Greyscalegorilla Shiny Spheres: 3D Desktop Renders for Download

April 25, 2011 - By 

Made with R12 Dynamics, Ambient Occlusion and the Light Kit Pro Overhead Softbox. The depth of field effects and color correction were done with Frishluft Lens Care, After Effects, and Vintage Film for Looks.

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  • Haha love how you get off on spheres

  • Very Nice, Clean Looks 🙂

  • That´s a whole lotta balls 😉

  • so nice

    I have some abstract c4d stuff too for wallpaper

    I dont have the pro account so if somebody does and wants to post the full size versions….let me know.

  • Hello and thx for this gift
    it s on my desktop now !

  • Great!…
    I have to have Dynamics…now…
    Thx for the eastereggs. 😎

  • Love me some black/grey balls….hate staring at white screens…

  • I have this for about a week ! thouse walls are pretty nice.

  • Hey Nick,

    Any chance you could post the project file for these? Just would like to see your texturing and lighting.

  • Great, now I have new wallpaper. I’ll just crop the highest res image to 1920×1080 🙂


  • Tnkx a lot very nice render!!! (:o)

  • Hi Nick, love your artwork. 🙂
    What kind of computer do you use for heavy rendering? Could you share your computer spec please?

  • I named the saved picture Nick´s Balls and I didn´t even rect at first. But now we know Nick´s got balls!

    Thanks a lot looks really nice on my desktop!!

  • Nothing like balls in 16:9!!

  • No Apple iPad version?

  • Very nice Nick! I’m gonna be matching wallpapers on all my devices. Now I just need the shirt to match!

  • Please make a Tutorial. You light and your colors are very good. I love it;)

  • Would be great to see all the different stages: how it came out of C4D, then the different post phases. \how about it Nick?

  • Ha, Balls he he….
    Nice work man.

  • I just put it on my 27” and minimized my web browser. Low and behold, Nick, I am now blind. Thanks! :oP

  • I actually don’t understand how all the things you do are so nice, Its just perfect !

  • haha I love the “GSG” Internet provider.
    Great wallpapers too 😉

  • haha, your iphone is on the GSG network?

  • Awesome depth of field there.

  • if anyone can do spheres its you nick ! 🙂

  • seeeeexyness

  • Great work! It looks really great as a background 🙂

  • I love to render somethings to be my desktop wallpaper.
    It is great to use yours in this month ^^

  • 1280*1024 ?? can’t crop from the original sized image cause of the aspect ratio..

  • Would be great if you could share scene files as well.?

    • sphere, cloner, rigid body tag, standard gsg reflective material. put some soft boxes on it. apply gi. render. done.

      you don’t need the scene file for this stuff, dude.


    I love this Sh*t… so I made my own.. cubes ;o)


  • @nick: you have a flickr? i was telling “magic” to check his? anyway, if i can find your flickr i’ll send you the same email.

  • Please make a Tutorial Plz ?

  • Hey Nick,

    That looks damn good! Could you plz post a quick tuto for this.. Did you use one Softbox only for the lighting? It seems there is so much light in there and just one softbox seems not enough..


  • Where the link to the download? Am I blind?

  • Seriously mate, HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR WORK JUST SO UNIQUE AND SEXY? I want to learn Cinema 4D pretty much inside and out, like know exactly what each tool does etc. Where should I look/study?

  • thank you my friend , i hope put a video show us how to make a Mass Physics Simulation . thank again

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