watch them drop.

    • I think it’s 2 – motion captured hands and using thinking particles as you said.

    • I believe hands were animated inside the software, the movement doesn’t look so natural, I’d rather say it looks cartoonish. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Then I’m not sure it’s made in Cinema, even though Hamilton, your explanation sounds good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I have a question about the winning entry.

    Are the faces drawn in after effects or are they drawn in illustrator and imported into AE for animation?

    • I’m guessing illustrator+ae but actually it could be anything, from flash to toon boom.

      I think it would be great if every winner had the chance to talk about the process, no matter how obvious it seems.

    • Hi ThomasM,

      The whole thing was made in Flash.

      You can download the quicktime video from the vimeo page to go through it frame by frame if you like.

      Glad you all liked it!

  • Not easy to get on the top 10 for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I get better next time! The winner has all the merit, its AWSOME, congrats.
    I also wanna to thanks Nick for this opportunity and the great work in general with this Blog!

  • Hey Nick, When is the next 5 second project? Im new here and keen!

  • The level of the examples is uncanny!

  • Love the 5 second contests. I learn a lot from simply watching the submissions. Keep it up!!

  • Hey – I just posted an interview with Ross to my blog – check it out here:

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