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  • Damn sweet! I’ll be nabbing it! πŸ™‚

  • Uhm, Nick, i’m sure it will be a needs very soon

  • Cool! That will be very usefull

  • Should be awesome, as always πŸ˜‰
    Thanks Nick

  • Awesome! Definitely be snagging that as well. Good work NICK!

  • Nice one, Nick! That phone looks pretty cool!

  • it’s full of balls

  • Gorgeous! Love the gumballs!

  • Looks neat, can’t wait! No, don’t I really can’t………….

  • Spooky!
    The gumball machine is really close to one of my early mograph tests!

    Looking forward to the texture pack.
    Keep up the good work Nick!

  • They look alright, will they all be quite abstract? and are these all your own textures? what do you think of having contributors send in textures for you to have a look at?

  • Very shiny! I love the balls (as always).

    I’m pretty sure you’re the one that gave me an obsession with balls in C4D. Just saying.

  • A glossy orange with sexy highlights, very yes

  • Orange! I wonder where that came from πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to it.

  • Texture maping looks off for the checkerboad and brick. Otherwise can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Nestor Del Prado June 14, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Nick, you should make a bundle Pkg that include: HDRI, LIGHT KIT, CITY KIT, TEX KIT + FREE C4D MODELS πŸ™‚

    • I think I will have a package price for launch for sure.

      • Hey Nick I love your week you’ve taught me a lot i’m 14 and I do a little graphic design of myself but i’m not the best. Anyways I just would like to know how much the price will be for this and how many materials if i’m correct will be in it.

        • Not exactly sure on the price quite yet, but you can expect it to be similar to my other kits. As for how many textures, I think there are over 150 of them now and more to come in future versions.

          • Sweet thank you… Uhm this may be a little odd but do you do private lessons? Or anything in that nature? I’d also like to show you some of my work sometime so you can judge it and help me.

  • Are you using VRAY for some of these renders?
    The phone looks great.

  • Can’t friggin wait!

  • Brilliant!

  • I’m getting it as soon it comes out as usual!

  • That gumball machine is one sexy render!

  • Your renders looks damn great!

  • Sorry, but I can’t see one single texture in these renders that is special and would legitimate a commercial texture pack. Furthermore there are some mapping issues.

  • Is this going to be a free kit?

  • I hope it’s free πŸ™‚
    I’m just a poor student, I can’t afford so much money.
    But I <3 these Gumballs!

  • Hey Nick, looking forward to it.

  • Ballsy move Mr. Campbell. Ballsy move.

  • OF COURSE there’s a candy gloss orange! haha

  • Doesn’t all these materials already come with Cinema 4d broadcast?

  • Man you stay busy! Thanks for sharing and will definetly be purchasing this when released.

  • The Brick and Kevlar look a little weird. Is the flat projection? I’ve always had that problem with type and having the bevel stretch.

  • I dont even care what it is anymore, if Nick makes it, I buy it. You are making loyal customers Nick, exciting stuff.

  • are they as bitmaps or full material?
    are there only color or they include diffuse, spec, normal/bump?

  • sure, some of you may be able to make this your self, but texturing is a bitch to get right.

    Nick makes everything so convenient.

  • I love you Nick Campbell!

  • Sweet! Now everyones C4D animations will be lit and textured exactly the same!

    • You might have a point there. Lots of “presets” only make stuff look the same.

    • true. you can really see that happening with the instagram and all the others old-photo-filter preset stuff.
      in the beginning that look was kinda cool, but now that I’ve seen it like a zillion times I reeeaally can stand it any more.

      same goes for all the lousy c4d stuff thats out there nowadays. its just always the same.

      if i see one more animation based on the sub-polygon displacement tut by nick i’ll puke

      no offense to nick. he does great stuff. but there are too many lazy people destroying everything

      • On the other hand there are loads of professionals out there who know how to make this stuff from scratch but need it quickly in order to reach a deadline. Use presets with caution but don’t discount them completely.

  • Hey Nick, i wanted to know if you’re going to make a tuto on texturing… it would be useful.

  • definitely I will buy it. THANK YOU.

  • So far, I have bought the Light-KIT-PRO and the HDRI-Studio-Pack, very good products, not quite perfect, but come in very handy. And one always can tweak it:) I appreciate Nicks work, but I think I will pass on this one. There are so many free textures on the internet and I can’t see the benefit right now. Still looking forward to the presentation and the launch of the product.

  • I hope you are working on something like a sss material for c4d 12 that will be great. And that would make your “balls” look awesome. πŸ™‚
    I am a Maya user but in the past few months i got into C4d mainly because of your site. The workflow is much simplier but i miss a few things sss being one of them.

  • thanks NICK you make me a PRO! ahhahah

    : )))))))))


  • Looks like a great pack. I’ll get it as soon as I can!

  • Man,

    you will probably save many people a lot time with your next product……AGAIN!
    I love you dude! HUG!


  • great news Nick πŸ™‚
    looks nice & fun πŸ™‚

  • Look great!
    I’d like to tray.

    You complete me, hehe

  • This product can be delivered to russia??

  • Did you work with Rob from Pariah Studios on this pack? The carbon fiber texture reminded of his set. Either way it’s looking awesome. Looking forward to getting this kit.

  • great looking ya.. nice work

  • When will you do other tutorials on AE ? Too much on Cinema 4D. Loved these tutorials πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Nick!
    i would like to know if someday you’ll make a tutorial about motion curves, since they are very usefull in AE and Cinema 4D
    or maybe not exactly a tutorial, but tips or how you use them, that may come in handy

  • Hello Nick!

    Looks awesome! Is the carbon texture a procedural or a bitmap texture? Can you say something on the release date?


  • It looks great Nick, but can you tell us the difference between your texture pack and the one from Pariah Studios? Besides the actual number of textures that is. I already have the Pariah Studios texture pack – AND I’ll buy your as well. That way I should have all the textures I’ll ever need, except for some extremely special ones maybe.

    • Sorry i just saw the above response you made:
      “His textures are included in this kit. I hope to have more artists soon as well.”

      So is the ENTIRE Pariah texture pack included with yours?

  • Hey nick, I love your blog and all your tutorials, kit, tests etc…
    But this kit is disturbing me. I read here that it’ s going to cost around 70 bucks. Honestly what I see in this preview that is just a bunch of glossy materials that you can make in about 3 seconds in cinema 4D, or some wall, checker, wood textures (that are maybe not procedural ? I don’t know) . It just look like an image in the color channel with a bit of reflection. I maybe didn’t see but can you show some more exiting stuff ?
    Sorry If I’ve been a little bit too far.
    But of course that doesn’ t mean that I don’t like GSG anymore, you still rock !

    • The kit won’t be for everyone, of course.

    • Dr. Strangelove June 16, 2011 at 3:56 am

      “The kit won’t be for everyone, of course.” < lol

      • 70 bucks? Go to http://www.cgtextures.com/ they have tutorial also is FREE.

        • What I was saying is that I don’t know what is in this kit so I can’ t really judge it. But this preview is made for judging it ! When I see the checker texture for example, well this is already included in cinema as a basic feature, you can’ t really make people pay for that. Your others kits ( I’ve bought them ) are the result of a hard work (I think) and are providing some stuff that are very painful to do from the beginning. Look at that :
          this kit has the same price but when you see the features, the controls, the huge amount of work that it needed (like your others kits), that really costs 70 bucks. “The kit won’t be for everyone, of course.” well that’ s not the question: creating a softbox like yours, not everyone could do this. But a glossy material or a checker shader any beginner can do that and why making people pay 70 bucks for a thing easily makable ?

    • I agree, usually if I see something I don’t like, like Light Kit Pro I keep my mouth shut, but these is just stupid, 70 bucks for this crap? are you joking?

  • SO: Stop hatin
    Nick: Keep killing the game!

  • It’s not hating, you have the right to dislike or disagree with something the gorilla do.

    I really hope there’s never gonna be a gsg forum, the community here is kinda creepy. Between the brainless fanboy saying “I dont even care what it is anymore, if Nick makes it, I buy it.” (the apple consumerism) and people constantly asking for tut about this or that whithout checking the huge list of tut already here.

    It’s like noboby want to criticize (or has the right to) because you are a selfish downer if you dare say something not positive. I don’t think it’s the way creative things work, to grow and do better shit, you sometimes need to hear something more than “it’s good, i love you, everything you do is dope anyway”.

    And when setty say “Nick: Keep killing the game!”, i totaly dig the guy who said “great, now everyone will have the same texture pack, the same light and the same reel”.
    But in fact, it’s not nick who kill the game, i will never blame someone who do shit for the community and share some of his things for some bucks.
    It’s a part of this community who is killing the game, by taking great tools and stuff and doing the exact same things as nick do.

    It’s maybe time to stop being a sheep and doing honor to theses great tuts and tool, by using them in a creative way.

    That being said, thanks nick for tuts and all the tips about workflow, creativity and such (and sorry for my bad english).

  • I think what needs to be understood about Nick’s products is that the emphasis may not be on technical help, but more on design help. They give an insight in the design process. So many crappy plugins and assets can be downloaded for free from from egg heads who don’t know anything about design. Being a technical ninja in C4D means squat if you have no design insight.

  • Hey nick Cant wait for this kit to come out! As always when u post something I tried to recreate it myself just by reference here is my gum ball machine check it out!


  • Hopefully this is a lot better than Pariah’s texture pack. His pack has lots of trouble when he released it, and it took him a couple of months just to make the .lib4d works and he always promise regular updates for more materials that never came. Anyway i can’t wait for your texture pack Nick, hopefully it will be awesome and you will update the kit with more materials frequently.

  • cool! how soon is soon? I could really use this for something I’m working on right now!

  • Wait a minute, some of those materials in the preview looks exactly the same as Pariah’s texture pack!

  • That gum ball machine looks absolutely fantastic! Nice work!

  • Keep up the good work. The tools you are developing really help speed up production for us freelancers. Kudos.

  • I would download the textures in a minute but I can’t figure out why some textures would only be available for c4d12 only and not 11.5.

    Would most of them be ok in 11.5? because if so I would buy it. But hopefully this is answered before the discounted price is over or else maybe not. :/

  • Got it ! Nice job, usefull, with so many smooth texture that i already spend lot of time trying to make

  • Seen the promo-video. I pass really on this one; not my type. It’s not for me so to speak:)

  • awesome, cant wait

  • You must be loaded by now.

  • Got it today. Just great thanks.

  • How do you even begin to make that phone!

  • for when it will be more or less?, looks great, there is much expectation

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