F*ck You. Pay Me.

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What a great presentation about getting paid for your work. Be sure to check our more of these excellent creative talks at CreativeMornings.com

…if you learn a little bit about this stuff and just feel a little bit more confident about (legal) stuff , then you can do (creative) stuff, the stuff that you really love doing that much longer and that much better. If you just get this stuff locked up, then you can enjoy what you really love doing. Because I love design and I love designers and I want designers to know that they actually have a lot more power then they think they have.

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  • Hey Buddy,

    awesome you linked it up! Listen to it now. Really like it so far!
    See you on wednesday dude!!!!
    Have a good one!


  • Excellent talk Nick. I think this is an issue that is to easily passed over and there in never enough attention brought to it. Thanks for posting.


  • Great advice. Nice find.

  • I think we need some mograph contracts that everyone can start using!

  • I know nothing about contracts and lawyers, so this video was a good introduction to those things. Plus, Mike seems like a totally insane, hard-ass, alpha male- which I can respect. Thanks for sharing.

  • For those just freelancing on their own, even just a booking confirmation like the one on http://www.motiondesignpractices.org/ will go a long way. It’s really about making sure everyone’s clear on what’s required of them and having a record of that to reference if things go downhill.

  • Was really good, pitty it didn´t go into it abit more in detail. Oh and the guy at the back closest to the camera on the left was really distracting because I realised he had the exact same shirt as I own and I bought mine in Spain. Really bizarre!
    Nick I love your stuff even more, thanks for point out Seth Godin´s books.

  • Great video! Shown it to a few of my design buddies. They all loved it!

  • Excellent talk, really useful in terms of avoiding problems. Will share it immidiately!

  • very useful knowledge. Thanks for putting in into the blog!

  • I appreciate the Goodfellas reference! Will have to listen to this soon.

  • This was a really good one Nick,
    I’d love to see more of these kinds of presentations.
    Keep up the good work

  • Very inspiring – Well done to the team that filmed the talk. Would love anymore contract templates and links to good freelance lawyers in the UK if anyone has any links!? I guess I could even use US lawyers as long as the laws are the same?

  • just sorry that our courts doesnt work as well as yours ^^

  • I’m about to graduate from college with a degree in design, and I have done some freelance logo work on the side, but I find that I’m so nice, that in the future people might walk all over me.

    I hate being the bad guy, or what the client will label me as.

  • huhuhuhu, am not the only one that had this sad experience of didn’t get paid for my work …

  • you know what..F*CK YOU PAY ME…best presentation i ever seein…loved every sec of it.

  • Great Video Nick,I think every one in this business has experience once in his life a situation like this,I think sometimes they don´t take us serious.

  • thank you mister Gorilla for the creativity of the information…

  • Love the talk and the character of the speakers.
    I wonder if, when seeking legal advice one should do it with a law firm specializing in Design or Media, or if any lawyer will do.
    I only say this because it would be a major suck to spend tons of cash on someone who’s not gonna get what you do and how to help you.
    So, that being said, can anyone recommend a good attorney in the Southeast of the US?

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • while im not sure, i think you wont find a firm specializing in design and media,

      though you should probably find one specializing in employer-worker relations, the job market and contracts and such…

  • Awesome.

    Great tips and entertaining

  • i think that kind of actions come from people who thinks that creative work is easy or is barely nothing, and can be achieved in a couple of minutes, so they dont give us the recognizement we deserve, and try to escape from the payment we deserve

  • Very useful tips.
    Can I sugest a soundtrack for this



  • Excellent presentation and topic.
    I think this type of discussion should happen often within this community. As a sole proprietor I should really be doing much more to protect myself, and I find this video really is a valuable reminder, not only about legal best practices, but also as a reminder of the overall concept of value: how we value ourselves, our craft, our time -and how this is laid out in the vendor client relationship. I would certainly like to hear more of Mike Monteiro’s thoughts as I think he presented this topic quite well.

  • Entertaining and very informative video, that only proves – wana make business with creative work – hire lawyer (just in case..)

  • F*ck you pay meh

  • Thanks for posting this! This is totally what I needed to hear!

  • Thanks for posting this! Just what i needed to hear!

  • Truly Great for every artist.

  • This is a great video and I think is so helpful for anyone in our industry.

    Its really easy to some up as ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’

  • I may rethink after seeing this but, here’s the simplest and most effective contract I’ve used and the use-case scenario I got it from. This works like a charm:



    Booking Confirmation

    My name:
    My Company LLC:

    Today’s Date:
    Rate: $xxx per day, $xx per hour after 10 hours
    Kill fee: 50% of remaining booking


  • I’d encourage the motion graphics community to follow the Usability Design community in this trend of identifying Dark Patterns and Naming and Shaming unethical business models.


    I’d like to add the agency Creative Circle to the list of Dark Patterns for
    Disguised Ads
    Bait and Switch
    Privacy Zuckering

  • Hahaha. I can’t tell who is the designer and who is the lawyer.

  • Hey! Thank you very much for this video, and all you said here. I’ve been hired for some jobs in the past, and most of them were without contract. Thank goodness I had watched this earlier, because today a person started their “negotiations” with me by saying “let’s go through the first month without a contract, and then we will write one if there’s need”, and in the past I would just go for it, but today I objected and I’m getting the contract written out now. I have a hunch that this saved me a lot of trouble!

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