Light Kit Pro: Adidas Shoe Spot

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Rodrigo Riedel modeled this Adidas shoe and Lit it with Greyscalegorilla’s very own Light Kit Pro.

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  • very nice work nick , keep the best and good work up 😉

  • amazing to see how well your doing! and seeing your products being used commercially!

  • That was so awesome it went off the end of the scale and reset to retarded. That was retarded.

  • What else did you expect? You made one hell of a product! Congrats, Nick! I bet this makes you feel pretty proud 😀

  • I know everyone will comment on the obvious (the awesomeness of Light Kit Pro). I will go ahead and say, that is a sweet shoe!

  • Very realistic render!
    I like it!

  • That is a great piece. I would love if you could recruit him for a visit and discussion about how this was made etc.

  • that’s simple, awesome use of plugins that most people have (light kit, particular, optical flares). Oh, and great design sense of course

  • Hello!
    Very sexy render.
    But could you tell me, how they make this nice lens flare animation? They animated every frame or its make plugin/script for AE?

  • Rodrigo Riedel May 2, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Hey guys, thanx for the kind word.MegaFill, head on over to Video CoPilot and get the optical flare plugin, its great

  • Look Nice, HD Format recommended

  • great work… really inspiring

  • Great, I Like it

  • It reminds me a lot the gkaster one with shtl on nike; in a lot less cool version…

  • Wow. I don’t need to tell you how awesome this is. What music did you use!? Very cool tune.
    Good Job 🙂

  • Well Gorilla where is the Tutorial??
    From Cinema 4D to After Effects to Optical Flow!

  • I mean Optical Flares! ops my bad…

  • Benjamin Eshagpoor May 3, 2011 at 4:29 am

    Very Nice!

  • would love to see some more info on this! nice work.

  • pretty flickery and noisy render, GI or AA issues?

    • Hi Kong, the flickery effect was put in on purpose, the noise is from me adding grain to the over all footage ,but I did have a problem with the displacement maps not rendering as clean as I wanted so, the grain was also to hide mistakes.

  • Cool! Congratullations!

  • Love the Light Kit I use it all the time.
    My Demo Reel

  • I just wanna say that is really professional!!! I wanna be like you… saludos!!!

  • Hey, Nick, love the light kit. Use it all the time. Thinking about buying the city kit, too. I have a product suggestion for you that may use some of the technology you used for the city kit. A Forest Kit. Seriously. It would be cool to be able to quickly set up an array of trees and shrubs and maybe even grass, with controls like the city kit has. Is it possible?

  • it would be nice to see some high quality modeling, uv wrapping in Cinema

  • I really love the lighting of the shoe in C4D but also love the flickering lighting that was probably done in AE.

    I notice particular and a flare kit in there (Optical Flares or Knoll Light Factory), just wondering how you did those much larger lights / shapes that flicker around. Is that just using lights with wiggle on the transparency?

    Really cool man, love all the noise and grain too. Boom!!!


    • Rodrigo Riedel May 3, 2011 at 9:25 pm

      Hi Mike,
      Optical flare has a flicker setting but what I think your getting at is the film gate light spills. What I did (awhile back) was to take a film camera, film a black wall or cloth, and the with flash lights point them at the camera and record, then overlay/screen that on top of your footage in AE

    • Hey Rodrigo, that’s exactly what I was talking about… very interesting approach, and your result is fantastic. I love it… great work bro, keep it up 🙂

  • Nice, Rod was the guy who got me going on c4d 4 years ago in school. Good stuff Rod, thanks. RRC.

  • Great post, I enjoyed reading it?

  • Is this a spec ad or is was actually commissioned ?

  • Hi im 12 and i’v and thank u 4 sharing your videos with every one.
    A could u please make a video of how to modal iron man & the adidas f50 football boot.
    thank u.

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