Free 3D Ink Preset for Trapcode Particular

July 13, 2011 - By 

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I have been working on trying to get realistic looking ink drops in water with Trapcode Particular for a while now. I got pretty close and decided to give away the preset over at Red Giant People. It’s a hog to render, but it gives a pretty cool result. Also, if you change the random seed or the wiggle settings, you will get totally different ink drops every time. This one was pretty fun to make. Hope the preset is useful for you.

Click Here to Get This Preset and More For Free!

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  • Wow great ! I’ll check it out 🙂 Cheers Nick !

  • I actually saw this was over there yesterday actually

  • Really nice! I tried something similar but using Thinking particles and Dpit Effex

  • Looks awesome! Only thing that sucks is that it’s CS5 or higher…and I’m on CS4… 🙁

  • well, i think it looks really great! but i wouldnt call that ink ; )

  • Nick you are great!
    I will never cease to thank people like you that give a really great help!
    thank you so much

  • pretty awesome, already made some interesting things 😀

  • Ain’t nothing but the real thing baby.

  • You’re not kidding. Bet that puppy takes a while to render out.

  • awww yeah. Damn that’s amazing looking. Thanks Nick!

  • Dammit, does this work on AE before CS5?

  • Nice. Looks like it has a lot of volume. Probably adds to the render time.

  • for real man, very nice of you to do this kind of stuff. thank you

  • Cool stuff but I will pass this time. Not for my computer. Too bad it’s only for CS5+

  • Bro Nick, you are too cool to be giving away nice stuff like this you are da man thanks!

  • Freakin smokin’! Thanks Nick!!!

  • Freaking cool results Nick and thanks for sharing! You are the man.

    Sorry to bring Kramer again in this topic (Well he is the man and quiet frankly so are you.), I know that guy from the previous post said some mean things.

    I was actually just wondering if you got to take a look at Element(The new Video Copilot plugin.) and what your thoughts were on it. That plugin looks to be promising particular some real competition. Sorta like Optical flares did(does) Knoll light factory.

    Anyway thanks again for everything bro!

  • How can i use this after effect file as a preset ?

  • i would like to see something like that in cinema 4d …

  • Hey this is really nice! Well done, Nick, and thanks for posting it!

  • Wow, Thanks man!! Downloading

  • Very cool results. Gonna have to get Trapcode again. I upgraded to CS5.5 from CS3 recently and haven’t bought the compatible versions yet. Thanks! (again)

  • Dope. Just got to thinking about AE again myself (besides compositing C4D renders).

  • To me one of the best Particular simulations ever. Great work!

  • Nice. Red giant sent me an email about this today

  • Trapcode sent me an email for Free S#*t Fridays. This was what they were giving away. They said you were one of their favorite gurus. Congratulations!

  • LOVE IT! Its going to work great for my next project “Toxic”.
    Took 4hrs to render but was rendering in C4D at the same time. Thanks Nick

  • Nick my good man, great giveaway. Can see this being used a lot in my next project.

  • Why not just use FumeFX and Krakatoa for this effect? it’s alot easier to do it that way.

  • That looks unbelievable..the link doesn’t work anymore though..can’t seem to find a link to it anywhere else either :/

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to use this ink tut for my production company intro.

  • how can i do like this ?

  • Amazing! It`s so cool!

  • Messing with the preset I created the attached piece for a show I was working on at the time:
    Took a while to render!

  • Red Giant People website seems to have disappeared now… Where could we get this Ink Preset please ?


  • Hi

    Your work is brilliant and thank you for sharing the 3d ink preset for particular.

    I can’t seem to find the link on the Red Giant website though? Please please could you send this to me or direct me to the download?

    I am really interested in experimenting with this effect.

    Many thanks

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