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August 29, 2011 - By, is the oldest domain I own. It has always been home to my creative portfolio and has also been a place to learn and play with web design and coding.

In 2003 it launched with only two After Effects animations on it. I made the site with Adobe LiveMotion and featured crazy animated buttons (what a bad idea). In 2004, I learned how to chop up websites and Built my first HTML page. The wayback machine, captured most of it here. Creamyorange 3.0 was a cleaner design and was launched for my graduation and to enter the professional market. Finally, in 2008, I cut a new reel and built a PHP version of the site that was supposed to make it easier to update. While it was easier to upgrade than before, it was still a hassle. Projects were released, and shipped, but never added to my portfolio because it was too much work.

I have been meaning to move Creamyorange to a hosted platform for a while and then I saw James White’s portfolio and the search ended. I instantly signed up for Cargo and had a full site up and running in less than a day. What a fantastic service. What used to be a hassle is now super simple and even… fun!

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  • Hey Nick, nice work!! i saw that a few weeks ago and it caught my eyes πŸ˜€ that’s some really awesome stuff πŸ™‚

  • ….and again you saved me on time
    recently, I thought out how to create page like this
    btw.this is my first comment on ur site… (thats must mean something lol) :]

  • i found them looking at the code for

    think they are running on their pro/business plan.

    I really like their portfolio sites. I was close to switching but would have had to keep my old service for email and i didnt really want to have two services.

  • Looks fantastic! I noticed the front page takes advantage of the whole screen space, while usually the template websites default to a smaller page. Didn’t know it’s even possible to change that.

  • Wow awesome. The only problem now is that a lot of portfolio pages will look like this;-) i m really thinking about to sign up too πŸ˜€

    • True but if your portfolio isn’t webdesign, then i don’t see it as such a big problem. Theres plenty of themes on cargo and the real important stuff is the work itself. Cargo is just the presentation of it.

  • Awesome work and great looking template by Cargo. I visited the site trying to get a bit more info and I cant find how to signup to use their service. Ideas?

  • Cargo Collective is badass. I host my entire portfolio there, couldn’t have been easier. And it’s got so many really appealing templates- plus, the ability to add your own HTML and CSS really expands your creative possibilities.

  • Very nice site Nick! I joined cargo too and it’s super easy to use. It’s good for some of us that don’t want to spend a lot of time making a site from scratch.

  • Great look Nick!

    Question β€” what is the name and where can I buy the music used on the “3D Dynamics Sketchbook” reel?

  • Congrats on your site. It’s great!
    So would you recomend Cargo? I’m still trying to decide between Cargo or Prosite.
    Again, very good upgrade. Cheers!

    • Consider Cargo recommended.

    • Cargo is great, but all cargo sites I know look the same. But it is great to quickly show your work, and If you know a bit of programming it will work to your favor. There are a few great designs for starting blocks.

      • Agree with you John, but comparing to others, namely Prosite, Cargo still feels the most professional. For me there’s something that still feels a little “academic” in Prosite. Maybe its just me πŸ™‚

    • I also recommend Cargo. If you’re not familiar with coding and you dont want to waste your time than use it!

      You dont have to be a supercool guy in coding to change some things:)

  • Wooo.. that’s amazing ! How long did that take u to code and make??

    • It’s a template which Cargocollective offers called ‘Space Collective’, but it’s only available to premium users.

  • The one thing I’d recommend is to not use Cargo’s video player. It’s painfully slow in comparison to Vimeo, but it does have a nicer interface. Something to think about.

  • Nick, the website is great man, what a nice job!
    I also would like to recomend indexihibit If you want to run the site on your own server (pretty sure you talked about this on one of the podcasts). But might be helpful for someone.

  • Oh man, I just setup an account at Behance to move over my portfolio now you made me change my mind. Next time I’m face with a decision, I’m just going to ask myself “What would Nick do.”

  • A short question… Is Cargo based on commendation&invtation as i somewhere read on cargowebsite or its a service every person could buy ? I contacted them, but have no answer yet, therefore i ask here too.

  • Long time using Cargo. I’m happy with it, but I have heard good things about the new behance porfolio service.
    Maybe I’ll try

  • A little hint for your new site πŸ˜‰ Move your Clips to Vimeo and use the embedded link, cause the Cargo-Player sometimes has problems or loads so long and you cant watch the video while it is buffering…. I use Cargo too and I think it is better not to use the cargo player πŸ˜‰ btw NICE Site πŸ˜‰

  • Great stuff Nick! The site looks awesome, and as always your work is bad asssss!


  • While I’ve always been a fan of your work, I’ve never been more impressed to learn that you worked on the Super Grover spot. Long live Super Grover!

  • Very cool, I feel that sometimes motion designers and 3d designers especially can often have awesome portfolio work, yet their whole ‘package’ can be let down from a weak website/ awkward template site.

  • Hey Nick,
    Do I recall you were once working on a project that would function similarly to Cargo? An online portfolio template service? What happened there?

    Also BTW, what is the theme you’re using? Have been looking to move my stuff over to Cargo for a while

    • He’s using the “SpaceCollective” Design – Here’s an example

      It comes with the upgrade for Cargo. Works a bit faster, and no programming required

      • Behance seems like its advantage is the community but the disadvantage not being as clean and sleek – it doesn’t really stand up as a personalised portfolio site with all the junk and ads lying around -to me at least.

        Thanks though, will look into whether its worth the upgrade for the design. Will be moving over from Squarespace if I do so the cost appears to be similar.

  • Except from the rounded corners. Very nice portfolio!

  • Custom Alphabet is a great piece by the way !!

  • Seems cleaner than the Behance Prosite service.

  • It was really good Nick.i think i will be very good if you explain and make a tutorial about spline and spline effectors and how we can make a model know,,,im really your student.because most of my skills in C4D has been teached by you.and now we need some things about spline..Thanks alot dear Nick

  • You will do great work.
    Suxx i cant sand a masange in my home language.

  • Tell me nick, I’ve got the impression, seeing all your video, and seeing the title creamyorange, that you’re a little bit greedy. Am I wrong ?



  • I love the concept of the “click that button”

  • Whenever you update your reel/identity, and I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but it would be kick-ass if you incorporate an orange-creamsicle somewhere… in 3D of course. πŸ™‚

  • Very elegant and modern! But I did not understand a thing. How do I build a portfolio using templates of CARGO? I tried to go to the site but it seems that you can not use their models.

  • Hello nick!great website ,but i don’t see link for your redgiant & C4D products(plug-ins)Should be great to have them there.Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Nick, I wanna follow you on cargo, but I canβ€˜t. Did you turn it off?
    Best, Dunja

  • Nick-
    Any reason for going with the Cargo video player over Vimeo? Trying to decide ourselves as well…

  • Holly crap man!! I never knew you did all this other work! Dood!!! F-ing Awesome!!!

  • Hey Nick,
    I’d like to suggest putting some jquery on your website. Have a look at this:

  • This is great. I’ve been wanting to move my site to a hosted platform but couldn’t find a great match for video content – cargo seems to fit the bill. Any current users have an invitation to spare?

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