Using the Bend Deformer

June 3, 2011 - By 

In this short tutorial, I show you how to set up and use the bend deformer in Cinema 4D. I hope to to though many of these deformers as I learn them and then show you how to use them and set them up in your project.

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  • nice always great tutorials and very useful i love you videos πŸ˜€

  • Thanks sir ;

    Amazing Trick
    Bend Deformer

    Thanks Again

  • I’ll definitely try playing with the other ones tonight. Good idea to have a relaxing beer and play around some.

  • Thanks Nick, great to be working throught the deformers, very useful.

  • Nice but simple Tutorial. Great for beginner. By the way, do you get money for the little advertising at the beginning? πŸ˜›

  • Great small tutorial again.
    But drinking beer from a jam jar?
    That’s like drinking a good wine from a coffee mug. πŸ˜€

  • Typo: “I hope to to though many”

  • Thank you alot you have played a very big role in my life with the help u give i have learnt alot from u

  • Hope ya don’t mind Nick but seeing as you’re focusing on deformers I thought I’d share a dna/helix rig I made recently. It’s fairly straight-forward to understand – I made a ladder type structure that’s comprised of two sweeps and two cloners. The sweeps make up the sides and the cloners make up the strings that are the ‘rungs’ of the ladder – one for each side. If you want you can use a single cloner but I wanted a gap in the middle so I used two. Then add your twist deformer and make the same width and height of your ladder structure and … twist it πŸ™‚ Add a bend or a spline wrap deformer after the twist and away you go.

    I wanna thank you too Nick for making it possible for me to add in the controls to this rig. I’ve learned almost everything I know about xpresso from yourself and Chris dude πŸ™‚ GSG rocks!

  • Via Tim Clapham’s Twitter feed:

    how to use #mograph delay effector on a bend deformer – sample file – #c4d

  • Great!! As allways a useful tip.. Thx a lot from Argentina! . I hope someday i’ll send to you my work so you can Look & feel how far i get with C4D since i follow GSG..
    Thx .

  • Thanks Nick!! I’m 2 weeks into self teaching C4D and your one my reference gurus… thanks for giving a damn and sharing your knowledge!! P.S. Your mic is pimp, drinking beer from a jar is very Chicago and your hair is giving me nightmares. Keep up the great work bro!!

  • Thanks!! this was pretty useful.
    my question is, once you deform an object, how can you make it editable?, because everytime i try to do it, only the parent object becomes editable, is there any way i can achieve that?
    hope you got what i mean.

    thanks again bro!

  • Thanks Nick. 2 quick comments. The deformer needs to be either a child of the object or on the same level in the hierarchy eg. grouped with it inside a null.
    I would recommend that anybody using deformers a lot try and find a free plug called Deformation by xs_yann. Very simple, it just fits the deformer to the bounding box of your object – great time saver πŸ™‚

  • cool dude, i didn’t know gorillas drank beer πŸ˜‰
    thx for the tut

    go on like this and cheers :!

  • thx bro – looks like this even this simple bend deformer has a lot of potential…

  • Does anyone use peer mode for the Bend Deformer? I prefer to create a null object and then make the bend and the target object children of that null.

  • can I only bend primitives?

    • I don’t think soo, it’s a diformer, it worked for me and I was using an editable object.

      Sorry for spelling – auto correct πŸ˜›

  • John (correct me if I’m wrong folks) – As long as an object has more than one polygon or point, it can be bent using the Bend Deformer.

  • Hi Nick and everybody, i would like to ask if theres a way to adjust the size of the deformer to the size of the object with one click, itΒ΄s a little annoying to have to adjust it manually everytime. (sorry for mi english, its not my native lenguaje)

  • I think this is good to see for the ones who work in motion graphics

  • Nick, keep up the great work!

    I think it would be cool to show people how you can use deformers under a null and deform multiple things with just one.
    All the best.

  • Hey nick have you tried to use the bend deformer, or other deformers on a landscape? You can get pretty interesting results.

  • Your’e awesome!

  • Wow Thanks nick!

    By the way,
    Is there a way I can use this deformer for, let’s say,
    An arm??
    Or should I just make a joint?

    What I meen is, if I were to Move my “arm” would the deformer make a strange bend…?

    Just for knowlage… About my next project…

    Thanks again!

  • Hey nick , and everybuddy!

    I just wanted to know, is there a way I can
    Use two or more deformers on an object?
    To make lets say, a tall cube that is shaped like a wave?

    If not, how can I??

    Or if I can, how will I?

    Thank nick!
    And everyone else!

    • Here’s a video where you can follow along and see how to stack bend deformers in order to fold a plane, you can also use more then one deformer under an object, you just have to be aware that the object manager calculates the deformers from top to bottom.
      (3min/no audio)

    • No offense but, really? You couldn’t work that out? I mean, all you do is drop the second deformer underneath the object along with the first.

      • I’m not with a computer right now, plus, I haven’t really went in to deformers.

        Be back from Italy in a week.

  • Thank you for being Nick Campbell. I wish you all the best! Learned so much from you!
    Thank you again and have a great life!!

  • Nick,
    I think this series of tutorials is awesome for beginners and more advanced users. I have be using C4D for years and have still not mastered the bend deformer. I understand all the functions, but I start to get frustrated when I rotate the bend deformer. I just play around until I get what I am looking for but there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to the actions. Do you think you could go a little farther with the bend deformer and explain more advanced technices.
    Great job on your site and tutorials. I would be lost with out you.

  • Hi! When will be tutorial about architecture in c4d?

  • Hey Nick, I have seen here and there mentions of you starting an internet message board. I think that there is a real audience and desire for a forum that is placed somewhere in between the level of users and those of

    There are not really any places to talk about more intermediate motion graphics topics/techniques and posting comments and questions here is a bit unwieldy.

    You could further your audience and interactivity of your already great blog.

    The demand exists. I have no doubt that a greyscalegorilla message board would be successful.

    I hope that you consider implementing this sometime soon.

    Thank you

  • Thanks a lot, is very usefoul to explore the basics.

  • Nick, please keep doing these amazing basic tutorials, it helps beginners like me!

  • There’s definitely a few in there I’ve not played with – looking forwards to the rest of the series.

    Just 27 left to go, eh? πŸ˜‰

  • thanks for the tutorial home skillet

  • can make a more explicit tutorial Monkey Magazine….Greetings from Dominican Republic

  • This is gonna be a good tutorial…wait.. is that product placement?

  • Hey Nick! Thanks for the tutorial. Inspired me to dive in and play around with some deformers i’ve been meaning to mess with:

  • One of the most useful tools in c4d. Thanks!
    You should be already in Barcelona, by the way.
    Come on, the first round is on me!!

  • Thanks Nick… I like to be a Tutorial with you totally drunk,,, and we follow you totally drunk…that would be funny…nono it is a joke… always thanks for your tutos…

  • Really useful tool, I propose my self to do a fast exercise with it, and here is:

  • Hey guys- maybe someone can help me sort this one out. I’m using the bend deformer to roll up some cloth ala this paper tear animation-

    I’m having trouble getting it to roll up and collide with itself in a realistic manner; The material wants to go out past the deformer instead of rolling into itself. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance.

  • Oh yeah. Deformers seem too complex. Goog work Nick. Cheers!

  • In addition take a look here to the site of Robert … i recommend it …. expresso & deformerΒ΄s ..

  • Ok this is off topic, but why is luminance SO reflective. When you tirn on the reflections and even if it’s just 10% reflective the luminance is very intensive. I’m usung global illumination. does anyone know why or how to fix it?

  • I sued the bend to create the crease in my Creased Pixels logo:

    nice tool – makes sense after a little while of fiddling and undoing(!) LOL

  • Hey I’ve been seeing your tutorials for a while and your really good at what you do…and I have a question for you and everyone that made ready this…CAN YOU DO A TUTORIAL ABOUT MODELING THAT WOULD HAVE SMOOTH AND SHARP TEXTURE? IF someone knows what I mean Help out!! lol or just a tutorial on hair and fur would be fine πŸ™‚

  • can you make a tut how you make this in cinema 4d

  • hello.I am your fan from China. Every time I see your tutorial, very excited. is Amazing. If you have the opportunity to go abroad, I hope you can teach me. Sincere learn from you

  • Hey Mr Gorilla πŸ™‚

    Love your site and got both your light kit and texture kit – very cool. I’ve been playing with the deformers and trying to create an unfolding globe like this one:

    I am sure a man of your talents would know how to do it. Any ideas or could you point me in the right direction. Even better a tute on it πŸ™‚ I’ve kinda promised a client I could do it – now I got work out how!!!!

    Keep up the great work. Your relaxed presentation style makes it soo easy to learn from you.



    ps is Roy your only fan from China πŸ™‚ see above comment, lol…

  • Please have a look at my last project:
    entirely based on bend deformers. I still need to fix some troubles but let me know what do you think.

  • I wanted to ask if there was another way to bend the object other than bend deformer. I am having a problem where i want a rectangle that is curled up to uncurl in segments rather than a whole. Does anyone have any advice?

  • this is a very great website,i really learn a lot here.thnx much Nick.

  • could u release a tutorial with the camera deformer??
    i saw that some one using them in a render and it looked really good.

  • u are a hero nick πŸ™‚

  • How do you use 2 bend deformers on the same object

  • How can I do this to a rectangle spline? I put the rectangle spline in extrude nurbs, added some fillet caps, and added a blend deformer. Then I added these two to a bull object, but I’m not getting the right results. Please help. By the way, nice tutorial.

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