Productivity and Space Camp: My Interview with Austinights

March 29, 2011 - By 

The guys at Austinights did an excellent job in letting me gab on about a bunch of crazy stuff while I was in SXSW. Listen to the interview here.

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  • Awesome, i love the interviews! 🙂

  • Hey! Great interview, Nick. You are our teacher and friend

  • I never listened to teachers much but somehow I can listen for hours to your passionate stories… Thanks…

  • Your interview is very gooooooooood!!

  • I love that when I put this mp3 into my dropbox to listen to it on my iPod on my way to work, it was instantly uploaded because someone else already did 🙂

  • Excellent, I like this interview

  • Hey Nick,

    Sorry man but i just came across this reel and i had to link it cuz i think this guy is a jerk.

    All i see here is Nick and Andrews tutorials compiled in one nasty reel, shame on you!!!

    • wow. that reel is a nice retrospective of Nick’s work… some great tutorials in there I’d totally forgotten about.

    • I think Nick should just do tutorials on how to use the tool like Simmon. Easy and short..

    • Andrew I think Nick is doing fine he is a standup guy credits everyone and he is actually breaking things down with his own thinking process, Who in this forsaken industry hasn’t seen work and try and learn from others technique? Look at the bullet time effect these techniques were around way before the matrix but they took those techniques and brought them into a whole new one. That is something you can’t teach. So Keep it up Nick!!!!!

  • Great interview. Seems like you need someone to discuss with to keep you on mind track 🙂 lots of these things you’ve talked about several times, but it were great new info here. Keep up doing good tutorials!:D

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