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Maxon just announced a new version of Cinema 4D due in September 2011. Release 13 looks like a huge update to the software and includes big interface changes and new tools including new character animation tools and a stereoscopic render (ugh). I’m probably most excited about the new Physical Render engine and improved Sub Surface Scattering. Looks like it will make global illumination for animation much easier. You can learn more about the new update in this Cinema 4D R13 press release from Maxon.

Buy 12 Now and Get 13 for Free
Maxon just announced a new deal. Buy Cinema 4D 12 until august 31st and get the R13 update for free! I will have a more detailed post about it soon, but If I were you, I would just go ahead and get the R12 Studio or Broadcast and get the free upgrade when 13 comes out.

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  • I still want to know more about fractional frame rate support. Why just offer 29.97 to AE? What about 29.976 or 59.94?

  • awesome!! cant wait!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Why ugh for stereo? It’s going to make the workflow a million times simpler (I hope).

  • Physical cameras look like the greatest improvement besides the general layout/interface updates (glad they fixed the viewport speeds)

    Anyone else notice their physical cams are just basically attempting to do what VRAY already does well and better (but glad this is now free and lens distortion and chromatic aberration are now options)

    what about them not addressing several features USERS have been requesting for years.

    Some things that would have been nice:

    -Improved Modelling tools (including better Edge Beveling and options and a stronger Boole Object)

    – Fluid Sims

    – Smoke Sims (pyrocluster was last revised in 2001!!!)

    – Improvements to Net Render (none made since who knows which Version of C4D)

    • There’s DPIT Effex for fluid/smoke sims in Cinema 4d. It’s such a niche need, better to leave it to a dedicated 3rd party. There’s also Turbulence FD if you just need smoke.

    • How do you know VRay does it better if R13 isn’t even out yet?

    • I agree and why have they not incorporated splinepatch type capabilities?

    • Roberto Carbonell August 1, 2011 at 9:28 pm

      I love vay, but very impredictable in c4d integration. so create a physical camara into the cinema is an interesting step!!! :D. And for the price of the application no plug-in

      • What do you mean by “physical camera” ?

        • Roberto Carbonell August 2, 2011 at 12:09 pm

          similar to vray phy camera. Have control over the iso, f-number. that allow to play more with the illumination of the scene, because you can change the sensibility of the camera to the light an leave the setup of light without change. :D… by the way in the last comment it suppose to say “I love vray”


    Why do they do this… I mean, I love the fact they’re updating the character animation, might make it a little more comprehendible but like… I don’t really like forking out money seeing as now I’ve graduated I can’t get my uni’s learning support facility to get it for me ๐Ÿ™ Anyone want to throw some work my way? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • So i just payed for the R12 in febuary with MSA for nothing? where the hell is the R12.5 that i would get for free damnit ๐Ÿ™

    • If you got an MSA in feb, then you should be all set.

    • My understanding is that if you have the MSA you get updates etc free. This is why I waited till December 2010 to update to R12. Usually the updates happen around this time of year ( Siggraph ish) so at least for the first year your update is free. Time will come around when I have to renew the MSA but it is cheaper in the long run rather than paying for the updates as they appear

  • Pizdec kak KRUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No mention of GPU (OpenCL/ cuda ) support.
    Hope voxel shader is added too. Glad they are sorting the crappy Dof + motion blur out.

    • Shrek ( commented on that a while ago. While GPU’s are very fast, they have a higher error rate than CPU’s and therefor not handy for rendering. Voxels are more something done for realtime rendering too, so I won’t expect that to be included very soon.

      • The GPU option allows for rapid scene iterations at almost final render quality within the viewport, that’s the biggy for me.
        Voxels are used for volumetric effects and modeling. A voxel type shader would be a vast improvement over pyrocluster. The voxel shaders i used when working in sideFX Houdini offered much more realistic results than c4d’s system.

    • +1

      Was hoping Maxon would come up with a solution to this in their new or upcoming versions. Question is why they can’t do it…

  • There’s a huge price difference between Studio and Broadcast. Are there a lot of things for example on GSG tutorials that can’t be done using Broadcast?

    • Here is a “short” list of what’s available in Studio that isn’t in Broadcast.
      Sketch & Toon
      Sub Polygon Displacement
      Sub Surface scattering
      Depth of field

      • sounds like a lot of pretty important stuff.
        Just the Dynamics would be a shame not to have.
        And Hair, Depth of Field. The rest I just don’t know too much about yet.
        Maybe it’s worth it to save for the full package..

        • I agree Ezra, the way Maxon chooses to basically force you to buy the Studio version. That list you show nick is like more than half the reason people start to get into c4d, without that list, it isn’t as much fun to play with. SPD and TOON i can see not being there but DOF? Broadcasters need DOF settings and caustics I always thought was a stupid thing to have to upgrade for, come on …

  • I really like the fact that they announce things early this time. I used to like their approach, not telling anything until it was released, but when I started as a freelancer I started to dislike it more and more. Unity3D does a very good job in providing information beforehand so that I can anticipate in what’s coming. Saved me months of work the last 2 years working on this huge project. You can always anticipate wrong because you things will work in some kind of way and then it turns out they’re not, but that’s still much better than being kept in the dark before release.

    I like a lot of things that are coming, but I won’t elaborate too much on that right now, cause I really need some sleep. What I would like to say though is that I think the ongoing support for Python is one of the best things Maxon has done the last few years. There are a lot of people in the community that can come up with the greatest ideas and with Pyhon those become a reality sooner than before. See it a little bit as outsourcing. I think that’s great, love the plugins that have been made since integration in R12.

  • awesome

  • Maybe I’m missing something. If it’s suggested that itโ€™s a good idea to go ahead and buy the Studio or Broadcast version and then receive a free upgrade when it’s officially released…couldnโ€™t one just wait until R13 comes out in Sept. Last year there were some hefty discounts offered before the R12 was released any idea if there will be a similar offer??? I’m hoping so.

  • I love the re-branding!

  • Nuts. I just got a license of R12 in May with no MSA. I guess I’ll have to get that soon or pay for the whole thing.

    R13 seems to have some good features, but sadly, there is nothing on my personal wish list that made it into the update. Features like, node based texturing, better UV mapping (like modo, headus or even blender) point position pass for 3D relighting or good smoke generation. (wispy smoke, not forest fire smoke)

    • “point position pass for 3D relighting”

      I second this. After Effects has an effect just ready and waiting for Point Position Passes out of Cinema. Maybe a third party will finally write a shader.

    • node based texture like 3ds ?

      I find it awfully complex compared to what we have now.

      • I’ve used it in Lightwave and XSI and it’s really powerful and less complicated than it sounds. It’s much easier to keep complex textures organized than having nested fusion and layer shaders. You would also be able to apply the same noise shader to different attributes without copying and pasting 10 times when you change it.

  • Is it just me or does that box art remind anyone of Discreet box art from back in the day? I really like it and I love the new cinema logo.

  • Roberto Carbonell August 1, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    I Think maxon make a mistake in the realese 12 when they cut the muscle deformer… finally they rectify.
    Finally they became aware of the need of get a better render quality and create the physical camera… finally they became aware of the needs…
    I prefer this settings that the one of the fluids, because if you want real fluids integrate with real flow, or DPIT.
    I make characters so I can belive that Maxon finally generate new stuff for character animation…actually in my work donยดt buy the r12 for the muscle problem, because we make anatomy related programs… nice touch maxon..

    But I agrre that net render improvemets could be a plus… And splinepath would be nice instead of pay for the plug-in…

  • Some awesome changes. Can’t wait for physical render engine. The only huge disapointment is they still haven’t change material editor. Add some node based material goodness and I’d be in heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Roberto Carbonell August 2, 2011 at 12:11 pm

      I agree but I would like the node editor for complicated materials, maybe integrated as an advance feature for the materials, but maintaining the classical mode with the channels.

  • wow..very fast..

  • Still no improvements to Thinking Particles :-<

  • Great !

    A little tuto for explain how to make model, texture and light of the new C4D logo ?

  • They fixed gradients thank god.

  • Why would you want to render with DOF and motion blur ?
    It’s a lot more productive to add those filters later in After Effects !
    .. also vignette and camera aberrations will be crazy to add render them in C4D instead of adding them with AE

    • true, but the problem is that the depth map you render from C4D is not correct, therefore you cant really use them in post (AE)

      i hope they have fixed it

    • I agree with you for most cases, but sometimes only true 3d DOF will get you the result you need.
      I don’t think this image by Marijn Raeven could be achieved in post โ€“ย what would the depth pass need to look like?


      • Mblur is also horrible in post if you have spinning objects for example – it will never look like real Motion Blur – this can only be done in 3d .. and also i see a sneak preview – they changed Mblur a lot it doesnt renders each image a thousand times to get Mblur(very fast)

  • God dang it , well that mean is we should say goodbye to R12??

  • Gah. And I JUST bought the Student License for Studio R12 Last week… I wonder if they’ll honor that for a free upgrade.

  • would it work if i bought the student version of r12 or would it have to be the full version?

  • Watch C4D R13’s new features via Robert Leger>> [video][/video] & [video][/video]

  • Sub Surface Scattering …finally

  • I hope they introduce a new icon as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Most of this stuff makes utter sense. its a shame the modelling tools have not be improved since this is a fundamental part of any 3d program.

    Modelling with cinema feels quite clumsy; and with a few extra tools and improvements they would be absolutely fine. At the moment it feels like they are missing things.

    • You’re absolutely right… and why they insist on ignoring those modelling issues is just beyond comprehension!

      • They haven’t ignored anything, and in fact the modeling workflow has been improved a lot. The fact there are no new tools doesn’t mean modeling hasn’t been improved. The new axis and the new navigation alone make modeling in C4D much faster. Not to mention the new Tweak mode, and many of the other clever features they added.

  • i look forward to get it! Great job Maxon!

  • Best day of the year!

  • I like the new packaging. Very clean.

  • Watch C4D R13โ€™s new features via Robert Leger>>
    C4D R13 Preview #1 – New Navigation
    C4D R13 Preview #2 – Collision Deformer
    C4D R13 Preview #3 – Naming Tool
    Cheers Nick & Company

  • i wanna more MOGRAPH TOOLS ahhahahhaha!!!!

  • Two cents,

    This seems to be a valuable upgrade to C4D. For a while now the XREF limited functionality has been the achilles heel to pushing C4D into a production pipeline. So I am pleased to see they are attempting to address this issue. Having not used 13 I will hesitate to say that it is fixed.

    The path animation along with collision also I find to be very valuable. In regards to rigging I believe the autorigger will open doors but you will still need to know a base knowledge of what is going on in the hierarchy after it has been assembled. There will always be problems underneath and nothing is ever a few clicks. But def a timesaver.

    Navigation improvement looks good. Also the new axis modes I look forward to using.

    SSS, well I guess I will have to see how it is implemented and what exactly can be done with it. But at least this allows me to use C4D in a whole rather than switching back and forth between VRay for simply the SSS and physical camera. I wish I could just plug things in to one shader rather than a layer shader but it does seem to do a better job in the department of judging depth.

    The muscle system has come back. I like seeing the new fat offset given with the posemorph/morph setup I was stuck with a lumpy muscle that had HUGE problems with falloff. I look forward to digging in deeper and seeing if the use of custom meshes underneath can be utilized or if we must be constricted to the “onion” with two cluster constraints.

    Stereoscopic rendering… Well it is interesting to see this implemented and it has been a push for years so it won’t be disappearing. I personally can’t watch it but that I see as a personal preference. Years ago while at Pixar I was introduced to depth scoring based off of a timeline and I am wondering if this is the avenue they are exploring. Stereoscopic rendering could be done in previous versions with simple tweaking through the use of multiple cameras. So all in all I see this as a good timesaver….

    As for voxel-based sims simply use DPIT or TFD. They both are good. DPIT I would see as the more complete solution but TFD will give you instant results which is what most people will take. DPIT is simply a MayaFluids clone IMO. No dogging it since it also implements RF qualities and is a hybrid of XFrog as well. Does a superb job after you understand the math behind it.

    I look forward to watching demos at SIGGRAPH next week so I will post back on this to let you know what I think…


    Collin Bishop

  • I can’t wait! But still no TP Update!!

  • Actually, I would give it all up for a real time preview a la Modo.

    • If you bake your textures, and increase the preview size on your materials (under illumination I think), you can do that.

      • Thanks Rob – I meant the Live Preview window that Luxology Modo uses for camera views. Think of the Interactive Render Region function on steroids. Cuts out a lot of trial and error rendering and region rendering.

  • I’m not really convinced by this new update.
    Right, new render engine… For the rest of the specifications, I’m not so far into C4D to appreciate that. And I’ve received my new MSA fee and it cost more than 500 โ‚ฌ here to get this…
    Wait & see at my headquarters…

  • I think they went fast on this…
    They should wait till christimas and put some more stuff in there…

    The new camera settings indeed look like vray or 3ds max’s exposure controls. Yet both 2 programs have a seperate tab for motion blur and dof, this camera will make you stick with your camera settings for motion blur and dof.

    New or improved modeling tools would be great too. The reason I use more 3ds max nowadays is for the exposure controls and the modeling tools.

    Cinema 4d is already a great 3d pack. With some improvements here and there it will be my favorite (if it’s not already). The rendering with all those easy to get passes is amazing in c4d.

  • “Multi-Pass files can now be stored in multiple channels within a single OpenEXR file.”

    YAY! Biggest improvement!

    • Hear that!

      That’s been the biggest thing that’s bothered me since we moved to Nuke for compositing.
      Not that it can’t be done with separates, but having all of one’s passes in the same file is a great leap forward and a time saver. And it simplifies the script tree tremendously.

  • Oh god ive just got my head around R12, although I still go back to 11.5 for quick simple work or VRay. Im even still with photoshop CS3, must get with the times I think.

  • Ooh, shiny thing!

    I want one.

  • Hello from Germany

    I bought R12 Studio 3 month ago. Will the upgrade to 13 be free?

  • currently running r11.5 with mograph and advanced render… which version of r13 would be similar to what i have currently? looks like broadcast? matbe?

  • My wish list:
    UV Pelt Mapping (a la 3ds Max)
    Fluid Simulation
    and for the love of god, a better solution for Net Render
    Face Robot compatibility

    Clearly though, this is an r14 wish list, because it doesn’t look like any of these will be addressed.

    Things I like; more robust shaders, especially SSS and fresnel. Gotta love physical cameras.

    • I currently use FaceRobot heads in my animations off of C3D exports I get out of Arena and solve in FR. Simply retarget the point data to a cluster through a posemorph in the advanced tab. Nest it in your object and you have facial capture.

      As for import I bring it in with Riptide through the MDD import.

      I tend to push the envelope though and find ways to make my MoCap work in C4D simply because of its stability and my fluency in the program. This new update will help in the speed of things but overall as said previously. The full XREF functionality is the biggest upgrade/boost to Cinema in some time…


      Collin Bishop

  • Cool, for those who are silly like me and didn’t get the MSA, I just found out 13 WILL be backwards compatable with R12 =D

  • wow really astounding new logo design once again a brilliant choice, and great craftsmanship.

  • something else to learn, nice!

  • I just wish they would fix the type tool ๐Ÿ™
    Not to much to ask is it? Kerning?
    And the import paths from illustrator still uses illustrator v8.
    Sure all the new stuff is exciting but some of us still mostly have clients that just want a logo/product/design/text made into 3D.

  • Rigging in R13 looks exciting, C4D R12 sucks when it cameos to it unless you get Cactus plugging. But as CollinBishop says it will not be just a click away.

    PS: Nick u rock man

  • i wish 2 c it!

  • hey guys,

    maxon posted some vids on youtube telling us about the changes in R13. check them out here ->

  • Hmmm,

    I like the new design of the Packaging … The old C4D Logo was always kind of odd.

  • you wonder Gorilla!
    i from Azerbaijan.

  • Just bought this for my son. He is soooo excited.

  • Hi Guys.I have a problem. I take th C4D R13, but I don’t understand how to install modules as HAIR ecc…. Inside the folder modules there are all this, but when I open C4D there aren’t hair, thinking particles exc…… Some one can help me?

  • Itโ€™s nearly impossible to find well-informed people in this particular topic, but you seem like you know what youโ€™re talking about! Thanks

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