Denver and SXSW Meet-Up

March 5, 2011 - By 

As you may know, i’m in the middle of a road trip out west. But, in-between days of skiing and driving across the country, I’ll be hosting a few Greyscalegorilla meet-ups. I would love it if you could stop by and hang out, drink a few beers and talk shop.

In Denver, come hang out Sunday, March 6th at Sputnik at 7pm.

Austin for SXSW
If your at South By South West this year, stop by the Austin Motion Graphics Launch Thursday, March 10 at
7:00 PM. I’ll be doing a presentation with Barton Damer and Maxon will be giving away a free Cinema 4D R12 Broadcast Edition!

Hope to see you there!

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  • What about SoCal, are you going to be near orange county or LA?

  • and Maxon will be giving away a free Cinema 4D R12 Broadcast Edition!

    :O and why do i live in greece?

  • I’m pretty sure I saw you at Snowbird eating lunch at the forklift last Sunday. Hope the trip is going well.

  • I will see you there. Great venue!

  • “Your” needs to be “you’re”

  • hey do i need to get tickets for sxsw? if so where can i get them?

  • Yo Nick Vegas! Hit up Salt Lake City! Amazing snow/skiing, and beers on me!

  • Oh.. sounds like from previous comments, you all ready did. Doh’

  • Man I wish i could go to the Austin Motion Launch. I recently discovered Barton Damer. It would be sweet to be able to meet him. To bad school (SCAD) is not out yet 😛

  • Nick huge fan/supporter and first timer at SXSW, any suggestion of what to look out for. seminars etc…Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

  • Nice to see an After Effects tutorial, like old school greyscalegorilla haha, now it is all about cinema4d 😛 …that is not bad because there is no places online to learn C4D in the way our friend Nick do that but it is nice to see once in a while an after effects tutorial…or combination of both softwares. Sebastian, useful tutorial for after effects animations, thanks mate.

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