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July 7, 2011 - By 

YES! So pumped to announce Texture Kit 1.1. This is a free update that includes 70 unique textures from Cinema 4D artist, Beeple. His textures feature distressed, messy and fun materials to use in your projects. Current Texture Kit owners will get an email with the update download. Of course, all Texture Kit purchases will also include the new textures.

Expect more updates from the Texture Kit soon. I have many more artists lined up ready to add their best textures to the Kit in future versions. The Kit has over 200 textures already and many more to come. Thanks again for checking it out.

Example Renders With Beeple’s Textures

Learn More about the Texture Kit

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  • I’m sold. Beeple textures. Where do I sign?

  • Nice point updateย โ€”ย Beeple is unique in the C4D community IMO.

  • All the haters before who complained about this texture kit not being worth just got silenced.

  • I really like the first render with the shiny disco cubes.

  • Now this is starting to get very interesting. Looks awesome.

  • Good stuff, Nick!

    Definitely adds a lot of variety to the kit, especially to all those who complained about the shiny ball syndrome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice when will we get sent it in the email ?

  • Yeah!!! Great news!

  • Holy shit! This is HUGE! Nice addition, Nick!

  • Hey Nick, what a great addition to the pack. i Purchased it a couple of days ago. Really love this. BTW the hdri pack = working wonders as well!

  • I’m excited!! Thanks again Nick! Never doubted you for a second Pal! ;D

  • Wasn’t convinced before this.

    Just got my cash out.

    Good effort Nick.

  • Some reallly nice textures here, thanks Beeple&Gorilla !

    But there are some textures i can’t figure out how they’re supposed to be used, like ringlo or coneydog… I guess they’ll all go in the “abstract” folder ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I thought Beeple was going to give his textures out for free? ๐Ÿ™

  • Ooooh…VERY tempting…

  • Don’t want to be captain buzzkill, lol, but some of these textures are already available in Mike’s Free downloadable Project Files, Just saying!

    BUT!!!!! Great effort Nick, Much better than the first drop. I would really love to see some textures from Monkey and Simon if possible

    Make it HAPPEN CAPT.

  • Hey the Beeble Texture Kit is amazing how can i download it?

  • Man, Beeple is so freaking twisted. I love it. Hey on a side note, anyone know how to get my avatar to show up here on greyscale when i post a comment? Stupid I know but….

  • ooooo…this is beeple…..XD….

  • Amazing!

  • Eeee…great!! Texture kit 1.1 the best!!

  • I am very interested in how you made the look of the first example, the one with metal cubes… I would love to learn how to pull off that look, is it some sort of post chroma aberration effect??

  • sub-polygon displacement isn’t working for any of the beeple textures…??

  • Hey Nick, love the site your tuts come in handy, had a quick question. Im doing a project in C4d where Im trying to shatter a Metaball with the Thrausi plugin but Im having some issues, when I add the plugin the metaball animation stops. Just wanted to know if you had any idea how to make it work. Thanks for your time

  • I’m clearly gonna buy this Texture Kit. Thanks Nick. You’re my inspiration…

  • Hey mister Campbell, il faudrait crรฉer un Vray texture kit pour Cineam4D , lร  je prend sans hรฉsitation. Bravo pour cette mise ร  jour, bon travail .

  • Beeple and Rob make this pack better. The materials are sub par from you nick. Really disappointed, I expected alot more fro you.

  • Thanks Nick …promise kept !

  • After playing with Beeple’s amazing textures I think I see the plan. Nick is asking/partnering with various artist to have them create their textures that represent their unique style and vibe. I think 70 is the number they are shooting for. If so..cool concept and a very unique and useful Kit. Can’t wait to see who is next !

  • perfect โ€ฆ thanks a lot for those great textures!

  • Yusss! Been hyped about this since Beeple’s facebook tease

  • Very very cool renders.


  • “So pumped to announce Texture Kit 1.1”

    Pumped? lol, seriously? Such a heavy update, after only few weeks from the inicial release? I guess that tells it all, doesn’t it? Ashamed is how you should feel! Fortunately for you Mike came to the rescue. lol

  • These materials look very interesting! Nice and abstract. I’m tempted to buy, Nick. And very curious about what will come next.

  • Nice blue pencil you got there, Nick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • oh, so you got education now.

      • Seriously? Was I rude? Sorry if I don’t lick Nick’s ass like almost everyone else, but I never offended anyone! And what pisses me off right now is seeing how Nick is full of shit always saying that he accepts criticism and does not moderate comments unless they are rude or explicit. Which is bullshit cause I was never like that! All I said was that releasing v1.1 only a few weeks after the inicial release only showed how good the kit really was. Also that, his materials are amateurish, using textures for even the most basic of things and that thankfully for him, Mike came to the rescue with some interesting stuff.

        Nick, I have no problem with you deleting my comments, just stop with that bullshit of you being ok with criticism and bla bla bla…

        As for the Kit, it’s very simple:

        – If you know even just a little bit of c4d materials you know how amateurish and useless the kit is.
        – If you know nothing about C4D materials and wanna learn how to do things the right way, you should stay miles away from the kit!
        – If you know nothing about C4D materials and wanna keep it that way… then you should definitely buy this thing.

        • Sorry you feel that way, Lucas. I am doing everything I can to make Texture Kit the best texture collection for C4D. It might not be now, but I think it will be one day. I hope to make it worth your dollars soon.

          Your criticism is fine, but it’s the name calling and the rudeness that is getting your comments deleted. Good criticism really helps push my products in the right direction and I will continue to listen. But, in the end, if you are attacking people, calling names, or using offensive language then your comments will be banned. It’s my site and I want to foster a good community with good discussion. If you want to call people names and be rude, go do it on your own site.

          • “name calling”??? “rudeness”??? “offensive language”???

            Nick, please don’t lie.
            Is that asking too much? Probably…

            So why don’t you quote me? Can you do that? Please do…

            C’mon Nick, feel free to delete my comments, just don’t lie!

          • Looking back on it, your right. Sorry about deleting your comment. It was mostly people arguing with you who had the rude things to say. I restored your original comment. I’m still trying to figure this stuff out as the site grows.

          • There was another one, but….. whatever.

          • I realize this may be an older post – and not to get into the arguement but i do have a couple questions that Lucas in his comments has brought up.

            Hoping he can answer one and Nick can answer the other and both can answer the third.

            First question: Lucas – you stated if you wanted to learn to do texturing correctly stay away from the kit. Mike does pretty damn good work (i think anyway) and if this kit includes his textures how bad can it be?

            Second queston: Nick – no offense – love your tuts etc. Beeple is giving all his projects away – including all the textures in those projects – why are you selling them with this kit? That really doesn’t set well with me as a fan of your tuts.

            Third question: If Mike of Beeple crap is using these textures in his projects (including music number 9) They can’t be all bad/wrong.
            But since it has been brought up, What is the correct way to texture in C4D?

            – I want to learn all I can and learn the right and the wrong way and the difference so… What say ye Lucas?
            And ye Nick? and if Mike is around waht say he?

            – chase –

          • man Lucas !!!! you are rude even now ! your tone is so so out of line … you seem to be the only one not feeling that .. jealous of nick maybeeeeee baby ?!?

  • Hey Nick,

    Just to say I love your tutorials and have bought your other fab products. I also think it’s amazing how you tolerate some of the more moronic comments on this site from people who have way less talent than you.

    With all of that said, I will pass on this product as I bought the pack from Rob Redman before, and am also getting into Maxwell Render for Cinema 4D, which has 4,000 free materials many of which are awesome.

    If you ever get chance to look at VRay and Maxwell Render for C4D I think you would be impressed compared to Advanced Render and with your lighting knowledge, you would certainly be the man to teach us all about using them!

    That said, I do think that for many users starting out this is an excellent product which will mean they can spend more time learning modeling, mograph etc etc and get some great looking renders.

    Keep up the stellar work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nick these textures look good but i still wont buy it
    i still think it is not worth $69 maybe a price reduction may tempt more people into buying it

  • You are quite the noble man. I don’t know how you can turn a blatant negative comment around and come off looking better than before. My hats off to you.

    I did buy the kit. My first purchase from you. I haven’t had an opportunity to use it but to me, it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge that you’ve shared for FREE. FOR FREE! I paid way too much for an C4D intro class here in L.A., so as far I’m concerned, you’ve saved me money!

    Thanks Nick.

  • Beeple is a genius. I want to live inside my own reality like he does and and tell what to do like God does.

  • Menno Weerepas July 9, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Nick, I start doing C4d because of you. I was sold by the Cherry 7up tutorial and have been practicing ever since. i’m currently learning Vray for C4d and got myself a job where i can use Vray for C4d on a daily basis.

    I’s it possible to get these textures for Vray for C4d?


  • Hello my professorial creative
    Thank you very much for all lessons, lectures and exercises provided by and through which I liked the movie 4
    I am sorry because my English is not good
    I have one request which is very important for me???
    Do you have some lessons about the in the Unfolding ???I’m new and I hope you will help me out to a professional
    Thank you

  • Hey GSG!
    I loved the first pack of texture kit! and im so exited to know theres an update!
    But I cant find out how to have the update for my texture kit… is it that i have to buy the texture kit again?


  • Beeple is such a don.

  • Awesome pack nick, looking forward to future releases.

  • Help, I didn’t recieve an e-mail with the download link!!

  • Starting to look better:) I will wait for future updates and then re-think my descision. As always, keep up the good work.

  • Hey I’m checking back after quite a while… it seems I also have not received my emails and I think I know why, you must be sending it to my old email (mister@skulltraill.com) but my hosting expired and I use a @live.com email now… can I get the update? Thanks.

  • BTW it looks VERY cool. IDK why people are hatin. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Nick never said it was the best pack in the world (yet), maybe he’s also learning just like us. Jeez.

  • Have you tried it in conjunction with Biomekk’s material library: http://www.biomekk.com/index.php?page=1&cat=107&itm=1

  • I have development quite a usual material of my own that you might be interested in.

    It is designed for fast turn around animations jobs where you don’t have time for shadow, lighting and GI calculations.

    Basically it allows user to control lighting, shading and even highlights using only the diffusion, luminance and environment channels.

    I usually use it when working in scene where half of the objects in the the scene are baked with GI, AO, etc (generally the larger stuff) and I need to add new objects but don’t have time to bake them.

  • William Rossiter July 14, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Just bought the pack, very cool stuff

    And to those who think its a waste of money and how you can create your own. This is true, but you learn from the best. And i’d say GSG / Beeple are very talented at what they do, and its only going to inspire people to do even more unique textures.

    And the fact that $69 as in investment to make cool sh*t, means that you’re successful at what you do and you’re not broke in your parents basement.

    • The price won’t increase as the materials increase will it? I just want to know because I might buy it when I see some more cool textures from you Nick. And if it is going to increase, please give warning ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for all your tutorials too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Would you be willing to do me a multi-buy deal with all of your packs?
    I want to have a play with all of them, but my personal budget will not stretch that far?

  • So this wont work on Cinema 4D 11.5? I read the specs and it says only R12, but i figured i ask anyways since those CSS presets worked on mine. Hope to hear a response thanks Gorilla!

  • Hi Nick.
    My link with texture kit update expired before downloaded.
    Would you please send it to me one more time;

  • Hi Nick,

    My link for texture kit update also expired, can you send me an other one please?

  • Soooo when is it going to be available for r11.5 cause im kinda bummed out nick?

  • Hi Nick! Ey! I don’t know if you have released this update, I bought the Texture Kit and I haven’t received an email about the update :/

  • Hi! i’ve got a problem, I can’t see depth with any of those beautifull materials :/ please help Gorilla ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Looks absolutely awesome, but how come it requires 12 and above, something wrong with 11.5? :s anyway i can get it to work on 11.5? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @Jason Most of the materials were made using 12 and above. And, since there is no way to save out earlier versions than 12, i’m afraid it’s our only option. All of the other products are 11.5 compatible though.

  • no answer for me? x)

    • Sorry, EPock. It may be one of two things. First, try making sure your spheres “Render Perfect” button is off. If that doesn’t fix it, then you may not have sub poly displacement on your version of Cinema 4D. If you are still having problems, drop us a line in the support tab. We find things faster that way and respond quicker than in the comments.

  • OKay thank’s for the answer, going to try those two things

  • Congrats! i’ll buy it, does it came with a tutorial?

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