Live Show Wednesdays: Three Hours Of Power

April 20, 2011 - By 

Join Me James and Ryan for three, that’s right, THREE hours of live design talk today. See you there.

3pm EST: GSG Live Cast
4pm EST: SN Broadcast
9pm EST: Design Chat

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  • damn! got class during the first two… definitely wont miss the 9pm one.

  • Thanks four your tips, I live in a country (HONDURAS) where there is no animation career, I had to make my own career, and I did well, thanks to people like you. and for doing the thinks that i like to do!

  • wow…
    I started with c4d at about 14-15 years old
    I pay for a private school to learn 3ds max
    Now Im in the second and last year

    Thanks to those online lessons im able to learn more and free, especially for my beloved c4d

    Nick, could you tell us more about what the other guys are into?

  • will these be recorded and posted on vimeo or something? I’m likely to miss them today 🙁

    Thank you

  • Awesome Cover.

  • What is that massive white font?

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