Marble Machine: Catch And Push Box

May 11, 2011 - By 

More from my marble experiments. This module was inspired by the catch and rotate machines in this huge Lego Mindstoms Marble Run.

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  • I really hope we’re getting a related tutorial……

    Looks great

  • Am I blind or do the marbles go through the top handle? :/

  • these are really awesome. I’m sort of geeking out that there might be a bunch of these that you release in a kit or something and we get to build these crazy marble runs in c4d. w00t! I love the colors too. yummy!

  • this is what i’m talking about! more like your old creative, exploratory beginnings with c4d rather than emulating other people’s tv spots.

  • wow really great! now whos going to catch the balls who fall down? better invent another graber machine :p

  • Nice. I just recent started up a project to help me learn C4D. Building up dominos, experimenting with the multishader to get random textured sides of each domino, effectors to duplicate along a path, and physics to have them fall on each other. Its been a great personal learning experience.

    This ball machine though, I think it needs some motion blur on the marbles as well as some bounce. They seem to stick to the bottom and roll around, and at the speed they’re going, I’d think they’d be bouncing around a little.

  • Very cool – loved the lego mindstorms clip too – absolutely inspired. Although I think the sound of the balls tinking all the time will drive me insane after a very short while.

    Nice work though fella!

  • I love these things!

  • rad Nick are you using a emitter for these marbles?

  • Just bite the bullet.. Build the ultimate pachinko machine!

  • You should add some sounds or music.

  • Really cool stuff Nick, loving these tests… Here’s my effort 🙂

  • Ever since I did a couple of your physics tutorials, I’ve been playing around in Cinema.

    This is my version of the marblescooper.


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