GSG Live Cast – Finding What Excites You and General Q&A

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  • Both Simon and Chris’s tutorials have been great.

  • HaHaHa …….
    Its a pretty cool video thumbnail
    you really rocks !!!!!

  • Simon and Chris are GREAT. I wish more to come from them. But still i hope for some “more simple” tutorials from you too… 🙂

  • you are great Gorilla, you are just GREAT! you really care about us. So thank you a LOT!
    I support BSQ’s replay 100%. Both Simon and Chris are great and I hope to see many more tutorials from them, as well as form you!ok?
    thank you thank you thank you gorilla:)

  • Nick you have a great lesson, I want more tutorials on AE

  • Ah dang! I missed you in SLC! next time maybe 😉

  • thanks Nick 😉

  • thanks,
    i’m really looking for a tutorial about rendering animation in HDRI quality, without the flickerings.

    • @Alex:

      Did the flickering occur when you rendered with global illumination? Try to avoid GI for animations and use e.g. the mograph skydome for reflections and lighting.

      Often GI isn’t necessary at all and can be compensated using a good color Correction with AE or a different renderengine like VRay.

      Your renders will be way faster too!

    • Say good bye to AR3 and try the Vray.Is almost 2012 we need to speed up.

  • Nick, Chris, Simon and Mike- great and creative men.
    Thank you one more time!

  • Damn, I lost it again 🙁
    I need to put my alarm on every wednesday!

    So, how was skiing Nick? I do ski every winter too, not this one though…

  • Ahhh man i missed this how do we find out when there on ???

  • This episode was really awesome compared to the last one. I like it when you get deep and explain design processes, motivation, improvement. I think thats the main thing people are interested cause it concerns everybody, maybe even creative directors…

    I love this line: “You may do a1000 clicks, a pro would do about 15 – thats the difference”
    ->That motivates me to go on with experimenting, cause it can get sometimes exhausting and dissapointing.

    You did a good move by letting addidtional people do tutorials on your site. It gives greyscale more variety and takes it to the next level.

    As always, thumbs up for your ideas and energy to push this site forward:-)

  • Hey Nick, I was listening that you may start a forum, if you would end up doing this I would love to help you out as a moderator if you were looking for someone.

  • I like the idea of using the comments as a forum. You could post some general Q&A posts like “Q&A – After effects”, or “Q&A – Cinema 4d lighting” etc.

    The nice thing about this method is, as you mentioned, that other talented people could help out as well.

    PS: I’d like to see some more tutorials on color grading in Photoshop… not just the technical aspect (I know how to use curves), but you thinking when tweaking.

  • I like what you said about ‘building machines’ and running things though them. I never really connected these two things. But I suppose I spent a lot of my time when I was younger trying to rearrange the parts in the mousetrap board game;

    when I was in my teens I became obsessed with chris sawyer roller coaster tycoon game….Luckly I have managed to translate tho addictions into a job.


  • I’m new to C4D (about six months) but have been doing freelance MoGraph for about ten years. GSG has helped out tremendously as I transition from Maya to C4D. I look forward to meeting Nick sometime at SIGGRAPH. I’ll buy you a beer.

    Sorry if this has already been suggested, but what if you took questions a day or so before your live casts? You could go through them, see trends, set an agenda, save some for later shows, etc. You could then show your viewers the list at the beginning of the show as a tentative itinerary. That would help curb the shouting match that is currently going on during your show.

    Thanks again for your help! Love the tutorials!

  • Too much tutorials on Cinema 4D, I would like more (lot more) tutorials on AE 😉

  • Hi, Nick,

    great video as always.
    But what i would like to know:
    What screen capture software do you use to produce this videos?

  • please a nice simple character rig setup from modeling to skinning weighting & uving texturing in c4D R12, please please please.

  • I love work,it makes life easier my could do a tutorial on modeling a car or anything

  • I think having the new guys on here is a great idea, the one problem i have is the quality, perhaps this s when i view it they have only just come out but sometimes its just unseeable. I would also reccomend robert ledger for expresso that guy is insane.

  • Hey, what were the cards you were talking about?

  • hey nick I really need your help when rendering an animation in cinema 4d. when I am in the picture viewer my whole scene is grey and does not render the animation it sticks on one frame and says preparing. hope you understand what I mean. thanks

  • When are you going to come to New York?

  • Would love to see some character animation tutorials on here! Or at least some recommendations on where to find some. There don’t seem to be any available for C4D (except for the super-boring, barely-understandable, five-hour-long monstrosity that comes with R10).

  • Bummer… Can’t get this on my iPad

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