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Mod style, great animation, and rational thinking come together in this piece written by Tim Minchin and animated by Dan C Turner. Learn more about the piece here.

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  • Usually animation pieces like this dont hold my attention past the first minute, but this short is just awesome! Funny as hell and it is a really clean style to it.

  • Very very nice indeed,somehow the way the story is told reminds me the very good Tim Burton’s Vincent short.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Yea… I love this vid. Sooo good.

  • wow. amazing. brilliant stuff

  • hah. Love this piece by Tim. And now when it’s got pictures accompanying it. I simply adore it.

  • damn..:) that piece was nice. absolutly brilliant.

  • wow,… I mean,. wow,…

  • indeed it was awesome
    i had some trouble listening to it but the overall meaning was quite interesting

    maybe subtitles for foreigners would be great

  • Really great. All of it. The rhythm, the poem, the subject, the style, the animation and not forget something you can use to piss off people who believe in bullcrap 🙂

  • I think we all know a “Storm” in our world – great story 😉

  • Brilliant

  • Very Nice 🙂 I appreciate it

  • Absolutely brilliant Nick. I’m glad you posted this one. I’ve been waiting for the full version ever since I saw the test short they put together.

    Some great detail in the type animation. Do you think they used Ease and wizz for the lovely elastic bounce to the letters forming around 3:00? or by hand? Either way beautifully done.

  • I think everyone here is waiting for a chance to leap on a troll who backs up Storm’s argument.

  • Here’s the troll (ahaha): The animation is really really cool! But I have to say that the content is really close-minded to me. The truth is always in between. I wouldn’t be Storm but neither the speaker here. Sorry, just my opinion but I think the point this video is trying to make is freaking lame. But let’s talk about design! 😀

    • I’m with you Mauro. Loved the animation and the prose was clever, but the speaker did come off as a bit of a prick. *I’m always uncomfortable watching someone get the beat-down*

    • I agree but I doubt this actually happened as presented. (If you know Aussie girls this lad would be swimming in the Thames!). I think its just a commentary on ‘hokey’ thinking in general. And its fucking brilliant!

    • I loved the premise as well as the animation. I’ve been that guy many times, and not just at dinner parties. “You know what they call alternative medicine that’s proven to work? Medicine” – Love it.

    • I agree with Mauro as well. Great animation and storytelling.It caught my attention.But the “beat-down” “Storm” receives is kinda ridiculous.

      Its like Cobb in Inception questioning why the old men slept to dream more than they were awake in real life and the old man watching over them responds
      “Who are you to say otherwise?”

  • unbelievably awesome! Tim Minchin is great and this video is uber-entertaining 😀

  • It is an inspiring work. I didn’t even bothered about the animations details. It was an enjoyment watching it, total switch in to the story. Thanks!

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!! That it!!!! just love it!!1

  • Cool animation. But I dont like the story. I think that the narrator was a prick too.

  • This is simply fantastic! Just wonderful! Love the beat poem, love the animation! Brilliant.


  • Great video that depicts the story of my life. My skepticistic race against all religious and magic bs!
    Excellent piece of animation!

  • So the end result of such beliefs as presented by the protagonist is that there is no God (because we cannot see Him) and therefore no meaning to life. Yay!!!!!! Now there is a presumption worth living for!

    Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die. ;D

    • Exactly man. No god, nor god, nor magic, not even astrology bs and all such crap. But that has nothing to do with the meaning of anyones life. Do you live for a god or something like that and not for yourself and family? I personally enjoy my life and thank my parents for bringing me to life and noone else.

  • And then you die and your life had no point, but to bear children who also will die and have no point to their living at all. Crazy line of reasoning my friend.

    Especially in the light of creative evidence all around you that God exists and is someone you will have to deal with someday whether you like the idea of Him being there or not. The wondrous thing is that, in love, and while there is still time, He reaches out to you and me in spite of our trying to foolishly pretend He’s not there.

    Why? In order that our lives might have some purpose other than becoming worm food. Which is the end and only result of your belief. And it is a belief for you for you cannot prove there isn’t a God.

    Moving on now Demetrius. Eat, drink and be merry. I pray God changes your heart on this.

  • Stop and think guys. What is the point of life without God? Sure you can live life even if there is no God. What choice do you have? But if there is nothing after this life but death. What was the point? The old adage Eat, drink and be merry is definitely applicable for anyone who believes that this is all there is.

    In fact, If this is all there is and there is no God, then there is no one to answer to and therefore no standard of good. You can’t tell me what to do or not do and vice versa. If, there is no standard of good outside ourselves to answer to, then no one could judge anyone as ‘wrong’ for doing anything they could to enjoy this life, no matter what the cost to others, as long as they believed it was best for them. They could kill someone, take their money and rape their wife if they could get away with it and who could judge them? Not you or I because we say there is no higher authority than man. And if we do judge them as ‘wrong’, who are we to do so? What makes you or I an authority over that person?

    If you think these things out to their ultimate conclusion, you will find that your logic is flawed. Of course there is a God who defines what is good and evil and judges those who violate their own consciences and do evil because He is perfect in His goodness and worthy to be judge over sinful men.

    But if we are willing to accept that, then their is also some very good news for those who do not want to face God’s perfect and Holy goodness. Anyone who would like to know what that good news is can email me at

    Not trying to keep it a secret but there is no point in sharing it with those who deny there even is a God. Right?

  • That was great Nick.

    @John Corbitt: So you need a god to tell you right from wrong? Murder is still wrong, even if god doesn’t exist. So you need god to be good? You have to have a fear of hellish damnation to be good? That is a dim view of human beings and your own existence.

  • You make my point perfectly Rob. I know what is right and wrong like you do because I believe the reason we do is because God put that understanding in us. But if there is no God as some here seem to be asserting, then who are you to tell me murder is wrong? Aren’t you making yourself some kind of authority on morality if you do? Why yes, you are. Who are you to do that? Your just another flawed man like the rest of us. Who are you to say fearing Hell is wrong? Again, you are just a man who has been wrong on many things, like the rest of us here, and most certainly could be wrong that there is no God.

    If you are right on that, then I have led a ‘good’ life anyway (again what is good) but if you are wrong and the Bible is right, then you will have to answer for your willing violation of your ‘right and wrong’ gauge, AKA your God given conscience.

    BTW, I love how men will say there are no certainties, and then try to say with a certainty there is no God. How could they possibly know?

    • Oops I was ‘wrong’ on how I spelled You’re on line 5 of my comment. Sorry. Wait a minute, there is no God so why should I be sorry? ;D

    • Sorry folks. It was my fault to begin with. Let’s stop this while we can. There is no reason to argue with someone who believes in “Faith”. You can’t win.

    • John you upset me because of your attitude. I grew up around people like you and the truth is you are not representing the Jesus you claim to follow. You can never argue someone into believing there is a God or even a (Loving) God when you look around and see all the pain and suffering. Only God can open a heart to understanding a Character they know of in a story they don’t understand. To be a real “Christian” mean love everyone as you love yourself. If science is what your in to the I would suggest this video. Skip to about 9:53 min thats where it Begins.

  • From your point of view atheistic communities should be ravaged by murderers and rapers but it’s the other way round. In fundamentalist christian communities is where you find the higher crime rates. Like in most countries in South America and the southern States of the U.S.

  • Sorry Nick, I hadn’t refreshed the page and didn’t read your last comment.

  • I don’t fear debate, but agree that if parties are unwilling to listen, to consider the possibilities then there is a problem. BTW, I answered many of the questions you guys posed, but not one of mine has been answered. I believe it is because there is no answer without the reality of God. Peace, men.

    • You may not fear debate, but all you religous people do is either change the subject or use god to awnser the question.

      You wanna know something?
      The bible is a pile of shit.
      Everything inside of it has been proven wrong over and over by FACTS!
      Like the birth of jesus, Mary may of slept with somebody and never told anyone about it, got pregnant and then kept lying. Now im not sure what the bible actually says but i don’t need to. Then i belive they nedded to move jesus to somewhere, they made a bi wooden thing for him to be carried in? Wich would needed to be commisioned, although we have records of everything that was commisioned in those years, that never came up. He then had to register somewhere (been a long time since i read it) It has also been proven that nothing like that ever existed, the king at the time in the bible wasn’t actually king for another 10years after his “birth” Even if all that crap was true, he then walked round in one of the most populated places on the planet at the time, performing so many miracles, and not a single person wrote anything about him? not even when he died? Atleast not for another 100 years, wich would explain the historical inaccuracy. JESUS WAS NEVER BORN! wich just sets the mood for the rest of the book, more made up crap that was never true, or inaccurate.

      You see, i just magaed to destroy your faith in 5 minutes, anybody else with a IQ over 130 could do the same. Also, its a know fact that belivers generally have a significantly lower IQ than non-belivers, wich says something.

    • Also, im very tired, so there will be alot of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    • Infact because im bored, ill keep going with obvious things that anybody but a complete moron would notice.

      God apparently made this world right? He worked very hard on it, yes? Yet he allows humanity to slowly destroy it? makes perfect sense.

      He his a perfect being, but creates imperfect things, hos is that possible?

      He allows us to choose wether or not to belive in him, if he created us he wouldn’t do that.

      He created the earth 6000 years ago, funny how there is a infinite amount of proof showing the earth is ALOT LOT older than that, more like 4 billion years.

      You people seem to denie evolution although there is proof of that happening right now, there is videos about showing eels that have grown very very small feet, i can’t think of anything else right now but i know there is more videos like it, showing it happens.

      And then there is just the story of humanity itself.
      So, there was two people called adam and steve, and they lived in a magical garden where they could get anything they want at any time, except eat from some retarded tree because some invisble guy told them so, but they was tricked by a talking snake (i think that snake went on to do the harry potter films) into eating fruit from the tree, then god god mad and his vagina started to bleed, so he kicked them out of his magical garden, where they then made a indreed civilaztion and skipping tha past 2 billions of life that can’t be denied existed. Makes perfect sense, DUH!

  • I love all the typography bits in there. Just wonderful.

    I personally believe in something way beyond our reach and for me it is much more complex and less predictable that christian narrative. You fear death because it is beyond your consciousness to imagine it’s own end so you need some calming narrative of afterlife. Energy never disappears so there is no true end. The only thing that ends is our current conscious experience. Returning to the ground is a part of natural cycle but maybe it’s too simple and too scary so we have to invent stories.

    Truth and good are relative depending on when and where your are. Some things that were considered bad in middle ages now are the part of our current definition of good. The real authority in your life is the people in charge. Be you christian or buddhist you pay your taxes to support the system that makes your survival possible.

    I’m not against belief and faith myself but everyone chooses what to believe be it good design, our children, nature or christian god for that matter. It is hard to be a true atheist truly have no faith in anything. Slavoj Zizek has some interesint insights on the latter one.

    There is a pretty lengthy discussion on this matter by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Just type in Goolge “the four horsemen of apocalypse” and go to Videos it should be easy to find.

    ?”Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it.” – Dana Scully

  • Steven Griffiths April 27, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Cracking Video!

    Have you seen Tims other Video? Maybe be a bit too much for ‘some’ though. 😉

  • how can a short film like this take two years to make???, don’t get me wrong very entertaining but just wondering.

    • This only took two years to create? That IS impressive! It could have been twice as long and I’d still be flummoxed.

      Outstanding work.

  • plot: mwah
    style: mwah

  • Like that they implemented animated typography too. Interesting style overall.

  • brilliant

  • We all win.
    You can argue about anything in this world for as long as you want and it doesn’t matter because at the end,you and that person STILL believe in what each of you were arguing for or against. Its called free will.

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