New Android Spot Uses Light Kit Pro and City Kit

July 14, 2011 - By 

Cinema 4D artist Barton Damer just sent me a cool Android spot that he worked on recently where he used Greyscalegorilla Kits in it! Awesome.

Was super pumped to discover that City Kit was created using Mograph! Easy to customize and was able to incorporate the entire city popping up with plane/delay effectors. Light kit was also used for the entire spot. – Barton Damer

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  • Very Cool! Congrats.

  • And he also uses Gotham, I think. Totally Gorilla inspired.

  • Really nice use of both. Cool spot.

  • Ha ha. Yeah. That is Gotham. I think Nick owns the TM to Spheres and Gotham. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Really cool & nice to see even with pre-made things you can can make something totally different


  • OMG that’s my phone!!! XD

    Nice ad! Your plugins are awesome dude

  • Light Kit Pro, City Kit, Gotham, orange white and blue; such a GSG style!

    loved it!

  • …and I thought german commercials would suck…!

  • Nice! Too bad that phone is (queue french accent) garbahje.

  • if nick had not posted this giving props to someone else that made it i would assume that it was done by nick. the whole thing just screams greyscalegorilla. i appreciate what gsg does for the community but i can’t appreciate others who have no style to call their own.

    my 2ยข

    • I recommend looking at Barton’s other work before saying he has no style of his own. I would agree, however, if you made that as a general statement.

    • Doing spots for android? I guess he’s doing something right. Apparently you haven’t seen his other stuff, check out his vimeo channel-, it has alot of cool stuff on it that looks nothing like this spot. Even his other tut posted right here on GSG.

      Also, I’d urge you look at some of the other Android spots, they all have a similar look to this, so its more of a branding/identity thing than just copying a style.

      • i do like the already been chewed stuff. i did not know the artists name just the company.

        if that is the branding of android then i’m not really impressed. but to each his own.

        • Jason,

          You don’t know what the brief was, you dont know if he was the AD on it or just an animator. And to say that GSG invented this look, well then, apparently the entire broadcast design community has been copying him for the past couple years.

          Anyhow, keep up the good work nick and barton.


    • Jason, There’s a ton of work that goes into a spot like this. The creativity is not found in the font that was chosen but in the transitions and the scenes that were created to bring the Supers to life.

      • Sorry dude, I really know how much work can go into such a thing, but honestly…a bit more focus on style, the overall look would have made it. Looks some kind of random to me.
        But don’t take it as an offend, this is supposed to be some productive criticism.

      • oh believe me, i know there’s a lot of work that goes into any production; that’s impressive. i’m just saying that the look and feel is very similar to what gsg has defined itself as having (when it’s not ultra reflective spheres). the materials are flat, the shadows are soft, the colors are…colorful, etc.

        if there was no mention of who made the spot, i would have assumed it was gsg. that’s what i’m getting at. is emulation a form of flattery or is it the easy way out? but from what i gather this is android’s branding look. i don’t know. at this point i’m just digging a bigger hole for myself!

  • Looking good! I’d like to point out that more so than it is GSG style, it’s android style. Hit the nail on the head, and the plugins were put to great use.

  • i love barton damer’s work!

  • Is nick the grown up version of jimmy neutron???

  • Wicked props fella.

    Loving that the world is now seeing your shizzle. Feels like a good mate’s done good and that makes me happy.

    Big up the Gorilla!

  • congratulations! One can see it cleary (lightkit) in the reflections – nice! It pays off. Cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nick, where is this spot airing on TV? It’s interesting, but doesn’t seem like a broadcast campaign…

  • True, looks very GSG-ish. I’m not a big fan of this commercial. Camera movement isn’t aligned very dope. Lighting is also very weird. Dude has more talent than that as you can see on his other productions. I’m sure there was a pretty hard deadline to hit, so there wasn’t enough time to tweak and get things running smooth and nice.

  • Unfortunately he didn’t use our free Android model but it would have saved him some time! Shame – we’d have loved for it to be part of such fantastic work.

    For the everyone else it can be found here: – let us know what you use it for!

  • congratulations Nick!

  • I know you’re an iPhone guy Nick, but I believe this will change your opinion on Android ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That was awesome! Congrats Nick!

  • Awesome Nick congrats!

  • the only thing that i liked was the mobile phone on the end …
    dont like it … sorry
    everyone with 2 day cinema4d skills and the kits could do this

  • nice one
    put GSGs stuff to good work
    also i would say that it does look like gsg work but thats because it fits with the animation

  • Massive prop’s. . .

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