Five Second Project Winner: Frog View

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Congratulations to joshua catalano for winning the latest five second project, Frog View. This is his second time winning! I really love his style. You should also check out his excellent portfolio for more great work.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a project. Stay tuned for an upcoming 5SP soon.

Honorable Mentions

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  • Joshua Video look good but it not a frog kind of like a one dog hellhound.

    • Well the task was “frog view” so open Cinema4D if you have it and change your actual view to Cameras -> Frog and you’ll see. 🙂

      If you don’t have C4D than let me explain: the perspective used in Joshau’s video ist actually the Frog View perspective.

  • Really digging Richard’s.

  • The Hypnofrog is soooo awesome

  • haha ye hypnofrog was sweet as hell

  • Wow, so many great entries! I feel kind of stupid for not coming up with something fun now 😛 .
    Great submissions!
    No matter what the theme is next time, I just will participate. (I say this every month, so let’s just wait and see)

  • I like the winner and the hypnofrog video very much.

    But I hate those 5SP Videos that just display the name of the topic.. There’s nothing creative about it.

    • I agree they’re not the most interesting ones to watch, but a lot of the users who submit those types of animations are usually just starting out using C4D or After Effects or whatever – it may even be their first real attempt to create anything at all in an application alien to them. If that’s the case, the fact they’re learning a new technique (no matter how ‘easy’ and simple a technique it may be for a more experienced use) or just getting their heads round the panels and menus for the software is to be applauded.

  • The Hypnofrog is amazing!!

  • Word! getting an honorable mention is def a good feeling, thanks Gorilla! Especially seeing everyone else’s bad ass entries. You have taught me well obi wan.

  • Zachary O'Connor May 31, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    I must admit that I had quite a giggle at the last one! Whoopie Goldberg frog :D!

  • Hey Nick, just recieved the guide for the OFFF 2011.
    Saw that you speak there, is that right?.

    Cheers from Munich

  • Congrats to Joshua, well done!
    Actually I placed my bet on the hypnofrog aswell 🙂

    These 5 Second Projects are addictive! Really love them!

    Great stuff from all of you, keep up the good work!



    P.S: BTW, any suggestions for other C4D contests similar to the 5 Second Projects?

  • Some great vids out there! I like the hypnofrog most, but I gotta say. There is no frog view in any of the videos!! the winner is bird view! I didn´t participate tho..

  • Can’t wait for the next 5SP !

  • Love these projects! I think I’ll take a stab at the next one.

    Random question: Nick, can you make your learning links on the side nav. to open up a new browser window? I hate being taken away from the site when I’m trying to…

  • hypnofrog is amazing! great work for everyone. love these 5sp

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone, glad you liked my entry! I got a sneaking suspicion I might have got a mention on here when I got my daily Vimeo email with “Your videos have been viewed 3576 times…” – When the numbers spike like that you know something’s up 🙂

  • But it is rendered in a frog view, the subject of this 5s

  • funny ..none of them are frog view, most are bird view ehhhh?

    • That is the frog view actually. It’s a camera setting in Cinema 4D.

      • I didn’t get that until yet.
        If you know the perspectives, this camera view is kinda crazy.
        This View has nothing to do with the actualy one.
        But I’m disappointed that cinema 4d has no real view from a frogs (or worms) eye.
        They should fix this.

  • The summer has started a week ago.
    I really want to make something, but without limitations its too hard. I think im in need for a 5 second project. When is the next one coming?

  • Come on nick.. wheres the next one? We’re all getting stagnant here.. 😀

  • Hey Nick,

    I’ve been waiting for the next 5 second project because I finally got time to participate…any chance of one coming up soon? =)

  • I think you got it right with your winner.

  • You couldn’t be more on the level.

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