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Three More Trapcode Presets over at Red Giant People

July 28, 2011 - By 

Modern Particle Cloud

Download the Preset

Fire Grid

Download the Preset

Slow Abstract Pink Background

Download the Preset


No More Abstract 3D?

July 25, 2011 - By 

There seems to be some push back away from abstract C4D stuff lately. This piece by Andrew Serkin sums it up by making the quintessential abstract mograph animation and adding a message to STOP MAKING THEM.

Scratch Scratch Scratch
Any popular technology or trick is always over-used by beginners at first. When turntable scratching became popular, it was EVERYWHERE for a few years and then it became more subtle as DJs learned how to use the new technique more tastefully. Same thing happened with synthesizers in the 70s and auto-tune in the 2000s. [1]

Our current auto-tune is Abstract 3D. Starting in the last year or two, 3D has become more accessible and can now run on laptops instead of huge expensive machines. Software like Cinema 4D is made to be used by designers instead of technicians. This means more people have access to the technology and can learn how it works. More people entering a market always means a big glut of beginners that need to go though the process of learning.

Abstract animations are a fun way to learn the software without worrying too much about your scenes not looking realistic enough. In fact, I use simple abstract shapes and animations as a way to teach Cinema 4D without getting too hung up on stuff like modeling.[2] Of course, if you want to become a real 3D artist (you know, one that gets paid) you might have to learn more than just abstract stuff. I don’t see the harm in playing and learning, but nothing let’s you know where your 3D skills stand more than a “Real” project.

We need experts like Andrew to point out the trend and to start conversations like this. However, in the end, its about being good at what you do and your ability to do what clients are paying you for. Don’t let people tell you what NOT to make. Learn, play, and make fun/abstract stuff. But, when you’re ready to learn more, remember there is much more to 3D than spheres.

1. I always use music analogies, but this happens everywhere. Look at how photography has taken off since digital cameras made it so anyone could try photography, or how Trapcode Shine is used in so many commercials on it’s default settings.

2. Also, I’m not that great at the advanced stuff either. This is a big reason why I am trying to get more Cinema 4D artists like Mike and Chris to do more advanced tutorials for Greyscalegorilla.


Upcoming Tutorials: Eyeballs And Hair

July 19, 2011 - By 


Based on Adobe Eyeballs by by Seagulls Fly

Hair Type

Based on Nickelodeon HD by ManvsMachine



July 18, 2011 - By 

Imagine everyone competing for that dream job of yours has just watched and followed the same tutorial you just did. Imagine they just read all the same blogs and articles about how to get a job that you just watched. Assume that everyone with an internet connection has all the same software you do and are playing with it all day.

Now what do you do? More.

What MORE are you doing to be better than them? What MORE are you doing to stand out? What MORE are you doing right now to learn and to get real experience? What event are you going to this month to meet people that do what you want to do? What extra class are you taking / book are you reading / project are you starting to give you the advantage and to help get you paid to do what you love??

Tutorials aren’t enough. Get going.


New Android Spot Uses Light Kit Pro and City Kit

July 14, 2011 - By 

Cinema 4D artist Barton Damer just sent me a cool Android spot that he worked on recently where he used Greyscalegorilla Kits in it! Awesome.

Was super pumped to discover that City Kit was created using Mograph! Easy to customize and was able to incorporate the entire city popping up with plane/delay effectors. Light kit was also used for the entire spot. – Barton Damer


Free 3D Ink Preset for Trapcode Particular

July 13, 2011 - By 

Click Here to Get This Preset and More For Free!

I have been working on trying to get realistic looking ink drops in water with Trapcode Particular for a while now. I got pretty close and decided to give away the preset over at Red Giant People. It’s a hog to render, but it gives a pretty cool result. Also, if you change the random seed or the wiggle settings, you will get totally different ink drops every time. This one was pretty fun to make. Hope the preset is useful for you.

Click Here to Get This Preset and More For Free!

Buy Trapcode Particular Here


Intro to Hair in Cinema 4D

July 11, 2011 - By 

In this tutorial, I wanted to get you started with the hair settings in Cinema 4D. I go over how to set basic hair up, change dynamic settings, change the hair render settings and light for hair. I have been spending a lot of time with Hair lately trying to learn more about it, so I hope to have some more Hair tutorials soon. I’m always learning as I go with CInema 4D, so if you have any Hair tricks or tips you would like to share, please put them in the comments. Thanks for watching!



Texture Kit Update Version 1.1 Beeple Materials

July 7, 2011 - By 

YES! So pumped to announce Texture Kit 1.1. This is a free update that includes 70 unique textures from Cinema 4D artist, Beeple. His textures feature distressed, messy and fun materials to use in your projects. Current Texture Kit owners will get an email with the update download. Of course, all Texture Kit purchases will also include the new textures.

Expect more updates from the Texture Kit soon. I have many more artists lined up ready to add their best textures to the Kit in future versions. The Kit has over 200 textures already and many more to come. Thanks again for checking it out.

Example Renders With Beeple’s Textures

Learn More about the Texture Kit