Intro to Hair in Cinema 4D

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In this tutorial, I wanted to get you started with the hair settings in Cinema 4D. I go over how to set basic hair up, change dynamic settings, change the hair render settings and light for hair. I have been spending a lot of time with Hair lately trying to learn more about it, so I hope to have some more Hair tutorials soon. I’m always learning as I go with CInema 4D, so if you have any Hair tricks or tips you would like to share, please put them in the comments. Thanks for watching!


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  • I can´t read any of the comments here on this tut. I´m only able to write this one, see nothing of the comments. ( Mac, Safari).


    • Great hair tutorial Nick I learned a lot more about hair today than I ever did Searching the web even More so than YouTube. I would definitely like to see how you can Transform Hair from one color to another or to a different hairstyle.

  • me neather . anyway

    nick i have something i made like a year ago. i didnt get the lighting and texture right but i think i found a good look to the grass.

    by the way u can use the thickness of the hair to make it in to something like leaves for a bush or something like that. try it out.. it worked for me

  • Hi! as you can see I had a great work with hair, not that looks great but the experience was great.
    By the way this project was made in 1 week.
    What I can share is that Dynamics can be really heavy to render when you running out of time. Then If you animate the material options you can get some kind of dynamics simulation.
    It would be really useful to have this tutorial when I did this project!!!!


    T r a j a n o

  • Hey,

    Could anybody please tell me the basic techniques behind creating the blue/white hair in the second picture down in the examples?

    I’ve been experimenting, but i’m new to cinema4d and I can’t figure out how you get hair like that.


    • just edit the material of the Hair 🙂 change the color, and if you want a realistic hair movement try to animate the object who contains the hair and that will make the mair move

      good luck

  • interesting..says theres 218 comments. but I only see 4

  • ok i am now hooked on your tutorials!:D

  • Thanks for the hair tut!!!

  • I’ll use your pict’s for my phone background!
    Sorry, i’m a French guy’s so i don’t speak very well english

  • Little experiment made thanks to this tutorial!

  • Hey,

    Thankyou for this tutorail, i really like it!

  • Hi, awesome tut!!..anyone knows why this doesn’t work right when you do GI?? the texture turns to black, and it seens like te hair count drops down.

  • i am sure this is a dumb question and might not even be the right place but how do i use the hairstyle presets….when i open them its a head in a studio how do i add it to my own model?

  • How to make grass shader?
    Since I’m using to render Octane Render, the export scene, he does not show the grass to create a tool Cinema. How to translate a polygon object Fur?

    Thank you.

  • Hi!

    How to make grass shader? Since I’m using to render Octane Render, the export scene, he does not show the grass to create a tool Cinema. How to translate a polygon object Fur?

    Thank you.

  • great tutorial to start working with hair 🙂 thx a lot

  • Thanks for the great tutorials Nick! Keeps me motivated playing around with Cinema!

  • Hi Nick, how would a clone an object with hair in R13 or R12? its wrecking my brain googled and experimented for the past two weeks and still nothing?? HEELLLP NICK OR SOME ONE

  • Hi Nick im using R13 now, add im trying to add hair to an object that’s being cloned(radial clone). I’ve parented the hair to the object, then place that inside the cloner… when i render the hair object still shows up in the middle of the cloner…I’ve played aroudn with those traffice lights, hair tages, even trying fracture objects and still the same…. Im not that clued up on hair so you Nick or some one could help… would be appreciated…..

  • nick! thank you very much for all the tuts! u f**ing rock! i made this tutorial and look what i did hahaha awesome! thanks again for sharing!!

    • Hi armando,

      I realize this post is a year old, so you may not even see this, but I was wondering if you could explain how you made your hairy text. I’m trying to achieve something similar, but am a complete noob.


  • Can you tell me where to get Hair module,i didn’t got it with Cinema 4D

  • I think the guides for the hair stopped responding after brushing when you played the animation probably because the brush tool was still selected. So am guessing when using any of the hair tools the guides get into some sort of frozen state till you’re done changing anything to the hair.
    I hope that’s what it is

    • Yes you are right.
      I always just select the move tool before playing the animation. Never stops working 🙂

      Thanks for the tut Nick, you rock!

  • Hey Nick! In your second picture with the blue fuzzy ball, what lighting did you use? I am brand new to C4D and really wanna get that effect! Your tut was awesome and I have been creating fuzz balls ever since I watched it!

  • nick, any ideas how to get hair from 2 objects to interact dynamically. tried the colliders of all types, no luck

  • this was really useful
    i´ve just have problems with the DOF :/

  • I’m trying to set a plane ONTO hair without having the hair go through it…basically, have the camera scan a photo laying in the grass…how can I keep the hair (grass) from poking through the plane?

  • Do another Hair tutorial please!!!:)

  • Sir, i have c4d r13…and I cant find the simulation menu nor the objects menu. Where is it.? Plz help

    • In the top right corner, just below the top of the window, there should be a “Layout” button. Click it and hit “Startup” or “Standard”. If that doesn’t work, or you can’t find a “layout” button, you might not have those features in your version.

  • I dont have simulation in my menu bar. Whats going on!?

    • You need the Studio Version of Cinema 4D to get the full dynamics.

      • Hi Nick,

        I bought a mop model, but the mop head, the “noodles” are totally stiff and when the mop hits the ground it looks awful, no hair dynamics…i added hair to the mop model, but the hair is everywhere on it, even on the stick…how do i add the hair to just the mop head, isolate the hair. I really need to know, it will make my Title animation look waaaaaay better =)…i put a hair collider on the ground

      • hi nick. thanks for all the lessons. Sorry as I can renderear by multipass render and physicall hair that when the post does not look like you can help me??

  • Hi GreayScale, great job there. However, how can I make a realistic bass short hair with Cinema4D? Can you make a tut about that? Thanks.

  • nick! i know that this tutorial is old, but, anyway, this is f*cking amazzzziiiiiingg! i just test this hairy sphere and its awesome. thanks so much for be may mentor in C4D.
    greattings from argentina! gaspar

  • hey man just wanted to ask is it good to use hair object on human characters ..couse i saw a lot of human models which hair is made of polygons…and it’s tricky deciding which parts of head to mark for hair object becouse the length is not same everywhere.

  • like what you did.
    do have any tutorials on using all the hair tools.
    i found that c4d feather object has some problems so i am building a feather using hairs, but i need to be proficient in using hair tools to make this work.
    any help would be great.
    andy pages

  • Hey, Nick!

    I noticed a small error in R13, although it might just be my rig.

    I modeled and rigged a polar bear, i added a hair object to a selection on the bear.
    In the editor hair stays where it is supposed to be, it calculated its dynamics correctly with the movement of the bear.

    The problem occurs when i render – the hair decides to stay in its prior shape, not move either.
    Like it is on a phantom object of the bear.
    Kind of looks like the bear before rigged.

    Anything being done?
    My proccess was modelling – Texturing – Selection setting for hair – adding hair – rigging.
    I tried re-adding the hair after, yet it did not help so much.

    Thanks, Nick!

    – Tom

  • You’re cool dude!

  • hey i like your videos!!
    maybe you could help me with a problem im trying to solve since 10 hours now and prevent me from having a nervous breakdown: i wanna put gras on top of an object (spline i extruded) just on the top surface, but it will just go on the sides (where i dont want it) and not on top where i desperately want it. ive been trying EVERYTHING and nothing would work and i cant find any solution, although i think this must be relatively easy and basic stuff. argh!!

    thanks 🙂
    best regards

  • Hi,
    I am a beginner of C4D and I was watched your tutorial and i was very fantastic.
    I would like to get a small advice from you.

    I have a Hut C4D model. I need to make a roof with dry grass like stuff.
    So, can i use hair engine in C4D?

    because it should be falling on the roof and not necessary the movement.

    So, can you please help me to make a roof with grass?

    Thank you…

  • To make the simulation run after you use the brush tool to sweep the hair above the plane so it stops penetrating, you simpoly need to deselct the Hair object in Objct Manager, then the sim will run.

  • Hey Nick!

    Awesome tutorial! I was playing around with hair in Cinema 4d, and wondered what would thumbs look like with hair ……. here was the result!

  • Just the tut I needed. Trying to make a Gorilla… Gorilla… hehehe

  • Why not work with HDRI??

  • Hi Nick,
    When i work with text extrude NURBS, it is like some of the polygon area is blank with out hair fill.Can u explain the method of applying hair on a text .!

  • Christopher Franklin September 21, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Is there any way of wrapping hair around text?!!

  • I am working in cinema 4d ver 19. The hair dynamics show animating guides when i play the time line but dont reflect that in the render.Its only when i make the geometry editable that i get the result but then i loose the sphere options. What am i missing here?

  • How to get to hairs that crash through the geometry and are impossible to brush?

  • hey hey just found this and try to render with your hero studio rig but even at super high the hair looks noisy 🙁 using physical renderer and the preset GI settings in R21

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