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Imagine everyone competing for that dream job of yours has just watched and followed the same tutorial you just did. Imagine they just read all the same blogs and articles about how to get a job that you just watched. Assume that everyone with an internet connection has all the same software you do and are playing with it all day.

Now what do you do? More.

What MORE are you doing to be better than them? What MORE are you doing to stand out? What MORE are you doing right now to learn and to get real experience? What event are you going to this month to meet people that do what you want to do? What extra class are you taking / book are you reading / project are you starting to give you the advantage and to help get you paid to do what you love??

Tutorials aren’t enough. Get going.

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  • You are an inspiring man, Nick.
    Thanks for everything. I WILL do MORE.

  • Nice dude … good post

  • The “more” I’m doing is picking up Web+3D. Tired of doing strictly print work. Your blog has helped a lot with the 3D aspect! Thx

  • Speaking of MORE, I took a chance and made my new reel in black & white. I was scared, because I haven’t seen it done before. And I condensed 6months of my work into a 5sec flash frame. Felt weird to trash my own work, but at the same time, it’s to the point, loud and better than doing a 4minute reel…

    • It certinaly does stand out, but it goes too quickly. You don’t get a real feel for your work. Also, having footage of movies in there as well probably isn’t a good thing because really it should only just be your own work.

  • thank’s nick!

  • I feel like a lot of the lack of MORE comes from a designers inability to articulate ideas to him/herself, let alone everyone else. I feel like I see people around me polishing nothing instead of doing everything.

  • Cristian Valverde July 18, 2011 at 3:23 pm


  • good point. i have to admit, i was one of those people who copied off tutorials and posting them online… until all my friends have the same videos posted with different texts. hahaha! thanks, nick.

  • Really good said Nick. Since 11 years I always did more than others. In my free time etc. And it was worth it. Now I have maybe the best Job ever, for me of course. It’s so important to “kick” people in the lazy ass. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Everybody can get a brush, a canvas and a box of oil paints, but what are you gonna do with that?. Thereยดs something that we canยดt learn in any tutorial.

  • You gotta keep finding new inspirations. Get outside. Hang with Creative people with other artistic disciplines. look at nature. Be the one with a unique perspective. Carbon copies are weak sauce.

    • I agree, look at nature. I grew up in rural countryside England and cursed the fact that I didn’t grow up in the creative hub of London or Manchester, but growing up in the countryside is what inspired me every day, gave me the time and space to explore everything in a creative and unique way, away from the city grind.

      When I eventually moved to London I actually really struggled to find inspiration that was truely original! Serious creative block, now that I am back where I grew up, it’s all come flooding back. This is definately not true for everyone, but for me that’s just who I am. So if anyone is suffering from creative block, then I recommend setting out a day getting a pen, a pad, maybe some watercolours and your favourite old camera, and getting in a car and driving until you see something cool.

  • well said, the programs are only tools, hard work is found your style and never stop it

  • “Tutorials arenโ€™t enough. Get going.”

    Really nice post! Sometimes I see too much chilly chatting about absolute nothing.

    C’mon people stop talking and start doing!

    ps.Nick thank you for your website!

  • You said it Nick. Tutorials aren’t enough. Theres whole lot more to it. That extra edge in ur design is necessary to make it stand out and for that to happen…u got to know the basic designing skills. The ability to use a tutorial and improvising it to a whole new level…its a clear cut message.Do a little more.Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If you always do more, then you’ll get very tired.

  • Hey Nick,

    Great post, very inspiring!

    Anyhow, I am really hoping that you are going to post a new 5 second project withtin the next 1-2 weeks, since it’s vacation/holiday times for alot of us, and would like to use some of that sparetime on a 5sec project ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t say… It would become less… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Can I just just add to this…

    I just posted an ad on for a Motion Graphics Designer..

    the amount of people you replied firstly without showreels. how can I possibly employ you if I can’t see what you can do.

    And secondly the amount of showreels that were full of video copilot tutorials. Video Co is a great great website.. but please don’t think that you can pass it off as your own.. my 7 year old daughter could follow these. use them to inspire you.

    out of about 50 applicants.. I chose to see about five of them.. because they had an interesting showreel and a nice simple website.

    come on.. try harder.. push harder.. you can do it !!!!

    • Man it’s amazing how many people think they can get away with putting VCP tuts in their showreels. Every time I see Earth Zoom or Ancient Titles in someone’s reel with them passing it off as their own work I shake my head.

      This post = well said. What’s most valuable and really sets a person apart is work experience… get out there and work. Tutorials are a foundation, that’s it.

    • I agree 100%. The amount of people who simply copy tutorials, then present something exactly the same is astounding. The really ambitious ones might change a color or two. All my after effects knowledge was learned through video copilot tutorials or from Nick. All the work on my website I could tell you the tequeniques that were used to create the animations, and point you to the tutorials that taught them to me…but they’re so drastically different tha you wouldnt be able to tell.

      One of my art profs in uni said it best. “if you like somerhing steal don’t borrow. If you borrow you’ll just end up mimicking, but if you steal you’ll incorporate it into yourself and make it your own.”

      He was talking about painters you admire, but the same holds true here. Learn what you can from those better than you, but always make it your own.

  • You couldn’t have said it any better. Well done.

  • Very inspiring words! Thanks for the continuous encoragement.

  • well said sir.. well said.

  • Geeze, I’ve only been saying on this site for the last 18 months and now Nick has said (who has agreed with me in the past) have all now jumped on the band wagon.

    I think there needs to be less project based tutorials and more fundamentals. If people want to know how a certain scene is done, then maybe provide a scene file?

    • Yes U R right about that. But U learn a lot in a project. Most of the newbies don’t know where to start with a white canvas. So a project is a good red line.

  • Very inspiring Nick!Thank you very much.We love you man!

  • One of your very best posts.

  • So true. Carrying on the point I read a quote about training for sport which I think is relevant to skill development too.

    “Its not what training you put in. Its what you put into your training.”

    Dont just spend hours copying other peoples tutorials exactly as you see them. Go that extra mile to nail whatever it is your learning and make some cool shit of your own!

  • Athime de crecy July 18, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    I will do more ! I won’t post any comments and will work instead………
    ………………..craps I’ve failed ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You’ re so right dude !

  • very well said, nice post!
    thanks for everything! I’ve learned a lot from your site, and am hoping to start one of my own, thanks again!

  • Really inspiring Nick. Thank you.

  • I think the tuts are resources and in my case I like to move it learned something different such as to typography, visual communication.
    is a mistake to believe that a tutorial gives you all done, you should always look for alternatives and trying to apply what they learned something else.
    I’m from Argentina and my only way to learn is through tutorials. And thanks to your tutorials I am learning a lot
    Thanks G.S.G.

    • I have to agree with my friend … well, People need knowledge about graphic (visual) design for create something that have means not only ctrl+c and ctrl+v of some tutorials, believe the tutorials are good for learn and understand of the tools but with imagination and “design” you always are the same of others …. sorry my English, btw think out the box ….. Think and after discover how to do …. don’t have mystery, simple!


  • Regurgitated Godin anyone? Give credit where credit is due.

  • Awesome stuff. Doing more real world projects starting today. Thinking more creatively not just trying out experiments and making them.

  • You know, this made me think of how you can teach someone abstract thought and creativity. Some say it can’t be taught, only learned. I say “bullocks” to that. I’ve taught many a child to draw “music” or “cold” or “fun”. To do so you must interpret what it means to you and then convey it. It’s different for everyone. That’s what I like about the 5-sec projects. You decide what it means to you and convey it in a medium. Everyone’s different. No tutorial needed but teaching takes place nonetheless!

  • Hey Nick, these words are so true. I started taking this approach about two years ago. Since then I’ve shifting from making tutorials to incorporating tuts into innovate design and abstract concepts.
    It takes a while to shift to being a follower to being an innovator of fresh ideas and fresh looks.
    I love all the techniques and concepts that you bring to us. Keep us the great work and the great products.

  • Totally agree, tutorials aren’t enough.
    But the point is: if I tell everyone what I do more than them, I’m just revealing them what makes me better than them.
    So… I’m just not gonna tell ๐Ÿ˜‰
    That said, there’s a lot of underrated resources around the web wich aren’t only tutorials ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • By sharing your ideas and what you do – you are automatically forcing yourself to become more creative. It won’t diminish you.

      If Nick took your attitude about ‘not telling’, we wouldn’t have this great site would we? There’s a great section in one of the late, great, Paul Arden’s books regarding not coveting ideas.

      I think the book is called “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be” and i highly recommend everyone reads it!

  • When’s the next 5SP ?

  • I don’t understand why a lot of designers are complaining about copying tutorials. I don’t, but when you don’t know the program well enough and get your first job then everybody will see that you aren’t good enough, isn’t it?

    So automaticly the good who do more will stand out, I think.

    So, you’re absolutely right, Nick. And the rest should stop whining and be/get better…

  • I was dragging on working in C4D but this post just made me feel bad lol.

    Its like, everyday that i am not (at least) trying something, it’ll take me longer than others.

  • I am also working in the music business and I learned that the biggest and most expensive studio doesn’t matter compared to a guy with a laptop and just a software to make music, when the laptop guy is creative and a real musican and the studio guy is not……

    what counts most is having the best ideas and talent and after that the ability to put your visions into reality… the last thing is learnable via tutorials, the first thing not..

  • What if the competition also read this blog/article and they’re also doing more. Should we do even more?

  • ROCK’n ROLL!!!

  • I did MORE by making my own website and started to make my own tutorials.

    (my sites all like broken – this is what happens when you try to re-design your blog in the middle of organizing your wedding.)

    PS Apologis nick my site is quite clearly a ripoff of yours – but I like the way you have your navigation. i did build it from scratch though.

  • Very true! And also true that I’ll never be able to use gotham font in any of my designs ever again. Damn i liked that one : )

  • A good personality and great social skills helps too. As we all know, Nick comes off as a real likable guy. Don’t be the kid who walks in with a negative attitude and nobody wants to be around. Have fun and make sure you enjoy what you’re doing.

  • Here’s a great book for people who love doing more or wish they knew how to get started: ‘The Renaissance Soul’ by Margaret Lobenstine.

  • I don’t think I could’ve put it any better!
    MUST… DO… MORE!!!

  • If everyone looks at all the same stuff and uses the same tools you end up with 90 percent of everything that is posted on Motionographer.

  • Aw shit…now my one advantage is gone as I assume all those people just read this post and are now doing More! Thanks a lot nick!

    Dear everyone else, please try and do the bare minimum…putting extra effort into things is no way to get ahead in life!

  • Hey Nick what you think about an APP that filter noise from the loud music of the club and let your voice pass?

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