Introducing the GSG Free Cinema 4D Model Pack

March 3, 2011 - By 

So happy to announce the first version of the GSG Free Cinema 4D Model Pack. It’s a collection of models submitted by the GSG community that are copyright free and ready to be used in your project. I hope to add more and more models as they are submitted and added to the pack. Use them for fun or for your next render. Either way, I would love to see you post your renders in the comments if you end up using them. Have a model of your own to submit? Stay tuned for an official form to submit models to the pack so we can make this the best free model pack ever!!!

Download the free Model Kit Here


Download the free Model Kit Here

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  • you are my teacher hhh thank you a lot

  • You can see a test render with some cameras here

  • Nick, Thanks for all your sexy tutorials

  • Thanks! This will help a lot!

  • not part of the GSG collection but it may be useful to some… a free drinks can model @

  • are you still accepting more models?

  • Kann den keiner hier einen satz ohne fehler schreiben! ich gehen sclafen! und vielen dank
    dafΓΌr ist echt geil!! <3

  • Here’s a render of a project I did using the Volkswagen model from the model pack (as well as the Light Kit). It’s a redesign of Optimus Prime as a VW bus.

  • Thx Nick πŸ˜€ appreciate it πŸ˜‰

  • Thank You!
    We should extend this whit more models.


  • Hi Nick,
    I just sent a message to JJoren Kandel. While I wait for his answer, maybe you could help me. Thanks in advance Ramon. This is the message:
    “Hi Joren,
    I am a sculptor and I am planning to start working with Cinema 4D. I want to create virtual 3D sculptures with photorealistic rendering to produce “virtual catalogues” for potential clients or agents. I also want to show these 3D virtual sculptures in Interior scenes (living rooms, dining rooms, hotels, offices, residences, all rather modern and contemporary, etc) with Cinema 4D, and create Walkthroughs to show all the possibilities to decorate with my sculptures. As I am often bussy producing real sculptures or marketing them, I have been searching for 3D interior scenes already made, to save me time, but most are for 3D Studio Max (.max files). I came across, and it mentioned “Many of these packs come with full interiors to house your scene. Not just individual models, but full scenes ready to use any way you need.” and finally came across your web page with your packs. However, I didn’t find any containing what I need. Do you have any packs with interiors (they need to be photorealistic, all ready to use, not much time for adding colours, textures, etc, editable, so that I can insert my sculptures and create walkthroughs, and very good looking) of interiors of residential houses, offices, hotels, etc. If not, do you know of anybody, web page, etc, who has anything like it? I have found some for Cinema 4D (dosch, but would like to see more to choose what suits me best. I would be very grateful if you could send me an answer as soon as possible. Obviously, I am willing to pay, as long as prices are reasonable… Thank you in advance.
    Best regards, and apologies for such a long message…

  • A sad story (but not so sad) with yours lego figure model starring πŸ˜€


  • Nick, the Free GSG Pack for the new C4D Training (which I love — thanks) is actually this download. So the files needed for those lessons are not included.

  • free is good for practique

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