Inspiration: Wow Celebrates 25 Years of Maxon

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  • Wow this is a amazing work! I love maxon!!

  • Awesome!

  • Shot around 1:25 reminded me of those ‘Vote Campbell’ buttons you filled the screen with during one of your Layer Tennis volleys.

  • Awesome love it 😀

  • Nice – love the end.

  • I love it. Anything that has speed lines and exaggerated elasticity is great – but this? Takes it to a whole new level. Wow indeed.

  • Holy crap…that is amazing!

  • Love C4D, been using it since Cinema 4D 2.1 on the Amiga!

  • Where is the Tutorial! I bet you can’t do that on a Windows Platform!

  • Spettacolo! Incredible! Very nice stuff. Nick… waiting for tutorial of this! ahah 😉 9 hours of tutorial no stop! 😉

  • Its Just Awesome bro. 🙂

  • Emptying the trash can was great.

  • aweesome!

  • wow that was amazing

  • That ending with the dominos falling then realigning was ace.

  • really nice!!

  • I hate the Youtube Player, but the video is awesome!!

  • Barvvvoooo!!!

  • I wonder how they did all the 2D-dynamics stuff..

    just yesterday i was trying to achieve a flat look for some dynamics with typographic elements and ended up extruding the letters a little and enclosing them between two walls.

    however some collisions caused letters to pierce through the walls and fly around, destroying my desired 2D-look

    does anyone have a better solution to this problem?

    • @asfd – Have you tried using a constraint tag on the object to prevent it from moving in Z-Space? That should prevent the worst of the piercing.

    • @Donovan Keith, sorry, i tried to find right setting for this tag, but i didn’t 🙁 Could you show right settings plz?

    • Hi,
      You could use the… hm whats its name?
      Not a perspective vie.
      In order to achieve a flat look you need a really not wide camera.

      Im sure there is a more correct way to achieve the not perspective thing.

      damn i forgot all the words.

    • I think it’s called a “Character Constraint Tag” or something to that effect. Activate PSR constraints, and limit movement along the Z-Axis to 0.

    • I tryed ur way, but “Character Constraint Tag” PSR dont block Z-axis, if you use “dynamic tag”.

  • Fernando Sucre May 5, 2011 at 1:32 pm


  • Great work, and a great example of well thought out animation. Storyboards galore for stuff like this. World class indeed.

  • Can We Say Incredible Machine!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  • I like c4D forever and Ill support it at least Ill try to design more objects to increase there format (.c4d) agonist 3d max and light wave in the biggest library for 3d models.
    I hope for all people who like C4D to build a stuff or website to great big community and this is my small library in C4D
    Finally spacial thanks for the greatest name in cinema 4d world it’s Nick “the gorilla”.

  • my god this is so cool!! would be great to get a little sneak peak, how its made 😀

  • Also, 25 years of me! 😀

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