Upcoming Tutorials: Eyeballs And Hair

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Based on Adobe Eyeballs by by Seagulls Fly

Hair Type

Based on Nickelodeon HD by ManvsMachine

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  • O wow! lovin’ this hair thing you got going on. I bet it can be a lot of fun fooling around with it. And you can’t go wrong with eyeballs, either. Nice job!

  • Looks awesome Nick! I’m more of a Max guy though need to figure out how to do it there. Need to start learning me some Particle Flow.

  • I am fed up of Cinema 4D. I would like more AE tutorials… there were great !

    • I do some more advanced AE stuff in the upcoming Eyeballs tutorial. Hope you check it out.

      • Hi nick, have you tried newton?
        the new AE plugin doing dynamics develloped by NAB (AEscripts.com), i’d like to have your POV on this one.
        sorry for being intrusive in a that post.

        • It’s going to be the death of key-frames i tell you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          I think newton is going to be fun to play with, and we will see a lot of creative ways to use it. I just don’t hope it will kill the classical way of animating. :/

  • just what I needed some inspiration. Will have ago at creating this. Cheers Nick

  • something very weird happens with this hairy text ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Gorgeous!
    I love all of your tutorials:)

  • I like! Where do you get your sound from?

  • I’m loving the look of this Nick! Great inspiration indeed. I love the ManvMachine Nickelodeon spots.

  • Looks great! When is the next 5 second project?

  • Would love to see a tutorial on how to round edge on complex shapes without HyperNURBS. Fillet Caps options disappear ones you edit your primitive shape.

    • Juaner Franzius July 19, 2011 at 3:40 pm

      isn’t the bevel tool working for you???

      • The bevel tool is what you are looking for. The bevel tool is fine for flat surfaces but I prefer hypernurbs for more organic surfaces. The only down side of the bevel tool in c4d is that the geometry is not clean when 3 edges meet at a corner.

  • i thought it was cool until i saw that it is replicating the work of someone else.

  • sir you are great .

  • Cool! Really looking forward to it! actually, while i’m doing my awesome internship in a branding startup agency, i’m looking forward for you to post a new tut! ahah! keep it going nick, you’re doing awesome, although i’d love to check what are you’re project in your working life!

  • hey nick hello from Albania here and I just wanted to say that I would love to see a tutorial for a holographic effect on C4D….btw cool effect on the hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just Love the first one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Looking forward to it! The AE stuff will be nice too (BeN. could have said that a little nicer)

  • Wicked! The hair one looks like the MTV ident. Cant wait. the eyeball one has great edits. Both look like great fun! Cheers Nick.

  • Can’t wait Nick! The iBalls (based on MvM’s) got me thinking…

    How difficult would it be to “fill the five” with fluid (using no plugins)? I imagine it would start with a drop and go from there?

    ~ A former 3ds max guy. Mostly because of you Professor!

    Thanks for the great tuts and awesome products…

    Willy B!

  • Haha, the creepiest preview I’ve seen so far! Eyeballs and hair? Looks awesome!

  • i love this guy….my respect…from argetina

  • The eyeballs animation reminded me of this gem:

  • This one was easy for me (am I actually getting better at C4D?!) : emitter+MoText+100% transparent texture. Add a collision tag to the Motext object+Rigid body tag to the balls…and voila! I will need further tweaking to get the eye texture right though.

    • i did this the same way, but my problem is with intersecting the balls each other. where to fix this? project settings -> expert -> steps per frame 15, max solver iter 20 and still nothing ๐Ÿ™

  • Made a quick test of the eyeballs in between renders at work. Not too proud of it, but it was a lot of fun to make. I had the eyeballs animating originally but it threw off the dynamics for some reason. Oh well, hope your tut will clear it up.


  • I’d like to second the question about audio; where do you get the music you use? It’s very cool, not just in these but in many of the animations you make.

  • This is cool. Hooray for hair tutorials and eyeballs! Halloween special in the middle of summer. Awesome stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Sweet, the hair module was actually the reason I got into cinema 4D.
    A friend asked me to make a fluffy text logo for a project and at the time I only used photoshop. Turned out ok but looked so fake.
    Unsatisfied I found c4d had a hair module so that began the love affair with 3D programs.

    2yrs on ive not got my head around or used the hair sense, nice to give it a go again looking forward to the tutorial. thanks

  • ello…could you please post your C4D layout for 11.5

  • wow! ok good ,,,

  • Gut-Dammit Nick with your teasers. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward to checking out your process brother!

  • This is my first experiment with Hair. A short video “Just Furr You” as a wordplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HInuOJHzK4Y

  • So cool, i’ve been wondering about the technique for that nickelodeon spot for some time but have been really intimated by C4D hair. Thanks for help making it more accessible!

  • ey man we allready did eyeballs big style:


  • awsome, nick!

    looking forword to this!

  • Is that a snippet from The Apples in Stereo on the hair clip?

  • Test of the eyeballs technique. There are some issues with intersecting spheres in the beginning of animation(((

  • Why not a 5seconds project with the theme “hair”? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great idea Joao.

    I can’t wait for the release of the upcoming tutorial !

  • Cool. Looking forward to tutorial.

    How do you change camera angles like in the eye animation? Some sort of tag maybe?

  • Nice tuts! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Check out my motion http://vimeo.com/26675864

  • 8 of 8’s, my attempt at recreating the eyeball concept:

    Thanks for posting these upcoming tutorials, it’s great to have a go before learning how someone else does it.

  • heres my attempt at the eyballs…i didnt have enough time to render the full animation GI setting so sorry there is a lil flicker but check it out and let me know what yall think.


  • Nick, were these lit with one of your light kit products by any chance?

  • Eyeballs..Eyeballs..Eyeballs..
    long for u tut..^_^

  • how do you come up with these ideas?
    i mean really, im right now trying to thing something i could do.

    i wouldnt think: aah, lets fill a 5 with some eyeballs…

    • btw the eyeball thing looks like a remake of an older tut of yours…
      I remember the cherries tutorial that make up the seven up logo…

      if those are so similar i would like too atleast something new in after effects as you said you’re going into it too

    • “how do you come up with these ideas?”

      he didn’t. a lot of the recent gsg tuts are based on the way of thinking of “i like this video. how do i do that?” nick clearly linked to the original videos above that he is replicating.

  • http://www.vimeo.com/26694111

    here is what I came up with for now… looking forward to your version…

  • I recently stumbled by mistake on this site, but i browsed through it and I liked the tutorials. Very informative, especially for me since i only ever focused on modelling but now im getting into a bit of mograph =D Eyeball tutorial looks interesting, and so does the hair one.

    I remember another good hair tutorial from 3d fluff, its different from this one but also very informative if you want to check it out. Hair is very tricky to master and geometry with textured based hair is even trickier, but then again so is everything else!

  • Cool stuff. I played with something like the eyeballs a while back:


  • Hi Nick, great animation, I like the eyeballs popping ๐Ÿ™‚ What codec do you use in After Effects to render such clean video? Mov with h264?

  • Really cool, I like the music too.

  • heres my hair test one, let me know what yall think


  • Hey Nick.. thanks for sharing the knowledge.
    I im doing the “5” tut, but I cant seem to find the way to bake the dynamics in 11.5. Tried MoGraph Cache, but doesn’t seem to work… Please help!!


  • Thanx for the newsletter letting me know of the upcoming tuts.

    Dito on the Hair tut – looking pretty cool. Same with the Eyeball tut.

    Maybe after i see your tutorials i can make a combo of the two as well… big hairy multi eyeball thing made collectively from a bunch of smaller hairy eyball[s]… a Hairy eyeball transformer maybe? like in Transformer II – remember – the transformer that came about from all the ball bearings after they were dumped down the military air vent? (if you saw that movie)

    again – looking forward to seeing them and playing around with what i learn.


  • Nick, I can’t wait for the next hair tutorial. If anyone can do a hair tutorial that can actually be understood, it’s you. Your hairy letters look very Gorilla-like… Or maybe more ORANGUTAN with the orange hair! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Hey Nick!

    How can we control the eyes? Would love to have them all look at the same object…

    Scary fun!

  • So.. i get the hair stuff to a point but is there going to be a tut on that “nick” picture??

  • LI’ve the tutorials. When s the hair text coming out? I’ve been trying to achieve this effect for a while but can’t figure it out! Thanks so much

  • can please please make a tutorial on how to make this i think its really cool and im new to cinema so i want to do something with wind thank you and have a nice day

  • sorry i didnt read upcoming tutorials

  • Im new to C4D and you are an inspiration!! I tried playing around with hair and theres a serious problem I have, which is this:

    I made a sphere, gave it hair. I want it to fall down with gravity, so I put it in a Mograph Cloner. Problem is now the hair stays stiff. Could you please help?

  • Give us your feedback on our first hair tutorial (:(:

  • Is the hair tutorial cancelled?

  • Hi! gorilla
    first say thank you, your kit ^^

    today, i have one question.
    i made eyeballs.
    but i want eyeballs change water.

    how change???????

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