Introducing the GSG Free Cinema 4D Model Pack

March 3, 2011 - By 

So happy to announce the first version of the GSG Free Cinema 4D Model Pack. It’s a collection of models submitted by the GSG community that are copyright free and ready to be used in your project. I hope to add more and more models as they are submitted and added to the pack. Use them for fun or for your next render. Either way, I would love to see you post your renders in the comments if you end up using them. Have a model of your own to submit? Stay tuned for an official form to submit models to the pack so we can make this the best free model pack ever!!!

Download the free Model Kit Here


Download the free Model Kit Here

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  • Trevor Williams March 3, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I just died and went to heaven!!!! Thanks:)

  • Nice! Thank U gorilla

  • WOW, tnx Nick!

  • Thats so amazing!!

  • Thanks Nick and everyone else involved. This just shows what a great community we have.

  • I <3 free stuff, thanks Nick!

  • Oh baby! Top stuff and free??!!!! Heres to the c4d community and you Nick!

  • Outstanding Nick!

  • Tack som fan!
    Or in Eng. Thanks a lot, super sweet…

  • Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better…


  • Sweet thank you, and every one involved

  • CAPSONWHILERENDERING March 3, 2011 at 3:47 pm


  • Thx for sharing!
    I’m a very happy customer!

  • Thanks to all involved!

  • Wow, this is awesome. Thanks for posting!

  • Shiny happy thanks πŸ™‚

  • Look great,
    tnx Nick!

  • Wow! I am really at a lost for words. You continuously go out of your way to make such an amazing community. Thank you once again. This is so awesome! And thanks to whom ever else helped with making these models too!



  • Sweet, I’ll make good use of this. Maybe I’ll see you in Denver

  • extravagant Sharing, Thanks.

  • I was just thinking about LEGO models today πŸ™‚ Awesome.

    Thank you very much Nick!

  • MAN! That is beyond AWESOME!
    Very exciting! IΒ΄d love to see what people make out of it. Oh, and James will totally love the TRON bikes HEHE!


  • Thanks, C4D community wouldn’t be as it is without you. You’ll be remembered forever when C4D dominate the world…

  • Thank you very much……

  • I used to own a REAL VW just like that. Memories….

  • Thanks to the community for this, go monkey’s! Can’t wait to play around with it!

  • good stuff here!!! lets not use these in our reels and pawn them off as our own models guys. πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you Nick, you are the best! cheers, Mauro.

  • Thanx! Cool stuff. Can’t wait to use it. (with credit to the authors of course)


  • awesome… a tutorial to animate the lego character perhaps?

  • Great collection!thank you for sharing this stuff πŸ™‚
    I love that vw!

    Gorilla, you are a superhero..


  • you guyz !!!

    that s just sharing so much passion!! and talent!!!
    WHHhoohhhooo hoOOO!!

    cheers !!


  • Nick, can I ask, WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME!!!

  • hey nick please help me!! I need to doo this effect

    and I have not idea how!!

    just de final part when the text becomes the national geography logo.

    I hope you can help me!!

    TNQ very much

    • This would be best done with particular or could even be done with form. With both of these you can use a layer as the reference for the particle emitter. The trick is to work backwards. Stat with your text and then have it break up into particles and drift off. Then precomp that and when you use it just time reverse it so it goes backwards.

      Search AETUTS for text/particle tutorials I know they have several good one.

    • Ahron Rabinowitz did a tutorial on exactly the same thing over at RedGiantTV.

    • You can ask him yourself,, i also seen this being done in realflow, really cool

  • Thanks a lot to all the authors! And to Nick of course!

  • Hey nick!

    Thanks for the Kit, and by the way, check out my “kit” it’s my babyyyyy ! Thanks for sharing the free kit, amazing as always. Best, Mike

  • Thanks a bunch Nick!!

  • Oh man…gorilla you are the best man i am new here i have been viewing all the tutorials for cinema 4d and after effects i will be a regular here from now onwards you have really helped me alot in learning cinema 4d i am a web designer basically by profession.

  • Thanks Nick for the wonderful pack !

  • Benjamin Eshagpoor March 4, 2011 at 2:57 am

    Wow! This is great! If I could make a request for the next version…Monkey’s pre-rigged magazine that he showed off in the tutorial that he did for GSG. Hell…I’d even pay money for it!

  • Wow, a big thanks to all involved.

    Can’t wait to submit my own models, this community keeps giving & giving, great stuff.



  • Thanks thanks thanks!

  • here’s what I made earlier with the VW Bus

    I had to do the top white stripe later in photoshop because I couldn’t figure out how to make the gradient work right across all the objects it was being projected onto.

    Any easy ideas for the future?

    • I believe if you use the “slice” or cut tool and then just sell select all the parts at once then apply the material it should work, right. I’m new so that’s just an idea.

    • Forgive me for the extra word in that haha… I’m still drunk from last night and now at work.

    • Could you not use the Polygon Select tool and drag a new material to your selected polygons – rather than slicing the object up… Would have to be done for each panel but wouldn’t take too long.

      Amazing Pack tho – Thanks so much Nick – loving seeing the gsg community growing and doing things like this! Would def be up for helping out if you needed more models!

    • yea those are good ideas I never thought about that. thanks

  • Thanks, Nick! Good stuff!

  • Hi,
    First, thanx so much.
    Second, how do I have to do if I want to contribute and submit a model of my own ?

  • Oh Mr. Gorilla! You are my HERO!!!

  • top chap. much appreciated.

  • Thx Nick. You’re awsome!

    I have a cool idea for the lamp. Hope I will find some time to try it soon.

  • WoW..WoW..
    Thanks nick..Thanks gorilla..

  • Hi Nick please explane me how u create pakcs? I want create the bilding pack (russian bildings) but i dont know how to create library pack.

  • thanks a ton……..

  • Great Nick!
    I would like to contribute. What should I do?

  • So where skiing this wednesday? πŸ˜›
    One more, Why dont you make a link to a page where there are thumbnails from each one and with a click you download the one you want?

    That way you can keep adding models witch we/they offer to the grid and not really wait for the next big wave of models to make the model pack.

  • Thanks for those… Appreciated!

  • Holy merry xxxmas in March!

  • Wow! And all that for free!

    Propably an airplane would be a good idea…

    • Yes, a paper airplane folded up on lined school paper would be cool.

    • C4D Origami 101

      Go into Top Down view, drop a plane object into your scene, default size (400×400). Zero out all hight and width segments, you don’t need them. Make editable.

      Scoot the lot over in X by 200 units.

      Drop a Symmetry object into the scene, drop the plane_poly inside that. Basic piece of paper.

      Turn off the symmetry object for now.

      PolyMode: select your plane_poly. right_click>knife – cut diagonally, bottom to top. Select the new lower poly you just made:right_click>split. The selection on your original poly is still live, go to:Edit>delete. Switch to PointMode:select all. Right_click>optermise. Press OK – that deletes all stray points from your original plane_poly object. You now two adjacent polys – quick render they look like all one thing.

      Select your new right-angled poly. Go into EdgeMode: select the edge adjacent to the other poly. Hold down ALT and drop a new Nul object into the scene – as you will see this will automatically make the nul a parant of the new poly.

      Select the nul – You’ll find it’s bang in the centre of the new polys adjacent edge. Active the axis tool>rotate and with the shift key held down, rotate the nul’s axis 45 degrees across the Y axis.

      Deactivate the axis tool, go back into object mode and with rotate still active rotate the nul in X… say about 45 degrees.

      Viola – you have a piece of paper that folds in half – reactive the symmetry object, it does so across both sides.

      Basically, this is how you can not only model but animate a piece of paper folding itself up into anything you like.

      Drop a ClothNURBS object into the scene, drop the the symmetry and everything attached to it into that – select the clothNURBSand under Thickness give it a value of about 0.5 – your piece of paper now has thickness.

      Dont’t worry – not going to drone on much further. Take far too long the walkthrough the whole process, besides it isn’t entirely perfect – but – the outlined method gives you a reasonable idea of how you could go about doing it.

      To save time I’ve run up a completed scene file – help yourself, anyone who wants:

      You could, of course, always use bend deformers instead of cutting everything up – It’s a method certainly worth considering – it’s just basically I find it easier with cuts, dropping the new polys into nul’s, snapping the nuls to the edges that need rotating and just aligning the axis’s so as they run in the right direction.

      Once you’ve animated your rotations make a copy of the model, weld any separated points together that may have shifted slightly through the rotations and make that your hero_file. Hide its visablity during animation and then just swop out viability on the two versions.

      You’ll see what I mean in the scene file.

      Grab yourself a piece of paper before starting, make it in real paper first and that basically gives you you’re fold lines (you can always scan it in, drop it on as a texture – easy guide to follow)

      Hope that helps someone,


    • .. and somewhere in that little lot there’s an italics tab without the close / on it…

      Bugger. πŸ™ No preview mode.

  • ThankYou very much!

  • what are the copyright or legal issues. like making money off them by putting them in a movie or something?

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Hey Nick. Thanks a lot for the free models…. but I really dont understand Y you give it away for free? so much hard work and its freeee??? Cant believe !!….Thanks again Bye

  • Great pack Nick.
    Liked seeing my lego dudes in use too.

    Awesome share!


  • thank you nick. nice models and some very interesting materials to boot! have a gold star!

  • Great models, here’s a fracture test:


  • hi nick,
    cool idea, im currently working on two models a rpg-7 and an audi r8, i would give them to you but im using 3dmax and for the mats vray. in what formats do you need the files? thx for everything

  • I totally love your work Nick. As an aspiring C4D artist, you are totally one of my, well, actually, you are my one and only hero. I love your site, and the only reason I don’t love you is because I’m a guy, but if it weren’t for that freak of nature (on your part, you should have been a girl) I’d totally love you man. Keep up the astonshingly good work πŸ™‚

  • Thanks a lot. This is awesome !

  • love the lego, so cute

    the tron vehicle is awesome too!


  • wait didnt you aleady release these models? i downloaded them like 3 weeks ago

  • wait yea there must be a glitchin your site cuz i was searching on it and came across this page and downloaded theses models about 2 weeks ago, you should fix that so that ppl cant see what youll be postin

  • Thanks a lot Nick . Hope the upload button will follow soon . IΒ΄ve got a few older models i want to share .


  • This is awesome, thanks!

  • I thought id never see lego people driving a vw camper. But now i have! And its all thanks to you nick!

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    See you there

  • Nice! I’ve got some models I’d like to submit as well… looking forward to a submission form!

  • Thank you guys for sharing!

  • This is awesome! I am working on a project and the camera is perfect. I put the VW van in this scene that I have been prototyping on. The van looks great.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • The textures don;t seem to be loading, did a search for one on the computer and it found nothing. I have v10.x maybe that’s the problem?
    thanks again

  • you…..saint.

    god bless you man.

  • Hi everybody.So I’m looking to get more into the 3d world . and am wondering what 3D application might suit my needs the best . I’m not looking to create ‘characters’ or do any rigging work . all i’ll create is motion graphics.
    That’s why i need to know what is the best 3D program in motion graphics,and the most important thing what is best integrated with After Effects.
    So : 3D Max,Maya,or C4D ?

  • Hi Nick,

    Your LegoMan reminds me my old CV, based on Lego characters πŸ˜‰
    Made with Cheetah, before switching to Cinema. Check-it out :

    Hope your trip is fun !!
    Enjoy Dude

  • Your Sound Is Like 5.1 Sorround

  • i know that this is a bit off topic but whenever i try to render something with the hdri light kit pro this comes up —>
    GI Irradiance Cache File cannot be written – please check output path!
    what do i do, any suggestions ?

    • Go into your render settings.
      In the GI tab there is a sub tab called ‘irradiance cache file’

      This is where you can specify a location. You may find that it it trying to save to Nick’s hard drive which is causing the problem. Input a new location on your machine and you should be fine.


  • Good sharing πŸ˜‰

  • you are my teacher hhh thank you a lot

  • You can see a test render with some cameras here

  • Nick, Thanks for all your sexy tutorials

  • Thanks! This will help a lot!

  • not part of the GSG collection but it may be useful to some… a free drinks can model @

  • are you still accepting more models?

  • Kann den keiner hier einen satz ohne fehler schreiben! ich gehen sclafen! und vielen dank
    dafΓΌr ist echt geil!! <3

  • Here’s a render of a project I did using the Volkswagen model from the model pack (as well as the Light Kit). It’s a redesign of Optimus Prime as a VW bus.

  • Thx Nick πŸ˜€ appreciate it πŸ˜‰

  • Thank You!
    We should extend this whit more models.


  • Hi Nick,
    I just sent a message to JJoren Kandel. While I wait for his answer, maybe you could help me. Thanks in advance Ramon. This is the message:
    “Hi Joren,
    I am a sculptor and I am planning to start working with Cinema 4D. I want to create virtual 3D sculptures with photorealistic rendering to produce “virtual catalogues” for potential clients or agents. I also want to show these 3D virtual sculptures in Interior scenes (living rooms, dining rooms, hotels, offices, residences, all rather modern and contemporary, etc) with Cinema 4D, and create Walkthroughs to show all the possibilities to decorate with my sculptures. As I am often bussy producing real sculptures or marketing them, I have been searching for 3D interior scenes already made, to save me time, but most are for 3D Studio Max (.max files). I came across, and it mentioned “Many of these packs come with full interiors to house your scene. Not just individual models, but full scenes ready to use any way you need.” and finally came across your web page with your packs. However, I didn’t find any containing what I need. Do you have any packs with interiors (they need to be photorealistic, all ready to use, not much time for adding colours, textures, etc, editable, so that I can insert my sculptures and create walkthroughs, and very good looking) of interiors of residential houses, offices, hotels, etc. If not, do you know of anybody, web page, etc, who has anything like it? I have found some for Cinema 4D (dosch, but would like to see more to choose what suits me best. I would be very grateful if you could send me an answer as soon as possible. Obviously, I am willing to pay, as long as prices are reasonable… Thank you in advance.
    Best regards, and apologies for such a long message…

  • A sad story (but not so sad) with yours lego figure model starring πŸ˜€


  • Nick, the Free GSG Pack for the new C4D Training (which I love — thanks) is actually this download. So the files needed for those lessons are not included.

  • free is good for practique

  • tnx man

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