Three More Trapcode Presets over at Red Giant People

July 28, 2011 - By 

Modern Particle Cloud

Download the Preset

Fire Grid

Download the Preset

Slow Abstract Pink Background

Download the Preset

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  • Loving the first one! Cheers for the links!

  • first one is dope:D

  • I too like the first two. The third one doesn’t preview so well due to the red/pink color bleed that compressed video often has.

  • These are bloody gorgeous.. well, the first 2 are. Not so sure about the third one.. it might just be my monitor, but it didn’t move much.

  • First and third for me!
    Don’t really know what the others find wrong about the third one…
    The second though was kinda harsh with a lot of hotspots towards the end…

    Overall… Great work!

  • i would love to use these, but i can never get my login to work over there. just won’t happen.

  • Hey Nick thanks for all the great info, just one quick question. Most of my renders out of AE using trapcode or particular end up rendering in pretty large sizes (150mb+ for 10-15 seconds). I usually use the animation codec with about 70-90% quality (From what I’ve heard this codec is loseless). Any tips on the other codecs for a happy medium?

    • You should always render in animation 100%, and handle the compression after that. Codec H264, .mp4 for exemple .
      Play with the bitrate o have a good ratio quality/size . Quicktime pro can compress it.

      Other codec like apple pro res , or motion jpegb take lot less , and are ok too.

      • Apples animation codec still compresses the movie – renders it slightly blurred. I would recommend outputting to either TIFF or PNG sequences from Cinema for post work in AE. Alternatively to Apple Pro Res 422 if you have the Quicktime Codec and you’re posing in Final Cut.

        I will go out and get a life at some stage… ; )

    • You should save in Animation only for really HIGH resolution and HUGH files. Try Photo-JPEG at 95% that will give your HD a nice break and the quality is still professional and 99.9% perfect. Only use H264 for delivery on disc or over web.

      • Thanks for all the replies, they are greatly appreciated. I’ll have to test some of these settings and report back in a few days

  • Nick, where is comments to
    Intro to Hair in Cinema 4D?

  • First two are nice!….

  • The 2nd one is fresh to the eyes.

  • Hi Nick, thank you so much for your great work.
    It’s always great to come back to your site and learn new things. danke tusig!

  • I DL’ed the “Slow Abstract Pink Background” preset and opened it up. I can’t seem to find the layer that Trapcode is applied to. I’m trying to find it so that I can modify it to get a different effect. Anyone?


  • I went looking for these recently and it seems RedGiantPeople is no more.
    Not sure when or where all those super useful presets will show up again but thanks for all your generosity, those presets will be missed.

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